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    Happy Birthday Doitsu-san!

    Otanjobi Omedeto from me too! Hope you had a happy one! (I am not worthy...)
  2. Amanogawa

    Whose Japanese is best?

    I don't have much chances to hear them talk in Japanese either, but I thought Ama's Nihongo was good the other day in the first-victory-in-Maku interview. He in some ways sounded like a native speaker - although the interview was only a short one mostly of a lot of template phrases like "Okyakusan no yorokobu sumo o toritai desu ( I want to do a kind of sumo that would please the audience )" or famous "Ganbarimasu" of course. Actually I never thought of following their talk in this "whose nihongo is the best?" approach... but this is an interesting question. Can't wait the Hakuho interview tomorrow ( well, hopefully, ) when he makes Kachikoshi. ;-) edit -typo.....
  3. Amanogawa

    Some injury ponderings

    YES!! Isnt't this beautiful? This is, Susanoo's and Jakusotsu's as well, only a little piece of the marvellous artwork by our Boltono or Boltbutthamma!! He has his great art gallary here where you can also see many other Bench Sumo rikishis' portraits. For some while he only had ones for upper-rankers :-P but recenly we Sandanmeans got his fantastic artwork too. Bolto-zeki kindly gave me the okay to use it for my avatar. :-O
  4. Amanogawa

    Some injury ponderings

    I imagine how difficult it would be... One day you have to face the fact that you're not like before any more where you've been inargurably the best. Chiyotaikai may have to leave if he refuses to challenge himself some yotsu zumo - all that vital injuries set aside, that is. Or he's been too good in oshi and so is too confident to give yotsu a try? Or too late in his "old" age to learn new tricks? (Just do not get it...) Yotsu couldn't even be an option any more? ( Ryukaze @Nov 20, 2004, 11:24 ) And of course you're just joking and you can see how his nihongo is more powerful than mere furi-o-shiteiru-nihongo. By far.
  5. Amanogawa

