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  1. Sakura

    Trivia bits

    Updating the above palindromic W-L-A. I noticed Kotoyuki had a 4-7-4 this past basho, but Hokutofuji had one back in May bringing the total to 20. Of the 3-9-3 we also now have Akua and Kaisei for three in 2018 alone bringing that up to 21 total instances.
  2. Sakura

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2019

    Banzuke for Haru 2019 Sakura (Ye 15-0) Y Achiyama (Oe 11-4) O Tenshinhan (Ow 6-9) shimodahito (Ke 8-7) S Gansekiiwa (M3e 10-5) Gaijingai (M2e 9-6) K ChickyStarr (Sw 7-8) chishafuwaku (Se 4-11) M1 RaeucherLax (M1w 6-9) Jakusotsu (M1e 5-10) M2 gernobono (M3w 7-8) fujisan (M2w 4-11) M3 Unkonoyama (Kw KYUJO 1) Suwihuto (M4e 5-10) M4 WAKATAKE (M6e 6-9) kuroimori (M4w KYUJO 1) M5 wolfgangho (M5w KOSHO) Senkoho (M5e KYUJO 1) M6 Sawamura (Mz 0-15)
  3. Sakura

    Latest kabu-babu changes

    Speaking of Deanoumi-ichimon rikishi, I imagine that Goeido might be wanting a share in the next couple of years. After ex-Tamanofuji we get four in 2021, all very close to each other.
  4. Sakura

    Latest kabu-babu changes

    Thinking of Yamashina, how long can a retired kabu-owner hold onto the ownership of a kabu?
  5. Sakura

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2019

    THE PRIZES The Kanto-sho (Highest Base pts) went to Sakura with 173, which is the highest we've had for more than a year a possibly a new record. The Shukun-sho (Highest Bonus pts) went to Sakura and Achiyama with 106. The Gino-sho (Highest Base pts per winning rikishi) went to shimodahito with 6.59. Congratulations to all prize winners W-L RECORDS Sakura 15-0 Achiyama 11-4 Gansekiiwa 10-5 Gaijingai 9-6 shimodahito 8-7 gernobono 7-8 ChickyStarr 7-8 Tenshinhan 6-9 WAKATAKE 6-9 RaeucherLax 6-9 Jakusotsu 5-10 Suwihuto 5-10 chishafuwaku 4-11 fujisan 4-11 Sawamura 0-15 YOKOZUNA & OZEKI STATUS & RUNS Yokozuna Sakura performed well winning the Yusho. Ozeki Achiyama was kadoban, but gets the Jun-Yusho. This means he is now on a tsuna-run. shin-Ozeki Tenshinhan was MK and is now kadoban. Sadly both ChickyStarr and chishafuwaku fell to MK and will not be promoted to Ozeki. Banzuke to follow.
  6. Sakura

    GTB March to your room with no dinner, Mr! 2019

    With all this woe, I feel like I actually need to look at it this evening, instead of waiting.
  7. Sakura

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Thank you for doing the updates.
  8. Sakura

    Retirees after Hatsu 2019

    Aside from the thumbs up ex-Takekaze looks like he's on his way to the office. Which I suppose he is. What jobs in the NSK do recently-retired kabu-holding rikishi do? I haven't seen any appointments mentioned. Is it a sort of general training time?
  9. Sakura

    Sumo Reference Updates

    The kabu page needs some updating. 1) Takanohana is no longer part of the NSK. 24th Sept 2018 was the date of the thread. The departure was prolonged by a few days due to technicalities. I don't know what you would want to put in. 2) Also, the Takanohana-ichimon is no longer a thing, and all the independent heya went elsewhere. a) Tatsunami beya moved to Dewanoumi-ichimon 18th Sep 2018 b) Onomatsu, Otake and Chiganoura beyas moved from Takanohana-ichimon to Nishonoseki. Also moving to Nishonoeski are Shikoroyama and Minato beyas. Shikoroyama and Minato were listed under Tokitsukaze despite being independent. 21st Sept 2018. 3) ex-Satoyama is borrowing Sanoyama from November 23rd, 2018 4) At some unidentified point, it seems as though Ikioi has the Kasugayama kabu 5) Kisenosato took up his kabu on Jan 16th 2019 6) Takekaze took up his kabu on Jan 22nd. Some dates may be a bit off.
  10. Sakura

    Retirees after Hatsu 2019

    That teddy bear is so cute!
  11. Sakura

    Games Talk Hatsu 2019

    Actually scored some points. Which is a surprise. My last day pick in Quad came down to Daishomaru or Yoshikaze, and I went with Daishomaru. Oh well. But since I usually end up with 5 wins in Quad, I'm taking this as a good result for me.
  12. Sakura

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2019

    I get one based on `where do you stand on current affairs'. Suggestions for more reliable alternatives to Survey Monkey are always welcome. Results after Day 15 Name Base Pts Bonus Pts Total Sakura 173 106 279 Achiyama 142 106 248 Gansekiiwa 136 100 236 Gaijingai 129 104 233 shimodahito 135 82 217 gernobono 126 90 216 ChickyStarr 132 80 212 Tenshinhan 119 90 209 WAKATAKE 118 90 208 RaeucherLax 128 78 206 Jakusotsu 99 98 197 Suwihuto 106 88 194 chishafuwaku 113 76 189 fujisan 87 98 185 Sawamura 1 4 5 Yokozuna Sakura wins her 5th/6th(? - must check the records) yusho. Ozeki Achiyama gets the Jun-Yusho. W-L records/prizes/banzuke to follow.
  13. Sakura

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2019

    I am sorry. I don't know what to do about that. Unlike Achiyama, I am unable to check to see who has posted picks before the deadline. Just due to how my day is. Did you get a thank you for participating screen?
  14. Sakura

    Games Talk Hatsu 2019

    My first ever 1-man GBL in Bench (I think). It goes with my 10-man GBL on Day 2. They were definitely a week 1 squad.
  15. Sakura

    Games Talk Hatsu 2019

    For me, wondering if I get one more point or not doesn't make a bout more interesting. Actually, the bouts are more interesting for me if I don't have a rooting interest.