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  1. As of Natsu 2017, #6 out of 690 to be precise.
  2. Frequently, someone (Kintamayama) will post (Yokozuna) practiced against (non-Yokozuna) and went (w-l). In such circumstances, how does the non-Yokozuna beat the Yokozuna?
  3. When can lower ranked rikishi go "all out" against a Yokozuna and when do they have to "take it"?
  4. Thank you! Will you or someone please add the two lower division playoff matches? Thank you.
  5. Chijanofuji: Sumo World magazine still exists?
  6. In sumo, success is defined as having a career in which one is able to purchase a kabu. That requires either reaching sanyaku or staying in Makuuchi or Juryo for many years.
  7. I'm all for it. Unfortunately, I have no computer skills. One question, "What's a 'wiki'?"
  8. "Joi" are the top ranked rikishi in a particular division. Makuuchi joi refers to the top 16 rikishi, basically from Yokozuna to Maegashira 3. Makushita joi refers to the top 30 rikishi, basically from Ms1e to Ms15w.
  9. Kaisei is a perfect example of a rikishi who got a lucky sanyaku promotion. After 5 years as a Maegashira, he went 11-4 at M7w, and was promoted to Komusubi. Then an 8-7 got him promoted to Sekiwake. He will probably never reach sanyaku again.
  10. As I stated in a previous post, I believe Ura will be a sanyaku regular. Meaning, he will spend most of his career ranked between upper Maegashira and Sekiwake.
  11. Gurowake; May I suggest breaking this into two separate polls. One for next ozeki, the other for next yokozuna? My guess, Shodai as next ozeki and Terunofuji as next yokozuna.
  12. I followed sumo from July 1974 thru July 1977. After Yokozuna Kitanoumi, Yokozuna Wajima and Ozeki Takanohana, Kaiketsu was the 4th best rikishi. Ahead of future Yokozuna Wakanohana II and future Yokozuna Mienoumi. Much better than Goeido.
  13. Hakuho was born in March 1985. In July 2020, he will be 35 years and 4 months old. That's not that old. As a matter of fact, Yoshikaze is currently 35 years old. Hakuho seems to be a very determined man. If he sets his mind to it, he can achieve it.
  14. I assume (and correct me if I'm wrong) that all the Sekitori will perform the dohyo-iri.
  15. To paraphrase the late George Orwell, "All sansho are equal but some sansho are more equal than others."