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  1. Tokushoryu winning would not be the first maegashira yusho although its not a common occurrence. If Tokushoryu is unable to handle the step up in competition next basho he could be in an unusual situation. Maegashira who win the yusho pretty much always reach a higher rank in their career. The last time a maegashira won the yusho and never reached Komusubi or higher is Orochiyama. He won the yusho in may of 1926 and he never went beyond his career high rank of M1e. 


    Tokushoryu is already 33 years old and he spent most of his careers outside of makuuchi. We'll have to see if this is part of a late career resurgence or just an anomaly caused by a breakdown at the top.

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  2. 12 hours ago, Kaninoyama said:

    Me three days ago: "He's done great so far. That said, I'd be surprised if he gets past Kagayaki tomorrow."

    Me two days ago: "He's done great so far. That said, I'd be surprised if he gets past Yutakayama tomorrow."

    The guy keeps defying all expectations.

    That said, I too will be surprised if he gets past Shodai today.

    (Cue Takashoryu easily waltzing past Shodai.)


    And look at that. Surprises us again. The only way for Tokushoryu not to win the yusho now is for him to lose to Takakeisho (likely), Shodai to beat Mitakeumi (possible) and then Shodai has to beat him in a play-off (highly doubt Shodai can be trusted with that preasure). 

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  3. Tokushoryu winning would not be stealing it. He has been facing increasingly harder opponents the last few days and he keeps winning in impressive fashion. If he beats Shodai and manages another strong win on the final day it'd be very well deserved.

    That said I'd be surprised if he gets past Shodai tomorrow. 

  4. New recruits Nihonyanagi and Mudoho are 6-0 and will decide the yusho between themselves. The other new recruit, Dewanoryu, sits at 4-1. 

    I'm excited about Terunofuji - Daishoho and Tokushoryu - Kagayaki tomorrow. Should be a good test to see where they all stand during an impressive basho for them.

  5. Very exciting basho so far all throughout the banzuke. 

    There aren't a lot of new recruits in jonokuchi but the three that are have a combined 8-1 record. The one loss being the result of two of the new recruits facing each other. Will be interesting to see how far these guys can climb together.

    20 year old Mongolian Hokutenkai started his basho 3-0 in his first Sandamne appearance. He's now 16-1 total. His one loss coming to Murata in Hokutenkai's debut basho. Murata was a highly touted prospect himself, quickly reaching Makushita 1, but injuries sidelined him for a long time. Hokutenkai's debut basho was also the basho Murata returned and he hasn't lost since, outside of a play-off loss to Hokutenkai last basho. Could be the start of an interesting rivalry.

    In Makushita we have 19 year old Kitanowaka making his first appearance in the division. Four straight kachikoshis followed up by a 3-0 start to this basho are some good stats. He might not be a clear cut pick to reach the highest ranks but so far he's been doing everything right. I'd say he's one to look out for. Someone who does seem to be pencilled in for greatness is 23 year old Motobayashi. Yesterday he picked up his third win of the basho, pushing his total record 24-0. Now only 3 wins away from tying Jokoryu's record of wins from debut its the question when he'll hit a wall, if he even will. There is also 19 year old Naya who has had a fast rise up the rankings and at 2-1 at Ms5 he might be making a serious run at a Juryo spot. 

    Terunofuji's apparent return to form has him storming through the lower ranks and now bullying the guys in Juryo. Will we see Terunofuji at his pre-injury form? If thats the case he's coming back at the right time with the old guard like Hakuho, Kakuryu and Goeido inching ever closer to retirement.

    The main dish has been especially entertaining in my opinion. With Hakuho and Kakuryu dropping out early in the tournament its anyone's game now. I'm really excited to see how this one plays out.

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  6. Man I loved Endo/Hokutofuji, bout of the basho for me.

    Kakuryu winning was very deserved, his 6th yusho now. Before Harumafuji and Kisenosato's untimely exits I'd never have expected that.

    Tomokaze Shukun-sho is a nobrainer, Terutsoyoshi getting the Kanto-sho makes a lot of sense too but two people getting the Gino-sho? That doesn't happen often. Although I do think Endo and Enho did deserve it.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Catalin B said:

    It kind of irks me that Kakuryu now has a good shot at losing this after looking better than everyone else for 12 days straight, but that's how it is in life and sports.

    Way to go Tomokaze and Terutsuyoshi!

    Its all still in Kakuryu's hands though. Regardless of tomorrow's results he'll be guaranteed at least a play-off if he beats Hakuho on day 15.

  8. Tomokaze is having a great basho so far. Looks really confident and he has plenty of technique to go with his strength. Really wonder when his KK streak is going to end.

    On the other end of the spectrum though, Tochinoshin and Tamawashi are doing terribly. Honestly wouldn't surprise me if they contemplated retirement. 

  9. Is Tochinoshin back? Chiyotairyu is one of the heaviest guys in makuuchi and he lifted him like it was nothing. Feels very similar to his Ozeki run form and if he can hold that for the entire basho he's definitely going to be a candidate for the yusho and should at least be expected to get his Ozeki rank back. 

    Even if Tochinoshin can hold the form I'm still picking Kakuryu as the early frontrunner. He looked super steady and should by all means only have trouble with a handful of guys.

    Enho's win might just be the highlight of day 1 though. Feels like everyone just wants him to succeed.

  10. I think its fair to say Takakeisho did enough for the promotion this time. If he's not promoted now he probably never will. He got double digit wins, 34 over 3 basho and straight up beat Tochinoshin for his spot here with confidence. Tochinoshin and Ichinojo sekiwake, Aoiyama definitely has one komusubi spot. Will be interesting to see if they go with Mitakeumi or Kotoshogiku for the K1w spot though.

  11. It looked like Tochiozan expected to be flatlined and was too eager to capitalize on his unexpected favorable scenario. 

    Hakuho is done with the maegashira now though. Mitakeumi, Tamawashi, Takakeisho, Tochinoshin, Takayasu, Goeido and Kakuryu left. If he continues as shakily as he has been doing so far that looks like 3-4 losses.