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    Just to add a tiny bit of information to Asashosakari-zeki's fine post. The term sekitori has two parts: seki ( gate ) and tori < toori < tooru = to go through/to clear, as one theory holds. When speaking to a sekitori person to person, you might want to start the conversation by "***-zeki, ..." "Sekitori ( if he is not Yokozuna/Ozeki ), ..." "Yokozuna / Ozeki, ..." , or you may even use those titles as a subject of the sentence you speak if you are Japanese - the Japanese language does not really use "you" referring to the person you're talking to. But if I come across my gohiiki walking in Kokugikan, Tokyo Tower, local jungyo tour, etc., I would probably not call out "Sekitori!" but "**-zeki!" or "Yokozuna/Ozeki!" to show my enthusiasm. And when it comes to cheering ( yelling! ) for your favorite man performing on the dohyo, you might want to call him just by his shikona, at the top of your lungs. :)
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    Name it - The Day After...

    I found this topic really interesting, thanks Kaminariyuki (wow, roaring thunder and snow – what a dramatic image you evoke. As if ushering a relentless winter but eventually a bright spring again filled with hope and anticipation – just like this one. After a big “zombie limbo”, you’ll sure to enjoy the full-scale pleasure again ( well… just if there’s no vicious virus around…. ) Right after Senshuraku Musubi no Ichiban, I just feel “ki ga nukeru” - literally, “Spirit leaves me” like, what should I do with this empty feeling? And actrually the next day is worse - I feel more “gakkari( discouraged )” coming home from work realizing there’s no recorded bouts to watch after dinner any more. Then as the banzuke-announcment day approaches, it’s like a puppy dog put to wait drooling with a yummy meal right in front of him. That’s exactly the “oazuke” situation. So I really like “banzuke oazuke time”!! A nice playful rhyme. Of course “banzuke oazuke limbo” sounds really good too!
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    As growing up here in Aomori, I've known a number of local people related to/involved in sumo, or those who just have lived their lives as had been lived over the time. Sumo I say here is not just the sophisticated O-zumo type you members are familiar with but it also includes very crude, pristine one such as sumo played among little boys or practiced at local shinto festivals. To them, usually upper-middle aged, it may feel funny to be asked if they like sumo or not because sumo has just been imbued in their life ( I remember cheering for classmate boys when they did sumo in P.E. class on the school-dohyo - you know how girls are not allowed to step on there - the coaches were of course ordinary homeroom teachers or people living nearby, or somebody's relatives who could do a little good sumo ). People like that would call rikishis "sumo" or "sumotori", like "Taro wa sumo da ( Taro is a rikishi )", "Ano ie no musuko wa sumotori da ( A boy of the household is a rikishi )". A colleague, late 20's, who used to do sumo himself in college says, "Ima ii sumo ga ano koukou ni imasu yo ( There's a real sumo-hopeful boy in that high school now )". Here "sumo" referrs to a person who practices sumo. I'm afraid it doesn't sound right. As Akinomaki said, It is "o-sumo san" when we refer to a professional rikishi. I guess we don't say "o-sumo san" addressing amateur sumo practitioners though.
  4. I still can't believe or don't want to believe what I saw today after musubi. Nothing like that ever happened at least in my long sumo-watching time. The announcer kept saying, "This is not good... This is not what dai-yokozuna shoud be doing.. " Shinpan or gyoji did not make a move not because they were powerless, I think, but things they saw there were beyond their comprehension. Something that can't happen was happening in the real Kokugikan. And it was no one but dai-yokozuna that everybody should admire. In the victory interview after the bout, Yoshikaze said he tried a new tachiai timing because his usual rough and quick style had never worked. So he said he'd decided to go in "go-no-sen" timing ( meaning, he intentionally delayed the initial charge ): "Maybe I was being a bit arrogant, but somehow was thinking before the bout that I'd be just fine if I delayed my tachiai - was kind of sure I'd endure yokozuna's powerful impact". So his go-no-sen tachiai may have looked like a matta but it was not. "For a moment it felt like a matta, but I could hear 'Nokotta Nokotta' so I knew it was on and I did what I had to do - keep pushing until the bout was called". I don't understand why Hakuho thought it matta. If it was because of Yoshikaze's thought-out tachiai timing, I'd have to say he was not just as good ( as Yoshikaze, or as before, or as he should be ). We did see Yoshikaze fully ready for tachiai with his both hands firmly on the clay just waiting for his opponent. We also saw Hakuho did step in at his own timing, did even slap him, meaning Hakuho also knew the bout had been in motion. Knowing that, why? Just because he felt strange? Because he sensed he was to lose the match? Or was this instantaneous reacion by Hakuho revealing some piece of the opposite of yokozuna-dignity. Or his true personality.
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    This is such a wonderfully international forum, and I assume quite a few members are more or less linked to English-speaking issues in daily basis. So I would like to ask some questions.. (Neener, neener...) There is an English test called TOEIC, Test of English for International Communication. From its official page ( ) : "TOEIC is the acronym for Test of English for International Communication. The TOEIC test is a global standard for the assessment of communicative English ability. The most important feature of the TOEIC test is that the proficiency of the examinee is expressed as a numerical score between 5 and 495 for both the listening and reading parts, giving a total score between 10 and 990 rather than pass or fail. The scale is constant. If the proficiency of the examinee does not change, their score will also remain unchanged. This consistency allows examinees to obtain an accurate measurement of their current proficiency in English and a target score to work towards." I've taken the test several times as I wanted to clear both a required criteria and also my personal goal. But then I heard the other day that TOEIC cannot be a truly "global" standard because half the examinees are Japanese. And also most of examinees are limitedly from Eastern Asia, namely, Korea and Japan. Well, this kind of makes sense though, when I remember how some of my gaikokujin friends did not recognize the TOEIC test when I mentioned it ( I'd say, on the other hand, that 80% of adult Japanese would recognize "TOEIC [Tooikku ]" as some sort of English test, no matter if they understood what it was really about ). But of course many foreigners wouldn't bother with such tests because they are simply fluent in English and well far beyond being "examined". .. Reasonably, English should not be a competition or contest but a language. I guess it's a bit difficult sometimes for many non-native English-speaking people on this forum, to understand our English-craze for better scores in "global" English exams like TOEIC..? ..Well anyway, here are my questions. Do you know TOEIC? And if you do, did you ever take the test? How would you evaluate your English skills? Would you try to improve your English when/if you have no problem speaking it? Thanks!
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    In memoriam Kitanoumi pics

