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    Walking the fine line between "Japanophile" and "weeaboo." Sumo, mostly. Figuring out how to make the food I ate when I lived in Japan at home. I make a mean chanko, rice balls, taco rice, barbecue beef (Okinawa dish, not American barbecue), decent soba, Okinawa soba, and yakisoba, and I'm trying to figure out the intricacies of various styles of ramen. Can you tell what I did when I lived in Okinawa?


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    Hakuho, Konishiki (post sumo career), Ikioi.

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  1. Churaumi

    Corona and sumo

    I suppose there will just be a fleet of rental cars going back and forth from stable to kokugikan and back all day.
  2. Churaumi

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    Depends what league. The UFC does testing (look up Jon Jones) and enforces it, can't say the same for every other league. And, the UFC does appear to only do random testing if someone popped positive before a match, but I am willing to be wrong about that. Either way, I'm glad this kid can use his talents somewhere other than inside the heya and hope his opponents do well against him.
  3. Churaumi

    Rikishi Families In Attendance?

    Except for the occasional mention on NHK, it doesn't seem like the sumo world makes much of a deal of it unless someone is going for an emotionally important yusho. I think every time I've seen family shown on TV they've always been fairly high up in the upper seats of the Kokugikan. That day I saw Takayasu's mom run out she was only maybe five rows below the general admission ring, and toward the corner of the arena on a diagonal from the angle the usual camera at tachi-ai. Hardly a great seat.
  4. Churaumi

    Rikishi Families In Attendance?

    I was there last May and Takayasu lost that day. His mom got up and stormed out. It was cute.
  5. Churaumi


    I'm far from an expert, but I've never heard of an ichimon referred to as a gumi.
  6. Churaumi

    Sumo and American Football

    Not that you'd know because I've never mentioned it, but I've been a defensive lineman at one point many years ago. I'm well aware. Those tsuppari aren't a whole lot different than what we were trained to do at my admittedly incredibly basic level of the game. On a pass rush there's only two ways to the quarterback-through an O-lineman or around him. We would tsuppari their face or pads to get them into a position where we could "swim" around them, bringing an arm up and over their shoulder and over their back (like a swimming stroke) to get leverage to push them behind and to the side, so my undersized body could try to find the quarterback. Aoiyama would fit well on either side, but he reminds me of the old school days and how our flailing bodies looked.
  7. Churaumi

    Sumo and American Football

    I bet Aoiyama would do well. Those nasty tsuppari of his aren't too far off from what D-linemen do to get around O-linemen.
  8. Churaumi

    Sumo and American Football

    I bet rikishi make better linemen than goalies. Running backs might be a different matter...
  9. Churaumi

    Consecutive double-digit wins

    One thing I love about ozumo is how not getting the yusho is sometimes equivalent to getting a yusho.
  10. Churaumi

    July basho?

    I'm down. Tickets are hard enough to come by as it was, competition will be fierce if they have limited seating.
  11. Churaumi

    July basho?

    I'd almost rather just have that dreadful music from the Abema feed...
  12. Churaumi

    Retirees after Haru 2020

    I was hoping for a great rivalry at the bottom, a kind of Hakuho Era in jonokuchi. You know. Something that would make the crowd go mild.
  13. Churaumi

    Whenever, Wherever Basho 202*

    I'm predicting the new guys will have trouble but the ozeki will both make it. I also think it should be a mask-aron in honor of the 'rona.
  14. Churaumi

    Asashoryu's ketaguri - good or bad?

    What's next? A yokozuna pulling a henka? They'll be doing dameoshi next. I swear....
  15. I wouldn't say Orora is typical. And...comparing him and his habits to the makuuchi crew...well...someone had to crawl onto the dohyo and a lot of people don't. Not saying there isn't room to improve, but that's an unfairly written article.