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  1. Probably Shodai and Ikioi.
  2. That won't happen. They aren't going to give Hakuho an easy bout against an M10 when Harumafuji has to face an Ozeki with the Yusho on the line. They'll put him against the highest ranked guy who's shown he can beat a Yokozuna.
  3. I don't expect him to withdraw at all. He just keeps going with the injury and backs meekly off the dohyo instead. He's still technically in the yusho race so I expect him to try hard tonight but if he loses tonight I think he will lose the last 2 days also, and quickly at that.
  4. Poor Amuru. But Toyonosima looks to KK and the JOKOR is coming. He could be in Juryo for Aki. Asashosakari, if Kizenryu wins his crossover tonight then they pretty much have to promote him along with Abi right? Do you see an over demotion coming for someone in juryo?
  5. Day 13: 3 sec.
  6. It would be interesting to see but I don't expect Ura to get a high ranker on day 14. I think most likely they will put him against Takakeisho. I think Ura has a good shot of beating Ikioi though because Ikioi is go forward or bust. If Ura beats both of them then I can see them putting him against one of the Komusubi on Day 15.
  7. Terunofuji looked like he hurt his leg again beating Shodai. He'll push hard against Tochiozan tonight but he usually gives Terunofuji a good fight. If Terunofuji loses tonight I expect he'll do his usual walk out meekly thing to protect his leg the last 2 matches in which case Takyasu will get an easy win there. I expect Takyasu will lose tonight but I think his Ozeki promotion is in the bag at this point.
  8. He henkaed because he needed to and it used to work against Hokutofuji as he just blindly charges but Hokutofuji is learning and didn't fall for it. He should have won that match. Now Hokutofuji needs to learn what to do next. He won't lose to Ura much in the future.
  9. Cool! How about the Jokor?
  10. That's correct. It's amazing the way Endo loses in almost exactly the same way to Harumafuji each time. It might change slightly but it starts with Endo not keeping his head up. only an idiot would put your head down in front of Harumafuji or Hakuho. Ura is no head case that's for sure.
  11. Endo, despite the hype, is a bit different. He has the size and ability, his problem is he's a head case and he doesn't learn very well which may be a product of him thinking he doesn't need to because he gets the cash and attention anyway. He can beat the big guys but he makes the same fundamental mistakes over and over. Or he just gives up. or even try very hard, if it's a guy he doesn't beat regularly.
  12. That's the main problem people have with facing Ura, they try to get him out of there. Smaller guys need the bigger guys to be aggressive and move forward towards the end of the ring as they sure the heck ain't pushing them there. It nullifies the advantage the big guys have. Once they think they have Ura out he jumps out of the way of their final push and pushes them out. It's pretty pathetic the way guys fall for this over and over, not just against Ura. They should watch how a guy Ura's size, like Takakeisho, handles him which is to hold back at tachi-ai, stay in the middle of the ring and keeping pushing him back till he is ACTUALLY off balance or badly out of position and go for the kill. Or just pound him down like a Tochinoshin. instead too many big guys are like " I'll beat this shrimp easy!" and rush at him. Dumb. But those big guys aren't at the top much either.
  13. I'd say 3) is good but maybe 5 points is too much? I know I suggested that much but after I thought about it most of the picks are that much to start. I don't know. 5 points could be good. 2) is fine too mostly because I think it will be very rare anyway given that there aren't that many choices in each category each time anyway so it will be rare to be unique. I would hold off on 4) for now as those big picks so rarely pay off anyway. There should be a big payoff for them. 5) is not good as it fundamentally changes the game IMO. Thanks for asking Sakura.
  14. Poor Yutakayama, even I didn't think he'd do this bad. Hopefully it pisses him off. He may just win the Juryo yusho next basho. In fact I think he probably will.