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  1. Shatsume

    Metasumo 2024

    1 -5 Kaito 6-10 Joaoiyama 11-20 ScreechingOwl 21-40 Konosato 41-80 BlackPinkMawashi 81-120 Hidenotora 121-200 Tim Sumo 201+ Holleshoryu
  2. Shatsume

    Makunouchi Yushos in 2024

    Terunofuji x2 then retires before year end. Kirishima x1 Takakeisho x1 Hoshoryu x1 Kotonowaka x1
  3. Shatsume

    He is the Christmas present! (Birthday on 25th Dec)

    Zero double digit KK
  4. Shatsume

    Tamawashi - his second year as the oldest sekitori

    Still going strong. M7e on jan 25 banzuke.
  5. Shatsume

    GTB invite- Hatsu 2024 --RESULTS!! 199 entries.

    Putting Ichiyamamoto above Shonannoumi is the only decision i'm currently feeling twitchy about.
  6. Shatsume

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    Would love to see Kitaharima back in Juryo again before he retires. Can't see it happening though...
  7. Shatsume

    Banzuke for Nagoya 2023

    Annotated for me.
  8. Shatsume

    What makes a great ozeki?

    Not sure if this will add much to the conversation, but I just did a quick search for 60 wins across 6 basho (arbitrarily >1960 and starting as lower sanyaku only) which produced only rikishi that went on to become Ozeki. Slightly more interesting is 54 wins in 6 basho (excuse poor query methods):>1960&form2_basho_nr=6&form2_rank=m16-s Throws up 3 rikishi that never made Ozeki and 2 that have not yet, but may.
  9. Shatsume

    Promotion/Demotion/Yūshō Discussion Natsu 2023

    Kind of an unwritten rule that gtb entries aren't posted until after the deadline. The fun part is in between the deadline and the reveal, where minute differences are argued and then we are all wrong anyway. Because Banzuke committee...
  10. Shatsume

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Today's half a bottle of wine thoughts, without having read today's comments: Subjective dead body rule not applied today... What even is Hokuseiho?? (his fighting style is whack, I had thoughts of 'drunken fist,' but sumo style) Takakeisho henka was not a henka. Something that never occurred to me before is that Wakamotoharu has the split second decision making ability to change tactics and make them work without looking awkward that I've mostly only seen in Yokozuna before. Not necessarily from watching just today's bout, more cumulative thinking.
  11. Shatsume

    GTB invite- Natsu (May) 2023 - 159 entries. RESULTS!!!

    That is something I've considered looking at in the past, but I never seem to have the time. Also, my standard way of playing GTB these days is to get in the mindset of the committee (i.e. have a few drinks) and see which of the several original possibilities I like the look of best
  12. Shatsume

    GTB invite- Natsu (May) 2023 - 159 entries. RESULTS!!!

    I felt good about my M1e Shodai and M6e Asanoyama M6w Ichinojo when I hit 'submit'...