    Paper Oyakata Game

    I tried to translate the Paper Oyakata Game rules... Hope I am making sense, and also hope this will recuite new foreign players in this and other Japanese games in January. :-P ***Main Rule*** You are a virtual Oyakata. Pick 10 Maegashira rikishi. You will get the points those 10 will be scoring. In the entry form you see 10 slots. The rikishi entered in the top slot is your 10-pointer. The second slot will get 9 per win. The third, 8 per win, ... and the bottom one is your 1-pointer. If your 10 pointer wins, you'll get 10 points. If he loses, 0 points. The same is true for all others - they will score points according to the slot assigned to them if they win, but not if they lose. The player who gets the most points wins the game. Entry form ***Bonus*** When your rikishi gets kinboshi - the score will be tripled. Ginboshi, doubled. ( ex. If your 10 pointer gets a kinboshi, you'll get 30 points ) If all your 10 rikishi win on one day - you'll get extra 20 points. If 9 of your rikishi win on one day - you will get extra 10 points. All your 10 rikishi LOSE - extra 20 points (!!! (Scratching chin...) ) ( as it's sooo rare to happen! ) ***Kyujo*** If any of your rikishi goes kyujo, the rikishi will be removed from your team the next day AFTER the fusenpai. Accordingly the rest of your squad will be moved up, and your substitute will be put in the bottom slot ( 1 pointer ). If the withdrawn rikishi comes back during the basho, he'll be put back to the original slot, and the rest accordingly will move down again. If 4 or more of your rikishi go kyujo, your bottom slot will be left emtpy ( and therefore no points can be scored any more from that slot ). ***Prizes*** Sogo-Yusho ( Grand Championship ) - the player who gets the most points among all divisional Yusho winners ( when tied, the one with more number of wins wins ) Kakudan-Yusho ( Divisional Championship )- players with the most points in each division ( Makuuchi, Juryo, Makushita ). Gin-dawara Prize ( Silver-tawara Prize ) - The player with the most points among the jun-yusho players of all divisions. The gamemaster himself calls this prize "Wild Card Prize" ( as in MLB ). Shukun-sho - the player who scored 9-6 or more AND the highest average score ( = points divided by the number of wins ). Kanto-sho -the player with the most number of wins Gyakuten-sho( Reverse-Prize) - the player who would have the most points when the order of the team is reversed Tokudawara-Prize = Booby prize :-( Ikigomi-sho ( Enthusiasm- prize ...well, so to say ) the player who has the most catchy "pre-basho comment ( ikigomi )" Shinjin-sho ( Rookie Prize ) -the newbie player with the most points Tokubetsu-sho ( Special award ) - the players who performed impressively but just a little short of any of those prizes above ***Banzuke**: You start this game from the bottom of Makushita. There's the Paper Oyakata Banzuke. The formulas are explained here, but I'll skip them now. :-( *** Special Promotion Rules*** No matter where you are now in the banzuke, you'll be promoted to Sanyaku in the next basho if you win the current tournament Grand Championship. If you're Sekiwake or Komusubi, you'll be promoted to Ozeki in the next basho. Following Promotion rules are thus applied ( in the order of priority ): 1. 13-2 or more in Makushita/Juryo -> you'll be promoted to Makuuchi in next basho 2. 12-3 or more in Makushita -> to Juryo 3. Double-digit wins in each 3 consecutive bashos in Juryo or lower division -> to Makuuchi 4. Juryo Yusho -> to Makuuchi 5. Makushita Yusho with same or more points of Juryo Yusho -> to Makuuchi 6. Makushita Yusho except #5 -> to Juryo 7. Makuuchi Yusho within 5 points short of Grand Championship -> to Sanyaku 8. Makushita Gin-dawara Prize with same or more points of Juryo Yusho -> to Makuuchi 9. Juryo/Makushita Gin-dawara Prizes -> Juryo to Makuuchi. Makushita to Juryo. Kyujo counts 0-15. 3 consecutive kyujos will remove you from the banzuke. ***Sanyaku Promotion Standard*** Maegashira 1-2 -- 9-6 or more required Maegashira 3-5 -- 10-5 or more Maegashira 6-8 -- 11-4 or more Maegashira 9-11 -- 12-3 or more Maegashira 12-14 -- 13-2 or more The number of Sanyaku players is not fixed. There could be only one. "Special Promotion Rules" are applied prior to "Sanyaku Promotion Rules". ***Sanyaku-retaining criteria**: MK will demote you from Sanyaku. Even if you get KK, you'll be demoted one rank down if you can't be in the top half in Makuuchi. You may possibly be demoted if the situation calls for it. ***Ozeki Promotion Rules*** These rules apply only to Komusubi and Sekiwake. You are promoted to Ozeki if you attain either of: 1. Sogo-Yusho or Sogo-Yusho tied 2. 33 or more wins in the recent 3 bashos 3. Sanyakuhood in 3 or more bashos including 32 wins in recent 3 successive bashos. If you have only 2 successive Sanyaku basho, your scores have to be all double-digit. 4. Sanyakuhood in 3 or more bashos including 31 wins in recent 3 successive bashos. This requires a double-digit KK in the most recent basho. 5. For #2,3,4, KK in each three basho is required. 6. For #3,4, 2 or more bashos with double-digit wins is required. 7. If your score in the previous basho can't meet either of the Sanyaku- retaining criteria above, you are not qualified for the promotion. ***Yokozuna Promotion*** These rules apply only to Ozeki. You're promoted to Yokozuna when you achieve either of: 1. 2 successive Sogo-Yusho, or Makuuchi Yusho. 2. 24 or more wins as Ozeki in the recent 2 bashos. ***Retaining Ozeki rank*** 1. You're to give up the Ozekihood if you have 2 consecutive MK bashos as Ozeki, or if you can't meet the Sanyaku-retaining criteria. 2. You'll be demoted to Sekiwake if you haven't achieved a double-digit KK in one year, unless you have won 6 KK's. 3. You'll be promoted back to Ozeki if you win 10 or more wins in the next basho after demotion. ***Retaining Yokozuna rank*** 1. You're demoted down to the bottom of Makuuchi if you haven't achieved a double-digit KK in one year, unless you have won 6 KK's. Enjoy :-)
  6. Amanogawa

    Day 2 comments

    (Whatever above, it is funny...) I just went real ( real! ) LOL for a few minutes, Moti. You're a sugoi nihongo-speaker desu naa! @Kaikitsune Makoto Sugosugiru! (Applauding...) Mattaku datsubou desu. Watashi ga Nihongo de kaku yori mo zuuuuuutto aji no aru, "tsuu" na, sumo-kansen-ki desu! Anata ga kaku Finrando-go mo kitto subarashii no de shou ne.
  7. Amanogawa

    Kisenosato getting ready with a pic

    But maybe ( A LOT ) more (In a state of confusion...) -- well, just my blind faith in Naruto boys. By the way, my friend Uiriikenshoryu said when he changed his name from Hagiwara to Kisenosato, "Kisenosato" sounds a little like "Kissing-no-sato" (Heart) . I like that. :-)
  8. Amanogawa

