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  1. Thank you. I guess I was being confused by the Masters thing.
  2. So you're saying that even though I won, I don't score any points for this banzuke because I'm so far down the GTB ranking list?
  3. D14 4s
  4. What does one have to do to get on this banzuke? I won GTB for Haru, but I still have no listing anywhere, not even near the bottom.
  5. The problem is knowing which ones are the winners.
  6. Yes, I think he would have beaten them. I guess my point was more he's lucky that two of the Yokozuna were unfit for competition. He hasn't looked good in some of his wins either.
  7. I feel like Goeido got very lucky with 2 Yokozuna pulling out with injuries, particularly if he ends up losing to Harumafuji and Tamawashi.
  8. Day 14 entry
  9. Leaderboard after Day 12 Player Points TB Sakura 129 20 Pandaazuma 129 18 Tenshinhan 124 20 Senkoho 123 24 chishafuwaku 121 19 Achiyama 117 18 Shokikogi 113 20 Suwihuto 112 20 Gansekiiwa 109 19 Gaijingai 107 21 kuroimori 101 23 RaeucherLax 89 15 Jakusotsu 72 20 shimodahito 68 16
  10. Congratulations to whomever my Day 14 opponent in Bench Sumo is. 8 out my 10 rikishi are facing off against another rikishi on my team.
  11. Kizenryu was one of the rikishi with a bit of a hrash demotion after Natsu 2013, with a 6-9 a J11. It would be ironic if he needed harsh demotions to make room for him.
  12. D13 -3s
  13. Thanks for your responses. I'm far too tired to think about them now. Day 13 entry