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  1. Joaoiyama

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2023

    i'm in
  2. Joaoiyama

    Games Bugs

    UDH was always delivered straight to my "junk mail/spam" folder for whatever reason.
  3. Joaoiyama

    Sekitori Sweepstake - January 2023

    i'll play.
  4. Joaoiyama

    Metasumo 2023

    1 -5: Joaoiyama 6 -10: Kaito 11-20: Ganzohnesushi 21-40: Oyama 41-80: bariihachibenson 81-120: Ruziklao 121-200: DeRosa 201+: Leonishiki
  5. Joaoiyama

    Tipspiel Banzuke Aki 2022

    Jakusotsu, Pitinosato and Gernobono, thank you for trusting me the rank. Since i started playing my goal always was getting to Yokozuna in a game, it feels great to reach it in Tipspiel. I will continue playing with the same ambition to win and not disappoint, thank you very much.
  6. Joaoiyama

    Bench World Cup 2022

    I'm in.
  7. Joaoiyama

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    Really excited for Terunofuji vs Hoshoryu, mean mugging guaranteed.
  8. Joaoiyama

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Natsu

    Well, i mistook Kitanowaka for Kotonowaka. Put Kiribayama in front in most games, i'll need a lot of luck to not ruin everything.
  9. Joaoiyama

    Sumo anime and manga

    Try Hinomaru too, i really liked it.
  10. Joaoiyama

    Tipspiel Banzuke Haru 2022

    Thank you Jakusotsu, i was really gunning for this. First week was bad as usual but then *second week Joaoiyama* kicked in. This gaming basho had overall bad results for me but it ended with happy feels. Cheers!
  11. Joaoiyama

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    Tatsunami bois all the way!
  12. Joaoiyama

    Who Is This Woman?

    Wth is "PP"?
  13. Joaoiyama


    I also had a nightmare about sumo games last night but i woke up and it was real.
  14. Joaoiyama

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    Is it henka holiday today or what?