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  1. Sakura

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    I thought he wasn't allowed because he fell into a cauldron of the stuff when he was a baby.
  2. Sakura

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite September 2021

    I can see Kiribayama being used to test players further down the banzuke. That would be a fairly sensible thing to do. 11. Wakatakakage
  3. Juryo race 7-2 J1w Akua, J3w Sadanoumi, J5e Abi, J8w Kotoshoho, J9e Nishikifuji 6-3 J4w Kaisho, J5w Bushozan, J7e Daishomaru, J10w Nishikigi, J14w Daishoho 5-4 J4e Shohozan, J6e Oho, J14e Churanoumi Juryo is being Juryo. Akua's loss today means that almost half the division is within two of the lead. There is enough pedigree here, that I won't speculate on a winner just yet. However, I'd be surprised if it came from the four loss group. Of the matches involving at least one of the two loss rikishi we have Akua-Bushozan, Nishikifuji-Hakuyozan, Kotoshoho- Daishoho and Abi-Sadanoumi. The last of the matches will guarantee us an 8-win rikishi at the end of the day. Lower division races 5-0 Ms11e Kitanowaka (Hakkaku) 5-0 Ms25e Ishizaki (Takasago) 5-0 Ms43e Fukai (Takasago) 5-0 Ms54w Hikarifuji (Isegahama) 5-0 Sd21e Fujiseiun (Fujishima) 5-0 Sd27e Tomiyutaka (Tokitsukaze) 5-0 Sd52e Osanai (Takasago) 5-0 Sd73w Narutaki (isenoumi) 5-0 Sd82w Suguro (Fujishima) 5-0 Sd95w Taiyo (Onoe) 5-0 Jd17w Kotakiyama (Futagoyama) 5-0 Jd49e Kiryuko (Tatsunami) 5-0 Jd63e Hitoshi (Oitekaze) 5-0 Jd70e Yashiroumi (Kise) 5-0 Jd99e Kakutaiki (Michinoku) 5-0 Jk13e Mifuneyama (Kise) 5-0 Jk20e Setonoumi (Takadagawa) In theory the Makushita race should come down to a 6-0 vs 6-0 matchup, but it's not unlikely that both 6-0 riksihi will be from Takasago, which would necessitate a different solution. It's not a foregone conclusion though as Kitanowaka should provide a good enough test for Sandanme tsukedashi starter Ishizaki. Sandanme should shrink down to three 6-0 rikishi as per usual. The bigger names here are Fujiseiun (undefeated in regulation for career), Osanai (just one loss in career) and Narutaki (returning from injury). The Jonidan race only has 5 undefeated rikishi at this time, which is slightly unusual. It'll be interesting how the do things from here. The most interesting names in this group are recent Mae-zumo starters Kiryuko and Hitoshi. In Jonokuchi we have 30-yo veteran Mifuneyama, who dropped from Makushita because of injury and 17-yo Setonoumi, who dropped from Jonidan because of injury. With only two undefeated rikishi, they'll have to be at least some matchups against 1 loss rikishi coming up.
  4. Day 9 (results, text-only results) 8-1 Yw Terunofuji 7-2 M6w Onosho, M8e Okinoumi, M10w Myogiryu, M11e Endo, M17e Chiyonokuni 6-3 Oe Shodai, Se Mitakeumi, M2w Kiribayama, M4w Daieisho, M16e Chiyomaru Yusho and Sanyaku race So, the zensho-yusho is off, courtesy of Terunofuji's loss to Daieisho. Daieisho gave a powerful performance, showing the same levels that he was producing in January. It's a pity he's not that consistent with it. The zensho-yusho may be off, but the yusho is still Terunofuji's to lose. He still holds a one win advantage after Myogiryu succumbed to a loss against Onosho. With that win, Onosho finds himself in the one-win-behind grouping with Myogiryu, as well as Okinoumi, Endo and Chiyonokuni who were all successful today. Out of the 2-loss group, four of the five are paired up tomorrow with Endo taking on Onosho and Myogiru facing Okinoumi. Chiyonkuni gets the struggling Hidenoumi. There are still a few permutations left amongst this group, and I expect we might see Myogiryu-Chiyonokuni on Day 11. The only member of the two loss group not to win on Day 9 was Mitakeumi, beaten in convincing fashion by Kiribayama. Kiribayama himself is now in the chasing group 2-behind alongside Mitakeumi, Ozeki Shodai, Chiyomaru and Daieisho. The Mongolian remains the frontrunner for any open Sanyaku slots. Those slots are looking increasingly likely as Ichinojo looked poor in a defeat against Takanosho and Takayasu struggled against Takakeisho. The Ozeki now needs just three wins to retain his rank and is looking good to do so, though a defeat against tomorrow's Sekiwake opponent Meisei would be a major setback. Shodai survived against Chiyoshoma, but didn't look as good as he has been this basho, whereas Meisei looked strong in his win against Tamawashi. He'll have to defeat at least one of Terunofuji, Shodai and Takakeisho if