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  1. I just messed up the numbers. Whichever place ends up the last place in each division.
  2. Arbitrary, no. I meant maybe put him at M18 in November and J15 in January.
  3. Rocks

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2021

    Congrats to @chishafuwaku! At least I scored higher than the guy who retired. And thanks for the game!
  4. I'm wondering if how they treated him as basically nonexistent at Aki and promoted Meisei anyway if they don't just drop him right to the last makuuchi slot. He is going to spend 1 more basho there and 1 in Juryo no matter where he ends up so it doesn't matter in the end where he ends up. Maybe?
  5. Rocks

    Ichinojo acquires Japanese citizenship

    Rikishi "Coach what do I need to do to get to makuuchi?" Ichinojo "Be tall and gain a lot of weight." Riksihi " But I'm 5' 7"" Ichinojo "Grow, that's what I did." Rikishi "Thanks coach"
  6. Rocks

    Hakuho retires

    It's going to be weird seeing Hakuho guarding a door at the Kokugikan. I wish him luck and hope everything goes smoothly for him. Great Champion. But I fear he will sit uneasily as Takanonhana. I think he will find allies in surprising places though. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ex-Kisenosato support him strongly.
  7. Rocks

    Hakuho retires

    Chris Sumo reporting Hakuho wants to build a new stable building at 20 million dollars. While I would not be surprised if he does build a new stable the idea he will spend anywhere near 20 million is ridiculous. There is simply not enough income from 1 stable in Sumo to justify such a cost and I doubt Hakuho will spend what would amounts to near if not all of his net worth.
  8. Rocks

    Games Talk Aki 2021

    Congrats on the Yusho. I'm really glad to eek out a Top 10 in Oracle. It was looking bad there till the end. I didn't score well the last day in UDH either. Congrats to ScreechingOwl on the Toto Yusho. I was rooting for you.
  9. Rocks

    Games Talk Aki 2021

    Bad last day. Lost a bunch of points. Mostly bottom top 10 in whatever i managed to hang on too now. Takanasho losing hurt bad.
  10. As a sumo game player I will take the former. As as fan, the latter.
  11. Neither gave a crap. Takakeisho just cared less.
  12. I really wanted Meisei to lose there.
  13. Takakeisho is shaped like a ball. He can barely get an outside grip on his own mawashi. How the heck is he supposed to get one on his opponent?
  14. Looks like 3 going down to Juryo. With Abi and Sadanoumi getting 2 of those. If Akua isn't careful he could lose his spot to Shohozan.
  15. Never gonna happen. Myogiryu will get Mitakeumi tomorrow. Sad for Endo and Onsho. Would have like to see them win too.