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  1. Joaoiyama

    Bearded gyoji/wrestlers

    Indeed, he shaved on senshuraku.
  2. Joaoiyama

    Asashoryu activities

    VERY happy to hear that an athletic sumo wrestler may try mma, if he learns how to strike i bet he can do good, no one would take him down anyway.
  3. Joaoiyama

    Amateur Sumo main competitions

    What about worldwide amateur sumo?
  4. Joaoiyama

    Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2019

    Hakuho Y1 Onosho O1 Takayasu Mitakeumi O2 Takakeisho
  5. Joaoiyama

    Yokozuna kyujo records

    My right foot is forever damaged because of ripped ligament, i used to train judo but didn't put enough stretch and didn't train my lower body as much, one time i was defending a throw and i just felt a tear on my foot, the way to get 100% of my foot mobility again is surgery or physiotherapy to get used to it, i went for physiotherapy(no money for surgery) and now i feel like 80%, tough time and tough choices for Kise.
  6. Joaoiyama

    Yokozuna kyujo records

    As surgery was out of the way,(imo surgery should be number 1 in injury case) the only thing left to do is try to compensate for the stupid decision to not have surgery by, as i said in the same post, getting fit and training hard, people say he barely does keikko and if so, please tell me how he will recover without surgery or training to get used to or strenghten his injury. Sitting around will certainly just make it worse and overtraining will too, "train hard" doesn't mean overtrain it means train to your limit and if his limit is not training much he needs surgery or retirement, after all he's a yokozuna, can't slack around no matter what.
  7. Joaoiyama

    Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Sorry i was thinking about tomorrow's match, so yeah i think Okinoumi he's 9-2 and a threat for his yusho, but i dont know exactly how they make the match-up's.
  8. 1 ou of 2 things will happen, his mindset has been broken and he'll lose or ... he becomes even more godlike(or devil like) and crushes everyone with maybe some angry/bloodthirsty tsuppari like when he f***** Yoshikaze up and threw him on an elder breaking his femur.
  9. Joaoiyama

    Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    It's Mitakeumi, and he beat Haku the last time they met. Looks like Hokutofuji yusho amirite? I wish ...
  10. Joaoiyama

    Yokozuna kyujo records

    Kisenosato is 5 basho as yokozuna, 4 kyujo. He's given out 10 kinboshi in 42 matches, 17 losses in those 42 matches. I think it's the worst start for a yokozuna ever although he won his first tournament as a yokozuna and got injuried, his record after that it 10-15 with 31missed bouts, he needs to stay away 1 basho to just focusing on getting fit(like Chiyonofuji when got injuried) and try a comeback, if he doesn't have the fire in him to train hard he needs to retire before the embarassment gets worse.
  11. I think he felt that Yoshikaze barely moved so he thought that a monoii was called, but if this was planned to throw Harumafuji's scandal under the rug he needs something better than throwing a tantrum. Also the gyoji and shinpan should call upon him instantly on situations like this, they called Takagenji back when he didn't bow, it's not because he's Yokozuna that he can change the rules in favor of him and this is comming from a Haku fan.
  12. Especially because Mitakeumi beat him last time.
  13. Joaoiyama

    Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    How was that Harumafuji's fault? You mean it was Futahaguro's fault Konishi fucked his knee up? Just because it happened with him doesn't mean it was his fault.
  14. Joaoiyama

    New recruits for Kyushu 2017

    Yoshoyama looks firce, big hopes on him and Byambasuren on a possible rivalry, friendly or not.
  15. Joaoiyama

    Video Streaming - Kyushu 17

    Starts at 3 pm japan time, right?
  16. Joaoiyama

    Hey ~

    Welcome to the sumo universe/dimension, here's a little insight on the beauty of it, enjoy.
  17. Joaoiyama

    Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Tochiozan kinda humiliated Hak, thats why he will always be his ragdoll.
  18. Joaoiyama

    Video Streaming - Kyushu 17

    at what time do you start streaming?
  19. Joaoiyama

    Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    He's still blooming, 25 years old, now is the time he will flower and i hope/believe he can make good sumo in sanyaku.
  20. Joaoiyama

    Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Kaisei needs to slim down, he used to be a very mobile giant but now he's just another slow heavy bag for rikishi to toy with, he was about 170 when he was a sekiwake now he's up to almost 200, same for ichinojo and terunofuji, those 3 are great but are throwing their sanyaku career away.
  21. Joaoiyama

    Musashigawa beya showreel

    Saw this on Konishiki's channel, nice insight on the young guns.
  22. Joaoiyama

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Kyushu 2017

    1. Asanoyama kk 2. Abi kk 3. Mitakeumi 10 4. Yoshikaze 9 5. Onosho mk 6. Meisei mk 7. Takanosho kk 8. Hokaho mk 9. Hotsukasa kk 10. Harumafuji 12 11. Chiyotairyu kk 12. Chiyomaru mk 13. Aminishiki mk 14. Daiseido mk TB 13
  23. Joaoiyama

    Heisei Hopefuls - prospect watch

    Watching for Wakatakage and Enho, they will ptobably meet since they are at ms14 and ms12, in my view these are two of the most promising rikishi right now.