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  1. Sorry, STI.  Just put in my kyujo/kosho for the head-to-heads.  My data still isn't ready yet and I will have no time for it before more deadlines, and I'm not sure I really have the hour-ish every day for the 15 days of the tournament.

    Also probably slightly demoralized from demotion to juryo in Bench.

    I'll see about May, I suppose.

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  2. A miserable basho topped off by a 5-10 in Bench from M14W, which should surely spell demotion.  Thankfully safe even with 3-12 in SG (though I've seen what 7-8 does from sanyaku so perhaps I'm speaking too soon), but if I manage to end up in Juryo there this year, that might be just the inspiration I need to intai.

    4-11 in DST after a 0 on senshuraku.  Already in the bottom group there anyway.

    7-8 but 85th of 182 in ISP, so I suppose that might squeak by as effectively a KK for a top 50% finish.

    49th of 68 in Odd.

    36th of 61 in Salarycap will take me out of sanyaku.

    5-10 in Quad will send me well away from sekiwake.

    Blew it on senshuraku for 7-8 in Toto.  Back to old 7-8 8-7 7-8 8-7 tricks there, I suppose.

    Also blew it on senshuraku in TTT, for a 12-way tie for 8th and the only Masters point... half-point for me this basho.

    Dead last in Hoshitori for 0-15 from J1.  29th of 75 in JG, which is surely my best pre-basho showing.  Just horrible in NC and dropping out of makuuchi there, too.  4-11 in Bingo will send me back to makushita there.  3-12 in POG should have me back in Juryo.  69th of 88 in Roto.  28th of 65 in Oracle for my only other certain pre-basho KK.  9-6 in UDH as of day 13--shouldn't take a lot of luck to keep sekiwake there.

    I can't imagine it can get much worse.

    ...only half a point worse.

    GANBARIMASU for an anniversary of The Greatest Show on the Dohyo in March.  (I'm not holding my breath.)

  3. 55 minutes ago, Pandaazuma said:

    Ronnie's epic scoring puts him all alone at the top of the scoring of all three division but sadly he won't be rewarded with even a sniff of yusho as Kaito is two wins clear.

    I declared long ago my strong belief that it's easier to yusho in makuuchi than it is in makushita from Ms1-10 (or so).  I was strongly disagreed with by many.  Here's one more data point.

  4. Tiebreak win in Bench, perfect day in DST (far too late...), and a win in ISP.  Overruled the Machine again and it cost me the win in Toto, but 5-6 instead of 6-5 shouldn't make much difference.  Also cost me a point in SG, but that only brought me another loss in the Baka Cup.  Lost in TTT but still tied for the yusho lead, now with two more in the mix.

    TTT is it.


  5. I read the news and assumed Chiyo was withdrawing, so I played the games that way--thankfully.  I suppose this ends up counting as overruling the Machine, which is not the first time this basho.  Turned a TTT loss into a win.  Wins in DST, ISP, Quad, Toto, and TTT.  5-way tie for the yusho in TTT thanks to a no-show from Kotononami.

    TTT has been one of the strongest games for the Machine.  I'd want to guess that much is just dumb luck, but this is years of playing now.


  6. 27 minutes ago, Pandaazuma said:

    This basho we are seeing strong performances from general underperformers and weak ones from former mainstays of the games. Got to be tough on any system that relies heavily on stats. 

    Evidence suggests so ;)

    It has one strong (mid-basho) adaptive variable, but it's obviously not cutting it this time around.

  7. Wins only in Quad (and TUG), which will end in 0 Masters points.  Thankfully, only three people won in all of TTT, so I'm still going strong there, at least.

    For being second-to-last in total points, dead last in AAD for, and alone in the "lead" for AAD against, 3-6 isn't all that much to complain about.

    The Machine may be a little slow on the uptake when it comes to sudden changes in overall abilities (or just "results") from a rikishi, but is that really going on on a large scale here?


  8. For what it's worth, I had it as the second strongest pick between both divisions, with Endo better than 69% to win.  I was surprised to see it selected for both games, and I'm not all that surprised by the disparity in pick choices, either.

    Whether harder-to-call bouts make for better fantasy games is an entirely different question.

  9. 2 hours ago, Houmanumi said:

    Hi Achiyama,

    I messed up my day 9 entry and picked out of order. If possible could I please have:

    Main pick: Tochiozan
    Back-up: Tochinoshin

    Thanks for putting up with my inane requests this basho!

    FYI, if you use(d) the Surveymonkey for your entry, you can simply make another entry.  He'll always use the last entry you submit.

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