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    Walking the fine line between "Japanophile" and "weeaboo." Sumo, mostly. Figuring out how to make the food I ate when I lived in Japan at home. I make a mean chanko, rice balls, taco rice, barbecue beef (Okinawa dish, not American barbecue), decent soba, Okinawa soba, and yakisoba, and I'm trying to figure out the intricacies of various styles of ramen. Can you tell what I did when I lived in Okinawa?


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    Hakuho, Konishiki (post sumo career), Ikioi.

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  1. Churaumi

    Changes to the Kadoban System?

    I don’t see the need to change the numbers or the sekiwake cushion. It works fine. I am all for kosho for ozeki and below. How exactly I think it should work is a mystery. I think kosho for S and below should be straightforward; you’re hurt, get it verified, see you when you’re healthy. Ozeki? Probably only kadoban ozeki since they get a second chance, and losing that second chance to a verifiable injury isn’t good. Yokozuna shouldn’t get kosho, since they get a privilege of not showing. And, they aren’t meant to hold that rank forever.
  2. Churaumi

    Rikishi Status Natsu 2019

    Endo’s Oyakata approves.
  3. Churaumi

    Question on Sumo Do Sumo Dont

    I suppose it’s possible one of those young monsters could throw a skinny adult around. I was just in Ryōgoku and some of those young maezumo guys are 20 years or more younger than me and are both taller and way stronger than me. Surely some of them were at least my size (5’10”, 190 lbs) at 12. And, they were training for sumo while I don’t. Even if I were bigger and stronger, I don’t know if I could reliably beat a large 12 year old that knows what he’s doing, unless he were small enough for me to pick up and walk out Tochinoshin-style.
  4. Churaumi

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    I didn’t recognize any of my ticket takers, but I did briefly get to speak bad Japanese at Sanoyama oyakata. I admit I was a little star struck and couldn’t think of his shikona or kabu, but was saved by a junior rikishi needing his attention.
  5. Churaumi

    Hakuho Odds

    Chances are pretty low he’ll compete if he hasn’t trained at all. I’d say 1%. He can’t do the dohyo-iri if he goes kyujo Friday. He could theoretically show up and do it, then go kyujo before his match but that would be pretty bad form. Then again, Hakuho hasn’t cared much for etiquette lately.
  6. Churaumi

    Ridiculous Predictions for Natsu 2019

    - The yusho winner refuses to give the yusho interview without his lawyer present.
  7. Churaumi

    New Hungary friendship cup

    We have the best cups.
  8. Churaumi

    YDC May soken

    Do any of us actually believe the 1-20 loss story means he actually lost 20? How many of those losses were actual tippings-over and how many were politeness to senpai? The 5-11 is a much more worrisome number to me.
  9. Churaumi

    Natsu 2019

    Enho will get squished, Tomokaze had a good run, and Takayasu had better do better than 1-20 against a retiree. Tochinoshin will stay sanyaku but not as ozeki. Nagoya will see Aminishiki in the juryo dohyo-iri. New emperor means I’m feeling a gold macaron this time.
  10. Churaumi

    The Next Ozeki - Natsu 2019 edition

    Mitakeumi will eventually get it done.
  11. Churaumi

    Ex-Kurohimeyama passes away

    Yoshikaze is “Mushface” to us and our friends.
  12. Churaumi

    Hakuho Applying for Japanese Citizenship

    “No I won’t sign your ticket, sit down in your seats which are right over there and have a nice day and enjoy the sumo.”
  13. Churaumi

    Ticket sales-May 2019

    Tickets are showing up on buyee already, the scalping market is alive and well.
  14. It just shows a get-hurt-get-better-return-to-form-get-hurt cycle in action. Hakuho is still the best there is, every third basho.
  15. Churaumi

    New Ozeki Takakeisho

    Or Abi? If anyone needs a new tachi-ai it’s him.