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  1. MumboJumbo

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    As I've watched Mitakeumi through the years, I've always thought he fights well against oshi guys. He resists the thrusts/slaps very efficiently and is able to force himself beneath the strikes. Looking at his record against some notable oshi specialists (that pop into my head), he seems to match up favorably. Maybe his domination of Tamawashi has skewed my view a bit. 7-2 Abi 4-4 Aoiyama 13-7 Daieisho 12-10 Hokutofuji 10-3 Onosho 11-10 Takakeisho 26-3 Tamawashi (!)
  2. Takakeisho Y Terunofuji Shodai O Mitakeumi Takakeisho and Mitakeumi finally getting a good run of tournaments without injury or failing at the final leg? Sure. Terunofuji sits out a tournament, allowing for somebody to make the leap.
  3. MumboJumbo

    Haru Basho 2021

    I think I remember seeing a red macaron in previous years??? Perhaps the green will make another appearance.
  4. MumboJumbo

    TORCHBEARER 2021: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Nihonyanagi Ms 33w
  5. MumboJumbo

    Mitakeumi in 2021

    I think his 2021 will be similar to his 2020. A couple of basho at maegashira and the rest at K/S, but the difference is he will score another yusho in 2021.
  6. MumboJumbo

    Terunofuji - is it his time to shine?

    Ozeki run began with the November basho. Reaches Ozeki after winning a yusho (playoff rematch with Takakeisho this upcoming March???). Goes kyujo once.
  7. MumboJumbo

    Ichinojo in 2021 - has his inner fire been relit?

    Solid year with 4 kk. Best record of 10-5. Ends at M4e.
  8. MumboJumbo

    Kiribayama - Not So New Kid on The Block

    I agree on him staying around the top of makuuchi. He sticks around M1-M4 until pushing for Komusubi in November. Picks up three wins over Ozeki this year.
  9. MumboJumbo

    Hakuho - 17th annual poll!

    Two yusho, one zensho. 43-44 wins. Win streak of 20. Not retiring yet!
  10. MumboJumbo

    Takakeisho in 2021 - no longer the youngest in Manouchi.

    Three jun-yusho, one being a yusho-doten.
  11. MumboJumbo

    Hatsu Basho 2021 Yusho Winner

  12. MumboJumbo

    Makunouchi yushos in 2021

    Two for Hakuho, two for Asanoyama, one for Terunofuji (Sekiwake), and one for Mitakeumi (Maegashira).
  13. MumboJumbo

    Shohozan goes it alone - the veteran poll 2021

    Retires at J4w.
  14. MumboJumbo

    Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2022 - Here we go again!

    Hakuho Y Asanoyama Takakeisho O Shodai Terunofuji O I see everybody has given up on Mitakeumi. I still have hopes he'll get Ozeki one day, but maybe he'll be like the Kaio of Komusubi/Sekiwake. 5 yusho and 60 basho as K/S without reaching Ozeki....
  15. MumboJumbo

    Aki Basho 2020

    A green sky would be a nice change of pace. Here the sky has taken a smokey orange occasionally due to wild fires. I will continue to gambarize for next basho, perhaps my spirit will help end the orange skies.