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  1. Hey all, we're a guy and girl from Melbourne, Australia and we have been interested in sumo for a few years now. We've wanted to do a daily wrap-up podcast for each basho for a while and have finally got around to it. Check out Sumo Mainichi on Spotify and Apple Podcasts or here on Whooshka - We're also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram if you so desire. We, plus our cat Yuki, just really enjoy talking about this fascinating sport and its insane and captivating storylines. Thanks and hope you enjoy!
  2. NeutronGirl

    Abema TV all sumo live

    @Kawabata the music is definitely not playing in the stadium, they are adding it, god knows why.
  3. NeutronGirl

    Abema TV all sumo live

    Yeah I watched it all the way through. The music is super annoying and the ads became very annoying. The stream was very good quality and very stable though. For reference, we use (and pay for) Private Internet Access as our VPN and they are excellent. I would rather have sumo than no sumo! Obviously I'll keep watching Kinta's excellent summary every night as well.
  4. NeutronGirl

    Where to go next?

    Thanks so much @mbovo, that was fantastic. Let's hope you can keep streaming!
  5. NeutronGirl

    Video Stream - Availability

    I've been at work the last few days during the live bout times, has that streaming site been working?
  6. NeutronGirl

    Basho Talk - Nagoya Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    HA! I saw this and took a pic to show everyone but couldn't figure out how to upload a pic here, lol. Brilliant.
  7. NeutronGirl

    Video Stream - Availability

    We've found a live stream. It's at My boyfriend is a hero.
  8. NeutronGirl

    Kisenosato ready for run at yokozuna

    I'd love to see him become Yokozuna. Big time. I'll be cheering for him.
  9. NeutronGirl

    Video Stream - Availability

    Oh no! Can anyone confirm this? Any other options? Amy