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  1. 5 hours ago, Kintamayama said:


    Interesting, but I would have to disagree. I think the very fact that the YDC are not former rikishi is why they exist and what makes them valuable to sumo.  I would compare them to the Baseball Writers' Association of America and the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Almost none of which played professional baseball. Yes, there is the Veterans committee too but I would say sumo has that already in the Kyokai. If only veteran baseball players voted on the HOF guys like Pete Rose and all the dopers would likely get in. They can sympathize having faced the same pressures. But they broke the rules don't belong and it wouldn't be good for Baseball. Or maybe vote in guys that would have been worthy had their careers not been cut short due to injury.

    The YDC, ostensibly, are looking out for SUMO, not rikishi. That is their function. now if they are being a little bit favorable to Japanese Yokozuna it's not right but it's hardly surprising. I'm sure many of the baseball writers got very tired of voting for NY Yankees all the time back in the day and tended to push their home town guys just a little bit more than they might have deserved. People are human after all.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Atenzan said:


    Man, who pissed in their cornflakes? Has the YDC ever been this strict? Putting Hakuhou, who is at least as good as anyone while active and having won a yusho as recently as March, at the same level of caution as Kakuryuu? 

    More dramatically, hinting that consecutive yushos at ozeki isn't necessarily enough to merit a promotion? I can't make head or tail of this, but one thing is clear- sympathy for Konishiki's whingeing is about to run drier than ever. 

    I think both are aimed at Kakuryu and spreading it out is so it doesn't seem that way. Not singling him out so it doesn't seem personal. The only thing I think they care about with Hakuho is that he tries to show up when no other Yokozuna will be present.

  3. 2 hours ago, Hakuryuho said:

    Didn't we already have this discussion a few months back?

    Being able to sit out bashos is not an advantage, it's a hard-earned privilege granted only to those at the very top of the sport. 

    Hakuho and Kakuryu are able to have this "advantage" because of their rank, but they had to get there first. They had to be in every basho, fight all 15 days, 
    otherwise they wouldn't have fulfilled the requirement of 33 wins over 3 bashos to get promoted to Ozeki and the equivalent of two yusho in a row to get to Yokozuna.

    If a rikishi wants to take a few months off he can do so! He just has to go through all the stages required for becoming a Yokozuna, just like every other Yokozuna had to do so before him.  ;-)


    I don't disgree with you but I don't know why you would say it isn't an advantage or even put that in quotes. Even if well earned it is none the less a  great advantage. There are other things which balance this though. Yokozuna can't be demoted and come back. They must retire. 

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  4. 12 minutes ago, WAKATAKE said:

    This is interesting considering Wakanohana III did end up getting promoted with 12-3 yusho. Of course it all depends on the mood of the YDC too

    Considering there has been all of 1 Japanese Yokozuna in the past 17 years, who just happened to suffer a career ending injury right after promotion, AND the entire country is depressed as heck, like the rest of the world, living the past year under Covid I think you can say it's about as sure a bet there is. If Takakeisho is holding that cup again in January he'll be wearing a rope not long after. IMHO.

  5. I think the complete lack of mention of Daieisho and Honkutofuj for sansho speaks volumes on how impressed people are with their double digits wins and how much it will force them to create extra slots. Neither was ever in contention for the yusho. Hokotofuji's only win against a decimated Sanyahu was against Takayasu. I would have thought at least Daieisho would have been considered for a prize conditional on Terunofuji winning the Yusho considering he beat him and did well against the Sanyaku but maybe both him winning and Terunofuji winning was just too many conditions. 

  6. Well, I only caught the last few days but a great finish with playoffs in Juryo and Makuuchi.

    Both winners got forced to the playofff and then came back to win having learned from their mistake in the first match.

    Midorifuji being less anxious and keeping his balance to avoid the slap down and Takakeisho putting his head down and giving it his all.

    To beat Terunofuji Takakeisho needs his hardest push and that comes when he puts his head down. He kept it up in the first match to try to watch what Terunofuji would do.

    That was a mistake.

    Congrats to both, well deserved. And great to see Terunofuji tearing it up again.

    As for January I think, barring injury, Terunofuji is a lock for re-promotion to Ozeki after.

    Despite what Isegahama says I think any Yusho gets Takakeisho the rope. He's more than consistent enough to not dishonor the rank. I think Isegahama may be hedging a bit out of consideration for Kakuryu.

    Speaking of the Yoks, obviously both need to show up in January. Hankuho can pull out during if he needs to but not Kakuryu. I don't think he needs to win but I think he will need finish or the calls for intai will start.  1 finish, even if it is a Jun Yusho, in a year and a half just isn't going to cut it.


  7. 4 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    Takayasu K1e, Mitakeumi K1w, Daieisho and Hokutofuji M1. This probably shafts Daieisho a bit but is fairly lenient to Mitakeumi.

    I'd consider this by far the most likely to happen. If either of the latter 2 had not achieved the rank already they might be thinking of extra slots. Having occupied Sanyaku for almost all of the last 3 years and having won 2 Yusho, only a truly poor record will get Mitakeumi out of Sanyaku.

    I think most of joi will be pretty easy to pick this basho with:

    Daiesho M1 Hokutofuji

    Wakatakakage M2 Onosho

    Takarafuji M3 Kotoshoho

    Tochinoshin M4 Tamawashi

    Endo M5

    Combine that with Enho and Kotoyuki sure to go to juryo and Akiseyama and Midorifuji sure to come up, I expect GTB to be pretty high scoring for the people who know what they are doing and usually do well, not me. People like @Asashosakari


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  8. Hello all. Long time no see.

