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    Moto-Oginohana dies

    Sad news ( I haven't seen anyone posted this here so far..): Mr. Koiwai Masaaki ( former Sekiwake Oginohana ), the father of two former makuuchi rikishi Oginishiki and Oginohana died on 16th of liver cancer at age 71. Hailing from Saga prefecture, he made a debut in '57. He was active in Makuuchi for 54 bashos as winning 1 Shukun-sho and Gino-sho. After the resignation in '67, he succeeded to the name of Takasaki Oyakata and raised rikishi including his own sons, former makuuchi Oginohana ( present Takasaki Oyakata ) and former Komusubi Ogihishiki ( present Nakadachi Oyakata ). These two rikishi were both in Makuuchi roughly at the same time.
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    Blogs & Japanese

    「まだまだ人を感動させられるんだ。と、思った時、もう一度お相撲さんに戻りたくなった。」 というくだりで、最近涙もろい私はやられてしまいました。 ;-) 飾らない文面から、闘牙という人は素朴な方なんだなあ と感じます。 あの大きな手でどんなにか一生懸命ブロックを組み立てたんでしょう。  想像するとかわいい.. (Neener, neener...)
  3. Amanogawa

    Urogenital injuries

    Of course. ;-)
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    Has anyone checked the Sekitori Oracle site lately? I didn't know Max has now broadened his business to the field like this. (Clapping wildly...)
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    Choice of shikona

    Wow..... Kandou shita! (Laughing...)
  6. Amanogawa

    Happy Birthday, Nekonishiki!

    (Laughing...) Boldog sz
  7. Amanogawa

    Wakanosato Kyujo

    Really very truly indeed..... Time for Kyokai to reconsider Kosho-system..
  8. Amanogawa

    Local boy Hochiyama

    On the 10th of August, one day prior to the Aomori Jungyo tour, Hochiyama and his former high school teacher Mr. Iwaki visited his home prefecture Aomori's local newspaper company To-o Nippo, and met its chief editor. The article roughly says this hopeful will do his best in Aki Basho. Click the icon below the picture, and a short clip will play. Mostly they are speaking in light Tsugaru-ben, his dialect :-O. Hochiyama greets in the end of the clip in standard Japanese though. The editor gave Hochiyama congrats ( and congrats-money ) for Juryo Yusho in Nagoya before they were all seated. He showed the day's paper and said, "Today we have your story told by someone related to you. I heard that Mr.Iwaki was the man who fostered thus strong Hochiyama" to which Mr. Iwaki replied, "No, it's himself who worked hard". The editor: How do you feel about the most likely Makuuchi promotion after winning 3 consecutive Kachikoshi ? I suppose it's long been one of your goals to make Makunouchi?" Hochiyama: Yes, it was one of my goals. E: And you achieved it so fast -- er, or, should I say so slowly ( laughter )? H: Well, I had some difficult times, but things turned fine as I was picking up the right rhythm. E: We're hoping that you'll perform great, and energize Aomori youngsters. --------------------------- Some other local TV showed an Aomori Jungyo clip the other day. All Aomori rikishi were speaking fluent standard-Japanese when interviewed -- except Hochiyama. It was kind of cute. :-O
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    Japanese wife and mobylettes

    This is right. I myself have glaring pink hair now and also a raged dragon tattoo all over my back. :-)
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    Well... assuming no native speaker has chimed in here yet - (You are going off-topic...) When I was watching the scene live, I thought Chiyo said "Te(n)mee..." which literally translates "you". "Temee" is a casual ( or rough ) version of "temae" which however is a humble form of "I ( me )", originally. Te ( hand ) + mae ( front ) = person before ( my own ) hand = me. So when you are to be humble, you may want to use "temae" referring to yourself. My father would say "temae" or "temae domo ( we/us )" when he is being extremely polite to his super-higher ranked master. Then it came to bear the meaning "you", when the second person was lower ranked ( in social position, in age, etc ). But otherwise, in a practical world, most of the cases you'd hear someone using this belligerent form "temeee", you're seeing them bitching, arguring, or fighting. So, in English, it's like "Hey, you" ( someone help me with this )...? :-) Now back to the dohyo ( or off-dohyo ). "Nanda oraa" or "Nanda koraa". "Kora" and "ora" here are the same. You know how consonants would fall off in Japanese casual speech. And so "kora/ora" here means ----hmmmm....nothing (Whistling...) . It's only a word of emotion you'd want to put to get attention from someone to warn or scold or blame him. And "Nan" in "Nanda" is mochiron "what". So, again, directly transtlated, "Nanda (k)oraa" would be...... hmmmmmm..... someone help me please. (Laughing...)
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    Hatachiyama dies

    Hatachiyama ( moto Hokuten'yuu ) died of pancreatic cancer. He was only 45 years old. Hatachiyama beya will probably be merged into Kitanoumi Beya..
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    Gacktoh さん ありがとうございました :-D 個人的にはやはり北桜の奥さまのブログがいいなぁ と思いました。 「北さん」の妻 という基本的なスタンスをとりつつ、彼女自身の魅力もいっぱい。 誰にでもエネルギーを分けてあげられる女性なのでしょうね。まるで北桜みたいに。 一途 という言葉が思い浮かびました。
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    Your Favorite World Cup Mascot?

