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    Wakanosato kyujo

    :-D :-) (Dohyo-iri...) (Beaten...) (Bow...) (Weeping...) whatever it is.... ( someone else-sama, mada desuka? )
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    I think they're Kitanoumi, Kotozakura, ( Inosuke ), Wajima, and Takanohana.
  3. Amanogawa

    Welcome Tosahayate(土佐疾風)-san !

    Tosa-san! Yookoso irasshaimase !! (On the banzuke...) (Singing drunk...) Sooo happy to have you here, really, to let the whole world ;-) see how you are such a great sumo/sumo game-master. Please share your sweet-sour & ultra-knowledgable sumo-soul with us.
  4. Amanogawa

    Classic Pants

    I enjoyed this article too! My father has been a big fundoshi fan for over 3 decades now - well I think I'll get him such lovely silky ones sometime, for his fundoshi wardrobe has only Mom's hand-made white-cotton ones. (Nodding yes...) :-(
  5. Amanogawa

    Go downhill

    The Japan Times Friday, June 3 FAN BASE, SPONSORS LACKING RURAL SUMO TOURNEYS GRAPPLE WITH DECLINE By Kazuki Enomoto For sumo officials and wrestlers, summer tours of northern Japan have long been a must for finding potential wrestlers and reaching out to rural fans. But this year, the summer program has been drastically cut due to a fall in viewership and cancellations by sponsors. According to a schedule announced by Nihon Sumo Kyokai on May 8, its summer tours will be limited to an event in Kuji, Iwate Prefecture, on Aug 6 and another in Kotooka, Akita Prefecture, on Aug 7. There will be no summer sumo tours in Hokkaido, which has produced eight yokozuna, or Aomori Prefecture, from which nine active ranking wrestlers hail. Last August, about 40 percent of the 5,000 seats at one-day summer tournament in Sapporo were vacant. In the past, the city used to host a four-day tour. In January, Doshin Cultural Events Co., an affiliate of the daily Hokkaido Shinbun, decided not to sponsor this summer's tournament. "We would incur a loss ( by hosting the tour ). The Waka-Taka boom is over and there is no Japanese yokozuna. Wrestlers from Hokkaido are decreasing, " said AKinori Akiba, a sales official at Doshin Cultural Events. Waka-Taka refers to the popular yokozuna brothers Wakanohana and Takanohana, who helped drive sumo's popularity in the 1990's. The brothers are the sons of sumo elders Futagoyama, who died this week. The daily admission fee for a summer tour tournament in rural areas is almost the same as the cost of attending one of the six grand sumo tournaments offered each year. Sponsors of the summer tournaments shoulder food and accommodation costs off the wrestlers. If fewer customers come to the events, the organizers face losses. Some officials at the sumo association suggested calling off the local tours altogether this summer. But the association executives eventually decided to hold the two one-day events in the Tohoku region. "We will have to hold the events as long as sponsors come forward," said sumo elder Oguruma, who wrestled as an azeki under the name of Kotokaze and is now an official at the association's local tournament department. Each sumo stable used to arrange local tours separately. But the sumo association started organizing tournaments in which wrestlers from all stables participate, backed by local businesses who sponsored the events. In the midst of the Waka-Taka boom, the association began organizing tours at its own expense in 1995, instead of relying on local sponsorship. In fact, sumo association saw a record of 666 consecutive days of sellout crowds at its grand sumo tournaments until summer 1997. As the popularity of sumo began to decline, the number of spectators at rural tournaments fell, and the association revived the local sponsorship system in spring 2003. Given the economy and the sport's problems, however, the task of finding tour sponsors has become quite difficult. "We approach local businesses, but none seems to be willing" to back up the events, said sumo elder Musashigawa, a former yokozuna known as Mienoumi who now heads the association's local tournament department. "I think the ( weak local ) economy is one factor ( for this situation ), " said Kitanoumi, another former yokozuna and heads of the sumo association. "We cannot stay this and that about it. " To reduce the costs of the tours, some sumo stables jointly carry out training camps. "We don't like to stay in Tokyo just because the summer local tournaments have been cut short, " said sumo elder Naruto, formerly known as yokozuna Takanosato. "Although ( holding local tours ) costs a lot, we would like to continue them. "
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    Happy Birthday, Kinta!

