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  1. I bet @John Gunning has been there.
  2. The other problem was Aoiyama for me. At 8-7 he should be above 6 but I don't see how to get that done without pushing Takekaze/Ikioi down below 5 which I just didn't think was right. I probably should have made Aoiyama M4 and Takakeisho M6.
  3. I only promoted 4. I also probably over promoted Takakeisho but I couldn't see any way around it given how badly the upper part of the division did last basho. I messed up too. meant to put Takakeisho at W4 and Takarafuji at E4. Oh well. Mine: Yokozuna E: Kisenosato Y2w (13-2) Yokozuna W: Kakuryu Y1w (10-5) Yokozuna E2: Harumafuji Y2e (10-5) Yokozuna W2: Hakuho Y1e (2-3-10) Ozeki E: Terunofuji O1w (13-2) Ozeki W: Goeido O1e (1-5-9) Sekiwake E: Takayasu S1w (12-3) Sekiwake W: Kotoshogiku S2e (9-6) Sekiwake E2: Tamawashi S1e (8-7) Komusubi E: Mitakeumi K1e (9-6) Komusubi W: Yoshikaze M4e (8-7) Maegashira E: Chiyonokuni M6e (9-6) Maegashira W: Okinoumi M8w (10-5) Maegashira E2: Endo M5e (8-7) Maegashira W2: Chiyoshoma M7w (9-6) Maegashira E3: Daieisho M11e (11-4) Maegashira W3: Tochiozan M10w (10-5) Maegashira E4: Takakeisho M13e (11-4) Maegashira W4: Takarafuji M3w (7-8) Maegashira E5: Takekaze M1e (5-10) Maegashira W5: Ikioi M1w (5-10) Maegashira E6: Aoiyama M6w (8-7) Maegashira W6: Shodai K1w (4-11) Maegashira E7: Takanoiwa M2w (6-9) Maegashira W7: Hokutofuji M5w (7-8) Maegashira E8: Shohozan M3e (5-10) Maegashira W8: Sokokurai M2e (4-11) Maegashira E9: Ichinojo M7e (6-9) Maegashira W9: Kagayaki M9e (7-8) Maegashira E10: Arawashi M4w (3-10-2) Maegashira W10: Tochinoshin M10e (7-8) Maegashira E11: Ura M12w (8-7) Maegashira W11: Ishiura M11w (7-8) Maegashira E12: Tokushoryu M15w (8-7) Maegashira W12: Toyohibiki J3w (10-5) Maegashira E13: Kotoyuki M9w (5-10) Maegashira W13: Onosho J2w (9-6) Maegashira E14: Daishomaru M13w (7-8) Maegashira W14: Chiyotairyu J1w (8-7) Maegashira E15: Oyanagi J4w (9-6) Maegashira W15: Kaisei M8e (3-7-5) Maegashira E16: Myogiryu M14e (6-9)
  4. Great seats.
  5. Is this like a Paul barefoot on the cover of Abbey Road thing? Is Kakuryu or Kisenosato the walrus?
  6. I will pray for the best for him. But given his likelihood of diabetes to some extent the cellulitis is very troubling.
  7. Booyah! I know exactly what you mean. I didn't have a good feeling either. So we either really did well or in the basement again.
  8. I think he gets his KK, but not much more.
  9. I have thought 2018 for a long time now but I was not expecting him to have this many issues with injuries so soon and he's seems to have lost a bit of drive. I still think it will be early 2018 though.
  10. It's kind of hard to imagine a situation where you have little to no Yokozuna or Ozeki and there isn't other sanyaku already winning in double digits regularly already. I mean somebody has to win right? They get promoted.
  11. And this is Aoi vs Rao. I can't wait to hear him do Asayamabana vs. Wakayamanaka.
  12. This reminds me of trying get next game on the only pool table in the bar when I was younger.
  13. Couldn't help but get it. Big Gene Wilder fan. May he RIP.
  14. Yes, but this is Gambarizin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.
  15. There's zero chance any of the 3 retire before Aki and I doubt anyone will win a zensho yusho this year. Given Terunofuji's instability I doubt even that would get him promoted.