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  1. Day 5

    01.2s J2w Chiyoshoma (2-3): hatakikomi M14w Seiro (1-4)

    04.8s M15w Endo (4-1): oshidashi M14e Nishikigi (3-2)

    01.8s M16e Chiyotairyu (3-2): katasukashi M13e Daishomaru (2-3)

    06.1s M15e Gagamaru (3-2): yorikiri M12e Takekaze (3-2)

    13.2s M11w Shohozan (4-1): oshidashi M13w Hidenoumi (1-4)

    04.6s M9w Daieisho (3-2): oshidashi M10w Tokushoryu (2-3)

    25.1s M9e Sokokurai (3-2): yorikiri M11e Chiyootori (3-2)

    04.5s M10e Sadanoumi (1-4): uwatenage M7e Toyonoshima (1-4)

    02.2s M7w Osunaarashi (3-2): tsukiotoshi M6w Tamawashi (1-4)

    09.4s M5w Takayasu (4-1): tsukiotoshi M8w Mitakeumi (3-2)

    04.9s M5e Tochiozan (4-1): oshidashi M6e Takanoiwa (1-4)

    09.4s M4w Tochinoshin (4-1): tsukiotoshi M4e Yoshikaze (2-3)

    07.5s M2w Ichinojo (3-2): hatakikomi S1e Kotoyuki (1-4)

    03.1s M1e Myogiryu (1-4): yorikiri O2w Terunofuji (2-3)

    07.1s O2e Kotoshogiku (4-1): yorikiri K1w Okinoumi (1-4)

    02.1s O1w Goeido (5-0): yoritaoshi M2e Shodai (0-5)

    20.3s O1e Kisenosato (5-0): yorikiri M1w Takarafuji (1-4)

    07.8s Y1e Hakuho (5-0): yorikiri K1e Kaisei (1-4)

    03.2s Y2e Harumafuji (4-1): yorikiri M3e Aoiyama (1-4)

    25.1s S1w Ikioi (2-3): kotenage Y1w Kakuryu (4-1)

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  2. Day 4

    03.5s J2e Toyohibiki (3-1): yorikiri M15e Gagamaru (2-2)

    02.2s M16e Chiyotairyu (2-2): katasukashi M14w Seiro (1-3)

    05.3s M13e Daishomaru (2-2): oshidashi M14e Nishikigi (3-1)

    05.9s M15w Endo (3-1): yorikiri M13w Hidenoumi (1-3)

    03.2s M12e Takekaze (3-1): oshidashi M10e Sadanoumi (0-4)

    00.9s M9e Sokokurai (2-2): hatakikomi M11w Shohozan (3-1)

    04.7s M11e Chiyootori (3-1): oshidashi M9w Daieisho (2-2)

    03.3s M8w Mitakeumi (3-1): oshidashi M10w Tokushoryu (2-2)

    05.1s M7e Toyonoshima (1-3): oshidashi M5e Tochiozan (3-1)

    04.3s M5w Takayasu (3-1): tsukiotoshi M7w Osunaarashi (2-2)

    11.5s M4e Yoshikaze (2-2): yorikiri M6e Takanoiwa (1-3)

    07.6s M4w Tochinoshin (3-1): hikiotoshi M6w Tamawashi (1-3)

    09.5s S1e Kotoyuki (1-3): oshidashi S1w Ikioi (1-3)

    00.8s M1w Takarafuji (1-3): hatakikomi O2e Kotoshogiku (3-1)

    08.0s O1w Goeido (4-0): oshidashi M3e Aoiyama (1-3)

    50.6s O1e Kisenosato (4-0): yorikiri K1w Okinoumi (1-3)

    06.1s K1e Kaisei (1-3): yorikiri O2w Terunofuji (2-2)

    02.8s Y2e Harumafuji (3-1): tsukite M1e Myogiryu (0-4)

    23.2s Y1w Kakuryu (4-0): shitatenage M2w Ichinojo (2-2)

    02.7s Y1e Hakuho (4-0): oshidashi M2e Shodai (0-4)

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  3. Day 3

    03.5s M15w Endo (2-1): oshidashi M16e Chiyotairyu (1-2)

    03.3s M14e Nishikigi (3-0): kotenage M15e Gagamaru (2-1)

    03.9s M13w Hidenoumi (1-2): yorikiri M14w Seiro (1-2)

    01.5s M12e Takekaze (2-1): hatakikomi M13e Daishomaru (1-2)

    06.6s M11w Shohozan (3-0): oshidashi M10w Tokushoryu (2-1)

    04.6s M11e Chiyootori (2-1): oshidashi M10e Sadanoumi (0-3)

