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  1. Hooray! Hooray! I got KK!! Boy, was I sweating that one. Forget about the yok run--just safe from kadoban, and keeping the KK streak alive! GANBARIMASU--and my endless thanks to Achiyama-rijicho for the thrills and fun!
  2. GTB compilation conversation

    In a way remarkably similar to the previous two, but with more grunt work and less accuracy, I imagine.
  3. Games Bugs

    Have you tried rebooting it?
  4. No need for apologies! I know you are busy and I very much appreciate your continued devotion to keeping this game running.
  5. If it helps: Ozeki rank on the recent two tournaments -- this is my second basho at ozeki kachi-koshi result on the recent four tournaments -- I don't believe I've ever been MK, but I've already confirmed Yusho and 9-6 and 10-5 (all KKs) over the last three basho, and any Y or J-Y this basho would clearly be a KK at least two Yusho or Jun-Yusho (by kekka, not points) on the recent four tournaments, and of those at least one Yusho or Jun-Yusho as an Ozeki -- I got the yusho in Aki last year, which was three basho ago, so a Y or J-Y this basho would be #2 in four tournaments, and since I am ozeki this basho, it would be Y or J-Y as an ozeki at least 33 kekka points on the recent three basho -- 9-6 two basho ago and 10-5 last basho is 19, so at least 14 for 33.
  6. Achiyama-rijicho, I do believe I am also on a Yokozuna watch this basho, since any Yusho or Jun-Yusho with 14 or 15 kekka points should qualify me. I had a yusho in Aki last year, and this is my second basho as ozeki.
  7. Games Bugs

    Working fine for me at this moment.
  8. Games Talk Hatsu 2018

    If I have to make a prediction for what's going to come up as the total of two tossed fair dice, I'm going to predict 7, even if there's a 5 in 6 chance it won't be 7. I will predict 7 every single time. That's just basic statistics and probability. And it's the same reason to predict almost entirely 8-7 and 7-8.
  9. Games Talk Hatsu 2018

    It's a more-or-less Monkey system. I'm not surprised it worked out well this basho. (And of course I'm referring to the FS Monkey and not that your mother is more or less a monkey.)
  10. Games Talk Hatsu 2018

    If the Masters tables are resurrected somewhere, will the Monkey get credit for the FS yusho?
  11. Games Talk Hatsu 2018

    That's the spirit! And thank you! I'll try not to let you down.
  12. Games Talk Hatsu 2018

    If s/he can take the yusho, s/he will have earned more Masters points than I have in at least two or maybe three basho.
  13. Games Talk Hatsu 2018

    This basho in a nutshell, courtesy of FS: "Feel like you don't know enough about the sport to create a winning stable? Never fear! compete against sumotalk.com's monkey. Each basho, our monkey will roll a dice in order to pick a fantasy stable completely at random just to show how competitive this method can be." The monkey is currently in first place.
  14. Metasumo 2018

    Pandaazuma Ganzohnesushi Screechingowl Haidouzo Tenshinhan Profomisakari Kintamayama McBugger