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  1. Rocks

    Games Talk Kyushu 2018

    I went with Tsurugisho too. It was a good pick. Kyokutaisei is looking really bad. Can barely stand on his right leg. Tsurugisho blew it and fell down basically.
  2. Rocks

    Kyushu Basho 2018 Discussion (SPOILERS)

    What an awful start for Kisenosato and he's got Hoktofuji next who has looked very good in his 2 losses. Really outside of Tochiozan and Takakeisho, who I don't think will factor in the Yusho, no one has looked good at all. Even Takayasu scrapped out his 2 wins. But he has Kaisei next would should be an easy win for him. If he settles in an keeps winning it's looking good for him and the yusho. If he doesn't then it's a free for all. I think the winner will have 13 wins at most though and 12 is not out of the question.
  3. Rocks

    Games Talk Kyushu 2018

    Wow, what a disaster of a night. I didn't just lose in everything, it wasn't even close. On top of that my entry for Paper didn't go through so I am out of that completely.
  4. Rocks

    JWS Kyushu 2018

    Day 2: Tsurugisho
  5. Rocks

    UDH Kyushu Basho 2018

    Poor Nishikigi. I almost expected everyone to have him at 6.
  6. Rocks

    Videos Kyushu 2018 - Days 1-2

    Welcome Back, My Friend, to the Show That Never Ends.
  7. Rocks

    Games Talk Kyushu 2018

    Only 1 win out of 1st place though. And yes, quite a job for @Unkonoyama I was really glad to get a tie breaker win in SG. A loss against a guy who had Kakuryu, Hakuho, Kisenosato AND Takakeisho in his lineup would have been tough to take.
  8. Rocks

    Chaingang Kyushu 2018- mass exit

    Another 27 almost went out with Ichinojo too.
  9. Rocks

    Kyushu Basho 2018 Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Strange night. A lot of rust all around. Tough loss for Kisenosato as he looked strong until the end. I definitely expect him to be in the yusho race till the end. Unless Goeido or Takayasu runs away with this I expect the end of this is going to be messy. Takakiesho is just ridiculously strong for his size. The way he keeps bigger guys off him for so long and still has enough in the tank to get the win when his chance appears is pretty amazing.
  10. Please tell me someone got a copy of that silly belly rubbing dance they showed Kisenosato doing. @Kintamayama
  11. Rocks

    Time to say goodbye

    This is a big hit to the French contingent. Good luck! Hope to see you back.
  12. Rocks

    Games Talk Kyushu 2018

    @Gaijingai Not even a few dailies? That's too bad because you were having a pretty good year. Get well soon!
  13. Rocks

    Games Talk Kyushu 2018

    Well I am in everything. I don't know how I'll do. Hopefully better than I did in GTB. At least the Yokozuna and Komusubi picks were easy. I missed 21 deadline again. I never heard anything back on Bench Sumo so I guess I'm out of that too. Maybe January. Good luck everybody!
  14. Rocks

    JWS Kyushu 2018

    Day 1: Wakatakakage Default: Hakuyozan