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  1. 1 Terunofuji 2. Takayasu 3 Tochinoshin 4 Ichinojo 5 Tochiosan 6 Yoshikaze 7 Mitakeumi 8 Takarafuji 9 Aoiyama
  2. 1 Ishiura 2 Aoiyama 3 Endo 4 Ura 5 Gagamaru 6 Okinoumi 7 Yoshikaze 8 Arawashi 9 Sadanoumi
  3. Not saying its likely, but surely he is in a perfectly promotable position? 10-5 with results around him going his way, or more wins/yusho and it's perfectly possible? Osunaarishi went up with 9 wins from J6 recently and with the relative parity in Juryo at the moment anything is possible?
  4. 1. A 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. A 6. A 7. A 8. B 9. A 10. B 11. B 12. B 13. A 14. B 15. A 16. B 17. B 18. B 19. B 20. A 21. B
  5. Got to wait a week now to find out
  6. I went with "super-lenient to joi makekoshi" as well, let's hope it was the way to go!
  7. That.was.really.tough. I am not confident of any of the maegashira ranks other than M1E and M16E!!!
  8. Only Wakanosato does apparently ;) I hope I have pulled this info correctly, list of 8+ consecutive Sanyaku appearances since start of 15 day basho period (I think...): 19 Wakanosato Shinobu 01/02-01/05 14 Kaio Hiroyuki 11/94-01/97 14 Kotomitsuki Keiji 05/05-07/07 14 Goeido Gotaro 05/12-07/14 12 Kitabayama Hidetoshi 07/59-05/61 12 Musoyama Masashi 07/95-05/97 11 Daikirin Takayoshi 01/69-09/70 11 Sakahoko Nobushige 11/87-07/89 11 Musashimaru Koyo 05/92-01/94 11 Harumafuji Kohei 03/07-11/08 10 Mitsuneyama Hokoku 09/50-05/53 10 Kiyokuni Katsuo 11/67-05/69 10 Kaiketsu Masateru 07/73-01/75 10 Hokutoumi Nobuyoshi 01/85-07/86 9 Wakanohana Kanji 09/53-09/55 9 Iwakaze Kakutaro 09/60-01/62 9 Kaio Hiroyuki 03/99-07/00 9 Kakuryu Rikisaburo 09/10-03/12 8 Asashio Taro 01/53-09/54 8 Asashio Taro 05/55-03/57 8 Daigo Hisateru 03/63-05/64 8 Kotozakura Masakatsu 07/66-09/67 8 Hasegawa Katsuhiro 01/69-03/70 8 Hasegawa Katsuhiro 05/71-07/72 8 Kurohimeyama Hideo 01/74-03/75 8 Arase Nagahide 03/77-05/78 8 Tamanofuji Shigeru 01/78-03/79 8 Kotogaume Tsuyoshi 03/89-05/90 8 Terao Tsunefumi 09/89-11/90
  9. Wow, 8 in a row, didn't realise! That must be close to a record? Yeah, Ura is not matching that... To answer the original posters question (which I mis-understood to start with) I would say that Ura is a lock for one of the m3 positions next banzuke.
  10. My unknowledgeable opinion is he will be another Terao; A firm fan favourite with great technique who will make occassional sanyaku appearances and cause many upsets but never reach Ozeki.
  11. Kim Clijsters won back to back US opens not long after her first born. Very intesresting stuff, but I feel we are getting off topic...
  12. Oh I agree, I was thinking Shodai and maybe Hokutofuji also have a fighting chance. Surely Onosho will only climb to M6 at best and miss out on the meat grinder action?
  13. It was a looong time ago that I read them, think it was only fathers as mothers would not have been competing for several months before giving birth and tended to not compete afterwards for a while too. Although I have a feeling you are being sarcastic ;) I would be interested to see the analysis for mothers returning to competition too though, if such a thing has ever been done.
  14. I read some interesting articles years ago about the implications of first born children on elite athletes, if I remember correctly it noticeably improved their performance for the next 18 months, peaking at 12 months after birth. So maybe we will have the Geek kicking around sanyaku for a little while yet!
  15. I'm really excited by the (probable) maegashira section of joi for Aki, a couple of veterans that if healthy will push hard and lots of young talents who may find it hard to KK but may surprise us, and going out on a limb I think 3 future Ozeki. Can't wait, only 6 weeks...