    55.1s M9e Sokokurai (1-2): yorikiri M8w Mitakeumi (2-1)

    20.0s M7w Osunaarashi (2-1): yoritaoshi M9w Daieisho (2-1)

    08.8s M6w Tamawashi (1-2): hatakikomi M7e Toyonoshima (0-3)

    13.3s M4w Tochinoshin (2-1): shitatenage M6e Takanoiwa (1-2)

    08.2s M4e Yoshikaze (1-2): oshidashi M5w Takayasu (2-1)

    ----- M5e Tochiozan (3-0): fusen M3w Aminishiki (1-2)

    10.8s K1w Okinoumi (1-2): yorikiri S1e Kotoyuki (0-3)

    10.7s O1w Goeido (3-0): shitatehineri K1e Kaisei (0-3)

    05.1s O1e Kisenosato (3-0): oshidashi M2e Shodai (0-3)

    24.5s S1w Ikioi (1-2): yorikiri O2w Terunofuji (2-1)

    05.6s O2e Kotoshogiku (3-0): sukuinage M3e Aoiyama (1-2)

    03.8s Y1w Kakuryu (3-0): oshitaoshi M1w Takarafuji (0-3)

    05.6s Y1e Hakuho (3-0): uwatenage M1e Myogiryu (0-3)

    94.5s M2w Ichinojo (2-1): yorikiri Y2e Harumafuji (2-1)

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  4. Day 2

    02.5s M15e Gagamaru (2-0): oshidashi M16e Chiyotairyu (1-1)

    02.6s M15w Endo (1-1): tsukidashi J1w Satoyama (1-1)

    01.2s M14w Seiro (1-1): hatakikomi M13e Daishomaru (1-1)

    05.1s M14e Nishikigi (2-0): kimedashi M13w Hidenoumi (0-2)

    ------ M11e Chiyootori (1-1): fusen M12w Amuru (0-2)

    04.4s M11w Shohozan (2-0): tsukidashi M12e Takekaze (1-1)

    14.8s M10w Tokushoryu (2-0): oshidashi M9e Sokokurai (0-2)

    14.6s M9w Daieisho (2-0): tsukiotoshi M10e Sadanoumi (0-2)

    01.6s M8w Mitakeumi (2-0): okuridashi M7w Osunaarashi (1-1)

    10.8s M6e Takanoiwa (1-1): okuridashi M7e Toyonoshima (0-2)

    02.4s M5w Takayasu (2-0): yorikiri M6w Tamawashi (0-2)

    02.4s M5e Tochiozan (2-0): oshidashi M4e Yoshikaze (0-2)

    03.0s M4w Tochinoshin (1-1): tsukihiza M3w Aminishiki (1-1)

    55.3s M2w Ichinojo (1-1): yorikiri S1w Ikioi (0-2)

    11.4s O1e Kisenosato (2-0): oshidashi S1e Kotoyuki (0-2)

    27.2s O2w Terunofuji (2-0): oshidashi M3e Aoiyama (1-1)

    06.2s O2e Kotoshogiku (2-0): yorikiri K1e Kaisei (0-2)

    03.1s O1w Goeido (2-0): yorikiri K1w Okinoumi (0-2)

    04.1s Y1e Hakuho (2-0): yorikiri M1w Takarafuji (0-2)

    03.6s Y2e Harumafuji (2-0): yorikiri M2e Shodai (0-2)

    04.5s Y1w Kakuryu (2-0): oshidashi M1e Myogiryu (0-2)

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  5. Welcome to the board Misahiro.....

    Chuck in your salt and join the fray....

    "Dont worry about your English,where I live very few people speak good English."

    Where do I live? Cleethorpes on he east coast of England.

    Thank you so much, Fujisan! :-D Interesting to learn where you are from!

    Regarding places of origin... Well, some posts back I might have sounded a bit negative about where I live (Blushing...) , so now I'll introduce some places nearby that hopefully you'll enjoy :-D I live in a state which boasts three ecosystems within its territory (Amazon Forest, Pantanal and Cerrado) - the only one in Brazil. Also, in the city where I live, the statue which marks the Geodesic Center of South America. Also, it is a leading producer of cattle, soybeans, cotton and sweetcorn.

