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  1. Rocks

    Coronavirus in China

    That's my fault. Stupidly I linked back to the forum instead of the article. Thanks for the help. It's fixed now.
  2. Rocks

    GTB Haru 2020- 118 entries !!

    I wonder if they cancel the basho due to the Coronavirus if they won't just hold the banzuke for March and issue it 2 weeks before the May basho.
  3. Rocks

    Coronavirus in China

    It's not looking good. As Cases Mount, Japan Is Rapidly Becoming a Coronavirus Hotbed
  4. Rocks

    GTB Haru 2020- 118 entries !!

    With Shodai having 2 more wins and the sole Jun Yusho from 2 ranks behind? I didn't even think about it.
  5. Rocks

    GTB Haru 2020- 118 entries !!

    I just felt that if they didn't feel compelled to make one for Asanoyama at M8 they wouldn't for M17.
  6. Rocks

    GTB Haru 2020- 118 entries !!

    I dropped Kotoyuki but kept Meisei. I figured with Kotoyuki having surgery and never starting he would go. I promoted Kotonowaka, with Tomokaze out he was basically a J1 last basho IMO. Did not get a confirmation email but I am on the list of entries so I hope it's okay. Maybe I mistyped my email. Mine was this: Kakuryu Y Hakuho Takakeisho O --- Asanoyama S Shodai Hokutofuji K Endo Daieisho M1 Takayasu Okinoumi M2 Mitakeumi Abi M3 Tokushoryu Yutakayama M4 Enho Ryuden M5 Onosho Kagayaki M6 Myogiryu Takarafuji M7 Tamawashi Shohozan M8 Kiribayama Tochiozan M9 Takanosho Tochinoshin M10 Sadanoumi Chiyotairyu M11 Ishiura Teurtsuyoshi M12 Aoiyama Kotoshogiku M13 Ikioi Kaisei M14 Tsurugisho Azumaryu M15 Chiyomaru Nishikigi M16 Daiamami Kotonowaka M17 Shimanoumi Meisei M18 ---
  7. Rocks

    GTB Haru 2020- 118 entries !!

    I have Kotoyuki going down but not Meisei.
  8. Rocks

    Hatsu 2020 Superbanzuke Masters

    There must have been. But don't feel lonely. You're unique!
  9. Rocks

    Wakaichiro has retired

    Too bad it didn't work out for him. Good luck in the future!
  10. Rocks

    Bench Sumo news

    Sad for me. Not a good time to get my first MK. Just have to get the Juryo yusho in March to make up for it I guess.
  11. Rocks

    Hatsu 2020 Superbanzuke Masters

    @Randomitsuki Many, many thanks.
  12. Rocks

    Hatsu 2020 Superbanzuke Masters

    No Americans in the top 10 and 6th overall in medals? Not as good as we can and should be. Look out rest of the world in March. Congrats and thanks to @Gaijingai for getting our sole Yusho.
  13. I agree. The rest is a crap shoot. For the rest of sanyaku I expect Mitakeumi, Hokutofuji, Yutakayama and Takayasu.
  14. Rocks

    Makunouchi yushos in 2020

    1x Tokushouryu  1x Hakuho 2x Takakeishou 1x Asanoyama 1x Mitakeumi
  15. Rocks

    Mitakeumi in 2020

    He will stay in Joi. Bounce up and down from sanyaku. May even win another yusho. But he won't put those 3 good basho together.