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  1. 2 hours ago, Kaninoyama said:

    Usually not one to grumble about the quality of bashos, but this one is shaping up to be a snoozer. 

    Agreed, but for me watching Hakuho in perhaps his last hurray easily trumps everything else. Emotions, I know, but having followed that guy for 17 years makes every bout a special one. I know, I know, gai-jin mentality, but still…

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

    Which actually makes the parallel very interesting, because the exact same can be said about Enho - he struggles against a wall of thrusts to his face. 

    It´s a bit different. Endo is below average at oshi sumo in general, and Hakuho exploited that weakness by denying him a grip. Enho (to state the obvious) is vulnerable against brute force, which Takagenji managed to take advantage of. I don´t like it, but I was wondering for some time why there aren´t more rikishi who just used their strength and weight against him in that manner.

  3. On 05/07/2021 at 10:59, Seiyashi said:

    And just as we were talking about Takagenji using brutality in the ring, Hakuho is not that much better. Multiple slaps to the face - not as bad as his previous kachiage and not as bad as Takagenji, but I'd say there was clearly intent to disorientate.

    A bit of a late response, but Hakuho was taking on Endo as everybody should. He always struggles against oshi sumo. Smart tactics by Hakuho.

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  4. Aoiyama finds himself in the situation of having to force out an opponent at the edge. Failing to lift him him out on his mawashi, he ultimately succeeds by ripping off his head. He is indefinitely suspended for keeping the head as trophy. Probable victim: Kiribayama.

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  5. On 24/05/2021 at 13:45, robnplunder said:

    Unfortunately for the most, speed cannot be taught. He may be unstoppable through Juryo but I just can't see him going beyond mid-Maegishira.   He appears to be much slower than Ichinojo. Best of luck to him though.   

    Speed and quickness can be taught, in the sense of making the most of someone´s natural gifts, imho Hokuseiho has ample room here.

    (Ichinojo was not slow before he developed that chronic back condition. Actually, he looked surprisingly nimble when he got that jun-yusho in his Makuuchi debut.)

  6. 12 minutes ago, Bombur said:

    So... What are your thoughts about the probability of a double yokozuna promotion if Takakeisho wins the yusho in July in a playoff with Terunofuji on a 13-2 score? And with a 14-1?

    No idea. I am eager to see if the kyokai gives any indication what it would take for Takakeisho. Terunofuji´s promotion on a jun-yusho with 13 wins, playoff or not, is a given, imho. You just can´t ignore his recent run. Takakeisho´s is less compelling.

  7. Terunofuji has trouble when he doesn´t manage to get some space between him and his opponent after the tachiai. That kachiage gave him all he needed to avoid being in the defensive/countering mode from the start. We might see it more often.

  8. It looks like Takaysu might find himself in a good setup for re-promotion. One strong opponent out of the way, and, assuming promotion of Terunofuji some time this year or early 2022, a shortage of ozeki.

  9. 9 minutes ago, Amamaniac said:

    I'd love to know what Uncle Asa is tweeting or telling him on the phone.  Whatever he's getting, ... I want some! ;-)

    No idea, but he seems to be working on his scowl with him.

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  10. 3 hours ago, Koorifuu said:

    And that explains why unscrupulous people like Ishiura and Chiyoshoma made it a point to slap him around. It had to be known Akiseyama's jaw was iffy so they aimed at a weak point.

    Same in every competitive setting, I suppose. If you can gain an advantage, you do. I remember a soccer star who kept a lingering problem with his big toe secret for years, out of worry everybody would be stepping on it. And knowing Italian interior defenders (a.k.a. career criminals) he was probably right.

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  11. 22 minutes ago, Benihana said:

    I'm a bit concered about Asanoyama. Is it just a bad case of kisenosatositis (i have to establish that), or is there more to it, like an injury, we don't know?

    All I noticed is his terrible tachiai this basho. He constantly finds himself in trouble from the start.

  12. 7 hours ago, Kintamayama said:

    Yes, I know, but this time it feels different altogether. He looks sad.

    Are there any concomitant circumstances that would warrant going intai ? Otherwise, my purely speculative guess is, his supposedly chronic intestinal disease gives him even more trouble than usual (he seems to have lost some weight). If he is really suffering from some sort of chronic inflammation of his intestines, it´s impossible to overstate the toughness he displayed over the years. 

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  13. 5 hours ago, pricklypomegranate said:

    Wakatakakage is the new Chiyonofuji. Discuss. (Yushowinner...)

    As others already mentioned he has the looks, his sumo is quite different. What makes him stand out is his unrelenting determination, imho.