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  1. just_some_guy

    New Juryo Pics Nagoya 2024

    From watching their YouTube channel, Futagoyama almost always has an expression of being mildly annoyed by life, the universe, and everything. Not sure if he actually feels that way or if it's the male version of RBF.
  2. just_some_guy

    Sumo Prediction Game Natsu 2024

    Ah well. I had zero confidence in my picks this time, so it's still a better finish than I expected.
  3. just_some_guy

    The Wall

    If he goes MK next basho we're blaming you.
  4. just_some_guy

    Lower division celebs results

    Speaking of trimming the list... Maikeru can be removed.
  5. just_some_guy

    Retirements after Natsu 2024

    Apparently Maikeru (of Futagoyama Youtube fame and the lower division celebrities list) has retired. Looks like they already gave him the haircut.
  6. just_some_guy

    Promotion/Demotion Discussion

    I thought he was done last time he dropped to Juryo. Shows what I know, I suppose. Based upon nothing but my often-inaccurate guesses I expect him to show up for at least one more basho and retire if he falls out of Juryo.
  7. just_some_guy

    YDC Meeting Natsu 2024

    While I haven't been following for the longest of times, this is one of the more non-committal statements I recall from them.
  8. just_some_guy

    Next salt-thrower

    I think it'd be hilarious if Ura came out and chucked a huge pile instead of his usual three grains.
  9. just_some_guy

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    John Madden-esque. "I think the team that scores the most points will probably win this game!"
  10. just_some_guy

    Terunofuji In Driver’s Seat

    Figuratively speaking, of course. This is not another Osunaarashi scandal.
  11. I second this. IIRC Midorifuji lost by one vote on a day I didn't get my vote in. I could have saved him
  12. just_some_guy

    Hokuseiho Out- Hakuho Demoted - Miyagino-beya Closing

    "Sources say Hokuseiho stood up and leaned on the victim for 30 seconds until they became bored and allowed him to push them slowly across the room." Joking aside he's one of the last I'd expect to be getting aggressive with anyone.
  13. just_some_guy

    Futagoyama Beya YouTube channel is great

    I could see either of these being the case. Definitely some human involvement though. Whatever method they're using has improved since the channel's launch as there are fewer mysteries/mis-translations on more recent videos.
  14. just_some_guy

    Futagoyama Beya YouTube channel is great

    I don't believe so. I've tried Youtube's auto-generated subtitles before and they're abysmal. Also during keiko it'll say [Name] vs [Name] at the bottom in the subtitles despite no one saying it out loud, and the ingredients going into the pot aren't said out loud either. Furthermore there's occasional commentary in the subs, not just translation of what's said. I'm nearly 100% certain they're done manually.
  15. just_some_guy

    Futagoyama Beya YouTube channel is great

    I've very much enjoyed watching this channel. I don't speak Japanese to check the translations, but the subtitles are almost always easily understood so whoever is doing them must have a decent command of English. I did find it funny though how they kept switching between "landlady" and "proprietress" before finally settling on calling her "okami." There was another incident where, when cooking, they threw a mystery ingredient into the pot (kinda looked like daikon but what do I know) and the label (subtitles always say what ingredient is being added) said "Wife." Okamisan has appeared again after that though so no need to worry.
  16. just_some_guy

    Next Ozeki?

    Guess I could've done worse than these predictions despite the lack of Kiri(bayama/shima)... I'm inclined to withdraw Kotoshoho from contention and likely Abi as well, though you never know with ol' Abby Normal. I think he's hit his ceiling but if he could find some consistency, he's one who can beat anybody. If we are to renew our predictions, Daieisho has pole position but I've never expected him to make it. Onosato would be my next prediction, I suppose, though that's admittedly hasty.
  17. just_some_guy

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Just a few little thoughts: -Ura is so freaking fun. -I had written Terunofuji off after the two early losses; figured one more and then kyujo. Somehow, he got stronger as the basho went on. Hashtag just Yokozuna things. -As others have said, Kirishima isn't quite Yokozuna level yet, as evidence by being chucked halfway to the concession stand by Terunofuji. -Though I did think Kotonowaka (or "weird-boobs" as my daughter calls him) had a good shot at making Ozeki some day, I thought he'd take a little longer to get there. Good for him, and though he missed this yusho I wouldn't be surprised to see some in his future.
  18. just_some_guy

    Terunofuji Practices!

    Hopefully he's in for this basho. I like Kirishima but I'd still like to see him have to (at least somewhat) go through Terunofuji to get a Yokozuna promotion.
  19. just_some_guy

    Chiyotairyu retires, will leave sumo entirely

    Indeed. Did anyone other than Baruto (whose MMA career was quite short) do anything but terribly? I'm drawing a blank.
  20. just_some_guy

    Azumaryū Intai

    Along with Mitoryu (til recently) he was a fixture in Juryo. One day he'd be unceremoniously bumped out like he forgot where he was, the next he'd pull off a slick throw for the win. Always kind of looked like he had an injury bugging him (knees?). Glad he got a Makuuchi KK before he packed it in though. He outperformed my expectations for him and I hope retirement treats him well.
  21. just_some_guy

    Sekiwake/Komusubi/Upper joi-jin January 2025 poll

    Just commenting to say that if I get even a single one right I'll be shocked.
  22. just_some_guy

    Hatsu 2024 - Your favorite top division rikishi?

    Ura because he's fun, Midorifuji because I like seeing the little guy win, and Atamifuji because he's so expressive after a match. Can't seem to hide how happy he is when he wins.
  23. Akua is definitely in the video (in the background) but does not actively participate in anything exciting.
  24. just_some_guy

    Atamifuji - the real deal?

    Oops. Haha, I think I had watched an NFL game prior to this (16-game season).
  25. just_some_guy

    Kirishima's 2024 - going the next step?

    2 yusho, at least one makekoshi.