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  1. You are, of course, correct. The day 14 torikumi will be released in about 5 hours from now, at 12:00 noon JST. I highly doubt Terunofuji will withdraw from the tournament betwwen now and then.
  2. Interesting hypothetical question. My guess is M5w Shodai (8-4).
  3. "3 Fujis?" Takayasu has Harumafuji today and presumably Terunofuji on day 15. He has an open slot on day 14. I would love to see him against Ura. They are both 10-2.
  4. Is this the same Endo that just beat a Yokozuna and two Ozekis?
  5. One thing we can all agree on is that we will all be watching Ura with great anticipation in July as he takes on the joi for the very first time.
  6. And Kotoyuki is still in... How is that possible?.
  7. I wasn't following sumo when Okinoumi came up. He seems like an elevator rikishi. Endo has had two knee injuries. He is only 26. Ichinojo has chronic back pain. He is only 24. Myogiryu has 12 sanyaku appearances. That's a sanyaku regular. Ishiura has only been in Maku-uchi for 4 bashos. As for Osunaarashi, no one has been injured more than him.
  8. It took Ura only 6 bashos to reach Juryo. His combined W-L was 38-4. "When the going got tough for a bit in juryo", it took him 5 bashos, 10-5, 11-4, 6-9, 8-7 and 11-4. That's a combined W-L of 46-29. IIRC, he was also injured in his only make-koshi. Since entering Maku-uchi, he's gone 8-7 and 9-2 so far. What about Ura's record doesn't scream, "Sanyaku regular."
  9. I agree 100%. Ura's potential is unlimited.
  10. Should be an interesting battle for the West Sekiwake spot in July. Right now the contenders are: 1) Sekiwake Takayasu (9-2) if he does not get promoted, 2) Sekiwake Kotoshogiku (4-7) if he does not get demoted, 3) Kadoban Ozeki Goeido (6-5) if he gets demoted, 4) Komusubi Mitakeumi (5-6) if he gets 8 or more wins, 5) Komusubi Yoshikaze (5-6) if he gets 8 or more wins, 6) M5w Shodai (8-3), 7) M6w Ikioi (8-3), 8) M7e Hokutofuji (8-3), 9) M7w Takakeisho (8-3), 10) M10e Tochinoshin (9-2) and 11) M10w Ura (9-2).
  11. Correction. Hakuho killed the bark.
  12. NSK is listing Yokozuna Kisenosato has withdrawn the 11th day! Sekiwake Tamawashi gets the fusen sho and 8th win.
  13. Kisenosato's day 1 loss was on senshuraku. His other losses were not.
  14. Thank you and Gurowake for your replies. I know that for someone to get promoted, someone else must get demoted.