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  1. Absolutely! No rush. At your convenience! Thank you!
  2. Achiyama: If I'm reading the "Promotion to Ozeki" rules properly, as long as I achieve at least 8 kekka points this basho, I should be qualified for ozeki. Whenever it may be convenient for you, if you would confirm that I am correct, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, again!
  3. Harumafuji scandal

    All we need is an artistic rendering of the rikishi and oyakata slowly making firewood out of parts of the Ryogoku Kokugikan.
  4. Games talk Kyushu Basho 2017

    Lots of people bamboozled by the whole basho. The median W-L is 2-5!
  5. Games Bugs

    Speaking of elderly matches, I see it's Aminishiki's bout today.
  6. Games Bugs

    Just did a simple page reload--which didn't work about 90 minutes ago--and it's working for me now. 0-4, here I come!
  7. Games Bugs

    TTT entry form is not OK at present. (Considering I'm 0-3 right now, I may be better off this way.) Standings page has not worked for me all day.
  8. Games Bugs

    And now all is well. My thanks to all who keep the engines running.
  9. Games Bugs

    At present, day 2 results are not in for Quad or Odd. Quad entry page 1 is working (and showing a +0-0-1 for the rikishi's day 2 results). Odd entry page is not working.
  10. Games Bugs

    Just to confirm, it is now also giving me a runtime error for the entry page, standings, and banzuke.
  11. Indeed, the entry form is fine, and all is well. I don't suppose posting the torikumi on the forum is terribly important, but It is of at least a little value to me. (The spacing between lines is closer, and I can see the entire torikumi on one screen, which helps. The entry form's spacing is larger, and does not allow me to do that.) If it would save you some time not to copy and paste it, it certainly wouldn't make much of a difference to me, but I'm just one of the players here, and perhaps others find it much more helpful. Thanks, again, for all that you do for the game, Achiyama!
  12. The entry form is correct; however, for those using the posted TUG Torikumi above, these options are currently missing: 14 -- Kotoshogiku (vs. Goeido) 19 -- Onosho (vs. Kisenosato) For the complete list in one post, here is the list above: 25 -- Tamawashi (vs. Hakuho) 26 -- Takakeisho (vs. Harumafuji) 15 -- Chiyotairyu (vs. Yoshikaze) 22 -- Tochiozan (vs. Takayasu) 17 -- Shohozan (vs. Terunofuji) 18 -- Hokutofuji (vs. Mitakeumi) 9 -- Takarafuji (vs. Ichinojo) 11 -- Arawashi (vs. Chiyonokuni) 6 -- Daishomaru (vs. Tochinoshin) 8 -- Shodai (vs. Chiyoshoma) 10 -- Daieisho (vs. Chiyomaru) 7 -- Kaisei (vs. Endo) 7 -- Asanoyama (vs. Ikioi) 7 -- Okinoumi (vs. Aoiyama) 10 -- Aminishiki (vs. Kagayaki) 7 -- Kotoyuki (vs. Takekaze) 7 -- Myogiryu (vs. Daiamami) 12 -- Ishiura (vs. Nishikigi) All options are available on the linked entry form, so there is little to be concerned about, but for those preferring to use the list posted here for their calculations, here it is!
  13. Games Bugs

    TTT entry page is currently functional. Standings page still broken.
  14. Games Bugs

    Turn The Tide is giving a runtime error for the results page and (now) the entry page. I did have an entry filled in and was in the process of submitting it when the error for the entry page began, so, for all I know, it has been received, but I cannot verify that at the moment. This is the only daily Masters game I have encountered an entry issue with today.
  15. Many thanks, as always, for all of your work into the game, Achiyama! I am thrilled to take the yusho this time around!