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  1. Persistence Watch - 2018 edition

    I had to check on those wins to confirm my hunch, and yes, he has only beaten Hattorizakura.
  2. Trivia bits

    Very true. It did occur to me that there could be other scenarios than the ones I mentioned above, but I hadn't put any thought into what those might be. Thank you for the idea. EDIT @Yukiarashi. I did a search using your suggestion and I did find a few mid basho kuyjo-intai situations as you suggested, but none of them were palindromic.
  3. Trivia bits

    I can't deny that.
  4. Haru jungyo 2018

    Wishful thinking?
  5. I don't know why you don't see that. I see women fixing cars in mechanic shops. I also see them chopping wood. Yes. Because that's absurd. Women can chop wood, work as mechanics or builders. In my daughter's primary school, only two of the ~35 teachers are men. I wish there were more men at the school, but it's not traditional for men to go into teaching of young children. But that's also absurd, and there is no good reason for it. I don't think anyone will be demanding that.
  6. I've never considered myself a feminist, and I think you're reading too much into my post. I'm simply stating that gender discrimination is a thing, which you didn't seem to want to acknowledge. No, and no. Though I am curious to know why you chose to use the words `woman pride'. Personally, I think too much pride is a bad thing, but I am pleased with some of my achievements. But those have nothing to do with the fact that I'm a woman. Do you have pride based on your gender? I would like to go further into the religion thing, but forum rules prohibit me. As far as Sumo goes, I see the image of the woman allowed on the dohyo half a century ago, and I notice that there are Shinto priestesses and conclude that there is no basis for the rule aside from discrimination. That would help. But what would they say? `We don't allow women because we just don't want them up here.' That would just make the discrimination more obvious. Where discrimination occurs, I do believe every struggle should lead to the end of discrimination. If the demand is just that, then yes. Personally, I don't feel like members of one group should give names to, or be derogatory about another group of which they are not a part. As a white person, I should not say the N-word. I wouldn't want to anyway. But if members of the black community use that word about themselves, then they have that right. With regard to your particular point, I'm putting it in a spoiler quote in case it breaks some sort of forum rule I'm not aware of.
  7. I'm not even going to touch on most of your response. I don't want to have this site have to do a Tachiai. Can I just say what's it's like being a woman, in my experience? I have people throw insults at me as a walk down the street just because I'm a woman. By men, obviously. It would be nice to live in a place where that doesn't happen, but it's a fact of life for me. We are discriminated against. For years in many places we didn't have a right to vote. That was a tradition, put about by men. In many industries woman are still pay less than men despite having the same qualifications and experiences. @John Gunning is not suggesting that we're being killed because of stepping on the dohyo. He's merely highlighting that if you were to replace with women with e.g. black in that sentence then there would be more obvious outcry. Why? Not because discriminating against women is ok, but because often it's a lot more hidden and harder to see. A lot of tradition against women (particularly in religion) stems from women being considered impure or not as good as men. Once upon a time, women were banished to tents during their menstruation. There is nothing unnatural about menstruation, but the legacy of that and similar pronouncements against women continues today. By considering women to be impure (no basis in science for that), or somehow lesser than men we perpetuate discrimination against women in a number of ways. The male privilege is to benefit from this just by being male. One of the ways males can benefit from this is by pretending it doesn't exist (since the discrimination doesn't affect them), or dismissing it or saying it's a tradition. Women on the other hand have to fight for equality and recognition, and sometimes they are afraid to do so because of retaliation by males. That would answer the question as to why some politicians didn't speak about it last year. I suspect that those politicians finally felt like they had a voice on this subject.
  8. Trivia bits

    True, but I don't consider that palindromic (at least not in `Arabic' numerals), since the 13 is not palindromic.
  9. Trivia bits

    Sorry if this has been done before. I couldn't find it anywhere. I've been intrigued by W-L-A results that are palindromes. I restricted my search to sekitori during the 15 days per basho era and have come up with the following 2-11-2 - 9 instances. Most recently Juzan in 2003. A mixture of mid-basho absence and withdrawing on Day 13. 3-9-3 - 19 instances. Most recently, Aminishiki in January 2018. More mid basho absences than one might imagine. 4-7-4 - 18 instances. Most recently, Sotairyu in 2015. Intriguingly, Kotoyutaka had a fusen loss on Day 9, then returned on Day 14 and got a win, by fusen. 5-5-5 - 11 instances. Most recently, Kyokushuho in 2013. 6 Yokozuna results in this one, including 2 by Asashoryu. 6-3-6 - 6 instances. Most recently, Aoiyama in 2012. 7-1-7 - 0 instances.
  10. Haru jungyo 2018

    Because a successful Endo is good for ozumo?
  11. 2018 Natsu - THE UNDERDOG GAME (TUG) - BANZUKE

    I think Profomisakari and Senkoho got swapped, otherwise Profomisakari has a 9-6 record and a demotion.
  12. Latest kabu-babu changes

    (Semi-serious) Maybe they will concentrate on the rikishi from Takanohana-beya? (Actual serious) Will this take place only in Sumo school or will they be monitoring transgressions and dealing with them (e.g half-hearted or non-existent bowing)?
  13. Aside from the fact this might be more information than I want to know, isn't he, as Jungyo head, meant to be ring-side listening to the mayor at this point in the day?
  14. Rijikai elections results on hold

    That is the eating emoticon? I had to hover over it to find out what it was. It looks to me like either a bowl of water or a hat.
  15. And Daiamami's nose pulls.