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  1. kappa-joe

    Video Stream - Kyushu 11

    Just to update, I've been streaming for the past 90 minutes, during which time my battery has gone from 98% to 70%. That doesn't seem excessive to me, but YMMV. Also, as noted, I have the option of the Mophie battery pack if things get too low. One nice thing about loading the .asx file as opposed to typing in the mms:// address manually, is that it has links to two feeds, so if one hangs up, I can click on the other one and reconnect. Re: Andorid apps; I did a brief search this afternoon, but didn't find a whole lot. VPlayer and yxplayer are out there, but I have no way to test them. You may want to have a look and/or try them out. Both claim to handle mms:// feeds. VLC claims to be working on an Android app, but it's not available yet. If you've got a Linux box, and feel adventurous enough to want to try compiling it yourself, there is a Wiki "How-To" page here: http://wiki.videolan.org/AndroidCompile Good luck!
  2. kappa-joe

    Video Stream - Kyushu 11

    How's your battery life during streaming? And (for info only) are you using the new OS? I did the update to 5.0.1 yesterday, haven't noticed any problems with the battery. However, I use a Mophie battery pack most of the time, so I don't always see the actual battery results. Most of what I've read suggests that it was the first batch if iPhone 4 that had battery issues, and the update didn't resolve it for those users. Will kep an eye on it this evening, and see if it is draining rapidly while streaming, but I don't think so. Must say the picture quality was nearly HD quality on the iPhone, and even in VLC looked much better than TV Japan's broadcast.
  3. kappa-joe

    Video Stream - Kyushu 11

    Also streaming flawlessly on my iPhone 4 using GoodPlayer. Thank you for the links.
  4. This will become a serious customer issue once the next earthquake or other news crisis hits Japan, and TV Japan thinks their customers are going to wait an hour for NHK news feeds. Appreciate your reporting this, I will call TV Japan this evening, and ask my wife to do the same (as they are more likely to take seriously complaints from their Nihonjin customers).
  5. kappa-joe

    Rikishi set to pad their resumes

    Nice headline (Shaking head...) They should certainly find it easier to manage the virtual keyboard than most NTT standard issue keitai (or an iPhone for that matter).
  6. kappa-joe

    NSK Video Stream - Nagoya 10

    Thank you for the useful post. For those with non-Windows systems, I recommend the free and excellent VLC (VideoLAN Conduit), which also plays the mms streams quite effectively, and is available for nearly every operating system in the world: http://www.videolan.org Connecting is as simple as with WMP; select "Open Network", enter "mms://bpsw00.goo.ne.jp/sumolive" as the URL and hit return.
  7. kappa-joe

    Asa resurfaces to help distract press....

    Definitely reminds me of the aliens in "The Mysterians" (Chiky
  8. kappa-joe

    Education Ministry punishes

    Today we are all twigs.
  9. kappa-joe

    Education Ministry punishes

    ...oook.... so I's the fool getting spanked... (Blinking...)
  10. kappa-joe

    Education Ministry punishes

    What exquisite logic: Punish the Kyokai by spanking the fans... (On the banzuke...)
  11. kappa-joe

    Day 11 Rikishi Speakeasy

    As one of those alleged seven (I suspect closer to 700) who enjoys these every day during the bashos, thank you. But it is indeed worth the effort to try to keep wives happy. ;)
  12. kappa-joe

    Kitazakura intai

    At the August 2007 Jungyo in Matsumoto City, Kitazakura totally stole the show. I have never seen anyone work a crowd with more sheer pleasure, or seen a crowd respond as enthusiastically. He could easily be an international ambassador for Ozumo, that sort of easy charm is incredibly rare. I am confident he will be among the best oyakatas ever, but will sure miss watching him on the dohyo...
  13. kappa-joe

    Asahouryuu cries

    No doubt this will break her heart.... :-) It's a big world out there, and plenty of room for people to discover what they like. I happen to be happily married to a petite woman, but find Yoshida-san attractive as well. Very possibly Asashouryuu finds Yoshida-san to be "petite" as well, ne?
  14. kappa-joe

    Sumo iPhone apps

    Personally, never mind Sumo Games, I'd be delighted to purchase both an iPhone "Moti.app" and a "Kobiyashi Toshiharu Torikumi.app". ...Just sayin'.....
  15. This is such transparent crap... Anyone who has ever used marijuana (well, I haven't for many years, but certainly did for many years in my youth) knows that it is not only impossible to get stoned by making what used to be known as "Terrible Tea" (cf. Jack Margolis: "A Child's Garden of Grass", circa 1974), but will result in vomiting, not intoxication. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is quite simply *not* water-soluble, putting it in tea or pouring it over rice would do nothing but possibly make you test positive in a urine test. Frankly, only someone who has zero experience with marijuana and/or has done zero research on the chemistry of the plant could make such a stupid claim. Or someone at a Japanese "newspaper" who fits both the above criteria *and* has no journalistic ethics, *and* ghost-writes junk for pathetic dishonored rikishi they have paid off to allow them to defend themselves in court and further smear the entire Kyokai. Kappa-Joe