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  1. Rocks

    Games Talk Natsu 2019

    Ouch! And one of my personal rules rears it's head again, "Never pick against Ikioi when you need the win." Congrats to @Kotononami on the Chain Gang Yusho! And to the 3 Jun Yusho winners!
  2. Rocks

    Changes to the Kadoban System?

    This is a tough thing with no easy answer. Rest time is needed for the injured while allowing them to protect their rank yet at the same time some form of punishment is needed to curb abuse of the kosho system. I say bring back kosho, but for rank only, not for pay. Ozeki can take kosho but will receive an 0-15 and will receive pay of a rank set to that which they would have likely have received if they had been demoted. In other words an Ozeki who gets injured can leave a basho taking an MK. He will be kadoban. He can take kosho which will not count towards his demotion in rank. His pay will drop to that of a Sekiwake. If he returns the following basho and KKs he will retain his rank and his pay will be restored. If he MKs he drops to Sekiwake in pay and rank and has to start all over. In extreme cases, like those involving surgery, I could even see allowing 2 kosho in a row but paying being dropped to the maegashira level.
  3. Rocks

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    I hope it was worth it. He's going to be the most hated guy in japan for the rest of the basho I would think.
  4. Rocks

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    It looked like Tochi slipped to me.
  5. Rocks

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    I can't believe Aoiyama henkaed. Wow.
  6. Rocks

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    Takakeisho's leg is well wrapped and he's still limping a bit. Not good.
  7. Rocks

    Games Talk Natsu 2019

    Kaisei out and now Ichinojo is too. Goodbye pre-basho games.
  8. Rocks

    Day 7 pics overview Natsu 2019

    " "I still got it Baby."
  9. Rocks

    Day 7 pics overview Natsu 2019

    Have a nice trip, see you next fall.
  10. Rocks

    Games Talk Natsu 2019

    If you think style of sumo or the closeness of their record had a lot to do with it I can see where you went wrong. Terut lost on purpose in January. Go and watch it. It's a comical farce. The idea that Terut would not only lose to a henka but do so in such a blatant manner is ridiculous. He practically dives to the ground. The last match I saw which was so blatant was when Tochinoshin lost to Gagamaru to give him a KK and keep him in makuuchi. Terut is not only significantly stronger than Enho, being short himself he takes away what little advantage Enho has against others. There is no way for him to go low against Terut. In 100 straight up matches Terut would beat Enho 99 times and the one loss would be because he slipped. Terut is also very proud. The henka in January was probably because he was not going to lose in such a manner other than that which made clear it wasn't because Enho beat him. The things to ask yourself in picking a Enho match are: Is his opponent injured? is his opponent's basho NOT going terribly? Will losing NOT strongly effect his opponent's career? If the answer to all those is No then it's probable Enho will lose. Throw into that did the opponent lose to Enho the last time he faced him and it's almost certain. Normally I don't even bother. Thinking a lot about his matches is more than I care to do. I just pick against Enho. But I usually avoid his match in all other games if it can be avoided. Normally that match would be my 0 in DST for example. That match was my 4 last night. It's wasn't 5 because I thought it slightly more certain Onosho would beat Yago. Yago is in no condition to handle Onosho's charge this basho and he has no ability to avoid it. I don't care to benefit from the kyokai's marketing gimmick.
  11. Rocks

    Games Talk Natsu 2019

    I was out of CG on Day 1 for the same reason 39 other people were, I picked Ichinojo to win against someone he usually beats easily, and he lost. As for problems with others I have none. Just expressing my shock at them sometimes. Same sort of thing happens sometimes in ISP. As for the games I'll give you Bench, but just because he's in your lineup doesn't mean you have to start him. There's something to be said for SG too as many there are just picking based on fandom or record but I never thought that would amount to 52%. As for DST to see so many pick AND place him high? I just don't get it. DST seems to attract players with more knowledge and watch the matches closely. Anyone doing that should already be aware that picking any Enho match factors in more than the rickishi's record, etc.
  12. Rocks

    Games Talk Natsu 2019

    Well, at least Hokutofuji got me 2 wins while Takakeisho is out. Aoiyama is looking dreadful so I think Takakeisho can pull that one out bringing him to 4 wins. Maybe he will just eek out a KK, if he really is feeling better and not just deluding himself. Good luck to him. Absolutely stunned at the number of people picking Enho last night in DST, SG and Bench. If you couldn't see that loss to Terutsuyoshi coming from a mile away I have to wonder what you are watching.
  13. Rocks

    Trump coming to the basho

    Not that I think that is ever going to happen but the Japanese government will pay. Outside of US security personnel and transportation, the presidential limo will be brought to Japan, Japan will pay for all as Trump is their guest. Security personnel are not just guards, etc. It includes people like a specially trained chef to inspect and watch all food acquisition and preparation for the President.