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  1. jranderson222

    Can you ID this Yokozona?

    THANK YOU!!!!!!
  2. jranderson222

    Can you ID this Yokozona?

    Hello -- I received this awesome curtain from my friend for my birthday and would like to know which Yokozuna is depicted. Can anyone help? Thank you so much! All my best, Josh
  3. jranderson222

    Any Vegas Sportsbooks take action on Sumo?

    Thank you!
  4. They laughed at me at Mandalay Bay when I asked if they’d take a bet on Sumo futures. Anyone know where they might take my bet?
  5. jranderson222

    Hakuho's dominance to continue?

    Given Harumafuji's retirement, and the health of Kise and Kakuryu, and the huge chip that may be on his shoulder after the past month, I'm looking for Hakuho to make a run at the first clean sweep of all six tournaments in a calendar year since 2005. There are so many good up-and-comers, but without Harumafuji or a healthy Kisenosato, I don't see who's in a great position to stop him...
  6. jranderson222

    How to become a World Champion sumo wrestler

    I've seen Byamba several times at the US Sumo Open. As far as the guys who compete there, he's the only one with even close to "real-sumo" level skills, IMO. I think in 3 or 4 tournaments where I've seen him, he's fought 30+ times (they fight several times per day at this tournament if they keep winning), and I've only seen him lose once. Everyone else is more of a hobbyist, a true amateur. That said, the tournament is a blast. It's every spring, and has been in Long Beach for the last few years. Highly recommend for any fan of sumo!
  7. jranderson222

    Heya with small number of rikishi

    This is a really interesting question. I can’t speak (though would love to know as well) as to how it works in sumo, but I work in brand licensing in the US (at a movie studio). When we put out stickers, say, of a Super Hero in one of our films, we are not creating them ourselves. We license the right to create these to another company in return for a percentage of the profit (usually with some amount of money guaranteed, regardless of how successful — or not — the product is in the marketplace). Whether “talent” (an actor) is cut into the studio’s share of licensing dollars is generally dependent upon what their agent was able to negotiate. A big star (say, an A-list movie actor) may have full approval over what products are licensed with their likeness, approval over the product itself and see a decent percentage of the revenue the studio receives from their licensee for those sales. Other talent (say, an actor on a TV show, or someone lesser known) may have no say at all, and only receive a nominal fee required by the union for use of their image. (Or perhaps nothing at all) I’m not sure how copyright and trademark law differs between the US and Japan, but I would assume the sumo pendant and sticker manufacturers also need to buy a license from the sumo association in order to create their products (and that the sumo association is also not manufacturing these products themselves). Whether revenue filters down to the individual rikishi, I have no idea. Would be fascinated to hear from anyone who does know more about how licensing deals for sumo merch might work....!
  8. jranderson222

    My little boys want to send fanmail to Takakeisho! Best way?

    Thank you so much again, John!!
  9. jranderson222

    My little boys want to send fanmail to Takakeisho! Best way?

    my little guy has always loved the color purple. So, I think it was Takakeisho’s mawashi that started the love!
  10. jranderson222

    Why can’t rikishi drive?

    Very cool. Thank you for sharing this!!!
  11. jranderson222

    My little boys want to send fanmail to Takakeisho! Best way?

    Wow, John! Thank you for the response and the kind offer! I’m a fan of your writing for the Japan Times and your commentary! Thank you for contributing such a large part of the English-language sumo coverage that my sons and i enjoy! What is best address to send to you? May I include a self-addressed stamped envelope in the event Takakeisho wanted to write a short note back to my boys? Or am I pushing my luck? Truly, thank you again! Sumo has been such a cool bonding experience for my sons and I, and it would be awesome to let them know their pictures got to Takakeisho himself! many thanks, josh jranderson222@gmail.com
  12. jranderson222

    Why can’t rikishi drive?

    How long has this been a rule? Can rikishi drive after they retire, if they are still involved in sumo? What is the reason behind this rule? My kids and i are very curious about this, so thank you for any insight! thanks, josh
  13. My boys (4 y/o and 7 y/o) LOVE Takakeisho. They’ve seen every match in his makuuchi career and talk about him, draw him, etc every single day. They want to send him fan mail (pictures they’ve drawn of him). Not knowing how large the operating group is at Takanohana Beya, wanted to ask: 1. Do wrestlers at Takakeisho’s level actually get their fan mail, or (like top American athletes) would the volume of mail be so much that he’d likely never see it...? 2. Will an accompanying note in English (along with their artwork) be able to be read by someone at the stable? Or should i endeavor to get a note translated? strange questions, i know. But my kids are convinced that Takakeisho will love their pictures of him and if we are going to go through the trouble of sending all the way to Japan, i would love to have best chance for Takakeisho to actually see them... thanks for any insight! josh
  14. Can the 33 wins over 3 basho begin before a rikishi reaches sekiwake? Or does the clock not start until you become a sekiwake and then win 33 over 3 from there? I’m really optimistic about Takakeisho’s prospects!! thanks, josh
  15. jranderson222

    What does Takakeisho mean?

    This is what I was hoping for!!! Thank you!!