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  1. MumboJumbo

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I was thinking a torinaoshi was going to be called. Takayasu's toe looked like it was out first just before Mitakeumi's foot, but it was close.
  2. MumboJumbo

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    To me it looked like the side of Abi's foot slid across the outside before he planted his foot and before Kagayaki fell. The Ikioi-Tamawashi monoii is still a mystery to me.
  3. MumboJumbo

    Pre-match/bout routines of certain sumo wrestlers

    Chiyonokuni will also beat the hell out of himself. I noticed him slapping his face while seated by the side of the dohyo.
  4. MumboJumbo

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    It seems like they don't care about the "nothing but the bottom of the foot can touch the surface of the dohyo" rule (if it can be still be called a rule at this point).
  5. MumboJumbo

    Will Endo Reach KK? (Haru 2018 Edition)

    Close, but no cigar. 7-8
  6. MumboJumbo

    Urban animals

    A few months ago I saw a hawk on my neighbor's porch with its talons stuck into its most recent catch. I also see some owls occasionally. Raccoons are pretty common. Groups of deer will pass through town from time to time. Canadian geese have been everywhere since they migrate down into the southern half of the U.S.A for the winter.
  7. MumboJumbo

    Guess a rikishi - win a tegata

  8. MumboJumbo

    Trying to understand the forum

    Another new member had the same problem as you are having right now. It ended up sorting itself out after a little while. Seems to be a glitch or something that affects new accounts.
  9. MumboJumbo

    Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Odds on Tochinoshin winning by tsuridashi...?
  10. MumboJumbo

    Hatsu Day 1 match-ups

    Ehhhhh, Oonoshou might get the jump on Hakuho if Hakuho attempts to do "good" sumo, but Oonoshou will probably just slip again....
  11. MumboJumbo

    FUSEN LUCKY 2018

  12. MumboJumbo

    Ichinojo, 2018 edition!

    Sticking around joi-jin/sanyaku in 2018 with two trips into sanyaku (hopefully ). Best record 10-5, 4 KK, starting 2019 at S1W
  13. MumboJumbo

    Hakuho in 2018

    4 yusho (1 zensho) 66 wins 21 winning streak How about 1x15-0, 1x14-1, 2x13-2, 1x11-4, 1x0-0-15
  14. MumboJumbo

    Takakeisho in 2018

    Komusubi > M4 > M1 > Komusubi > M2 > M5 Longest streak will be 6 wins. Best record will be 10-5. His oshi-zumo won't be enough for him to lock down a spot in sanyaku this year.
  15. MumboJumbo

    Goeido in 2018

    O1W, two 10+ win basho, 4 KK, one jun-yusho.