he wants a kachi-koshi however. The other Sanyaku matchups tomorrow are Shodai-Daieisho, Mitakeumi-Wakatakakage, Ichinojo-Tamawashi, Takaysu-Kotonowaka and Terunofuji-Ura. The last of these I would consider intriguing if it weren't for the fact that Ura's knees seem in worse shape than the Yokozuna's. ky-COVID Hakuho Y Terunofuji 8-1 6-3 Shodai O Takakeisho 5-4 6-3 Mitakeumi S Meisei 4-5 (x) susp Asanoyama S 3-6 Takayasu K Ichinojo 3-6 3-4-2 Hoshoryu M1 Takanosho 5-4 M2 Kiribayama 6-3 4-5 Wakatakakage M3 Kotonowaka 3-6 3-6 Tamawashi M4 Daieisho 6-3 M5 Takarafuji 5-4 4-5 Ura M6 Onosho 7-2 4-5 Shimanoumi M7 Terutsuyoshi 3-6 7-2 Okinoumi M8 Tobizaru 4-5 4-5 Aoiyama M9 Hidenoumi 3-6 5-4 Chiyotairyu M10 Myogiryu 7-2 7-2 Endo M11 ... 6-3 Chiyomaru M16 7-2 Chiyonokuni M17 Makuuchi-Juryo There were wins by Chiyonkuni, Chiyomaru and Kagayaki to leave them needing just one win for safety (against fellow demotion candidates Tokushoryu, Hidenoumi and Kaisei respectively). Tochinoshin beat Chiyonoo to move his magic number to 3 wins. Chiyonoo along with Ichiayamamoto needs to win more than half the remaining bouts, and Tokushoryu needs to win all but one for numerical safety. Demotion zone matchups for Day 10 are Chiyonokuni - Hidenoumi, which will guarantee safety for one of them, along with Chiyonoo- Tsurugisho, Chiyomaru-Yutakayama, and Kaisei-Ichiyamamoto. On the Juryo side, Akua lost to former joi-and-Sanyaku regular Abi, on his way back up after his suspension. Akua is still the best candidate for promotion, needing just one win. Sadanoumi was successful against Yago and just needs two more by the numbers. Abi himself is now a reasonable candidate for promotion, but still needs to win half of his matches. Mitoryu had to leave the basho with an injury, and will not be making his Makuuchi debut in November. The most crucial bout in promotion terms tomorrow is Abi-Sadanonumi, with the winner getting kachi-kochi. Akua faces Bushozan. (1) 1-8 Chiyoshoma M5 ... M9 Hidenoumi 3-6 (1) M10 M11 Kotoeko 3-6 (2) ky-COVID Ishiura M12 Tochinoshin 3-6 (3) (1) 5-4 Kagayaki M13 Tsurugisho 4-5 (2) (3) 3-6 Kaisei M14 Yutakayama 5-4 (2) (4) 3-6 Ichiyamamoto M15 Chiyonoo 3-6 (4) (1) 6-3 Chiyomaru M16 Tokushoryu 3-6 (5) (1) 7-2 Chiyonokuni M17 (x) 2-7 Mitoryu J1 Akua 7-2 (1) (~) 2-7 Daiamami J2 (6) 3-6 Wakamotoharu J3 Sadanoumi 7-2 (2) (5) 5-4 Shohozan J4 Kaisho 6-3 (4) (3) 7-2 Abi J5 Bushozan 6-3 (4) (6) 5-4 Oho J6 (5) 6-3 Daishomaru J7 J8 Kotoshoho 7-2 (5) (5) 7-2 Nishikifuji J9 J10 Nishikigi 6-3 (~) Juryo - Makushita I forgot to mention yesterday that the first Juryo slot is aready open, courtesy of Takagenji being kicked out. As he's not on the banzuke, I had forgotten about him. There were four victories in the demotion zone today, three coming in intra-demotion-zone bouts, with Azumaryu beating Kyukushuho, Tohakuryu defeating Asashiyu and Midorifuji victorious against Hakuyozan. Churanoumi was also successful, defeating yusho-chasing Daishomaru. Everyone else in the chart lost. Asashiyu now has his back against the wall needing to win out to be safe by the numbers. Kyokushuho is not much better off, still needing five and Takakento could use a few wins as well. Day 11 matchups see Chiyoarashi coming up to face Churanoumi along with bouts between Azumaryu and Asashiyu and Midorifuji and Tohakuryu. On the Makushita side, all the top Makushitans were in action today save for Jokoryu. In the matchups of promotion hopefuls, Hiradoumi beat Tochimaru and Terasawa got his kachi-koshi against Kotoyusho. He's still not first in line yet, because that honour could go to Kitanowaka if he manages to win out. Elsewhere, Chiyoarashi beat Tsukahara but Kotokuzan lost to Shiba and Chiyootori exits the picture altogether with a loss to Roga. The only bout of interest down here tomorrow is Jokoryu against Ukrainian hopeful Shishi. J6 Hakuyozan 1-8 (3) J7 Tohakuryu 3-6 (1) (2) 3-6 Azumaryu J8 J9 (2) 4-5 Yago J10 ky-COVID Enho J11 Midorifuji 4-5 (2) (5) 2-7 Kyokushuho J12 Hokuseiho ky-COVID (4) 3-6 Takakento J13 Asashiyu 1-8 (6) (3) 5-4 Churanoumi J14 Daishoho 6-3 (2) 4-1 Terasawa Ms1 Chiyoarashi 3-2 3-2 Hiradoumi Ms2 Kotokuzan 3-2 (x) 1-4 Chiyootori Ms3 1-3 Jokoryu Ms4 Kotoyusho 3-2 2-3 Tochimaru Ms5 ... Ms9 Tsushimanada 4-1 (x) ... 5-0 Kitanowaka Ms11 Explanation of sumbols (#) Number of wins required to reach positive outcome (o) Target number of wins achieved (whether or not the positive outcome actually happens or not is another matter) (~) Need banzuke luck (x) Target missed.
  5. Sakura

