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  1. So according to the standard "33 wins across 3 basho" criteria, Hoshoryu and Wakamotoharu need 12 and Daieisho needs 11. I just don't trust the historically inconsistent Daieisho to put together a fourth consecutive solid basho and the other two I think will top out at 10-11 wins. So I'm going with no promotions (yet). Wouldn't be surprised to see someone hit 32 wins though so maybe they get a "soft" promotion. Now that I've said all this they'll all three get it.
  2. just_some_guy

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    In fairness, Takakeisho's expression always looks (to me at least) like he's going to either cry or curse someone out. I've become an anti-fan of Hokuseiho. His only skill seems to be "being really tall" and that's frustrating as heck to me. A "just stand up" tachiai and a "hold their belt until they're tired and then maybe move 'em out" strategy. If he develops some more skill he'll be unstoppable, otherwise he's Ichinojo 2.0 with all the discussions being about his potential instead of his accomplishments. Despite all that he's still a puzzle to figure out for his opponents since his VERY high center of gravity makes him so hard to move. The leg trips we saw toward the end will be something he'll have to be wary of since they worked rather well.
  3. just_some_guy

    When will Onosato be ranked higher than Ochiai for the first time?

    So if we vote "never," we'll have to wait until one retires to claim our victory... I shot out a random guess for fun though.
  4. just_some_guy

    New Game! Sumo Prediction Game

    Not seeing myself on the banzuke (shikona Yamamazaho).
  5. just_some_guy

    Makuuchi Consecutive Match Tracker

    This tagging of me must have been in error as I've nothing to do with that site and haven't heard of it before now. I am happy to take credit for it if you like it though and will accept pizza in lieu of gratitude.
  6. just_some_guy

    New Game! Sumo Prediction Game

  7. just_some_guy

    Who'll be the next Ozeki?

    Wild that you've got Tobizaru (who in my opinion has zero risk of becoming Ozeki) on the list but not Abi (who in my opinion has a nonzero chance). I chose Hoshoryu just because I think he's the safest bet, but I don't think anyone is a lock to get there. Tumultuous times.
  8. just_some_guy

    Yokozuna Terunofuji out of Haru

    I would expect a great lot of rikishi to have diabetes, but if you refine your point to "struggling with complications of diabetes" those are indeed the first two that come to mind. As to Terunofuji being kyujo again, I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. I've assumed for a while May was the likely date of his return.
  9. just_some_guy

    Banzuke for Haru 2023

    The bot lost me here as it clearly has not seen Hokuseiho's tachiai. "Hokuseiho just kinda stands up" would be more accurate.
  10. just_some_guy

    Ajigawa beya born

    There's an agoraphobia joke to be made here...
  11. just_some_guy

    Promotion /Demotion and Yūshō Discussion Hatsu 2023

    Ol' Meatball is an agent of chaos. Some people just want to watch the banzuke burn.
  12. just_some_guy

    Terutsuyoshi news

    Too much cake.
  13. just_some_guy

    Tamawashi - the new sekitori veteran

  14. just_some_guy

    Makunouchi Yushos in 2023

    2 Terunofuji (Y) 1 Abi, 1 Hoshoryu (S/K) For the maegashira shots in the dark: Kotonowaka and Hoshoryu (again).
  15. just_some_guy

    Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2024 - Feast or Famine?

    Terunofuji Y Takakeisho O Hoshoryu Abi O