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  1. Next you'll be saying there's no Santa.
  2. Harumafuji scandal

    This doesn't tell us much. With it in the box we can't tell if the screen is cracked and we don't know if the receipt for it is accurate.
  3. Yeah, pretty clearly photoshopped the faces in. You can see it where the faces meet the hands. But I'm sure it makes a funny calendar.
  4. Why can’t rikishi drive?

    Why can’t rikishi drive? Their big belly gets in the way of their swing causing them to take the golf club away in a round a bout manner, slowing their swing down and reducing speed and distance. It's also causes more errant swings due to the angle.
  5. January 2018 ticket sales

    I doubt Harumafuji's affair and intai will effect anything much. I doubt the affair will hurt sumo because I think your average Japanese fan will put most of the blame on Harumafuji and not sumo in general. His retiring quickly will take care of that. Now, had Harumafuji been super popular it might be a different story. Harumafuji was great, and good for sumo, but he didn't bring fans into the sport who would not have been otherwise. At least not on a significant scale. The absence of a Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods effects so much because there are millions upon millions who had no real interest in the sport but followed because of them. Now had Harumafuji fought this and Hakuho had "let the pus out" it may have hurt sumo badly. But it would have been pointless because Harumafuji did what he was accused of doing for the most part. Harumafuji's loss will hurt some in the long run though as he was the only Yokozuna who is actually personable and good at PR IMHO. He was great on the tv shows, etc. Hakuho is the greatest ever but he is not good with publicity or PR IMO. Kakuryu is even worse. Kisenosato isn't much better but being Japanese his only real requirement is to show up.
  6. Harumafuji intai pics overview

    Oyakata #1: "No way I'm looking at Takanohana. You look at him." Oyakata #2: "Me? I'm not looking at him. You do it." Oyakata #3 "What's the problem with looking at Takanohana?" Oyakata #3: "Oh...." Takanohana "The heck with you guys. I'm going to leave in my limo with doilies for seat covers."
  7. I seriously doubt Hakuho will ever be richijo. He does not seem to have the temperament for politicking if you ask me.
  8. Harumafuji scandal

    I don't think that quite covers it. There is also the fact that they were different heya. Even if you take corporal punishment as a given is it normal for a Yokozuna to physically reprimand a rikishi of another heya? Now maybe in the past there may have been some private tete a tete between the oyakata to smooth this over but I don't think anyone would imagine that even excessive groveling would satisfy Taka. I also wonder how much of the fact that both Harumafuji and Takanoiwa are both Mongolian played into it? Did Harumafuji think it was alright because of that? Would Harumafuji have physically disciplined a Japanese Rikishi of a different heya? Maybe Harumafuji isn't the first to be prosecuted for an offense nobody ever was before. Maybe he committed a very unique offense.
  9. Harumafuji scandal

    Very interesting. But not a good idea if you ask me. Apparently the reaction to his yusho speech didn't really hit home for Hakuho.
  10. New Juryo for Hatsu 2018

    Aqua? Suave...
  11. Harumafuji scandal

    Outside of criminal charges there is nothing stopping him from getting it in the future and I think his acting honorably here went a long way towards insuring no criminal charges come out of this.
  12. Harumafuji scandal

    I think that is the most interesting line from the interview. They handled the interview very well too I thought. Very sad. I think Harumafuji may have just saved his future in sumo by making this sacrifice. Given his age it was probably a good exchange. Ganbatte Harumafuji!
  13. Harumafuji scandal

    They get huge tax breaks which is why they are overseen by an agency. It's also the national sport. Literally.
  14. Harumafuji scandal

    Harumafuji admitted assaulting Takanoiwa. Everyone in the room said he did. It was just a question of degree.
  15. Thanks, just wondering. I was thinking that if Aminishiki was thinking of retiring he may let them know but hold off announcing for a little bit out of deference to Harumafuji to not step on his toes. Especially being in the same heya.