    A while ago

    Kitamura Takashi, ex Matsugane-beya rikishi Miikezan. This is a kind of "rikishi" you'd really despise. He was brought up in a family with horribly complicated relationships and problems, I heard. His mom married three men, have had 5 children - 2 girls 3 boys. 2 of 3 boys joined sumo. His elder brother, who also joined sumo, committed a murder too ( killed a pregnant woman..... ) some years ago... Some more horrendous stuff about these guys but maybe I should stop here.
  9. Amanogawa

    Norizo Cup questions in English

    Yes, it says 8 and more in question #3, 3 and more in #6, 5 and more in #9, 5 and more in #11. And a slight correction in question #11: "Sekitori who will have 5 or more losses against foreign rikishis" And as for questions #7 and 9 ( well, just to make sure :-) ), that's "by ( the end of ) the Day".
  10. Amanogawa

    SF's changing face

    Wow! (Applauding...) Welcome back Yoavo! and I saw Yubi is back too! I am really very happy to have our 2 big Y's back (Clapping wildly...)
  11. Totally agreed with Kashu-zeki here.... I myself do have a couple rikishi I do not like, but "dispise"...? @asa_love And of course the next question is why do you dispise Aminishiki? (Blushing...) Chiyotenzan? (Just do not get it...)
  12. Amanogawa


    Inkan, hanko, and mitome all mean one same thing -at least in practical life. ( The word "inkan" has more official facets but you can skip it for now (Hugging...) I understand the casual name for inkan is hanko. ) Hanko ( or inkan or mitome ) just means *that* name-engraved thing. Ink is a totally different thing and it usually does not come with hanko, however, thankful for Shachihata's incredible device, there's a good product available now which has both hanko and ink put into one little "stick" so you wouldn't have to scrouge around for the ink or hanko when a mailman knocks at the door for your hanko. My parents gave me a neat hanko when I was about 10, when I opened my bank account. They made it not with the family name but my first name Yuko ( in kanji ), so I would be able to use it after I got married ( and my familiy name was changed ). I really liked this and have always used it for any purpose no problem, except one time when I had a fussy post-office clerk. She insisted that I needed a hanko of my family name. (Sign of disapproval) I just walked off the post office for a 100-yen shop and got one of my family name ( mine is even more common one than Jonosuke's (Enjoying a beer...) ). It of course costed only 100 yen.
  13. Amanogawa


    Wish I could vote for Wakanosato but (Hugging...) this is not a power-contest. I did for Takanowaka. But it's kinda interesting who appeals "handsome" to people outside Japan ...actually it's a little surprise to me that quite a few ( or less (Eating...) ) members think Hakuho is "handsome".. Reminded me of something I heard long ago -that Paul McCartney was considered more "handsome" than George Harrison (Enjoying a beer...) . To my Nihonjin mind George looked more "handsome".... but I could have heard it wrong - or is this Beatle rep really so?
  14. Amanogawa

    Some more pictures

    So is this you Coo-cook standing in between? (Hugging...)
  15. Amanogawa


    Omedetooooo!!! :-) :-) :-D Many many omedeto and very best wishes for Chiyomaru and baby Chiyo-chan (Heart) (Heart) Thanks Onnagumo for delivering this wonderful news to us! Please post a line or two of report when you visit her. Wow, what a happy news!
  16. Now please know this is not anything confirmed just yet, seemingly.. Yes, Niigata-quakes news is sweeping over Japan now :-( , but right before the first quake breaking news, there was a real brief report on illegal workers from some Asian country ( or countries ). Those people were found somewhere and are now detained somewhere --sorry I was working in the kitchen and not really paying attention until they said - some of them were Mongolians and they claimed they were Asashoryu's relatives. :-O Now a Joetsu Shinkansen was derailed ( not toppled, no injuries ), lots of roads found caved in, and doubtlessly there will be more devastating reports coming in, I don't know if they'll ever carry the further report on those self-proclaimed Asashoryu's relative illegal workers. Any report in Mongolia?
  17. Amanogawa

    Interesting news for docomo subscribers

    Of course you won't. :-D Actually "Would you be allowed to look at your spouce's cellphone" sometimes becomes a big issue here! Really, your cellphone is your privacy already - it has your friends' ( including your significant one's ;-) ) addresses and numbers, private emails, private photos, private voice messages, etc... I'd want my cellphone just smashed up into pieces or lost in a flush lavatory rather than being stolen....! ;-)
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    Takanohana vs. Sendagawa- Plot thickens

