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  1. Benihana

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Promo and Days 1-15

    @Kintamayama: What does this sentence from the sumo mailing list mean? "And from Moti Dichne, each day's program (in English, BTW) will be put on YouTube by NHK World. Look for it starting Sunday!" Please tell me it means official HD footage on NHKs youtube channel with your commentary. Or is it wrong and should spell "...Moti Dichne: Each day's program..."
  2. Benihana

    Rikishi and oyakata as police chiefs

    Who will be next? I vote for Kokonoe Oyakata aka Chiyonoboozey...
  3. Benihana

    Kisenosato ready for run at yokozuna

    How about oxit? It's more fitting his build :-D
  4. Benihana

    Rikishi extra activities

    3 times? Oh come on, i bet it is at least 4 times. ;-) Yes, it's called nakizumo, here is a english video of this years event without rikishi. And a french one for you with rikishi. This one is japanese, but even better.
  5. Benihana

    Rikishi extra activities

    @egparis: Yes, but for you he isn't a hungry looking giant, a gazillion times your size, BRUTALLY RIPPING YOU OUT YOUR MOTHERS ARMS :-D
  6. People like him always forget one thing: Is there any way for me (in germany) to a) watch the bouts live and b) watch bouts of past bashos, without me or someone else having to resort to not perfectly legal measures? I don't think so. I would like to pay a fair(!!!) amount for this privilege, but... So it's youtube. Thank you Kintamayama-sama!
  7. Benihana

    The Bench Euros 2016!

    Not all of the players. A couple of them including Vardy and those who never left the bench can go back home, but Joe Hart should stay in France, i heard the cote d'azure is quite nice for retirement :-D
  8. Benihana

    Trivia bits

    Impressive. Thanks!
  9. Benihana

    Trivia bits

    Most consecutive yusho without being a yokozuna? In 2014 Tochinoshin scored 4 yusho in a row, 2 in makushita and 2 in juryo. Is there anyone else who did this or even better?
  10. Benihana

    Banzuke Nagoya 2016

    I can't believe that noone has exact informations about what is/was going on with Homarenishiki. I don't even want to know what happened right now, i just want a definite statement if he is in, or out. Time WILL in the end reveal, what happened. Come on guys, this is the age of the internet, you can't hide the truth forever anymore. That's one point that really annoys me, regarding the japanese culture, all that keeping it secret so that nobody looses his face. I thought they learned from earlier scandals, but obviously i was wrong. In the end it will blow and the damage will be even more devastating. BAKA!
  11. Benihana

    21 Nagoya 16, The Results

    1. A 2. B 3. A 4. A 5. A 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. A 10. A 11. A 12. A 13. B 14. X 15. A 16. A 17. A 18. B 19. A 20. B 21. B
  12. Benihana

    Musashimaru starts own heya!

    Azumazeki was founded by Takamiyama, but now is led by Ushiomaru. So Musa should be the only active foreign oyakata. Source:
  13. Benihana

    Musashimaru starts own heya!

    But will he be good enough to stay there? His fighting record is not very impressive. Watched his videos on sumodb...*meh*
  14. Benihana

    Tokoyama training

    @d_golem: I don't know exactly why, but i'm sure it is a religious tradition. Ginkgo trees were "forgotten" for a long time and "rediscovered" by monks about 1000 years ago, before going completely extinct. Ginkgo is a bit special, because there are male and female plants, so they resemble yin and yang and the monks (you know, japanese and symbolicism...) planted them in and around temples. Since sumo has it's roots in religious ceremonies, this could be the connection. That's the best explanation i could find on non-japanese websites.
  15. Hi, I'm 36 years old and from Schweinfurt, Germany. I lost track on sumo since freeTV broadcasting was ceased here. I don't know why i didn't search the net for sumo earlier, but a few months ago i gladly stumbled upon Mr. Kintamayama's YouTube channel and subsequently I ended up here. I'm fan of the Walking Fat since my youth, when i saw them on Eurosport. There was no Internet and it was always luck to find sumo while zapping through the channels. I can remember Konishiki as Ozeki and the whole yok or not discussion. I can't remember if i still saw Chiyonofuji fighting, but I saw Akebono, Kaio, Musashimaru, Musoyama, Waka/Taka and all the other great of that time and the years to follow. I can remember a Aminishiki weighing almost less than me and a fresh yok called Asashoryu. Oh sweet memories :) Aminishiki was then one of my favs, because of his style and it is sad to see him retire, just as I found back to sumo. I don't think he will recover from that injury, it's just too much, please prove me wrong. I watched the past 6 or 7 bashos on Mr. Kintamayama's channel (and i will watch 'em all) and i think i can say i'm rooting for Mitakeumi. I don't think he will make KK next basho, but i hope it will be a 5-10 at worst. I see him at least as Ozeki if he can keep this rate of developement. Other guys i have a bit of sympathy for are Kotoshobumpy, Kotohooti and Osunaarashi. Have to dig in deeper into the subject to find a real favorite. No, not Hak.
  16. Benihana

    Sumo World Magazine

    Apparently there is a kindle edition on amazon, One issue from 2013 and 3 newer starting 4-monthly from 09/2015. Maybe you should try the address in the newest issue Looks like you can subscribe to the print edition for $35/year.
  17. Benihana

    The Bench Euros 2016!

    No, they won't get booted out. They will be fined, that is pretty sure and maybe they will loose points, like back in 2012. Almost more disgusting is a statement of Alexander Schprigin, who is the russian "fan commissioner", who said that there were no problems... Edit: I have to correct myself. Meanwhile the UEFA threatens to expel Russia AND England. German news
  18. Benihana

    Sumo documentary videos

    @hamcornheinz: Thanks concerning the videos. I know that it is not allowed, i'm WTFing, because they say it is!
  19. Benihana

    Sumo documentary videos

    @egparis18: Could you please explain what is going on in those 2 videos? Now to something completely different: I started watching the german documentation..."allowed is almost everything...hairpulling, hitting the opponent with your fist..." WTF?!?
  20. Benihana

    Rikishi with cats

    Soft kitty, warm kitty Little ball of fur Happy kitty, sleepy kitty Purr, purr, purr --- Sheldon Cooper
  21. Benihana

    Preparations of the masses-July 2016

    I think Amuru should be in camp 3: "Knees to brain, knees to brain: If you put 1 more kilo on us, we will squish like gummi bears in a hydraulic press!" Warning! This video is not safe for gummi bear lovers! :-D
  22. Benihana

    Here comes ze next German :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome :) Oh by the way, i almost forgot my favourite nerd-boy Takamisakari :-D