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  1. Wow, my last minute change really was the most costly mistake I've ever made in gtb... Gratz to Nantonoyama on 3rd Yusho!
  2. 71 for me I think. Swapping Tsurugisho and Onosho at the very last minute may have been a very very costly mistake
  3. Shatsume

    Hatsu 2022 Promotion & Yusho blather

    You may want to check this thread out:
  4. Shatsume

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    I'll take up the mantle of reminding people: Still week 1 Mitakeumi... (He's looking good though, eh!)
  5. Shatsume

    Metasumo 2022

    1-5 Joaoiyama 6-10 Andoreasu 11-20 Susanoo 21-40 Oortael 41-80 Asashosakari 81-120 SHiFT 121-200 Gurowake 201+ Getayukata
  6. Terunofuji Y Takakeisho O Mitakeumi Shodai O Wakatakakage Abi S Takanosho Wakatakakage promoted to Ozeki for Jan 23 tournament.
  7. Shatsume

    Oho - the Millennial Valentine

    46 wins
  8. Shatsume

    Mitakeumi - version 20.22

    Low double digit kk in Jan and March, Ozeki in May.
  9. Shatsume

    Yokozuna Terunofuji in 2022

    Kinboshi for Endo, Abi, Takayasu and Onosho.
  10. Shatsume

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    Perfect retirement bout for brawler Shohozan I reckon; last bout on home soil, a win, and absolutely plastered in blood.
  11. Shatsume

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Just watched the highlights, haven't read the thread yet, but had to post this comment /observation; Is it just me, or were there a LOT of genki looking lads out there today? I'm not saying that the sumo was wonderful, but the fire was there and it seems there's a lot of peeps well up for it this tournament. Could be a stonker!
  12. Shatsume

    Grand Sumo Breakdown - John Gunning Interview

    Very much a Glasgow /Greater Clyde accent.
  13. Shatsume

    Aki 2021-GTB - RESULTS!! - 140 entries (22 newbies)

    Entered, on list, just the right amount of sake consumed, Yusho is a lock