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  1. http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/topic/32154-rikishi-or-heya-support-events/?page=2#comment-286242 He's had the black one (though I think it's more of a very dark blue) since his ozeki promotion. It's the sixth one down in that comment.
  2. Fair enough, I hadn't actually seen anything about him switching back. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
  3. so what happened to that black mawashi Takayasu was supposed to be switching to, he's been wearing the lightest-blue-ever one the last two days
  4. One of these days I'm going to not forget when the basho starts...came in right after Ura-Endo. And oh boy Takayasu and Goeido already dropping matches against maegashira, that probably doesn't bode well.
  5. I've never entered officially, but I've been predicting the banzuke on my own for the last few basho. For the most part, I'm awful at it, but I think I actually did pretty well this time. I managed to get Y-M6 perfect, save for switching around the M2s. After M7e, it all went wrong, but I managed a few hits here and there. If I'm calculating my score correctly, I believe I would have had 53 points from this. Maybe I should come up with a proper shikona and actually enter next basho
  6. Probably was just trying to avoid being demoted to juryo. He still needed a couple more wins to be safe. EDIT: URAAAAAAA
  7. So I guess Kotoyuki's taking a double fusensho? He's still on the Day 10 torikumi. Don't they usually rearrange things in cases like this?
  8. I've had issues since about Day 3, for what it's worth.
  9. Jeez, Okinoumi just got bulldozed right out of the ring there...
  10. Chiyonokuni, great effort from you, shame you couldn't quite get it done. Terunofuji, please do not toss your opponent at the gyoji.
  11. ...it is May 1st, though?
  12. What a basho. I was severely underestimating Kisenosato's chances to force the playoff, let alone win the yusho, but goddamn it was a welcome surprise to see him tough it out and pull off two wins. Legendary performance from him and I hope it silences the people who think Kisenosato didn't deserve promotion. Though I suspect he may have gotten a little help from karma slapping Terunofuji so hard his soul flew out.
  13. If you're in Hak's position, you're expected to take an active role in training the juniors, even if that does have a negative effect on you personally (just like a lot of things yokozuna etc. are expected to do). With that said, I doubt doing this for one day is going to seriously degrade anything.
  14. There's 70 sekitori (42 M + 28 J). There's 559 toriteki (120 Ms, 200 Sd, 194 Jd, 45 Jk) on the Hatsu banzuke. Imagine how long each day would be if all 559 of them needed to have a bout every day instead of roughly every other day.
  15. Yep, TV coverage is starting now, so Youtube is offline now.