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    Some more pictures

    I'm sorry I'm being a little picking in details,
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    Surching for a name

    Senetsu nagara... Manekineko-zeki is right, "frog" is kaeru, "french frog" is fransu no kaeru, "mighty french frog" is fransu no kyoudai na kaeru. And if :-D some little playing space is left for the heya-name's sake, what about Fransu no abarenbou-gaeru ( French gangster/swashbuckler frogs ) Fransu kaeru gundan ( French frog corps ) -gundan carries the air of a flock of cool machos, IMO. Futsu kaeru gun ( same as above, in a little compressed style.. "a" or "wa" reading for kaeru is not really recognizable even to native Japanese speakers, I think, so I just let kaeru go as it is. Futsu also might be a litte difficult to be figured out as "Fransu" unless it's written in Kanji.. ) Of course please do feel free to decline all above!
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    Juryo yusho race and stuff

    ;-) The announcer will be in trouble sometime soon though .... They've met once in Juryo, btw, if I remember rightly..? Amanogawa
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    Sumo & music

    Could anyone fill me in with the lyrics please?
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    Happy anniversary!

    Oops. (Hehe...) Well then let's save all these bottles of wine for December. Good part is that everyone now has a whole month ahead to be prepared for the party ( or not? (Laughing...) ). Wow! Can't wait....! Amanogawa (Blowing up at the other guy...) :-) (Blowing up at the other guy...) (Laughing...)
  6. Amanogawa

    Happy anniversary!

    (In a holiday mood...) 8-O (Immersing oneself to wine...) (Jumping of joy...) A little bird told me this forum is celebrating its first anniversary on 9th of November!!! Thank you, first and foremost, Rijicho, for your around-the-clock efforts to run this site as such a happy place for every one of us to be, where everything is just a click away. We always feel assured for kind answers, help, and advice and also, for a lot of fun here! and this makes us want to come back again and again ( and again! ). And thank you all members, for your myriads of unique arts to color this forum just beautiful! I really love this forum and feel proud being a member here. Happy Anniversary! Amanogawa
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    Pre-Kyushu training news thread

    What terrific works you've been sharing with us all Kai-zeki! Thanks for your time and efforts for offering such a nice thread of good reports. I see you maybe necessarily like to make a little arrangement in these numbers... :-) According to the articles, Kaio won 9 out of 20. These ozeki have been doing good keiko together at Kokonoe-beya camp since 31st of last month and have made 120 training bouts for six days! Thanks again! Amanogawa
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    Do you know this baby?

    Either of them are not married or engaged but I heard some sort of romantic rumours aobut Tochiazuma. :-)
  9. Amanogawa

    Sumoforum is a football

    Amanogawa is a winter decoration who works during summertime as a safty inspectioner in nuclear power plant in Hokkaido, Northern Island of Japan, and draws little pictures of owls playing hockey with owl-hockey sticks in a hayfield when nuclear reactors don't need inspection.
  10. Amanogawa

    Takanosato a great yokozuna ?

    Mind if I'd join you, Kotoseiya? I found a big one in what I wrote yesterday: Of course it's Wakanohana instead of Wakanosato. Gosh, seems like I think of Wakanosato alittle bit too much all the time. (Hehe...) Amanogawa
  11. Amanogawa

    Takanosato a great yokozuna ?

    ( sorry! My post had been too long? (Note...) ) -Oyakata, wholeheartedly thankful, as saying, "Who could ask for better encouragement? Friendlier caring?" That's right. He once had had a bad reputation like snob or stuck-out for not drinking sake with his koenkai supporters at parites when his diabetes was still a "secret". But once he revealed that, these people were moved by his courage of declaring to battle the crucial desease, fully supported him ever more. I had a chance to meet him a few years ago. I was soooo nervous because I knew he was not easy-going, or was "touch-me-not" type of man when he was active. But "my hero" turned to be a very gentle, polite, and smaller-than-I-thought man with quite dignity. Unlike today, it was rare back then that rikishi does weight training to build up bodies, and Takanosato was the pioneer to the field. So he did look so different from any other rikishi that he got a nickname "Popeye". (Thumbs up...) To me, like his disciple Wakanosato, he is rather a "rikishi in shining muscles" though.... (Aww...) (Laughing...) I meant to write this before but was running out of time then! (Looks around...) Amanogawa
  12. Amanogawa

    Takanosato a great yokozuna ?

