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    Kensho Nagoya 2017

    Still trying to make sense out of the not so infrequent discrepancies between the number of kensho banners paraded at the start of Makuuchi bouts and the records posted in Nikkan Sports. I am starting to form the opinion that Nikkan Sports is not necessarily inaccurate in its record keeping. For instance, in today's bout between Takayasu and Tochinoshin, there were 20 banners (10+9+1) paraded, whereas Nikkan Sports shows an increase of 23 in Takayasu's total. While observers like me might want to shout foul, right after Takayasu pushed Tochinoshin into the corner, I listened to the NHK announcer state that Takayasu had just secured 23 kensho. Clearly, the announcer had access to information that was not reflected in the banner parade – information that gets published in Nikkan Sports. (Extra kensho were probably awarded to Takayasu in light of Kise's kyujo. Since this may have been something of a last minute decision, the banners in question were not included in the parade. Furthermore, those other 3 sponsors lost out on the visual advertising benefits...)
  2. Amamaniac

    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    I never learn my lesson: don't make predictions until the last five days of a tournament, and even then there are no sure bets. But with three elite wrestlers kyujo and both Harumafuji and Goeido struggling, it looks to me that this tournament is going to end up being between Hakuho and Takayasu (no disrespect to Aoiyama). The spoiler to that race will definitely be Ura. I can't wait to see Ura go up against Hakuho and Takayasu, or them go up against him. Talk about a wild card.
  3. Amamaniac

    Kensho Nagoya 2017

    For Day 5, Nikan Sports listed Hokutofuji's total kensho winnings as 28 (i.e., if they had made a mistake on Day 4, they had not made any effort to correct it). So this begs the question, did Hokutofuji get all 9 kensho from the bout with Terunofuji or not? If not, what exactly was the reason?
  4. Amamaniac

    Kensho Nagoya 2017

    Does anyone happen to know how many kensho were on the Harumafuji-v.-Tochinoshin bout? Harumafuji has yet to break into the Top 10 in Nagoya...
  5. Amamaniac

    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Hokutofuji is showing his metal in this tournament. While he didn't have much success against Mitakeumi, he has been strong against his other joi opponents. He fought perfectly against Terunofuji, keeping the latter erect and powerless. Impressive showing for him so far.
  6. Amamaniac

    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Does anyone happen to know how many kensho were on the Harumafuji-v.-Tochinoshin bout? Harumafuji has yet to break into the Top 10 in Nagoya... Sorry - wrong thread. ;-(
  7. Amamaniac

    Kensho Nagoya 2017

    I realize that the Nikkan Sports records are on occasion incorrect, but trying to catch those mistakes makes for fun. But, I sometimes wonder if the mistakes are always mistakes. For instance, on Day 4, Hokutofuji defeated Terunofuji and according to Nikkan Sports, his kensho total increased by 5. At the start of the bout, 9 kensho banners were paraded around the ring. In the past, I have heard (from Doreen Simmons) that certain kensho are awarded "only" if the sponsored sekitori wins his bout. So, I have to wonder if 4 of the 9 kensho in that bout were designated for Terunofuji only...
  8. Amamaniac

    Hakuho antics?

    With the three other Yokozunas struggling and he himself having a 3-0 record, Hakuho already seems to be bored. In recent years, he has resorted to unconventional or rarely used approaches to sumo wrestling (admittedly, he gets ideas from watching old tapes). While it makes for entertaining watching, it smacks of boredom and to a certain degree arrogance. Each time I see these displays from Hakuho, I say to myself: "there he goes playing with his food again." LOL
  9. Amamaniac

    Tom Brady trains with Goueidou

    Injury would have been a significant issue in this impromptu (?) encounter. Professionals (athletes and otherwise) often have insurance clauses that prohibit them from engaging in risky activity outside their respective workplaces. Viewing the clip posted by Inhashi above, I ask myself: was this little more than an Underarmour commercial? Otherwise, why didn't Brady man-up and don a practice mawashi like other foreign visitors given similar opportunities?
  10. Amamaniac

    Ura, how high?

