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  1. The entry form is correct; however, for those using the posted TUG Torikumi above, these options are currently missing: 14 -- Kotoshogiku (vs. Goeido) 19 -- Onosho (vs. Kisenosato) For the complete list in one post, here is the list above: 25 -- Tamawashi (vs. Hakuho) 26 -- Takakeisho (vs. Harumafuji) 15 -- Chiyotairyu (vs. Yoshikaze) 22 -- Tochiozan (vs. Takayasu) 17 -- Shohozan (vs. Terunofuji) 18 -- Hokutofuji (vs. Mitakeumi) 9 -- Takarafuji (vs. Ichinojo) 11 -- Arawashi (vs. Chiyonokuni) 6 -- Daishomaru (vs. Tochinoshin) 8 -- Shodai (vs. Chiyoshoma) 10 -- Daieisho (vs. Chiyomaru) 7 -- Kaisei (vs. Endo) 7 -- Asanoyama (vs. Ikioi) 7 -- Okinoumi (vs. Aoiyama) 10 -- Aminishiki (vs. Kagayaki) 7 -- Kotoyuki (vs. Takekaze) 7 -- Myogiryu (vs. Daiamami) 12 -- Ishiura (vs. Nishikigi) All options are available on the linked entry form, so there is little to be concerned about, but for those preferring to use the list posted here for their calculations, here it is!
  2. Haidouzo

    Games Bugs

    TTT entry page is currently functional. Standings page still broken.
  3. Haidouzo

    Games Bugs

    Turn The Tide is giving a runtime error for the results page and (now) the entry page. I did have an entry filled in and was in the process of submitting it when the error for the entry page began, so, for all I know, it has been received, but I cannot verify that at the moment. This is the only daily Masters game I have encountered an entry issue with today.
  4. Many thanks, as always, for all of your work into the game, Achiyama! I am thrilled to take the yusho this time around!
  5. I believe, fundamentally, picking somebody who wins should come first, and anything that rewards any other behavior should be avoided. But, as always, Achiyama, it's your game, and I will gladly play it either way.
  6. Haidouzo

    Games Bugs

    I don't recall entry form 1 ever having it last basho. Entry form 2 shows all sekitori.
  7. Haidouzo

    Games Talk Nagoya 2017 - spoilers gotta spoil -

    Indeed, I know it is a "certainly false" feeling. And it's far from my first missed kyujo, but in the past it's seemed like I wasn't just about the only one who missed it when I did. (And it didn't cost me a badly needed win in SG then, either!) Thanks for the heads up!
  8. Haidouzo

    Games Talk Nagoya 2017 - spoilers gotta spoil -

    I'm getting a certainly false but powerful feeling that there's a chain of phone calls that goes something like this: Stablemaster calls NSK to inform NSK of sekitori's withdrawal and files papers (approximately six hours before Juryo start time). NSK begins calling every fantasy sekitori except me to inform them of the withdrawal (approximately five and a half hours before Juryo start time). NSK wakes up webmaster to tell him to update the website's absence/withdrawal page (approximately three hours before start time). Webmaster goes on one-hour break, then updates page some time in the two hours following.
  9. Hear, hear! My thanks again, Achiyama. This is a great game!
  10. Indeed. Achiyama, I hope I can speak for a majority of us when I say that I am endlessly grateful for all of the time and energy you have put into creating and running this game, and I hope that any errors are pointed out for the benefit of all and in the interest of helping run a good and fair game (or for humor) and never to suggest that you must be perfect in your administration.
  11. Honestly, "Ichi-No-Go" might be the best nickname I've heard for that rikishi.
  12. Double-checking my work on the two differences I had with Gurowake's numbers shows (totally unsurprisingly) that his automation works just fine. But practice makes perfect, and perhaps I might fill in better next time, should circumstances require it. Achiyama--with your approval, in the future, on occasions when I come here to make my TUG pick for the day and I do not see a torikumi up yet, I will put up a manual (provisional) torikumi.
  13. I have edited my initial list and it seems to largely agree with Profomisakari's now. In fact, there only seems to be a misunderstanding in how the sanyaku rules break down--we differ by one point on almost every bout involving one!
  14. I was in too much of a hurry and completely missed section C's bonus points. Profomisakari's is probably more accurate. I'll see if I can edit mine in time now.
  15. DAY 12: EDITED to include section C bonus points!! 11 -- Terunofuji (Hakuho) 11 -- Kisenosato (Harumafuji) 11 -- Kotoshogiku (Kakuryu) 23 -- Endo (Goeido) 15 -- Kaisei (Okinoumi) 16 -- Yoshikaze (Takayasu) 17 -- Nishikigi (Aoiyama) 12 -- Chiyonokuni (Tochiozan) 21 -- Myogiryu (Shodai) 21 -- Kagayaki (Kotoyuki) 22 -- Hokutofuji (Takarafuji) 23 -- Chiyootori (Shohozan) 24 -- Ichinojo (Tochinoshin) 21 -- Hidenoumi (Takanoiwa) 25 -- Toyohibiki (Takekaze) 23 -- Ishiura (Ikioi) 14 -- Kyokushuho (Sadanoumi) 15 -- Sokokurai (Arawashi) 20 -- Gagamaru (Chiyoshoma) 13 -- Chiyotairyu (Daishomaru)
  16. I am beginning an attempt at manual numbers for day 12 now.
  17. I am in! Sorry for the delay! Entering day 1 now! :)
  18. Woohoo! I'll be happy for a KK and sansho in my debut! Thanks for running a fun game, Achiyama. I'll be back in November, for sure!
  19. Haidouzo

    Turn The Tide - Banzuke Kyushu 2016

    While I am confident that I should continue to impress in November, I must say, as far as the "Kise factor" goes, I did yusho in January. But, indeed, the yusho was not part of the yokozuna run, and I can't deny your other factors, and it's entirely your call, and I'm not complaining--just stating my case :) (Namely, that I have one more yusho than Kise! And recently!) Thanks for running such a wonderful game.