    Really truly poignant. Thank you very much for putting all these pictures, Akinomaki.
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    Essential Sumo Links

    Toyonoshima's blog is a very hilarious one! Kintamayama already introduced the site, but it seems to have been moved now, and he's updating semi-constantly, not during basho of course though. In August he was giving guessing quiz. He puts a picture of a back shot of a rikishi only wearing an underwear ( usually perky and colorful! ) to have readers guess who the rikishi is. The next day he puts the answer ( and usually another quiz ). Kind of hard to guess right. Quiz: The answer (and the next quiz ):
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    Rijicho Kitanoumi passes away

    I heard that Gan'yu will be taking over the heya as Yamahibiki Beya.. I am shocked. And very sad. Just like for some members here, Kitanoumi was my superman, though clearly much less popular than other "stars" back then. Incredibly powerful and rough. No looking back at the opponent he blasted away ( "That's the way a winner should show respect for his aite. It's rude to sport your victory by giving a hand to someone you've beaten up." ). Seriousness taken at times as rigidness and stubbornness. His conservative, seemingly even too simple renditions and measures on Kyokai issues which often drew criticism. And he was the one who committed a good reprimand on that dai-yokozuna for practicing that nekodamashi twice, no less. Futabayama ( Tokitsukaze ) died while serving as rijicho, and Kitanoumi was the first one ever since that passed away as incumbent rijicho. Futaba's death was followed by his junior mates Haguroyama's ( and Wakahaguro's ) shortly afterwards. Kitanoumi's junior deshi Hokuten'yu is already "there" -- they might be sipping sake and watching this Senshuraku together. Thank you very much, Kaiomitsuki, for putting these movies here. They put tears to my eyes.
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    Natsu jungyo 2015

    >ith the upcoming jungyo tour passing through Aomori, word is that Wakanosato will delay his official retirement until the end of the tour so he can have one last hurrah as an active rikishi in front of his home crowd. How I wish I could come to see this.... A guy I work with ( one of "Aomori sumo guys" ) says that this is really going to be his last so I must go... but I can't (Weeping...) (Weeping...) Akinomaki, inhashi, thank you for putting up those nice pictures. His smiles really break my heart though. .. it's been almost 20 years now since I started following him.
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    Nishonoseki-o-kami-san sings again

    She had a tasteful singing voice. Cute, smart girl with a good sense of humor, she was not only on song shows but frequently on popular variety/comedy shows. At the press conference on their engagement, asked what she liked ( loved ) about him, she answered, "He never lies" - so impressive a line that I still remember that.
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    What did they say today?