    I don't see a Games Talk thread so I will post here. Obviously I have missed the last couple basho and will miss this one. I hope to start playing again in January, if not some time next year. I have put in for Kyujo for Sumo Game and will try to do that or Kosho for the rest. I don't really care about rank. I expect to be at the very bottom in everything.

    I just want to maintain my login as active so if their are any game runners seeing this please don't delete me yet.


    Thanks and Good luck to all playing,


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  9. Is there no separate thread about the basho cancellation?

    Also, why the heck did it take so long to come to the very obvious conclusion the basho should be cancelled? Why wasn't this cancelled weeks ago?



  10. The other issue to deal with is how the world will be post corona virus. Even if they say everything is okay again I doubt everyone is going to be rushing out to be in large groups of people anywhere for a long time.  Even if everything is safe you can't play to half empty venues, no matter what the form of entertainment, for long.

    Athletes, Movie stars, Entertainers in general are going to have to get used to making a lot less money than they used to.

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  11. Minus ODDS mean what you would have to Bet to win 100. So at -145 you would need to bet 145 to win 245, the 100 you win and your original 145 back.

    Plus ODDS are the opposite. +115 mean you bet 100 to win 215. 115 plus your 100 back.

    I'm not surprised to see this and there is nothing NSK can do about it. It's a foreign country. The same way betting on politics is illegal in the US but Brits can bet on the winner of an American election. With the large scale cancellation of sports matches everywhere betting houses will move into other things to bet on.


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  12. 3 hours ago, Kaito said:

    Wait, the rules posted on the Toto site are outdated? It says fewest X's used is the first tiebreaker for yusho. I'd been wondering why the rankings didn't seem to accurately reflect the rule.

    Yes, they are. That isn't the only one. Basically if you are on a game site and it links to another old site for archived rules you can bet part of it is outdated.

  13. 14 minutes ago, Athenayama said:

    Thanks for giving me some explanations. I have actually never picked "X" since I started playing Toto. I have that as "my own rule". :-)

    Anyway I'll just trust the game administrator for the final standings and if any master points won so I'll stop my silly questions here. 

    You're fine. There is no issue with asking anything. As for Master points you 3 tied for 8th and as such the total Masters Points for those potions, 6, will be divided among you with each receiving 2 points. Congratulations. Masters points do not use the game tiebreakers for anything except the Yusho.

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  14. 39 minutes ago, Athenayama said:

    No, I am sorry for not getting it in the first place. And thanks for the taking the tim to reply.  But isn't Gino-sho based exactly on the total bouts over the basho? There I have 305, Damimonay 304.5 and Susanoo 304. Unless I'm missing something.

    Yes, you did. The total bouts don't effect your standing overall. The total score you got picking Makuuchi bouts only count toward tie-breaking a standing. Which we don't know but it seem you finished behind they in picking just makuuchi. In other words you did better than them picking Juryo. If you had tied for any Master points you would still get a split so it doesn't effect that.

    Frankly why using only Makuuchi was ever used for this I have no idea. if it was for not conflicting with sansho then they should have come up with a different criteria for Gino-sho. The yusho is way more important than any sansho and discounting 1/3 of all the matches in determining a tie-breaker just seems silly to me. They also count the Makuuchi bouts you picked a X for in makuuchi bouts, that is matches you didn't actually pick, for tie breaker too. (Eh?)

  15. 1 hour ago, Jakusotsu said:

    I'm still sticking to my to my four-months-old opinion that nobody around here could actually know what's troubling him, either physically or mentally, especially in the current situation of Corona Basho. Having a bad basho doesn't always need an obvious explanation.

    I would agree. I do not understand what all the kvetching is about Takakeisho this basho. I think he is over the injury and it effects him about as much as an injury effects anyone else. After all you are never really the same again after a big injury. It's how you deal with it which in his case seems to be fine.

    Takakeisho was 1 win from a KK. Did he look lousy? Sure. But if you look at  his career prior to the run up to Ozeki he had a tendency to go 2 basho on and 1 off. This, and his 1 dimensional sumo,  are the main reasons I thought he would never be Ozeki. He also has come back quickly from injury. Since coming back from this latest injury he went 3 basho before  a poor one, which is actually an improvement.

    Is the 1 dimensional sumo holding him back? You bet it is. He won't win a Yusho in a basho which has both Yokozuna in it till the end. But that 1 dimension is still strong enough that I do not see any other rikishi beating him on a regular basis any time soon. People have had him figured out for a long time now. They just can't handle his thrusts.

    I expect him to come back strong in May, if there is one, and KK at the very least. Most likely contend for the yusho. Especially given the high likelihood at least 1 if not both the Yokozuna will not show up for May regardless.

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  16. 2 hours ago, Wakaebala said:

    I saw a tweet from NSK, in which they announce the three sansho-winners... (without any conditions). 
    I might be wrong but haven't they say that they won't give special prizes because of the coronavirus?

    Anyway, the tweet said:

    Shukun-sho: Onosho
    Kanto-sho: Takanosho
    Gino-sho: Aioyama


    Isn't this voted on by the press corp? How could they meet to vote?

  17. 21 minutes ago, Dapeng said:

    Sure, Takakeisho is already a big disappointment. But I have a feeling that Asanoyama will make a better ozeki than Takakeisho.

    Outside of very obvious injury Takakeisho is 39-20 as Ozeki. 3 KKs and  a possible 4th tonight. 2 of those were double digit wins and one was a jun yusho where he lost a playoff for the yusho. What exactly have you been watching?

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