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  1. Videos -Kyushu 2017- Promo and Days 1-9

    just came across that vid and it probably already posted somewhere, but this is enho practising with the boss!
  2. Videos -Kyushu 2017- Promo and Days 1-9

    i watch them too, very appreciated monsieur!
  3. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    remember where you saw it first :D
  4. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    i predict 2 kinboshis today, maybe 3....... but dont nail me on that when its wrong :D
  5. Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    what a great day of sumo! will be the next exciting basho, only the winner is pretty clear for me.......... hakuho! and kotoyukis jurio train is in full motion!
  6. BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    and 12 guys on 8 wins.......
  7. BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    when gaga is losing now
  8. BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    still to come
  9. Live Streaming - Natsu 17

    qq is live now!
  10. Live Streaming - Natsu 17

    its on youtube too now
  11. BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    mitakeumi next ozeki (for me takayasu already made it, only a injury can stop him from getting promoted imo :) ), this basho will be the start of his ozeki run.....mark my words lol great basho is cooking up here again, im excited........ at most for takayasu, mitakeumi and ura! also i really start to like tamawashi, great forward sumo and he seem to be a nice guy too.......really dissapointing is kotoyuki last bashos, despite his win today i see him in jurio next basho!
  12. BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    not so sure about harumafuji, to me it looked like he had some pain after the bout! my bold prediction for this basho: takayasu goes yusho!
  13. Day After pics overview Haru 2017

    aww so much smiling........ somehow it looks like hes arrived!
  14. Shinpan embarrassing fail

    tyvm, something new every day :)
  15. Shinpan embarrassing fail

    no sorry, i mean why the shinpan didnt refit(?) the mawashi? in makuuchi they stop the fight when this happens, right?