    Here's a short Wakanosato interview on Aomori local newspaper on July 27th: Q: (As for the last bout ) Do you think you were able to give all you had? A: Yes, but my sumo was no good even with the uwate I managed to get.. So hard to admit but that was yet another moment I realized I am not as good any longer. Q: Now it’s likely that you’ll be demoted to makushita.. A: My heart is torn in two – one part says I can still do this, but the other says I could not keep going if I am to lose the sekitori status. I am still not ready to make the decision, but to be honest, I do know I am not going to do sumo in makushita. It’s very difficult but I think I will have to accept this [ = being not capable any more ] in the end. So I want to talk to Oyakata, and many other people involved as well. I know I should be deciding even today, at this very moment, but you sometimes need time before you can swallow the reality. Me being indecisive, taking time here when everybody is anticipating "the announcement" is probably my last wagamama ( literally, “selfishness”), but I’d like to have some more time now. I will make some form of statement sometime later. Q: So how are you feeling now finishing this tournament? A: To tell you the truth, it feels like quite a load-off my shoulders, little of being released from tension/nervousness. Finishing the last bout, I could hear the audience warmly clapping for me and it really touched my heart. As walking back on hanamichi, I couldn’t hold back my tears. I am very grateful, really, that so many people have given me concerns and kindnesses like this. I have seen numberless rikishis leave sumo without receiving very much attentions. Well, furo-ba ( bath room ) has always been the place where I shed tears -so I won’t cry here in front of you, Mr. Reporter (Sigh...) ...and now he is going to join the summer jungyo! Yes, Itachiyama-zeki, Wakanosato does love sumo and sumo loves him too.
  12. Amanogawa

    What did they say today?

    >Wakanosato, same predicament, but from Juryo to Makushita: " This is regrettable.. This is my ability at present.." He too plans to show up for his senshuraku bout. His Oyakata says nothing regarding his future has been decided yet. Just saw him on Aomori local TV news - a good length of footage for this type of local sumo report. Today he gave it all he had. Close-up shots toward the end of the bout showed him panting, vehemently trying to stay inside the ring - as if striving to stay as an active rikishi. After the loss, he made a long, long, deep bow at the dohyo side before walking back to shitakubeya. The camera was shooting the bow from behind Wakanosato's back -his big, muscular shoulders and partially gray-haired ooicho. "I would not want to do sumo in Makushita. It's regrettable, but I guess I will be accepting this reality after all. I'll make an announcement ( concerning this ) later."
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    Help Please Identifying Picture

    Looks like オールドアイデアルウイスキー  old ideal whisky
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    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    >As for the Hakuho/Ichinojo flap, none of us really knows what goes on between these guys No matter what was going on between them personally or not personally, it shouldn't have mattered at that moment. That behavior was just disgraceful and ugly. If Hakuho did that out of his "kawaigaru"-mind, that was just as ridiculous and may show how Hakuho was not being able to control himself. This was not any casual keiko but a real bout on hon-basho dohyo where both rikishis are to show respect not only for the opponent but for sumo itself - or maybe I'm wrong to think being yokozuna ( the embodiment of sumo god, by the way ) takes far more than only being a strong guy with lots of yusho cups and kensho money.
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    Wakanosato poster at fun fair

    Thanks for putting this up. This has always been my favorite. This guy may be wanting to join comparing bellies. :p)
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    Translation question

    >that it's a nasty can of worms Right! :-)
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    Summer jungyo tickets

