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  1. 3 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

    Next fight for Sudario: At RIZIN.26 in the Saitama Arena on New Year's Eve, vs. 44y old Minowaman, (172cm, 88kg) (MMA rule, -120kg)

    60d776e5ce766850c3f7fe6a59c0d31d-450x349.jpgo 20201202-OHT1I50198-N.jpgo

    Press conference:

    This is a terrible fight for him, too early in his career to fight a veteran like Minowa who's the giant killer himself.

    Unless he manages to improve tons in his ground game he will get submitted no doubt.



  2. 54 minutes ago, Pitinosato said:

    it was not exactly the same, it was east and west,

    and only one one place was available.

    Itachiyama and Holleshoryu were also in the mix around those ranks, tough calls.


    On another note, in hatsu i'm going to be on that sweet M17 spot... (Scratchingchin...)

  3. On 17/02/2020 at 16:10, Joaoiyama said:

    My goal is getting the juryo yusho this year and reaching makuuchi by hatsu 2021, i feel confident this year!

    Called it, got makushita yusho though but hey i only spent one basho at juryo. (Dancingofjoy...)

  4. 10 minutes ago, Kashunowaka said:

    Let me guess: you had Kotoeko, Okinoumi and Mitakeumi. :-)

    If i remember correctly i had placed high Kagayaki, Okinoumi, Myogiryu, Takarafuji and Kotoeko was also in the squad i think. All of them had terrible second weeks.

    I actually thought Mitakeumi would do double digit wins, silly me. :-D

  5. On 09/10/2020 at 14:26, Athenayama said:

    I named it in my first post in this thread. I wouldn't put on top of my preferred but I definitely enjoyed watching it.

    I love the controversy and fantasy, made me very interested in the piracy times while still sticking to my mind being a creative series.

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  6. I wasn't expecting to jump all the way up to J4, i might actually reach maegashira next basho. My gaming results were overall average but getting the bench makushita yusho made it all worth it in my eyes.

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  7. Just now, Seiyashi said:

    While it's a good thing for individual rikishi, I don't see the NSK/YDC being too happy about this development though. What kind of a basho would it be if half the top division, with KK, dropped out to preserve their health? 

    That said, if more people do this, it might just force them to actually rethink their current (non-existent) stance on rikishi health and injury. But in the meantime, expect a firestorm or two. 

    If rikishi do nothing about how their health is being trated by the NSK/YDC then nothing will be done for them, something has to spark the fire.

  8. 4 hours ago, Benevolance said:

    I was absolutely convinced that after Takakeisho got his 8 wins, he'd go Kaio on us. I had also completely written off Asanoyama after day 3. I guess I'm just having trouble a) seeing Asanoyama and Takakeisho as serious contenders, and b) transitioning away from the Hakuho-era of "rikishi needs to be near perfect to get the yusho". 

    Perfection is rare and temporary, this phase of sumo which rikishi are still finding themselves out before Hakuho retires is also temporary so i have no worries about the future.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Houmanumi said:

    Exactly this. Terunofuji is looking to be the blueprint for how to properly extend a career is ozumo.

    With the sumo he's being doing he'll climb back to the highest rank/s eventually. His last few years would have taught him the value of patience.

    This Terunofuji decision to go kyujo is really smart indeed and in the future i would love to see more rikishi do kyujo for health, the long run is way more worth it and certain.

  10. Good basho in some games and terrible in others but still in yusho races. Not bad first year commited to games, just looking for SB masters points and climbing the rankings.



    • Chain - Out on day 3.
    • Odd  - Out on day 10... let's just say i'm still figuring the game out.
    • ISP - 5-6 at 83rd, seems like i'll be hanging in makushita for some time.
    • SG - 6-5 feeling good about the next days.
    • BS - 9-2 tied for the lead at ms2, Juryo at reach finally!
    • S4 - 4-7 at 50th, start of the basho broke my back.
    • TTT - 4-7 at 47th, desiny?
    • Toto - 6-5, getting the hang of it.
    • DST - tied 3rd at M8, becoming one of my favorite games.


    • JG – 46th, i picked Oki.
    • POG - 7th at J37 with a good team.
    • OBG - 25th at ms6, a KK will make me happy.
    • UDH - 17th at M8, i trust my squad to lose a lot until the end of the basho.
    • TH - shared 6th at M15, solid squad with multiple possible 10+ wins on high points.
    • RS - 51, only hoping for KK.
    • SCS - 55th at J1, terrible pick and point placements.
    • S-O - 36th, after last basho shameful performance all i want is KK.




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  11. 9 minutes ago, yohcun said:

    I suspect Taka-yoshi-toshi-goshi-moshi is actually better poised to enter MMA than those guys, Osunaarashi, and Baruto, etc., because he's young, and has shed so much of his "sumo weight".

    He is training with Enson Inoue who is a legend, i think he might do better than the others who attempted to cross the bridge.

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  12. 53 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

    Sumo doesn't really translate well to MMA because it's so limited as a discipline compared to what the rest of the MMA fighters usually have. No strikes, kicks, punches, or holds. Even Wajima and Akebono didn't do very well as MMA fighters.

    The rikishi who would do good in mma would be the ones that are good with harite and kachiage, mainly harite, take a look at Bas Rutten in pancrase, too bad the kyokai doesn't encourage these techniques. Kyokudozan and Hakuho would be the best representatives.

    Fun fact, Lyoto Machida trained sumo in his youth and his balance is one of the best of all time in mma.

  13. 1 hour ago, cyclonicleo said:

    Not surprised to see RIZIN pick him up for this. He's a known name, brings some controversy and attitude, all of which means more ticket sales or publicity. They've matched him against Dylan James, who is a pro-wrestler from New Zealand, with no record either. I've followed Japanese MMA for many years and these fights are usually messy, ugly affairs. It'll be interesting to see how he goes and if he can take a punch.

    I was worried that the promoters would put him against an actual professional fighter but it shouldn't be hard for him to beat this guy.

    Remember what happened to Oosunaarashi? Lost to the worst mma fighter ever (Laughing...)