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  1. Nagoya Basho 2020

    I've heard Hakuho wants to hang around till then so he can do the dohyo iri.
  2. New Juryo for Nagoya 2017

    Cool shikona.
  3. Games Bugs

    ATTN @Randomitsuki Looking at the scores it looks like Binya got the Hositori yusho over Hokuranzan. Also, looks like Jejima fell out of top 10 and Susanoo is in Top 10.
  4. Games Bugs

    I saw that, but does that mean the results are not final yet?
  5. Natsu Masters 2017

    Congrats to Panadazuma and all the winners! Wait, I got 1/2 a point in SQ? WTH? Also, USA!
  6. Games Bugs

    I was wondering about the same because it doesn't look like those are included in the final tally as it stand. they show for the individual user rikishi lineup but are not added to the rikishi's total.
  7. Happy Birthday, Fukurou!

    I guess Owl have to wish you a very happy birthday!
  8. Sumo Reference Updates

    Oh, never mind. I misunderstood the question. Sorry.
  9. Sumo Reference Updates

    Yes it does: They are in the drop down lists for searchs too.
  10. SPLIT - BASHO TALK Natsu 2017 -- Masu's Gaijin Gripes

    I would say yes, it's all about caloric intake. Beer is easy because it a lot but so are other carbohydrates like rise and pasta. I'm Italian American myself and I've known plenty of guys with a big belly just from pasta. It's a matter of eating then being still like the rikishi are trained to do. Beer is easiest though because you can just replace whatever you normally drink with beer and up your intake really fast.
  11. Games Talk Natsu 2017

    I've done pretty good in it too so far. I think they may be a function of having less choice. You have to pick from a category, not just anyone you want.
  12. Latest kabu-babu changes

    Well that would explain why he was listed above oyakata merely borrowing one. But what would posses Toyonoshima to give it up?
  13. BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    The biggest issue for Terunofuji is the 4-11 2 basho ago and his roller coaster record. If he had say 9 wins 2 basho ago and hadn't been kadoban recently there would be more talk of promotion I think. A zensho next basho, especially if all 4 Yokozuna are in and he beats at least 3 of them, could do it. But I think he may need a Yusho and something very good after that instead. That would put the 4-11 far enough into the background.
  14. Day 15 pics Natsu Basho 2017 - Senshuraku

    "One time Lord, was that to much to ask? " God: " You're 38 and competitive at the top of your sport. You're adored in your heya and respected by all of your peers and fans. You've had plenty of "one times" go your way. Just enjoy it."
  15. SPLIT - BASHO TALK Natsu 2017 -- Masu's Gaijin Gripes

    Okay, joke aside and not that I'm trying to keeping this going but I would like to make 1 comment and that is I think you're both wrong. Sandy's lower body is not underdeveloped. Look at his legs in comparison to his arms and core: His issue with his lower body is his knees and that sure isn't anything to do with race. Half the sekitori, Asian and Western alike, have knee issues. it's the nature of the sport. If I was an oyakata I have all my guys wearing knee support and braces from the start whether they needed it or not. His real issue to me is his core, stomach, is underdeveloped. And by underdeveloped I don't mean workout. I mean it's too skinny. He weighs plenty but the fat isn't in the right spots. The cause for that isn't racial either, you see Asians with the same issue, but may be cultural as in diet. The eastern Europeans, don't seem to have this as much despite being Western like Sandy. I think they solve that problem by, to be frank, being big beer drinkers. I'm not sure Sandy is and I think he may not be too fond of rice which is how the Asians do it. I think he needs to develop more of a beer belly. If he doesn't drink much and can only take so much rice then I think he needs to find somebody that can make a really good macaroni bechamel ASAP. I'd layoff off the squats too if that is what he is doing to strengthen his knees. Work the knees with leg extensions and leg curls from a bench instead.