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2021

    Entry Form Day 10
  6. Sakura

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2021

    Standings after Day 9 Name Base Pts Bonus Pts Total fujisan 48 64 112 RaeucherLax 50 60 110 Achiyama 52 56 108 Athenayama 46 60 106 Sakura 47 56 103 chishafuwaku 47 52 99 Jakusotsu 42 48 90 WAKATAKE 40 48 88 ChickyStarr 42 44 86 Gaijingai 42 44 86 Gansekiiwa 37 40 77 gernobono 34 36 70
  7. Sakura

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2021

    Entries received Day 9 fujisan Mitakeumi Takanosho Ura Achiyama Mitakeumi Hoshoryu Myogiryu Athenayama Takanosho Mitakeumi Myogiryu RaeucherLax Daieisho Okinoumi Kagayaki Sakura Takanosho Okinoumi Myogiryu chishafuwaku Mitakeumi Okinoumi Kotoeko ChickyStarr Mitakeumi Myogiryu Tokushoryu Gaijingai Mitakeumi Tamawashi Myogiryu Jakusotsu Mitakeumi Hoshoryu Myogiryu WAKATAKE Tamawashi Daieisho Myogiryu Gansekiiwa Mitakeumi Ura Myogiryu gernobono x x x
  8. Day 8 (results, text-only results) 8-0 Yw Terunofuji 7-1 M10w Myogiryu 6-2 S1e Mitakeumi, M6w Onosho, M8e Okinoumi, M11e Endo, M17e Chiyonokuni I apologise that this took a long time to make. So, shin-Yokozuna Terunofuji is off to a great start, looking utterly dominant in most of his matches and didn't look like he would lose in those that were more challenging. It certainly seems to be his for the taking at the moment. The quality of the competition just isn't up to his level and he has been the most dominant rikishi of the last year. That's no disrespect to one-behind Myogiryu, who has shown some good form this basho against mid-ranked opponents. We're without Yokozuna Hakuho for this tournament, since his whole heya was sidelined again for COVID reasons. This time it was Hokuseiho who kept testing positive and a a result we've been robbed of a potential head-to-head (assuming that Hakuho's body would have made it that far) against Terunofuji. Ozeki Shodai has been his usual self, and should make his kachi-koshi. Kadoban Takakeisho opened up the basho with three straight losses and looking shaky doing so. He's improved since then and now sits at 4-4, but it'll still be a fight to avoid demotion. However, aside from Terunofuji, I wouldn't say that anyone was looking good enough, that if Takakeisho's having a reasonable day, that it would be an automatic loss. I'm not counting him out just yet. In the lower Sanyaku, Mitakeumi has looked like his better self, but given his history anything from 8 to 12 wins by the end of the basho seems plausible. Meisei, Takayasu and Ichinojo have all struggled to some degree, so there is good potential for number of slots to open up. Of course, none have yet and we don't know if Takakeisho will be occupying one of them. Kiribayama has the lead position at the moment in case any should open up. Finally, we should remember that Asanoyama still exists. However, his Sekiwake rank is just a placeholder as her serves his suspension and he can be ignored for