    Okurechatta! ( gosh feels like only yesterday I wrote here tanjobi-omedetoo to you ... Time flies...) Tonikaku! ( 戸に書く! (Feeling artistic...) ) 51 is a good age. Hope you enjoyed your special day. (Heart)
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    ebay: Tegata

    I think this is Kitanofuji.   北の冨士
  8. Amanogawa

    Japanese literature, authors

    Yes I like Natsume Souseki too! And I think Kawabata's style is truly aesthetic. Voluptious and stoic, and purely beautiful. His "Tenohira no Shousetsu ( stories on a palm )", a collection of over 100 ( very ) short stories.. I read this many times but I'd still want to take it out from my bookshelf sometimes to taste it - his gift is here. I like Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Dazai Osamu, Abe Kobo, Nakajima Atsushi, Endo Shusaku ( "Silence" is a great book! ), Tsutsui Yasutaka ( oh how I love him!!!! especially when he is at serious "literary" ones! ). Hayashi Mariko. Kyogoku Natsuhiko. Tanabe Seiko - her writing is so humorous and delicate that you'd feel as if you were hypnotised -if you were a woman. (Nodding yes...) Murakami's Chronicle is a very good one too. As for children's books - Hayashi Akiko! Kako Satoshi! Chou Shinta! I also like tanka ( 5-7-5-7-7 thing..). Most popular, "friendly" modern poet may probably be Tawara Machi. I like Kawano Yuko and Okai Takashi, but my best fav is Nakajo Fumiko who lived such a passionate life and died too young a death. Her "Chibusa Soushitsu ( The Loss of Breasts )" is extraordinary. The ancient poet I like is Izumi Shikibu, another passionate lady who wrote powerful love poems. I know some of you here like Ozu Yasujiro very much, btw, and here's one of his romanchikku haiku: Kuchizuke mo Yume no naka nari Haru no ame ( Spring rain - I kissed her on the lips, Or was it but a dream )
  9. Amanogawa

    Omedeto Susanoo!

    Otanjoobi omedeto gozaimasu! (Punk rocker...) Tsuu o unaraseru toukou o korekara mo tanoshimi ni shite imasu! 44 is a good age!! (Sign of approval)
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    Featured edible food - Rice

    Onigiri ( rice ball ) ga suki desu!! You can make rice balls simply with salt, or you may want miso and get it grilled afterwards too if you like. Wrapping onigiri with nori ( dried laver ) is good. Or roasted sesami! :-O I can't resist from eating one when I'm making rice balls for children :-P . What's inside? Grilled salmon, cod ovum, tuna dressed with mayonnaise, or chees, or sausage or hamburger... or whatever you want. Daisuki!
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    そうですね....。  (Whistling...)
  12. Amanogawa

    Futagoyama got cancer

    Read this on the Japanese Sumo ML. Futagoyama Oyakata has a cancer. (Showing respect...) Cancer of the oral cavity. One in between teeth and gums. Tried to get the proper med term but I couldn't -Kaikitsune will surely follow this up ( thanks ). According to Spo-Nichi, this was revealed on the 3rd. This disease got serious last autumn. He was suffered from pains and a swollen chin. After a remission for awhile it flared up again before Nagoya Basho. He reported a request of absence to Kyokai with a diagnosis of only "mouth inflammation" though. He's in a battle with this disease with "geka-ryouhou ( surgical treatment?)" and medical treatment. On this day ( the 3rd ) Takanohana never mentioned the diagnosis but just said "Bad parts were being taken care of, in comprehensive ways". He's only 54.... (Holiday feeling...)
  13. Amanogawa

    Instructions for LIFE

    Well, there should be a footnote here then. That you don't let your girl wear a heavy coat. :-)
  14. Amanogawa

    Kanji Shikona

    Tomoe was my late grandma's name. I loved her and also really liked her name kanjis - 友愛 - which means, friendship and love. Well, just a little sentiment (Whistling...)
  15. Amanogawa

    ....これってひょっとして何かヒミツのメッセージ交換場所になってるんだったりして  :-) B-)
  16. Amanogawa

    Where to find Sumo calendars in Aomori ?