    Well.... thought it was over... but I was wrong. Here's the update. Shukan Gendai ( Oct 23rd issue ) had an exclusive 90 minute interview of Takanohana. "I will tell you everything about this ugly feud now that Akinoshima has left my heya and is not my ani-deshi or my stable Oyakata any more whom I should cover for. I believed keeping my mouth shut was protecting my own heya's honor which I inherited from my master, but now I don't have to stick to that any longer". I wish I were Kintamayama or Hananotaka or Jonosuke to translate this whole article beautifully, but I am not.. :-O so just a gist of the article. Sorry for my sloppy writing. Basically Takanohana discloses how mean and nasty Akinoshima has always been, what a dishonest person he really is. Akinoshima started picking on him and his brother ever since they joined professional Sumo. Akinoshima never got his own hands dirty but made his younger tsukebito do unimaginably sly tricks on them so they couldn't do keiko properly. Not just beating or hitting, but nerve-wracking types of bullying, according to Takanohana, who also assumes that Aki did it because he was jealous of how Taka&Waka were sprinting up the banzuke. Akinoshima was Futagoyama's first deshi and first sekitori after 7 years of building up the new heya, so everyone in the heya treated Aki very nicely. However, Aki later started revealing his true character -betraying himself by bullying Taka&Waka with dirty tactics, and it shocked Okamisan too, to make her say finally, "I will never let him stay in this ( Ozumo ) world ( after his retirement )". Futagoyama also said in anger, "I'll fire him for sure ( after his retirement )". Waka joined Okamisan saying, "We will never forgive Akinoshima" But Takanohana decided when he became Yokozuna, to forgive and forget about the past, because he thought that Aki's great contribution to the heya deserved a big credit after all. But Akinoshima, again, played the unforgivable traitor concerning getting a toshiyori stock. Taka says: "All this trouble started 3-4 years ago. Akinoshima was trying to get one ( not-Fujishima ) stock back then, beneath the surface. But he found he couldn't collect enough money and came to see me one day, roundaboutedly asking for money. So I told Akinoshima, "Then what about requesting the Fujishima stock? Futagoyama-beya now has the Fujishima stock available -so I'll come with you to Oyakata and ask him to arrange things so you can own it eventually.." - and I really did, for I wanted to do something nice for my ani-deshi. I said to Oyakata, "Aki-zeki is your first deshi - so now I want to put everything he did in the past behind and help him out. Could you underquote the Fujishima stock so he can get it?" Oyakata said, "All right, if you are sure that is what you want". And I thought everything was in order. "But Aki-zeki started to 'broadcast' all around the Kyokai how his master favored him over Takanonami in getting the toshiyori stock [ note:Takanonami had gotten one himself when the price was soaring-high ],and how stupid Takanonami was to lose so much money. How could you call your mate stupid? How could you go around telling everyone your silly illusion of being favored by Master? -- I decided then that I would never compromise with him. I went up to Takanonami-zeki and apologized for the embarrassing commotion. He understood me very well and kindly accepted my apology. "When Akinoshima retired in 2003, Master ( Futagoyama ) rented out the Fujishima stock to Akinoshima in order to hold his Intai-zumo under the heya's sponsorship. Otherwise Akinoshima would have had to do his Intai-zumo all at his own responsibility ( which would be hellishly expensive! ). You wouldn't be able to collect enough audience if you'd promote your Intai-zumo on your own.. so, though reluctantly, I decided to overlook Akinoshima's borrowing the Fujishima stock, and I even gave him the whole supporters' list of Futagoyama-Takanohana beya so he could use it and get a certain number of people...He never returned the list to me, or paid a visit afterwards. Well.. I knew what a man he was, but still, it was very disappointing to actually see this . "The media criticized me for failing to attend his Danpatsu-Ceremony, but that was my message to Akinoshima. I wanted to say, 'Shame on you Akinoshima. Do you still claim you're a rikishi of honor??'.. The very next day I learned that he gained this 'Sendagawa stock'. I was shocked ....I knew one Kasugano-beya rikishi who almost managed to get that Sendagawa stock.. Akinoshima stole the stock that informally belonged to someone else already. That was another thing I would never forgive him for. "The media also made a fuss about my father and I - that our relationship was destroyed, that he banned me from visiting his hospital room, etc.. but this is not true. I visit him now and then.. but I would be hurt really bad if Akinoshima deceived my father with nice words and put him on his side, and started scattering such words of delusion and folly. I will never accuse my Master. Ever, even if he spoke bad about me ( because of Akinoshima ).. I believe I'm protecting my father, my master, and I believe I'm the only one after all, that can protect his life too. Akinoshima knows that ( I will never go against my father), and he thinks Oyakata is on his side, so he believes he has control over me. That's the man he is. Akinoshima was previously interviewed by Shukan Gendai: "I don't think there's a problem any longer with my relationship with Takanohana Oyakata. I understand everything is settled now. My master is Futagoyama Oyakata, who took good care of me for 22 years. Takanohana Oyakata is his son and I've been getting along with him as a stablemate. He is younger than me and joined Ozumo 6 years later than me, but he became a great yokozuna and I truly think he's a great man. Bullying? I was already in Makuuchi when he joined. There was no time to be bothered with bullying a shindeshi. Makuuchi rikishi bullies a shindeshi? No way, that would happen between 2-3 year-older stablemates and shindeshi. I made young boys pick on them? Absolutely nonsense. I am not that type." Then Takanohana responds: "So he thinks I am a great man and he called me 'Omae' in front of the Kyokai executives... What he should ( could ) do is just show his remorse and honest reflection, but I know that's the last thing Akinoshima would do actually. I have kept silent as I believed he was part of us and I should cover his faults. But I changed my mind -now I'm openly telling everyone the truth so they can see what's really happening. Lies will be revealed. Nothing can defeat the truth. I believe in that.
  19. Amanogawa