the rest of the basho. ky-COVID Hakuho Y Terunofuji 8-0 5-3 Shodai O Takakeisho 4-4 6-2 Mitakeumi S Meisei 3-5 (x) susp Asanoyama S 3-5 Takayasu K Ichinojo 3-5 2-4-2 Hoshoryu M1 Takanosho 4-4 M2 Kiribayama 5-3 4-4 Wakatakakage M3 Kotonowaka 3-5 3-5 Tamawashi M4 Daieisho 5-3 M5 Takarafuji 4-4 4-4 Ura M6 Onosho 6-2 3-5 Shimanoumi M7 Terutsuyoshi 3-5 6-2 Okinoumi M8 Tobizaru 4-4 4-4 Aoiyama M9 Hidenoumi 3-5 4-4 Chiyotairyu M10 Myogiryu 7-1 6-2 Endo M11 ... 5-3 Chiyomaru M16 6-2 Chiyonokuni M17 At the bottom end of the division, Tokushoryu is the most endangered rikishi, needing 5 wins to keep his place. There are four more riksihi needing at least four to have survivable records. One thing we learnt from last time is that having a survivable record can take precedence over a candidate with a strong promotable record. Further good news for the rikishi at this end of the division is that Juryo (as per usual) is not producing much in the way of good promotion candidates. Only Akua and Sadanoumi seem reasonable at the moment and Sadanoumi still requires 3 for a proper promotable record. Everyone else will have to put together a serious winning streak. (1) 1-7 Chiyoshoma M5 ... M9 Hidenoumi 3-5 (1) M10 M11 Kotoeko 2-6 (3) ky-COVID Ishiura M12 Tochinoshin 2-6 (4) (2) 4-4 Kagayaki M13 Tsurugisho 4-4 (2) (3) 3-5 Kaisei M14 Yutakayama 4-4 (3) (4) 3-5 Ichiyamamoto M15 Chiyonoo 3-5 (4) (2) 5-3 Chiyomaru M16 Tokushoryu 3-5 (5) (2) 6-2 Chiyonokuni M17 (6) 2-6 Mitoryu J1 Akua 7-1 (1) (7) 2-6 Daiamami J2 Kyokutaisei 2-4-2 (x) (6) 3-5 Wakamotoharu J3 Sadanoumi 6-2 (3) (6) 4-4 Shohozan J4 Kaisho 5-3 (5) (4) 6-2 Abi J5 Bushozan 5-3 (5) (7) 4-4 Oho J6 (5) 6-2 Daishomaru J7 J8 Kotoshoho 6-2 (6) (6) 6-2 Nishikifuji J9 J10 Nishikigi 6-2 (7) There have been a number of bad performances in Juryo, including seemingly injured Azumaryu and Hakuyozan. However, their ranking might be enough to save them if rikishi below them don't start winning soon. These include veteran Kyokushuho who needs 5 to be safe and shin-Juryo Asashiyu (ex-Murata), who is certainly finding sekitori competition a struggle. No one in Makushita has a claim yet, but aside from the two undefeated rikishi in the extended promotion zone, the best position in the promotion queue belongs to Terasawa, sitting at 3-1 at Ms1e and with over a strong-looking Juryo rikishi Daishoho to boot. I'm hoping the man with the famous mawashi gets promoted. J6 Hakuyozan 1-7 (3) J7 Tohakuryu 2-6 (2) (3) 2-6 Azumaryu J8 J9 (2) 4-4 Yago J10 ky-COVID Enho J11 Midorifuji 3-5 (3) (5) 2-6 Kyokushuho J12 Hokuseiho ky-COVID (4) 3-5 Takakento J13 Asashiyu 1-7 (6) (4) 4-4 Churanoumi J14 Daishoho 6-2 (2) 3-1 Terasawa Ms1 Chiyoarashi 2-2 2-2 Hiradoumi Ms2 Kotokuzan 3-1 1-3 Chiyootori Ms3 Hokaho ky-COVID (x) 1-3 Jokoryu Ms4 Kotoyusho 3-1 2-2 Tochimaru Ms5 Akiseyama kyujo (x) ... Ms9 Tsushimanada 4-0 ... 4-0 Kitanowaka Ms11 Given that we're well into Day 9 already, I will wait to post the Juryo and other lower division results.
  9. Sakura