    Hi Leonishiki, Could you specify where in "north of Japan" will your friends be traveling? Let me know and see what I could do for them Here's a rough schedule from the table Asashosakari has kindly linked to: Asahikawa City ( Hokkaido ) Aug.4th Obihiro City ( Hokkaido ) Aug 5th Ishinomaki City (Miyagi pref) Aug 7th - visiting disaster-hit areas -possibly temporary houses or local community centers Miyako City ( Iwate ) Aug 8th - visiting disaster-hit areas Goshogawara City ( Aomori ) Aug 9th Akita City ( Akita ) Aug 10th Hanamaki City ( Iwate ) Aug 11th Ooe Town ( Yamagata ) Aug 12th
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    developing a shikona

    Genki desu ka, shimodahito? "Hoshi o miru mono ( one who gazes at stars )" just came to my mind. Lyrical, but sounds more like a book/movie title. Hoshihitomi 星瞳 - "Hoshi" is star(s). "Hitomi" is the pupils of eyes, to be precise. But actually, 98% of Japanese ( okay, age over 10 ) would have a picture of beautiful, twinkling, sparkling eyes, when they hear the word "hitomi", frilly form of "me (eyes)". So this is a fairly popular name for girls too. Some of you may know a girl named Hitomi and she should have beautiful eyes. Twinkles on beautiful eyes can imply, I guess, that the person is looking at something/someone so closely with heart (Heart...) , or maybe, gazing at stars and the bright eyes are reflecting starlights...? A little romantic twist desu.
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    Sad, sad news

    What a sad, great loss... so many lives in so many ways you touched and left inspired.. Please rest in peace Kofuji.
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    Kofuji Intai in all games

    Dear Kofuji-zeki, I still remember you kindly helped me out with entering Bench Sumo picks long time ago. Some other time I needed your help again to log in some other game...We only exchanged a couple of emails then but I am still so grateful how you were willing to give your warm helping hand to whoever needed it, no matter how small an issue it might be. We will always see your beautiful mind and expertise through this community as well as those great sumo games. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
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    Thank you for your kind thoughts. It happened while I was working and I thought the whole building ( very old one ) was going to crush. Really scary moment. But later, when the power was back after 26 hours and I got to see TV where all this devastation was shown, I realized what I went through was nothing. It was a freezing snowy day here and I had no heat, no water, or no light, but I was able to sleep cozily in my own bed at least. My family are safe, fortunately. My friend living only 5 km away from Hachinohe Bay is okay too, though the pretty house he still pays a loan for has been damaged. Some of my sister's in-laws in Kesen'numa are missing. There have already been over 50 countries offering various forms of supports for our disaster. The first rescue team arrived from Korea, I just learned. I'd like to thank most sincerely and humbly for all the warm supports and concerns for us.
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    Choshu-yuki banned from Seki games

    It's been quite a looong time since I took nice luxurious time to check well on this forum. So just a little ago when I got an email from a sumo friend and learned what's going on here, I was very shocked. I really appreciate all the great statistics and analysis ( really! ), but still it just seems impossible that Norizo and Choshu-yuki have been playing sumo games intentionally "dishonestly", if not 100% independently, as they're both truly biggest fans of sumo and sumo games. Naturally they'd discuss games here and there, casting all they have into analysis, I can imagine, and most likely give each other world-class advice. Great minds think alike and they're one of the top players in the world. However, I do also understand that good explanations should be provided. I contacted Susanoo-san a little ago. We will see what we can do so Norizo-san could hopefully carry what he has to say to game masters and players... We'll see... Thanks yorikiried-by-fate zeki. Certainly this is not funny (Shaking head...)
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    Happy Birthday, Doitsuyama!

    And yet another very belated one to join. Happy Birthday! (Spooky TV program...)
  24. Amanogawa

    Hatsu basho shonichi tickets for sale

    Thanks so much Manekineko, for taking care of this (Hugging...) Well, it's okay too to make it separete. In this case, each will be 3,000. My long-malfunctioned email should be working now ( thanks Exil and Manekineko! (I am not worthy...) (I am not worthy...) ), so please email me if there is anyone interested. Thanks.
  25. Amanogawa

    Asashoryu May/Did Return to Mongolia

    I don't know if this page has been introduced by now: This is a blog run by Asashoryu's "maneejaa" - Japanese English of "manager", but what he does, I guess, is probably keeping up the yokozuna's schedule or taking care of things both private and official. Well this hasn't been updated for a while now. He did mention the date ( the first one, 20th of October ) and wrote Asashoryu postponed it, but not an entry ever since. He shows T-shirts for "Team Asashoryu"...