    ( btw..... I really like your avatar, Manekineko!! (Clapping wildly...) )
  14. Amanogawa

    Happy birthday Kotoseiya!

    Though belated, let me join here to celebrate your special day Kotoseiya (Clapping wildly...) I hope you enjoyed yourself!
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    ありがとうございました。最近はあまりオンラインになら(れ)なくなっておりまして、ネット相撲世界のめざましいupdateについていけなくなっていますので、こんなふうにお知らせしていただけるととてもありがたいです。 寺尾はいつ見ても天然チャーミングだなあと思います (Clapping wildly...)  
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    Can Miyabiyama make it back to Ozeki?

    NHK announcer introduced Miyabi's comment today: Miyabiyama's sumo-mind has been going back and forth between oshi and yotsu after the injury. He thought the brutal oshi-strength left him, and so even thought of converting to a yotsu-zumo rikishi at one point. But now he feels that oshi-power coming back as time heals the injuries, that he can do the very kind of sumo he wants, as much as he wants. Oshi-zumo that is. B-)
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    The announcer said ( and Mainoumi agreed overall ) that the injury may possibly be in the right arm. Somewhere between the elbow and wrist. Wakanosato did not look very happy when interviewed...
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    牛すき鍋丼 is even better, IMO... (Whistling...)
  19. Amanogawa

    Featured Rikishi - Kotonowaka

    My best favorite picture of Gentle Giant. May have been posted before but..
  20. Amanogawa

    January 2006 Banzuke

    We'll finally see Wakanosato on the "Sumo" magazine cover -with Yusho cup in his right hand and his 39 kg wife in the other (I am not worthy...) ...... (Showing respect...)
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    Changing Face of Akihabara

    Interestingly and good-timingly, I saw this cute little article about Akiba/Otaku on the Japan Times. This author Kaori Shoji is a very good writer and would usually do movie reviews for the paper. She is a Japanese woman who finished an American university ( if I remember correctly ). Of course sweetness does count for women. (Heart) Sweetness Counts for Women in Search of Geeks By KAORI SHOJI First of all, they're not called otaku anymore but go by the much snazzier name of Akiba-kei. With this recasting, it looks like Japan's muscle-less, girlfriend-less, PC/iPod obsessed class of bespectacled oddballs have moved en masse into the cultural mainstream. No longer the shunned weirdos of yesteryear, Akiba-kei are now reputed to influence everything from stock points to semantics to sexual relationships. So while the New Yorkers looked to the television series "Sex and the City," Tokyoites are looking to Akiba-kei for pointers on love. After all, the season's most popular TV drama, "Densha-Otoko (Train Man)," was about the relationship between a virgin Akiba-kei who had never dated and an intimidatingly beautiful, sophisticated career woman. To borrow a phrase from my niece Asami (15): "Ussssoooooo, arienaaaaaai! (You're kidding! It can't be happening!)" Naturally, Akihabara has now been upgraded to Akiba. Though the majority that stomp its streets are still the classic geek types in sleep-flattened hair and bad jeans, there has been a noticeable surge in hip foreigners and sightings of young women, two segments of the populace who until recently, would not have been caught dead anywhere near the place. Supermodels like Naomi Campbell have reportedly been seen there, and actress Daryl Hannah was walking around in Akiba-kei jyaajii (sweats) in Omotesando with a "Toyoko Takkyubu (Toyo High School Ping Pong Club)" inscription. Akiba has actually become oshare (fashionable), a transformation I rate on par with Baghdad becoming a Club Med destination. And who would have thought that the Akiba-kei could ever become an object of desire among young women looking for marriage? Says my friend Maiko (32): "Mou, moteotoko no jidai wa owatta. Akiba-kei no houga yasashikute, dasakute, kawaii (The age of the hunk is over. I prefer the kinder, nerdier, cuddlier Akiba-kei.)" Indeed, Maiko and her friends profess that the less dating experience a guy has, the more they are susceptible to -- and appreciative of -- feminine charms. So what if they're a little overweight, a little sloppy and have never, ever shopped for Armani? They're sweet, and in the end, sweetness is what counts. At the same time, Maiko admits: "Akiba-kei otoshi wa muzukashii (It's difficult to bag an Akiba-kei.)" She's right: having played around with digitally animated cuties in cyberspace for most of their lives, Akiba-kei are notorious for their impossibly high standards. To catch their attention a woman must be "kawaii, atsukaiyasui, kyo-nyu, ashi-hoso, dekame de ecchi (cute, malleable, big-breasted, thin-legged, large-eyed and erotic)," as described by hard-core Akiba-kei Yuusuke (35), whose most recent dating experience goes back to his second year in college. "Nama no onna wa dejitaru no kawaiko-chan ni doushitemo makeru (a real woman will always lose out to a digital chick)" he claims and says it's OK because he prefers the digital versions anyway. Asked if he doesn't feel the usual, "I've-been-single-too-long symptoms of loneliness, alienation and self-doubt," Yuusuke shook his head. "I'm not after sexual or conventional relationships. It was never about any of that." This is precisely what Maiko and other women are up against: the Akiba-kei is uninterested in intimacy; they are after sensations. The closest they get to falling in love is the state of moe (pronounced mo-ay) which means "blossoming." They want to look at a woman (digital or otherwise) and feel an agrarian bloom somewhere in their jaded brains. After that, the Akiba-kei will tend to their blossoms like gardeners fussing over their favorite roses, and if the blossoms should die, well they'll look around for something new. Nowadays, that something can often be found in the Akiba-specialty: the Medo Cafe (Maid Cafe). In these establishments the waitresses are decked out in full Victorian maid regalia, complete with huge white aprons and little lace caps adorning shiny black braids that hang from each side of their pixie faces. And they will refrain politely from any personal interaction. The Maid Cafes are the Akiba-kei's current No.1 moe hot spots; in the maids, they see a shyness, stoicism and demure charm long gone from ordinary Japanese women. Indeed, why go out with a namano onna when A-kiba beckons, twinkling in all its cyberspace, kosu-pure (costume-play) glory?
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    Famous fathers' sons