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2021

    Standings after Day 8 Name Base Pts Bonus Pts Total fujisan 47 60 107 Achiyama 50 52 102 Athenayama 45 56 101 RaeucherLax 44 48 92 Sakura 44 48 92 chishafuwaku 44 44 88 ChickyStarr 42 44 86 Gaijingai 42 44 86 Jakusotsu 40 44 84 WAKATAKE 37 44 81 Gansekiiwa 37 40 77 gernobono 34 36 70
  10. Sakura

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2021

    Entries received Day 8 fujisan Daieisho Ichinojo Kagayaki Athenayama Meisei Ichinojo Okinoumi RaeucherLax Daieisho Kiribayama Kaisei Sakura Daieisho Kiribayama Kagayaki Achiyama Meisei Onosho Okinoumi ChickyStarr Daieisho Kiribayama Kagayaki Gaijingai x x x Jakusotsu Ichinojo Kiribayama Kagayaki chishafuwaku Daieisho Okinoumi Kaisei WAKATAKE Ichinojo Daieisho Okinoumi Gansekiiwa Daieisho Kiribayama Aoiyama gernobono Ichinojo Kiribayama Kagayaki
  11. Sakura

    Chaingang Aki 2021 super- carnage

    Ironically, once someone henkaed Chiyoshoma on Day 15 and it cost me a lot of things including a Day 15 win in Bench and the RotoSumo yusho.
  12. @Asashosakari will not be able to provide coverage of this topic this basho. I've covered before, and I am willing to do so again. It'll be about 8 hours before I get Day 8 up though, but it will come. Thanks for your patience.
  13. Sakura

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    I've covered before, and can do so again. If people don't mind waiting an extra few hours before Day 8 goes up that is.
  14. Sakura

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2021

    Entry Form Day 9