    Don't forget that Ura spars with Gagamaru on a daily basis in their heya...
  11. Amamaniac

    Yamamotoyama makes a big splash

    For the purposes of completeness, this post is meant to draw fellow Forum users' and Yamamotoyama fans' attention to another cameo by the "disgraced" wrestler in popular culture in the West. I just became aware that Yamamotoyama appeared in the official music video for Ed Sheeran's 2017 song, "Shape of You". In terms of chronology, the music video was released just a couple of weeks before the movie, "John Wick Chapter 2". Clearly, the video maker's intent was to draw on Yamamotoyama's size as an (un)intended pun related to the song title. If that wasn't stereotyping enough, Ed Sheeran, dressed in a sumo-suit, takes on the sumotori in an underground fight. Can't say that the portrayal of sumo was positive..., but a little light-hearted fun still brings sumo to the fore outside (and inside) Japan especially for the young generation to whom Ed Sheeran's music appeals. I love how the credits simply list YMY as "Yama".
  12. Amamaniac

    New kesho mawashi

    It’s fortunate that they went with the Hokuto-no-ken theme. Just imagine, a Yokozuna’s kesho-mawashi set featuring Hello Kitty! Do Yokozunas have a say in the designs? (A similar question has been asked before, but I did not see an answer.) More importantly, do the designs have to be approved by the JSA before they are made? If not, I’m assuming the JSA would have the power to ban the use of an inappropriate kesho-mawashi or one unbecoming of a Yokozuna.
  13. Amamaniac

    Yamamotoyama makes a big splash

    When life gives you gobo, make chankonabe. Back in 2011, Yamamotoyama was implicated in the bout-fixing scandal that rocked the sumo world. After being forced to retire, Yamamotoyama did not roll over and fade into obscurity. He made something out of his notoriety as one of sumo's heaviest wrestlers and ended up on the Indian reality TV program, Bigg Boss (perhaps meant as an embodiment of the title character). But his decision to relocate to Los Angeles has paid off. I just finished watching the John Wick Chapter 2 DVD, and was delighted to see Yamamotoyama playing one of several professional assassins who attempt to kill Keanu Reeve's character. His was a non-speaking role, but a memorable one. He takes several kicks to the groin, and even revives after taking a bullet to the top of his skull. Perhaps stereotypical (the difficult-to-kill giant), the role brings sumo back into the consciousness of Hollywood-movie goers. As some people say, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Despite being disgraced at home in Japan, Yamamotoyama is doing more for sumo internationally than your average sekitori. I'd love to know who his agent is!
  14. Amamaniac

    June 2017 pics overview

    You raise an interesting issue. Is there any list of sekitori who have a tsukibito for whom they used to be (a) tsukibito? I guess you are only safe abusing tsukibito if you are a Yokozuna, otherwise demotion could wind you up getting abused as a tsukibito of the wrestler you used to abuse. That potential works as a deterrent for such abuse, I would imagine.
  15. Amamaniac

    Preparations of the Y/O-Nagoya 2017

    Given that one can't see Takayasu's practice mawashi, it looks a little more disturbing...
  16. Amamaniac

    Spirited rikishi Natsu 2017

    Judging by the NSK poll results over 15 days, fans seem to be drawn by the (smaller,) unconventional wrestlers: Ura in the Top Division and Satoyama in the Juryo. With no weight classes, sumo inspires hope in the underdog à la David and Goliath. Most sponsors, however, take a more measured and pragmatic stance. But doesn't it make sense to sponsor wrestlers that most fans get excited about so as to get the most out of their advertising yen?
  17. I really appreciate you sharing all your great photos on this forum. You have probably already been asked this question (I'm relatively new to Sumo Forum), but what have you learned about taking photos during asageiko? The lighting tends to be poor and stables usually prohibit the use of flash. I guess my question is: what is your preferred setting on whatever digital camera you have?
  18. Amamaniac

    2017 Natsu - Kimarite Statistics

    Just curious, but has there ever been a sekitori who has won a 15-day zenshoyusho with all yorikiri? Somehow I doubt it...
  19. Amamaniac