    Forthright answer from Aomori (Showing respect...) There's no place in Aomori where you can buy NSK's official products like rikishi dolls, tegata prints, towels, stationeries, etc. And about the sumo calendar -you'd have to order it from the NSK's commission company with considerable mailing charge (750 yen) if you want one -which I did last year. Well, you may be able to get some sumo-in-general stuff here ( not too commonly seen though ), like pseudo-Ukiyoe sumo drawings or handicrafts of the sorts, but no official goods at all. But I guess there's no such "Kyokai Sumo-shop branch" anywhere in Japan actually? I hope your friend will enjoy Aomori. It's a real warm winter here this year! (Showing respect...) :-)
  17. Amanogawa

    Japanese units of measure

    Manekineko - you'll love these pages!! (Sign of approval) Length/distance area volume weight about money, what about Yayakoshii! (I am not worthy...)
  18. Amanogawa

    Minasama Douzo!

    こんにちは魁狐さん! ローマ字の日本語は何度も書かれていらしたようですが、 日本語の日本語は初めてですね :-) 。 Niceです! おかしくなんかないです。 私たちの言葉でコミュニケーションしてくださってありがとう。 素戔嗚(Susanoo)さんもおっしゃっているように、「意味が通じるかどうかも深く考える必要は 有りません。とにかく、くつろいでお話しを楽しみましょう。」  魁狐さんのスーパー素晴らしい 「相撲分析眼 」は、英語圏だけにとどめておかれるべきでは絶対にない  と常々 思っていました。 やはり素戔嗚さんのおっしゃるとおり、「英語混じりでも、ローマ字でも、 ひらがなでも大丈夫です」 ので、ぜひこれからはこちらでもshareしていただけたら.... :-S よろしくお願いします。
  19. Amanogawa


    魁皇にはもちろん文字通りの悲願を達成して欲しい!!と同時に、筋金入りの若の里クラブ会員(ちなみに会長は華の隆関ことジョシュですが)としては、彼の大関取りも心臓ドキドキ(バクバク、かな)です。彼の優勝&昇進パレードなんかあったりしたら、雪に埋もれても私は行きます。ええ。いきますとも。  (Hugging...) ;-) (Cold...) 外国人力士の活躍ぶりは、素晴らしくめまぐるしかったですね、ほんとに「めざましい」なんて控えめなものではありません。 :-)  好きな力士は?と聞いたとき息子が何のてらいもなく「白鵬と朝赤龍」と答えたのには感慨深いものがありました。もちろん日本人力士にもがんばってほしいけれど、外国人だろうと誰だろうと力士は等しく力士、というスタンスは大事にしたいと思います。
  20. Amanogawa

    Minasama Douzo!

    日本語でのこういうタイプのフォーラムがあればいいなあと思っていたら、今回のサイト更新で作ってもらえちゃいました :-D !本当に嬉しい。 たくさんの方が参加してくださるといいですね~ (Nodding yes...) ありがとうModeratorのみなさん、 そして理事長! B-) :-)
  21. Amanogawa

    New recruits for Kyushu

    Masu here ( how poetic (Blinking...) ) is the affiliation kanji - just like Kai as in KaioU. This Hungarian boy T
  22. Amanogawa

    New recruits for Kyushu

    Masuto(u)o(u) - 升東欧 desu. edit --typo! as always. (First prize...) Anyone who read this note beforehand - his shikona is not Mautouou but Masutouou. Sorry!
  23. Amanogawa

    Our "star"

    I was not sure if this was the right place to put this topic - so move this please if not. :-) If you watched sumo on NHK Day 10, and if you still remember that little girl on her father's shoulders holing a big sign with a big white circle ( which implied the day's Kaio's "shiroboshi", a white star, or a win ), that was our member Norizo's little girl. Norizo was there in Fukuoka Taiiku-kan on the day with his family, and was putting a biiig sign with Kaio's hoshitori tables of white/black circles. TV showed the picture a few times. He was actually there in Fukuoka last year too. If you remember that impressive banner "Musashimaru kyou mo kattene ( Wish you one more win today, Musashimaru )" , that was him (Bye, bye...) (Hugging...) And now, he's having yet another plot to be on TV today on Senshuraku. Anyone who can have NHK sumo available today, try to check on Yamamoto in Sandanme Yusho playoff or Tamaasuka in Juryo fighting for his KK today. You may be able to see what a beautiful family Norizo has, and so is himself. (In a state of confusion...)
  24. Amanogawa

    Our "star"

    Wow, thank you thank you Zenjikun! :-S Great to see these again here - and yes, it really broke my heart too when I saw this ( and KaioU lost... )
  25. Amanogawa

    And Happy Birthday Onnagumo!

    Have a happy happy one, Onnagumo! (I am not worthy...) Got a nice omedeto-call from your sweetheart Kotonowaka? (Heart) (Heart) (Heart)