    26630169990_3e4111834f_b.jpgMatoGrosso by tmueta

    From top left, clockwise:

    01. Geodesic Center of South America Mark, Cuiabá (credit: Sangre Latino Americano)

    02. Chapada dos Guimarães National Park (60km from Cuiabá - credit: UTFPR)

    03. Aquário Encantado ("Enchanted Aquarium"), Nobres municipality (122km from Cuiabá - credit: Renata Menezes Severiano/Wikimedia)

    04. Birds in Pantanal (credit: Pantanal Monumental)

    Have a nice week! :-D

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  6. Day 1

    02.2s M16e Chiyotairyu (1-0): oshidashi J1e Homarefuji (0-1)

    04.7s M15e Gagamaru (1-0): kotenage M15w Endo (0-1)

    03.6s M14e Nishikigi (1-0): oshidashi 14w Seiro (0-1)

    09.3s M13e Daishomaru (1-0): tsukiotoshi M13w Hidenoumi (0-1)

    01.1s M12e Takekaze (1-0): hikiotoshi M12w Amuru (0-1)

    09.2s M11w Shohozan (1-0): oshidashi M11e Chiyootori (0-1)

    02.8s M10w Tokushoryu (1-0): yorikiri M10e Sadanoumi (0-1)

    04.1s M9w Daieisho (1-0): oshidashi M9e Sokokurai (0-1)

    04.8s M8w Mitakeumi (1-0): oshidashi M7e Toyonoshima (0-1)

    02.8s M7w Osunaarashi (1-0): yorikiri M6e Takanoiwa (0-1)

    10.2s M5e Tochiozan (1-0): oshidashi M6w Tamawashi (0-1)

    09.5s M5w Takayasu (1-0): yorikiri M4w Tochinoshin (0-1)

    01.9s M3w Aminishiki (1-0): hatakikomi M4e Yoshikaze (0-1)

    02.6s M3e Aoiyama (1-0): hatakikomi S1e Kotoyuki (0-1)

    16.1s O2w Terunofuji (1-0): kotenage M2w Ichinojo (0-1)

    03.3s O2e Kotoshogiku (1-0): yorikiri M2e Shodai (0-1)

    02.8s O1w Goeido (1-0): oshidashi M1w Takarafuji (0-1)

    05.1s O1e Kisenosato (1-0): yorikiri M1e Myogiryu (0-1)

    08.2s Y2e Harumafuji (1-0): tsukiotoshi S1w Ikioi (0-1)

    04.9s Y1w Kakuryu (1-0): yorikiri K1e Kaisei (0-1)

    08.4s Y1e Hakuho (1-0): yoritaoshi K1w Okinoumi (0-1)

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  7. Basically the goal of this game is to predict the daily time in seconds of a single match regardless of the winner.

    I will use the numbers (rounded) post by Akinomaki

    (Hope he can continue provide us the data. Thank you in advance)

    This basho Misahiro offered to do the task - I will be able to fill in if that should be needed, but then it will be much later than usual.

    Unless Nikkan is letting us down for the day ...

    My pleasure! I'll try my best in this [sorry for going off-topic (Blushing...) ]

  8. Thank you all very much for the warm welcome! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

    @Swami: Thank you very much!

    @Kuroimori: It's such a honor to receive such a welcoming message as yours!

    @orandashoho: Thank you very much! Yes, indeed it is great to meet fans from everywhere. In fact, I live in a city that is far from almost everything and the second hottest in the country (up to 47 degrees and nearly half of the year without a single drop of rain...)

    @egparis18: Thank you very much! It's great to meet fans from all around the world!

    @wuli: Thank you so much!

    @hamcornheinz: Thank you very much, I used to attend language schools, now I'm brushing up my skills "informally" (internet, forums and social media). There's much room for improvement still indeed (Blushing...)

    @torquato: Thank you so much! There are a few Brazilian fans and I also support Kaisei! :-D

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  9. Hello!

    I'm a Brazilian woman (age 33), Japanese descendant (3rd generation), born and raised in the Center-Western region of the country. My first contact with Ozumo was in 1998, I just enjoyed watching the torikumi when our first cable TV plan had NHK and I used to watch the bouts of the day. When I first followed, I knew some terms like "Yokozuna", "Ozeki", "Makuuchi", "Juryo", that I learned from the Portuguese language version of the book "A Look Into Japan". But some years later NHK was cancelled and I started to enjoy Ozumo again in 2013, following closer now (with a new cable plan that includes NHK, again, and also from the marvelous Kintamayama's channel, and more recently, John Gunning's).

    My nickname is a portmanteau of parts of my grandmothers' names (Misao and Hiroko), who helped me greatly in improving my Japanese skills and my interests on Japanese culture, which I enjoy a lot.

    I'm looking forward to learn more in this forum, which has been very helpful in learning a lot about Sumo (classic history of "then lurker, now member..." *blushing*).

    Thank you all in advance m(_ _)m, sorry for my English!


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