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  1. Should-have-been Y/O

    So what happened in the May 2001 Basho with Kaiƍ? A very unlucky injury or was he just not up to scratch? Being sandwiched between 2 Yusho it looks like this was his high point in some ways and if he had won the May 2001 Basho (or J/D) he looks to have had decent numbers until 2006 or so, so 5 years as a Yokuzuna with 5/6 Yusho, comparable to many Yokozuna records I think? (Median Yusho wins for a Yokozuna being 5 afterall) Speculative obviously, since we don't know if he would have put up the same numbers if he had been promoted, but I think that would have been considered a respectable Yokozuna career. Or maybe he is better off being rememberered as one of the greatest Ozeki, who knows...
  2. Bench World Cup 2018?

    I'll give it a shot if someone pokes me when I need to enter.
  3. Rock bands...

    A couple of my faves
  4. Sumo Meetup in San Francisco

    I take it by that answer that you are flying said aircraft? Nice. It has a nice bakery as well if memory serves!
  5. Sumo Meetup in San Francisco

    I have to ask why you were flying to such a tiny out of the way airport!?!
  6. Sumo Meetup in San Francisco

    How went the SF meetup then? Anyone from here attend?
  7. Sumo Meetup in San Francisco

    I don't live that far from Braemar, so I have indeed witnessed the competitive tossing of cabers! (It's pretty cool actually, especially when accompanied by a few beers )
  8. Sumo Meetup in San Francisco

    Certainly something I would be up for if people showed an interest. I'm booked up solid until September this year, but worth looking in to.
  9. Thanks to John, Murray and the team, that was an excellent way to start my Sunday Great first show, good mix of professional knowledge and self depricating humour. Would obviously be better if full 21 bout coverage every day, but one step at a time! I enjoyed the titbits of info given between bouts, not too 'learner' friendly, which I think the highlight show has and should have more emphasis on, these full coverage programmes should cater for those with a more in depth knowledge if they are to continue in the future, as I think that those new to Sumo would rather watch the highlights and then get into the more in depth stuff if their appetites were whetted enough. Only real negative: the sound quality was a bit poor. Just my thoughts, and thanks again.
  10. Sumo Meetup in San Francisco

    I have yet to meet another sumo fan in Scotland. Surprising given half the population wouldn't look out of place on the dohyo...
  11. Preparations of the Y/O Haru 2018

    Oh I hope beyond hope that Kise sits out until truly ready (if that is ever..), he only has one more shot by his own ultimatum, let's hope he makes it count. Shall we agree that it will be one Yokozuna max starting Haru?
  12. Preparations of the Y/O Haru 2018

    My gut tells me that one of them will start, probably Kak, advised by the powers that be that he has a free pass on this one and will only be told that next one he enters after this has to be yokozuna level, that way they have a Yokozuna in the basho. Don't see Hak entering, ditto Kise if he has any sense. But this is just my tin hat speaking :)
  13. 21 Har Har 18 - The Results

    1. B 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. A 7. X 8. A 9. B 10. A 11. A 12. A 13. A 14. B 15. A 16. A 17. B 18. B 19. B 20. B 21. B
  14. GTB- the game that plays you..

    Thanks, guess I should have done a search for that answer first, sorry. Will let you know if I have further questions!
  15. GTB- the game that plays you..

    I should probably be able to work this out but i'm not that good at stats etc yet. Are these figures derived from the correct guesses, rank or MK/KK score? Any chance of a quick lesson in how to work them out?