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  1. It seems so wrong to do this, but 14. Mitakeumi
  2. Day 13 entry link (now with Onosho and Aoiyama not facing Sanyaku opponents) Day 15 note - Since the day 15 torikumi goes up very late (in the early hours of the morning for me), Senkoho has volunteered to post the Day 15 entry form instead. Thanks Senkoho.
  3. Entries received Day 12 Jakusotsu Yoshikaze Takarafuji Sadanoumi Pandaazuma Takayasu Yoshikaze Sadanoumi Gaijingai Takayasu Ikioi Arawashi chishafuwaku Shodai Sokokurai Chiyotairyu Suwihuto Takayasu Yoshikaze Sadanoumi RaeucherLax Takayasu Hokutofuji Nishikigi Tenshinhan Takayasu Yoshikaze Takarafuji kuroimori Takayasu Yoshikaze Arawashi Achiyama Takayasu Yoshikaze Arawashi Senkoho Takayasu Shodai Sadanoumi
  4. Results after Day 11 Name Win Pts Bonus Pts Total RaeucherLax 69 85 154 Jakusotsu 68 75 143 Senkoho 61 80 141 kuroimori 44 80 124 Gaijingai 43 80 123 Suwihuto 43 80 123 Pandaazuma 58 65 123 Achiyama 56 65 121 Tenshinhan 49 60 109 chishafuwaku 28 65 93
  5. Mitakeumi has a great recipe for Kensho getting. Beat Kisenosato on Day 1 and beat Hakuho on the day that Hakuho was contenting for joint ownership of the most wins record.
  6. And Satoyama and Tobizaru should now be confirmed as demotees. EDIT: To make room for Kizenryu, of course.
  7. Day 12 link
  8. Day 11 received entries Jakusotsu Takayasu Sadanoumi Gagamaru Pandaazuma Takayasu Sadanoumi Gagamaru Gaijingai Takayasu Ikioi Shohozan chishafuwaku Shodai Sadanoumi Gagamaru Suwihuto Takayasu Sadanoumi Shohozan RaeucherLax Takayasu Sadanoumi Shohozan Tenshinhan Takayasu Ikioi Kotoyuki kuroimori Takayasu Kagayaki Gagamaru Achiyama Takayasu Ikioi Kotoyuki Senkoho Takayasu Kagayaki Shohozan
  9. Standings after Day 10 Name Win Pts Bonus Pts Total RaeucherLax 65 75 140 Jakusotsu 67 70 137 Senkoho 59 75 134 kuroimori 43 75 118 Gaijingai 41 75 116 Pandaazuma 56 60 116 Achiyama 55 60 115 Suwihuto 41 70 111 Tenshinhan 49 60 109 chishafuwaku 26 60 86
  10. Aoiyama gets faced with Takarafuji on Day 12, which makes sense given that Takarafuji has an 8-2 record at time of torikumi release and Takarafuji needs people much higher up to fight as well. Aoiyama could face Ura or Tochiozan on 13. Or they could give him the Komusubi or Sekiwake at that point, since they have open slots.
  11. oops. This is what I get when I confuse myself with everybody else's picks. I should just stick to making my own and not reading anyone else's.
  12. My pet peeve in sports writing is the use of winningest. The word winning is a not an adjective that can be used like strong, stronger, strongest. Not that it's important. Would Kotoshogiku count as the first victim of the youth movement, or would you say he fell before the youth movement started getting into gear?
  13. Happy Birthday. Thanks for playing BTC
  14. Actually I forgot about Takakeisho I'm switching to 12. Takakeisho