    Takanosato was a good athlete playing baseball, judo, sumo, or shot-putting and was in the first grade at high school when Futagoyama came to his hometown to scout him. He declined Futagoyama's offer once for he had just entered the high school and plus he got his achilles tendom injured and having treatments. Then Oyakata "allured" him by persuading, "I'll have you see a great doctor in Tokyo. Have you been to Tokyo? No? Then you can see around in Tokyo! You can stay my "house where o-sumo san are staying" while you have the medical treatment. After it's recovered, I'll give you Tokyo tours and then you can go home!" (Sigh...) Japanese night trains back then were triple-decker style. Futagoyama Oyakata ( Wakanohana I then ) and Wakanosato II (present Magaki Oyakata ) had tickets for upper beds and Takanosato ( present Naruto Oyakata ) had one for the bottom one. But then Futagoyama claimed he should sleep on the bottom, so they swapped the tickets. Later, asked the reason why, Futagoyama answered in wry grin, "I was afraid he might be escaping if I had let him sleep on the bottom bed". These two young boys, leaving their hometowns, families and friends behind them to dive into the unknown world, always helped each other and were the strength for each other all throughout their careers. Most of their early stages, Wakanohana ( note: was "Wakamisugi" '73-78 before inheriting this great name "Wakanohana" in '78 ) was taking a lead. He started getting attentions as making sanyaku while Takanosato was way steadily but slowly stepping up somewhere in Juryo. At one time Wakanohana was interviewed and asked to give a name of rikishi he reagarded as his "rival". Media was expecting the name of Kitanoumi who then was dominating on the top. But Wakanohana answered, "My rival is Takanosato." -actually he kept mentioning his old mate's name occasionally, adding, "He's now ranked far lower than where he really deserves only because of injureis and desease", which, later Takanosato looked back and was wholeheartedly thankful for, as saying,
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    Takanosato a great yokozuna ?

    Course I do!!!!
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    Asahifuji, an unrecognized yokozuna

    Back home from Kokugikan. :) There's not much left for this Aomorian to say as both Kai-zeki and Chiyo-zeki did such nice jobs on his "main trade". So just few more words about little things...
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    To ALL Lady-Cyber-Rikishi :)

    Thank you everyone! I'm a female and probably the "definite participant".
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    Sumo injuries

  17. Amanogawa

    Sumo do, sumo don't !

    Thanks, Hoshifransu-zeki! for introducing this fantastic film of sumo! ( wow, the English title is nice! ) Yes, this IS a great movie with a lot of laughter and gusto, and pathos, too. I heard many people speak a lot good things about this movie.
  18. Amanogawa

