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  1. Joaoiyama

    My heart

    I really thought you lost your heart and still found time to talk about it here before you died.
  2. Joaoiyama

    Less Sumo Games players?

    A lot of sumo fans don't know there's a sumo forum and don't even know what sumo games are until you see them and talking from personal experience it took me a couple years to get over this forum format of games to get into it. While every platform is evolving by the day the games are still with the same interface for years which doesn't catch the eye unlike the hi-tech world we live today. While games have evolved into virtual reality the forum games are still the same, it does not have anything wrong with it's format and i get more fun from sumo games than most of today's games. To close out my point, forum games attract a very specific public and it demands a lot of effort with little instant return while the internet world is the opposite, anyone wanting to play games wouldn't dig far enough to reach us down here unless they already know the forum, they'll probably look for a casual game app on their phone like Sumo Roll which i play too. Expecting the sumo games to fit in today's standars is the same as expecting sumo to become a worldwide sport, both had to adapt to the new world but are attached to an old culture, both seem fine as they are.
  3. Joaoiyama

    Less Sumo Games players?

    By the way having to say soccer so i don't have to explain that i'm talking about actual football is one of the smallest things that pisses me off the most.
  4. Joaoiyama

    Less Sumo Games players?

    It takes time to get into sumo and even more time to get into the games, these days every second amounts to a lot of information either through games, movies or videos so everyone has short attention span be it kid or the older generation who got into the internet late. In my neighborhood and most neighborhoods in brazil there's old folks who watch soccer since Pelé and Garrincha through radio, followed news papers and frequented spots like bar corners that has (illegal)soccer betting place with rankings for the best players. Those bar betting corners are still full of people till this day with all ages playing and talking soccer like a real life underground forum, young kids who watch soccer since they were born bet too so i figure it's a matter of proximity, avaliability and dedication to the sport. While the kids are playing fifa 2020 on the ps4 they are still betting on paper games for the fun of testing your skills in a long term game that is easy to find and play, sumo forum games are not so easy to find and have fun with it instantly like almost all other games today, with the rebirth of board/live RPG games and card games like Magic the Gathering i find my generation loving this concept of "offline" long term play so i dont see the forum games dying out but actually growing back up. Before people connected through simple games because it was their only way of being closer to a sport they enjoy, now the world is literally in the palm of our hands so much that we got used to following people's lives on the daily basis like the SNS scandal. The sumo world is caught up right in the middle of the internet storm with it's cultural conflicts and old ways in the new world but always after the storm must come the calm.
  5. Joaoiyama

    Metasumo 2020

    I'm just happy to start somewhere, realised that i am gonna be part of the forum for the rest of my life so i better get going.
  6. Joaoiyama

    Less Sumo Games players?

    The social media boom after 2006 left the forum content behind with the past generation so much that the new generation is unaware of the forum format so i guess it had a part in the blame.
  7. Joaoiyama

    How far will Terunofuji go?

    Just young men reaching their physical and mental prime but at the same time trying to come back from injuries that almost resulted in a premature career death. Resurrection seems inevitable.
  8. Joaoiyama

    Metasumo 2020

    1-5 Pandaazuma 6-10 Golynohana 11-20 Gurowake 21-40 Flohru 41-80 Athenayama 81-120 Oortael 121-200 Kaiomitsuki 201+ Joaoiyama 2020 is the year i'm going to dedicate myself to all games on the superbanzuke after three years of catching the feeling of some games and improving my knowledge on the outcome of basho, bouts and careers, it's time to break through.
  9. Joaoiyama

    Would This Work In Suno?

    Ssireum is a great sport and has good fights with a different dynamic than sumo and just like la lutte, bokh and pehlwani it demands a bit of cultural understanding to catch the full experience of such traditional types of wrestling. Also most of the good videos are in their native language. The initiative to make wrestlers slimmer for looks and fame is wrong, it lacks respect and dignity. I would like to see fitter wrestlers for their health but their apparences shouldn't matter, such sports will never attract groupies like k-pop does, selling your soul for popularity is the curse of this era and its sad to see it overcoming tradition.
  10. Joaoiyama

    Would This Work In Suno?

    It's about Ssireum i suppose, i would too like to read and debate the article.
  11. Joaoiyama

    Greetings from Texas, USA

    What i love the most about the forum is how many people i have connected with and will still meet for the rest of my life. I'm 23 years old, i think about the future of sumo and the forum too, i want to be here to see the great people that helped build this comunity live through the next generations. Just an honest expression of appreciation and gratitude.
  12. Joaoiyama

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    The angle and leverage of the kachiage is more dangerous and powerfull than the headbutt, the forearm hits the jaw which shakes the brain against the skull causing massive concussions and knockouts while the headbutt at the tachi ai hits the crown of the skull. Both are great weapons that should be encouraged.
  13. Joaoiyama

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    Don't forget Wakatakakage and Kotoeko, together with Juryo's Kiribayama(who will be promoted), Hoshoryu, Tobizaru and lower down Ura comming back. it's the little men era.
  14. The yusho race was so close and competitive it had me on my heels until the last day. Congratulations to the three promoted, we now have 8 Ozeki and i'm quite excited for it. Good luck to Holleshoryu and Gurowake in keeping the rank next basho. Special congratulations to Chishafuwaku who picked Daieisho to beat Hakuho on day two, although Daieisho failed to make kachikoshi you pulled it off after having a rough start showing good spirit, cheers! Like Hakuho making a statement this basho, i want to see our queen Katunazuma get her first yusho as Yokozuna to show who's boss. Ganbatte!!!
  15. Joaoiyama

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    Takakeisho played himself putting his hands down while Hakuho was still standing up, old school tachi ai and i loved it.