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  1. Sakura

    Quote of the day-Kyushu 2016

    Maybe to match the colour of his mawashi.
  2. Sorry. You are right. I miscounted the gaps in the matrix. I thought my statement seemed wrong, but I counted the gaps and kept coming up with the wrong number.
  3. Why would they not put Terunofuji against Tamawashi today? Now it seems as though he'll miss out on either Tamawashi or Takayasu.
  4. Day 9. Endo. The matrix doesn't make much sense in places at the moment.
  5. 8. Endo, even though I have a feeling Endo will actually face Goeido
  6. Sakura

    Broken arm the latest news

    I am glad for you.
  7. Sakura

    Sumo Games focus

    Given that this is my first time playing and that I have 0 points in TUG and only 1 win in TTT, I'm going with doing it for fun.
  8. After posting Kise yesterday I looked at the matrix and realised it would be Harumafuji; but I didn't change my guess... Day 7 - Kisenosato
  9. I agree. Thanks to Kinta for including it in the video.
  10. What a stressful day. Not time to do a proper search of past bashos for clues so I'm going with Day 5 - Takarafuji and then back to Sanyaku on Day 6
  11. Sakura

    Preparations of the masses -Kyushu 2016

    I just did a search for Makushita with 8 wins or 7 wins and 1 loss etc. It seems that 8 matches was the norm until 1960. However, this can be used to find examples of the above. Listing here Example here from 2008
  12. Is this how we're meant to play? Day 1: Endo (Yoshikaze)
  13. Sakura

    Hello from southern England

    Welcome in time for the next basho.
  14. Sakura

    Registering for Bench Sumo

    How can I register for Bench Sumo? The deadline says 8 hours, but all the buttons are greyed out for me on the sumogames page.
  15. Sakura

    Registering for Bench Sumo

    I signed up for the mailing list. I have no idea how I'm meant to indicate my interest though.
  16. Sakura

    Registering for Bench Sumo

    I'm going with Sakura for all of my games where possible.
  17. Sakura

    Registering for Bench Sumo

    Thanks for the reply. I'll doubt I'll be able to get round to registering for a Yahoo account etc. in time. That might not be a bad thing. I'll look forward to giving it a go in January.
  18. This is a great video. I can see Goeido doing well. Something seems to be working for him. I also have the same feeling about Kakuryu.
  19. Day 1 - Kotoyuki Day 2 - Chiyonokuni
  20. I couldn't find a similar thread, so I'm starting this one. The idea is to showcase how sumo appears to people outside of Japan. I couldn't find a more appropriate sub-forum for it. This idea started on Halloween when two children (separately) came trick-or-treating wearing the following It can be found here.
  21. I didn't placed this in sumo art, because I felt that this could go beyond art. I love the sumo art thread, by the way.