    Sumo terms C with questions

    I don't know if I'm good at making chankonabe but yes, I think I can give you real simple cahnkonabe credo. :) Chankonabe is actually made up of two words. "Chanko" and "nabe". As most of memebers here are already aware I suppose, *any* dish eaten by rikishi at sumo-beya is supposedly called "chanko". These days more than often we see caricatures way teasing rikishis' unfavorable changes in picking food for "chanko". The cartoons are something like; chanko-ban rikishis ( =lower ranker rikishis who take turn to make "chanko" ) serve dishes of pizza, spaghetti, or hambergers as telling their stablemates, "Here are today's 'chanko'". And the word "nabe". This nabe is for "nabe-ryouri"which means "a dish served in a pot". Similar to Western fondu but instead of dipping cooked food in a sauce, meat or fish and different kinds of vegetables are cooked in an earhternware pot filled with a special soup stock. The pot is placed usualy in the center of a table and people gather around the pot and share the food. Nabe-ryouri is good for socializing and it is often enjoyed by families or close friens -especially in the winter time. Because chankonabe is a kind of "nabe-ryouri"which doesn't require too much cooking skills in basis, usually we Japanese don't care too much about making it "correctly" or trying "precisely follow the recipe" or anything. :-/ All you have to do is to remember the simple, basic theory of fixing a nabe dish which is - Add more stock or salt or water or sake or whatever seasoning you like and make the nabe taste in way you like it to be. So there Kaikitsune-zeki gave this URL of good chanko-cooking page. You just try to follow the instructions but just don't get obsessed to be too precise. Moto-chanko-ban rikishi Kototusrugi occasionally shows up on a sumo magazine and writes "how to make chanko" but he NEVER tells us to stick much to any accurate figures of weight or amount of the stock or the time to get the pot boiled or how much each food is needed for precisely how many people. Don't be afraid. Just give it a try, it is delicious! -is his message, I guess. :) But yet for those who's intrigued, here's moto-Kototsurugi's ( yes, Rijicho, he used to join Sadogatake-beya! :-)) "simplest but best chanko" lesson: Prepare raddish, carrot, burdock, garlic, egg, pork spareribs ( NO number of how much either of these food is needed! ). Suger, miso ( Japanese bean paste ), sake or shochu(distilled spirits ) for seasoning. Peel all vegetables and cut them into the sizes you like ( he recommends rather big pieces because this dish needs to be boiled for some hours.:-)). Make eggs boiked and peel them. Put all cut vegetables, spareribs and water into a pot and boil them for ten minutes. Skim the lye. Take all vegetables and ribs out of the water and throw away the water. Then put the food all back into the pot. Put miso, sugar, a couple of cloves of garlic into the pot with water that barely covers them. Put the boiled eggs on top of the food. Boil them now with high heat. When it starts boiled, add one or two glasses of sake, and boil for three - four more hours with mideum -low heat. That's it. :) Simple, huh. But he says this chankonabe would taste even better if it's left overnight though you can have it just when it's done. You may like to have this with a little mastard. I have. IT was Naruto-style chankonabe. Sitting right next to my ever-gohiiki Wakanosato-zeki. The chankonabe at that time was chicken kind delicately flavored with soy sauce and many other spices that finely added subtlety to it. I wish I really could eat it A LOT but I simply couldn't... imagine you're sitting beside someone you wholeheartedly look up to, worship, admire, and everything.... would you still be able to eat a lot??? :-)
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    Gyoji Terms

    OOops! :-(
  20. Amanogawa

    Gyoji Terms

    Hello, Just a little modest "chiming-in" by a native. :-( I think the announcement above may be the original version ( ? I'm not sure on this, sorry ),
  21. Amanogawa

    More Kyujo

    Hello everyone! First of all, I'm now on cloud nine because my best gohiiki( =favorite ) WAKANOSATO [ check my cool avatar ] won to Musashimaru! Sorry, I admit I'm too hyper. Well for a serious note, I think Aogiyama may have injured too seriously to show himself up tomorrow. :-( I'm so sorry about him because he's been doing not-bad so far and pretty much likely to earn kachikoshi... I think this is already surreal now. Kaiho, though he won't pull off as far as I reckon, may have got injured, too, due to today's bout ( he couldn't walk with his right foot on the dohyo when doing the after-bout rituals ). Hayateumi reportedly can't make his knees bent okay... what painful sight we have to witness every day...
  22. Amanogawa

    More Kyujo

  23. Amanogawa

    More Kyujo

    That's exactly what today's NHK sumo broadcasting announcer commented about Tochisakae's health status. He implied the possibilities of Sakae's coming back probably towards the end of the basho. However, he also reported that Sakae's been suffered from high fever ( about 40 C degrees ) since Day 6's night. So... maybe we'll just wait and see, yes. :-P Btw, Hoshifransu-zeki, would you mind if I asked - why "Fukushima"?
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    More Kyujo

    Hello, I'm new to here. Dozo yoroshiku. :-) I remember I read somewhere that the astonishingly increasing number of kyujo rikishis is due to that they're becoming bigger each year, which matter-of- fact-ly generates more physical power to crash heavy enough to damage human bodies... So I guess it's sort of a vicious circle which probably wouldn't be broken for good. All rikishi want to win, and they build up their bodies big and tight to win, unavoidably causing themselves lethal injuries like we're seeing now....