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  1. I suck at this :( Remind me not to enter when drinking next time...
  2. Did not enjoy today. Intellligent sumo so far from Hakuho though, I think it's his Emperors Cup to lose at this point.
  3. Thanks for the info :)
  4. Couldn't find the info elsewhere, who is the current bow twirler?
  5. Chiyonokuni and Kakuryu tachiai seemed very strongly head on head, Kak looks somewhat stunned for a couple of seconds, Chiyonokuni screwing his eyes up constantly in post bout interview. I'm guessing that concussion is another health issue that is just swept under the carpet in sumo... Just an observation.
  6. My dad worked in Japan in the late 80s and my mum discovered Chiyonofuji... Then Channel 4 started showing it in the UK and I would watch with my mother and brother. Chiyonofuji, Terao, Konishiki; hard not to get hooked watching those 3, especially against each other!
  7. 15 Ichinojo 13 Ishiura 11 Kaisei 10 Endo 9 Kotoshogiku 8 Takarafuji 7 Takekaze 6 Aoiyama 5 Tamawashi
  8. 15 Sokokurai 13 Tochinoshin 11 Takarafuji 10 Kakuryu 9 Chiyonokuni 8 Takayasu 7 Takekaze 6 Takakeisho 5 Shodai
  9. 1 X 2 X 3 X 4 A 5 A 6 A 7 A 8 B 9 B 10 B 11 A 12 A 13 B 14 B 15 B 16 A 17 A 18 A 19 A 20 B 21 B A dangerous game of X's...
  10. I for one am quite happy at how I did in trying to second guess the commitee, still unsure how they decide on placement of promotions though, screwed the bottom of the Banzuke up for me :(
  11. My attempt: Yokozuna E: Kisenosato Y2w (13-2) Yokozuna W: Kakuryu Y1w (10-5) Yokozuna E2: Harumafuji Y2e (10-5) Yokozuna W2: Hakuho Y1e (2-3-10) Ozeki E: Terunofuji O1w (13-2) Ozeki W: Goeido O1e (1-5-9) Ozeki E2: None Ozeki W2: None Ozeki E3: None Ozeki W3: None Sekiwake E: Takayasu S1w (12-3) Sekiwake W: Kotoshogiku S2e (9-6) Sekiwake E2: Tamawashi S1e (8-7) Sekiwake W2: None Komusubi E: Mitakeumi K1e (9-6) Komusubi W: Yoshikaze M4e (8-7) Komusubi E2: None Komusubi W2: None Maegashira E: Chiyonokuni M6e (9-6) Maegashira W: Okinoumi M8w (10-5) Maegashira E2: Endo M5e (8-7) Maegashira W2: Chiyoshoma M7w (9-6) Maegashira E3: Daieisho M11e (11-4) Maegashira W3: Takarafuji M3w (7-8) Maegashira E4: Takanoiwa M2w (6-9) Maegashira W4: Aoiyama M6w (8-7) Maegashira E5: Tochiozan M10w (10-5) Maegashira W5: Shodai K1w (4-11) Maegashira E6: Takekaze M1e (5-10) Maegashira W6: Ikioi M1w (5-10) Maegashira E7: Takakeisho M13e (11-4) Maegashira W7: Hokutofuji M5w (7-8) Maegashira E8: Shohozan M3e (5-10) Maegashira W8: Sokokurai M2e (4-11) Maegashira E9: Ichinojo M7e (6-9) Maegashira W9: Kagayaki M9e (7-8) Maegashira E10: Tochinoshin M10e (7-8) Maegashira W10: Ura M12w (8-7) Maegashira E11: Arawashi M4w (3-10-2) Maegashira W11: Ishiura M11w (7-8) Maegashira E12: Toyohibiki J3w (10-5) Maegashira W12: Onosho J2w (9-6) Maegashira E13: Tokushoryu M15w (8-7) Maegashira W13: Daishomaru M13w (7-8) Maegashira E14: Chiyotairyu J1w (8-7) Maegashira W14: Kotoyuki M9w (5-10) Maegashira E15: Oyanagi J4w (9-6) Maegashira W15: Kaisei M8e (3-7-5) Maegashira E16: Myogiryu M14e (6-9) And a few weeks after making it I am actually still quite happy with it, although maybe didn't demote Shodai enough and was a bit harsh on Takakeisho.
  12. I had a brainwave, thought maybe it was because I didn't use it last time, so I populated it for Hatsu/Haru then refreshed, seems to have done the trick, now showing Haru/Natsu :D Now for the hard part... ;)
  13. May be incorrect for you, but correct for me. Even if I google to get to GTB and click on the helper from there it is coming up for Hatsu/Haru. If I click on the links in this thread it does the same. Am I missing something obvious???
  14. The helper form is still coming up with hatsu rankings for me even clicking above links, is there an updated link?
  15. In other sports I would shrug my shoulders, not like it and move on after a whinge, but one of the stated requirements for becoming a Yokozuna is specifically showing the correct attitude and he doesn't have it. If he wants nothing but to get a few Y against his name fair enough, but if he wants to be remembered...