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  1. On 10/08/2023 at 20:38, Reonito said:

    From Wikipedia: "In May [2021] he withdrew from a tournament for the first time in his career, after suffering a jaw fracture in a bout against Chiyotairyū.[5] He missed the next two tournaments causing him to fall to the makushita division."

    He suffered that injury on day 3 and all his subsequent opponents went after his jaw until him going kyujo on day 9. Though understandable, watching this remains one my low points since I started following sumo.

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  2. It´s interesting how the perception of Goeido has changed over the years. After all, as those who were around then might remember, the term Ozekiwake was coined here for him, for supposedly being better than Sekiwake, but not performing to Ozeki standards.

  3. 59 minutes ago, Mongolith said:

    Hope Kiri just pulls out and has an extra weeks rest. Tbh not even sure why he even came back. Just go Kadoban and get the 8 wins next tourney. 

    A Ozeki going kyujo twice ? I don´t think that will happen.


  4. 20 hours ago, Kishinoyama said:

    Or the tennis equivalent of John McEnroe?

    Oh the days...Big Mac was far more original and entertaining. The imagination of him going after ther gyoji ("You can´t be serios !") made me laugh. Thanks for that, made my day !

  5. 4 minutes ago, Katooshu said:

    I find the rule and its application rather confusing. Does it only apply when the rikishi who crossed the tawara first touches down second?

    Often rikishi who are moving forward will be falling, obviously with no chance of staying up, but are always counted as the winner if their opponent steps out before they hit the ground. Think of aggressive oshi guys pushing someone back like this. There seems to be no consideration of how recoverable their position was in cases like this, only when it involves someone touching second but going over the tawara first. 

    Jumping up to buy time when the opponent is falling is done all the, well, time. I don´t get this one. But they have called stranger things. 


    2 minutes ago, Bunbukuchagama said:

    Why not? He had no chance to stay inside the ring when he jumped. 

    Sure, but while on his way out he gave Kotonowaka  the perhaps deciding slap to go down first. I don´t like the call, but with ambiguity of dead body...well, one could make an argument for it. In any case it was kind of a "suicide move" :-) 


    3 minutes ago, Thorbjarn said:

    What was the explanation behind the call between Kotonowaka & Ura? From the replay I thought this should be torinaoshi or gyoji call stands. 

    No idea what they were thinking. A dead body doesn´t slap his opponent down.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Bunbukuchagama said:

    Asanoyama got overhyped lately. I expected him to do well in his return to Makuuchi - and so he did, but expecting him to dominate sanyaku was not realistic. He looks like a Sekiwake level rikishi now: beating Maegashira and Komusubi opponents, sometimes losing to fellow Sekiwake, getting crushed by Yokozuna. Based on that, we should expect him to rise to Sekiwake rank and join Hoshoryu in waiting for a fortunate Ozeki run. :-D

    Just for the sake of discussion, and to put it into perspective: imagine one of the best baseball players suspended for a year, and another laboring in minor leagues. More or less suddenly he faces the best pitchers in the the world. What outcome would you expect in their first meeting ? 


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