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  1. Bataa

    Asashouryuu preparations-Kyushu 2009

    wow, "feverish", "throat feels funny" nicely put, i just F-ing love him down or up,even his excuses seems funny haha..anyways, pardon my ignorance but do you directly translate these infos and put them here?or are they from different sources, for eg(i dont know seriously, cuz, it could be you who asked him about all these questions, who knows, don't assume im being sarcastic though, an honest question).need be for any clarifications regardingmy questions let me know.LLA ;-)
  2. Bataa


    Very unexpected and pleasant surprise!!!Way to go man.Just for those who are not familiar with Mongolian wreslting,Haruma's technique used against Hakuho is common in the sport and often very difficult to execute,i was so surprised that he did it and almost flawlessly,eventhough more common version is when the applier of that technique goes backwards dragging the opponent simultanously putting his hand on his knee unlike Haruma's circling version.Still it was flawless.
  3. Bataa


    Huh? Luck?!? I don't think so. You don't lift one of the biggest men in the sport right off the ground, and then shitatenage him almost clear across the dohyo with "luck". With your "bad" arm, as well. Asa has speed, brains and (apparently) strength. Luck would mean NOT getting getting the January yusho after not competeing for 5 months previously. Luck would mean NOT having a record of 12-1, because it catches up to you sooner or later. Asa is where he is because he DOESN'T depend on luck. I agree with you on Asa's current position is not the result of luck.If you read carefully i mention Asa(only this basho or so) "seemed" to be winning by luck.What i really meant to imply was that compared to dominating wins by hakuho asa's(backpaddling,running around the doghyo and stuff) again seemed lucky when infact as we all no is not luck factor.I'm as much Asa's fan as you are.I will not use the word luck if it bothers anyone on this forum.No need to get worked up.
  4. Bataa


    At this stage hakuhos looks he could easily beat Asa ahhh times have changed,still, hope Asa will return to his former slef.Nowadays looks as if he's just winning by luck
  5. Bataa

    The "Fleshiness" of Yamamotoyama...

    Man i havent laughed like this in a while.Lol. thanks for the links and making an observation about it.I just wonder if the commentator is conscious about it when he says "fleshiness" hahahaha
  6. The repeat of the part where its pointing at asa's thing was so many times(3 would have done the job u know) it made me think the guy who did it was sort of fascinated with that part which is disgusting in its sense.Well but thats just that nothing to fuss about it anymore. Yes mark thats the one i was looking for thanks for reminding that.
  7. Wow thats speechless.kinda sick isnt it.whoever made that edit is seriously gay himself. Anyways.I was just wondering if anybody knows the link to download Asa's documentary(BBC was it?) made last year i suppose.
  8. Bataa

    It's such a perfect day

    i was hoping just for this,but not asa losing....sad, he must be crying by now.
  9. Bataa

    Hakuho vs. Ama

    Like maybe the previous day's pics, rikishi talk, kensho etc... Usually can get around without finding out the results of the present day.
  10. Bataa

    Hakuho vs. Ama

    Please.Do not post a topic with spoiler title....i was just gonna watch it on youtube but made a quick beforehand visit to the forum,then BANG.... AMA no kachi ........zzzzzzzzz (In a state of confusion...)
  11. Bataa

    Most intelligent looking sekitori

    I would nominate ex sekitori Kotonowaka.Besides that i heard Robo san is the most intelligent of them all with degree and stuff.(need clarification) :-)
  12. Bataa

    Asa's sumo - worthy of a Y?

    Some very interesting comments. I guess Asa doesn't always perform forward moving sumo is because he never likes to rush and make hasty decisions which would result in him losing the superior position or give his opponent an advantage or grip from the mawashi.He needs to remain calm and focused instead of rushing to display forward moving linear sumo.From many of the quotes i read from the Rikishi quotes section he almost always says stuff like i didn't rush and such.His sumo is very similar to mongolian wrestling where no one rushes to win,instead wait and anticipate his oponents moves and when the time is right execute quick an effective 'kimarite' to pin his opponent to the ground.Which is why i think, one of the reasons it takes 4 to 5 hours for some bouts.I remember Hakuho lost quite a few key bouts against Asa by moving all forward and rushing to which Asa responded quite nicely with a counter throw(pardon my punitive knowledge of sumo kimarite names).I'm not sure whats the general expectations of sumo style worthy of a Yokozuna,but i can imagine where this Yokuzunas should win by moving forward comes from.Moving forward win implies a decisive win which ofcourse is what a yokozuna should display however Asa is different, his style is more defensive and anticipating, with quick counter reaction,(This should not be confused with henka sumo which obviously is not yokozuna worthy)that gives him the edge.So if that is his style then be it cuz it brings him wins and winnings are what makes a yokozuna as someone above mentioned.Lastly,good defence is the best offence.
  13. Bataa

    Hakuho would want Asa to stay on

    Oh, come on. Who cares what Munkhbat Avarga thinks. Hakuho's future is in Japan anyway and I am sure he will acquire Japanese citizenship sooner or later. He is a grown-up already and can do whatever he wants. As for his marriage, I fully understand him. He spends most of his time in Japan and comes to Mongolia for 2-3 days. How and where he suppose to meet and date Mongolian girl? He lives and socializes in Japan and no wonder he married a Japanese girl. Arslan are you telling me that the fact that Hakuho is a grown up he can can forget about his roots and origins and just abandon his Mongolian citizenship just like that?No,I don't agree with you, what Munkhbat thinks has got alot to do with it,let us remember the fact that Hakuho entered Ozumo not because he was so strong and promising at the time but because His father was a Mongolian Darkhan Avarga that Shuzan stuck to the belief that he would do just as great as his father.If he was just another scrawny mongolian boy shuzan wouldn't have given a rats ass about it.Believe me he won't abandon his mongolian citizenship,dual citizenship is ok though i guess.
  14. Bataa

    Hakuho would want Asa to stay on

    Don't trust those rumours.Even if Hakuhos father in law is intending that,it will not happen.Hakuho's father Munkhbat Avarga will never ever allow him to give up his Mongolian citizenship.It was badd enough that he married a japanese.If Hakuho does that he will shame his father so grossly and i bet he will live in shame for the rest of his life.Anyways i hope hakuho's not that stupid.