    Ryusei ( Kagamiyama-beya, Jonidan ) is Kagamiyama Oyakata's ( former Sekiwake Tagaryu ) son desu.
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    「魁皇ばかりに声援が送られて寂しかった」という発言には、芯から純朴な彼の人柄が 表れているように思いました。花道で庄之助を待ち、花束(と懸賞金のお裾分け!)を 手渡した姿には、「日本人らしくありたい」という健気を感じました。 十代の頃から単身異国で精進を続け、考えうる限りの重圧の中でこれほどの 極みを遂げた過程を思うとき、朝青龍という人はなんと強い人間なのだろう と 感嘆せずにはいられません。 横綱という地位に、相撲の具現者としての完全を見たいと願ってしまうのは 間違っているのかもしれません。 「普通の」25歳といえば、精神的にまだまだ 発展途上人です(25歳当時の自分がいかに幼稚だったか!!)。 それでもやはり横綱たる存在には、礼に鑑みて厳しく自分を律することが 内包されてしかるべきだと思います。資格者には年齢を言い訳にすることは 許されないのではないかと。 土俵に上がったらすべて等しく力士です。日本人だとかモンゴル人だとか、 そういう目で私は相撲を見たくありません。尽くすべき礼を尽くし相撲をとる。 単純なことだと思います。素戔嗚さんがおっしゃるとおり、強く謙虚で正しく 優しくあるだけ。ShiroiKumaさんは以前「私は善い人間になるために相撲を するのだ」と話しておられました。「力士としてだけではなく人間として優れた弟子を 育てたい」と多くの親方が話すのを耳にします。さまざまに自己修養してゆくことは、 「日本人らしくあるため」だけではなく、ひとりの人として求められる琢磨では ないでしょうか。朝青龍はことさら「日本人」であることを意識せずとも、力士であること、 その頂点に立つ者で在ることを全うするだけでいいのではないでしょうか。 「日本人らしい」ことのひとつに、どんな場面でも「らしく」振舞うことが挙げられると 思います。若く強く才能あふれる横綱には、きっと「乗り越えなくてはならない時期」を 颯爽と乗り越えて欲しい。力士らしく、人らしく、そして横綱「らしく」。
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    なるほど、そうだったんですか。私はそうとは気づきませんでした。 強く謙虚で正しく優しくあれば、どこの国においても心ある人、 またその国に深い理解を持つ人として周りからそう呼ばれることでしょう。 (Shaking head...) 私も全然気がつきませんでした。なるほど、そうだったんですね。 :-) :-(  
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    John Tenta

    Oh no.... yes this must be Kototenta ( later Kototenzan ). He was ballyhooed with his wrestling career ( world champion or something? ), but ended up with leaving Sumo after brilliant consecutive wins from Mae-zumo until the day he left. Means, he never lost while active -- if I remember correctly. And now he got cancer..... :-)