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  1. MumboJumbo

    Hakuho - 16th time of asking

    2 yusho, one zensho(longest streak)! 52 wins!! He will stick around for one or two more basho next year.
  2. MumboJumbo

    Makunouchi yushos in 2020

    M17 Tokushoryu Y Kakuryu Y Hakuho O Takakeisho S Mitakeumi Y Hakuho
  3. 1 yusho + 2 jun-yusho. Still ozeki.
  4. MumboJumbo

    Ichinojo in 2020 - on the way back?

  5. MumboJumbo

    Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2021 - let them rise up!

    Hakuho Y Takakeisho O Asanoyama Hakuho retires next year
  6. MumboJumbo

    Kotoshogiku *and* Shohozan - the veterans poll

    2 KK for Kotoshogiku. 3 KK for Shohozan. Neither will retire. I'd like to think Kotoshogiku will retire, but I was wrong every time I thought Aminishiki would retire....
  7. MumboJumbo

    TORCHBEARER 2019: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Midorifuji Ms29w
  8. MumboJumbo

    Makunouchi Yushos in 2019

    Hakuho - 2 Kakuryu - 1 Takayasu - 1 Tochinoshin - 1 Mitakeumi (ozeki) - 1
  9. MumboJumbo

    Aminishiki in 2019 - the veteran question

    Ok, I don't think he will retire anymore. J5. 9-6 best, 5-10 worst.
  10. MumboJumbo

    Ichinojo 2019 - will this be his year?

    S1W. Stays near the top. Best record 9-6.
  11. MumboJumbo

    Hakuho in 2019 - Hak Attack Part 15

    One zensho, two yusho.
  12. Hakuho Y1 Kakuryu Takayasu O1 Tochinoshin Mitakeumi O2 Takakeisho Goeido O3 Things might get packed in the ozeki ranks with absent yokozunae. Takayasu next yokozuna...?
  13. MumboJumbo

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I was thinking a torinaoshi was going to be called. Takayasu's toe looked like it was out first just before Mitakeumi's foot, but it was close.
  14. MumboJumbo

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    To me it looked like the side of Abi's foot slid across the outside before he planted his foot and before Kagayaki fell. The Ikioi-Tamawashi monoii is still a mystery to me.