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  1. Games Talk Hatsu 2018

    It's a more-or-less Monkey system. I'm not surprised it worked out well this basho. (And of course I'm referring to the FS Monkey and not that your mother is more or less a monkey.)
  2. Games Talk Hatsu 2018

    If the Masters tables are resurrected somewhere, will the Monkey get credit for the FS yusho?
  3. Games Talk Hatsu 2018

    That's the spirit! And thank you! I'll try not to let you down.
  4. Games Talk Hatsu 2018

    If s/he can take the yusho, s/he will have earned more Masters points than I have in at least two or maybe three basho.
  5. Games Talk Hatsu 2018

    This basho in a nutshell, courtesy of FS: "Feel like you don't know enough about the sport to create a winning stable? Never fear! compete against sumotalk.com's monkey. Each basho, our monkey will roll a dice in order to pick a fantasy stable completely at random just to show how competitive this method can be." The monkey is currently in first place.
  6. Metasumo 2018

    Pandaazuma Ganzohnesushi Screechingowl Haidouzo Tenshinhan Profomisakari Kintamayama McBugger
  7. I am honored to become an ozeki in this fine game, and I will do my best to bring honor to the rank! And now, on to yokozuna!! ^_^
  8. Hear, hear! Congratulations to all the winners, and to what should be a fascinatingly top-heavy banzuke in January!
  9. Games talk Kyushu Basho 2017

    I would be overjoyed to be able to worry about it for once!
  10. I think I can see both sides of this, and I think the use of "understand" is where things can get muddled. I would agree that Hakuho, not being raised in Japan, is most likely less deeply conditioned to act "Japanese" than somebody born and raised in Japan. I think there's a difference between conditioning and understanding. To this extent, I can see how it can be somewhat insulting to say that someone does not understand the culture they've been living in for a very long time simply because they may rarely revert to more innate (foreign) behaviors in heated moments. I understand how to slam dunk a basketball, but no way in hell can I pull it off.
  11. Absolutely! No rush. At your convenience! Thank you!
  12. Achiyama: If I'm reading the "Promotion to Ozeki" rules properly, as long as I achieve at least 8 kekka points this basho, I should be qualified for ozeki. Whenever it may be convenient for you, if you would confirm that I am correct, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, again!
  13. Games talk Kyushu Basho 2017

    Lots of people bamboozled by the whole basho. The median W-L is 2-5!
  14. Games Bugs

    Speaking of elderly matches, I see it's Aminishiki's bout today.
  15. Games Bugs

    Just did a simple page reload--which didn't work about 90 minutes ago--and it's working for me now. 0-4, here I come!