    Interesting news for docomo subscribers

    Wow sekihiryu! :-O You're the first one who I didn't have to start from getting out my i-board and explain how it works! and you even say you have one! :-O ( and I also used to have P504iS and liked it a lot!! ) Actually this i-board connectability ( well, wanting a better term :-O ) was the very reason I decided to go with P505i in May. The Docomo lady asked several times if I was really sure. FOMA would have been cheaper, neater, cooler, I know, but it lacked the i-board-ability ( well ;-) ). And the recent FOMAs are not unable either for the i-board.... Understandable though... because making Nihongo emails with a cellphone is not a nightmare any more these days. I was amazed when I had mynew P505i .. I thought "gosh it's learning. it's evolving!" When you just type あ for example, you'll get several candidates listed immediately such as 会いましょう あそこ 兄 秋 ありがとう, based on the words you've typed so far. And if you pick ありがとう, next thing your cellphone would show is the candicates like ございます ございました or even !!! or (^^) or m(_ _)m  ... really smart and quick. The i-board wouldn't be all that much necessary unless you need to write no-Nihongo email.... (Just do not get it...) rediculous, exactly.. and frustrating too!
  20. Amanogawa

    Interesting news for docomo subscribers

    Finally.... I knew it coming.. but thought 505i would be the last "mova" ( mine is P505i... :-O ). Well, I kind of thought about getting FOMA in May when doing kishu-henkou from 504... Of course my next phone will be FOMA. Just hoping the e-mailing keyboard will be available for the upgraded FOMA's.... :-O
  21. Amanogawa

    Welcome Susanoo

    Soooooo happy to have you here Susanoo-san! :-P Hope you'll share your super-divine sumo spirit with us (Clapping wildly...)!
  22. Amanogawa

    Jonosuke's Rikishi Trivia Quiz

    B-) Then my educated answer for Q10 is Asashio...!
  23. Amanogawa

    Jonosuke's Rikishi Trivia Quiz

    1. Onishiki Uichiro 2. Minanogawa 3. Chiyonofuji 4. Yoshibayama 5. ??? 6. Maru? Akebono? 7. Takanosato 8. Haguroyama 9. Tochinoumi 10. Taiho Belated greeting - It's really very great to have you here Jonosuke-san! :-D
  24. Amanogawa

    Hagiwara gets a new shikona

    It really sounds like so. My daughter actually said right when she heard this news, "Sounds like a name of a local special products market" :-P But it's nice too then because Naruto Oyakata always wanted to raise deshis who would appreciate his hometown, who would always stand firmly on the ground ( 土の匂いのする力士 -literally translated, a rikishi who would smell like soil ). And I am soo happy to have another sato rikishi. And it's Hagiwara! :-D wow! a little side note: The kanji "ki" bears the nogi-hen radical which indicates the rice culture, so it associates with sumo, which originally was a shinto performance to celebrate the year's abundant harvest, Oyakata said.
  25. Amanogawa

    Simply a quiz

    What about taking a break from this tense Aki Basho? (Whistling...) Today I went to a chanko restaurant in Hirosaki - Wakanosato's hometown. The owner seemed to be a big man of the local koenkai, and there are pictures of Wakanosato and Naruto rikishis, also tegatas put on the walls. I could figure every tegata ( there were some 20... all real ones, apparently ) except two, and I took pictures of them. I am going to put them both one by one but for today's quz - whose tegata is this? Edit- sorry (In a state of confusion...) forgot to write this - the middle tegata is in question. The right one is Musoyama's.