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  1. Preparations of the Y/O Haru 2018

    Moderators, could we get this rather lively discussion moved to its own thread?
  2. Preparations of the Y/O Haru 2018

    I assume he’ll be a sekiwake in March, if he wins again he might get promoted to ozeki. The problem for him is he doesn’t have the history of consistency the YDC wants to see in a yokozuna. That’s why there was almost no yokozuna buzz when Goeido won a while ago. However, I don’t think it’s too late for him. Tochinoshin doesn’t have the history due to injuries, Goeido is just inconsistent. If Tochinoshin makes ozeki and kills it for a few basho he could do it, I bet.
  3. Preparations of the Y/O Haru 2018

    Took us way too long to get to Hakutoe. Just to save us the trouble in the future, there's Kisnosatoe, Goeitoe, Toechinoshin, Onotoe, Chitoenoo, Toekarafuji, Ichinotoe, Tochitoezan, Terutoefuji, Chiyotoema, Toemawashi, Toehozan, Chiyotoeryu, I think I nailed it. Toenailed it.
  4. Osunaarashi scandal

    That describes at least half of the sport.
  5. AED courses for all heya

    "Starting chest compressions...dammit, I crushed him."
  6. Worst case is there won’t be any tate-gyoji for a while, until someone is ready for promotion. Sumo has only had one for a while now, and basho have been and will continue to be occurring and worth watching.
  7. Osunaarashi scandal

    Fat jokes on a sumo forum are a little...ironic.
  8. They probably sent that design to the printers weeks ago. Might become a collector’s item of shame someday.
  9. Takanohana beya rikishi cautioned

    As long as they put butts in seats and concessions sales are good, does the kyokai have any real reason to do anything about these scandals?
  10. The kyokai has been operating on a “looks good, is good” basis for a long time. It’s going to be increasingly hard for them to keep these affairs hidden from the public. There’s a lot of that going around these days. It’s going to be ever harder to keep people in visible positions who are not living up to ideals. The days of having a public face of honor and dignity while doing mischief when no one is looking are almost over. People get caught now, and the best way to avoid scandals is simply to not put people in positions where they will not be able to withstand scrutiny. That’s not naive, that’s pretty realistic.
  11. I think the Harumafuji incident may have caused people to feel a little better about coming forward to get these other incidents into the light. These kinds of incidents shouldn’t happen. The usual kyokai policy of closed-door reprimands and minimization of bad publicity doesn’t actually do anything. Even if this really was the first time Shikimori did something like this, he has had numerous other alcohol related incidents in the past apparently, and they are unbecoming a person in his position. I’m all for giving numerous chances and not throwing away people who try. But, I also wouldn’t put him in a position of power or leadership until he got himself sorted. Sounds like he’d done that for a while, fell off the wagon, and unfortunately let himself down and the young gyoji too. I think this is less some “internal war” and more a failure to meet standards of conduct. The recent scandals just made it easier to come forward.
  12. Japanese also have a tendency to act drunker than they are. Drinking gives them cover to let go and be themselves for a while. Saw that a lot; people would be loud and emotional, and when it was time to go they all got up and seemed just fine, no wobbles or anything and back to normal socially. Not to say I didn’t also see lots of people just get so trashed they did things like stand in the middle of the road in front of the snack bar, pants around ankles, just peeing with all their might down the center line of the road.
  13. Takanohana beya rikishi cautioned

    Meh, I think the worst that’ll happen is maybe the Kokugikan doesn’t sell out one day.
  14. Takanohana beya rikishi cautioned

    I won’t say the kyokai has a bit of an image problem, but they have a bit of an image problem. The Harumafuji incident, Shikimori doing what he did, it’s starting to look like this whole sumo thing is just the facade of an elaborate drinking club. They don’t need rikishi going out and not representing the ideals of sumo in any way now. Crack down on the little stuff before it turns into big problems. I don’t know how these incidents are playing out with the fans in Japan, but they can’t keep having bad behavior keep making the news, it’ll eventually start hurting the sport.
  15. Kakuryu Intai Speculation

    I think if Hakuho doesn’t show up and Kakuryu’s soken performance is representative of where he is at healthwise, I think he could be in the yusho race. Do I think the soken performance was representative of his true health? No, I am not sold. But, if he gets a kachikoshi at all I think the YDC will grumble and tell him to do better next time. He’ll intai mid-basho rather than get a makekoshi. If he goes 8-7 twice, I think he’s done.