    2017 Natsu - Kimarite Statistics

    This was the first tournament in many tournaments in which there were more oshidashi (84) winning techniques than yorikiri (81) winning techniques seen in the Top Division. Hakuho utilized yorikiri frequently (5X + 2 yoritaoshi) as is expected of powerful Yokozunas – only resorting to oshidashi once. From whence came the extra thrusting in this tournament? Fellow Yokozuna, Harumafuji, was partly to blame. He resorted to oshidashi 4X in May, whereas in the previous two tournaments, he only used that technique once. Clearly, he changed his strategy hoping to bring about his first championship win in five tournaments. But the tournament ended with an epic yotsuzumo battle, and Hakuho proved he was still the master of yorikiri.
  20. Amamaniac

    BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    I completely agree!
  21. Amamaniac

    Kensho for 2017 Natsu

    Good point. He really cashed in on those two bouts. But he was regularly attracting 6-7 kensho per bout, which puts him in a very respectable position. He's no Endo or Ura, but consider this: On Day 4, Giku won 7 kensho (one more than his usual/fixed 6 kensho because his opponent Tamawashi added one to the equation), whereas Harumafuji only received 4 – 4 for a Yokozuna! With a regular stream of 6 kensho per bout, that isn't only incentive to win each bout, but also incentive to stay in sumo ... at least for another tournament or two or three - until the cash dries up. The test will be to see if he still attracts sponsors once he drops out of the sanyaku.
  22. Amamaniac

    Quote of the day- Natsu 2017

    Now there's a quote of the day!
  23. Amamaniac

    Kensho for 2017 Natsu

    Hakuho managed to surpass sumo's new "golden child" Yokozuna in kensho, with 39 more than Kisenosato. That probably would not have been the case if Kise had not withdrawn from the tournament and won one or two of his final five bouts... For Kotoshogiku to end up in the top ten should also silence critics who want him to retire. By the logic of prize winnings, 34 other Top Division wrestlers should retire first. Giku is still bringing home the bacon ($$). I'm not saying he is the force in the ring that he used to be, but why should he walk away from sumo when they are still throwing prize money his way?
  24. Amamaniac

    Quote of the day- Natsu 2017

    I think it is fair to assume that we all agree with you about that and about virtually everything else.
  25. Amamaniac

    Bout-Length Natsu 2017

    A comparison of bout-lengths for Hakuho and Harumafuji in this tournament (Natsu 2017): Hakuho Harumafuji Day 1 10.4s 5.2s Day 2 10.4s 3.8s Day 3 2.9s 6.5s Day 4 22.2s 3.3s Day 5 4.4s 0.7s Day 6 14.9s 3.7s Day 7 3.2s 6.1s Day 8 6.3s 2.4s Day 9 5.7s 4.5s Day 10 25.2s 2.3s Day 11 9.9s [4.4s] Day 12 3.1s fusen Day 13 12.9s [9.2s] Day 14 36.4s [3.8s] Day 15 87.6s From Day 1 until Day 10, Harumafuji won his bouts in less time than Hakuho in eight out of ten of their respective bouts. Over the first ten days, Haurmafuji spent a total of 40.5 seconds defeating his opponents, whereas Hakuho spent 105.6 seconds (i.e., more than twice as much time). Harumafuji was looking very strong and was getting the job done with great efficiency. Hakuho, on the other hand, was less dominant, perhaps trying to play things safe. After Day 10, the wheels fell off of Harumafuji's championship run. Hakuho, to his credit, stayed the course. Interestingly, the final bout of the tournament between these two Yokozunas, was the greatest test Hakuho faced in his 15-day bid for his 38th yusho. Not only was it the longest bout that Hakuho fought in this tournament, but it was also the longest Top Division bout in the entire tournament. Hakuho didn't want to take any chances in order to secure a zenshoyusho perfect record. This proved to be yet another epic bout in Hakuho's career, and the kind of sumo that fans (like me anyway) live for... A great way to end a tournament.