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  1. Our Middle School Yokozuna for 2021 is - Nishide Daiki (西出 大毅)! Individual Tournament: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBzNCTmElhA&t=18566s Team Tournament: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBzNCTmElhA&t=8978s
  2. mikawa

    Amazumo program videos

    Here's another video about Yoshiki Fuse and the work he does at Mitaka Sumo Club in Tokyo. Interesting that the club members say that they like the fact that Coach Fuse is so strict, because they know that they are getting stronger because of it.
  3. They are in their final year of middle school.
  4. mikawa

    We're gonna sing!

    Don't know whether this has been posted before, but a throwback to the 90s with this video, as various sumo beya participate in a song contest. Just look at the Taka-Waka siblings in those genie costumes.
  5. Comments The paths of the top 2 of the Class of 2022, Fukuda Joichiro and Nishide Daiki, have differed somewhat during their middle school days. While both are still in contention for the national tournaments, Nishide Daiki have been able to deliver the goods when it matters, whereas Fukuda Joichiro can't seem to be able to get past Saitama's Samejima "The Shark" Hikaru. It was always going to be difficult for anyone this tournament to stop Nishide Daiki when he's on form. He has a large body, strong muscles, quick mind and doesn't rely on any particular techniques during his bouts. The guy has no clear weakness at all. It also doesn't hurt that he's called Daiki, as I'm sure college sumo star Nakamura Daiki will attest. However, the name that stands out the most in the Top 8 is probably Maro "The Lion" Kosho from Aomori. He started his sumo journey with Mitaka Sumo Club in Tokyo, before moving to Aomori with his family. He has a British father and a Japanese mother, and has always shown great strength in his bouts. His time in Aomori has allowed him to fully take advantage of his strength by learning how to keep his opponents off his belt, and it has paid off greatly today. Being able to overpower his former Mitaka team-mate Kodama Hayato is no mean feat, and he nearly produced an upset against eventual winner Nishide Daiki as well. Both Maro Kosho and Kodama Hayato are only in the second year of Middle School, so it should be interesting to see what happens next summer. Speaking of, Kodama Hayato has definitely slimmed down since his primary school days. He is still a very strong rikishi with a flexible fighting style, but one does wonder how much his future in sumo will be affected by this loss of weight. The signs from this tournament doesn't look good I have to say. Over in the team competition, Ito Hirohide (Chris Gould's favourite young rikishi) and Kuraoka Yuta (Kodama's biggest rival) rolled back the years from when they won multiple Hakuho Cups together by helping Team Shodai (they're from the same club) overcome the Hayashi twins of Team Mitakeumi (again, same club) in the final. Both Ito Hirohide and Kuraoka Yuta will be returning for next year's Middle School Championships to defend their team title, by which time Team Chiba will have a fully powered-up Kodama Hayato and a much stronger Toyoda "Future Monster" Rinnosuke (semi-finalists this year). Should be an exciting match!
  6. Individual Competition Winner - Nishide Daiki (西出 大毅), Wakayama Runner-Up - Ino Hibiki (井野 響稀), Tottori Semi-Finals - Samejima Hikaru (鮫島 輝), Saitama Semi-Finals - Yoshida Taizo (吉田 泰造), Kagawa Quarter-Finals - Matsuno Shota (松野 将太), Aomori Quarter-Finals - Shino Soma (篠 宗磨), Ishikawa Quarter-Finals - Maro Kosho (マロー 高尚), Aomori Quarter-Finals - Takahashi Hidetomo (高橋 秀友), Chiba Team Competition Winner - Team Kumamoto Runner-Up - Team Nagano Semi-Finals - Team Ishikawa Semi-Finals - Team Chiba Quarter-Finals - Team Tottori Quarter-Finals - Team Tochigi Quarter-Finals - Team Tokyo Quarter-Finals - Team Kagawa
  7. mikawa

    Interhigh 2021

    From what I've seen, the coaches definitely know the strengths of the wrestlers in their clubs, especially when there are a lot more training sessions at high school level and above. The team order that they decide on most likely has quite a bit of thought put into it, with each school having their own strategies.
  8. mikawa

    Interhigh 2021

    Individual Competition Winner - Ochiai Tetsuya (落合 哲也), Tottori Johoku High School Runner-Up - Omori Yasuhiro (大森 康弘), Kanazawa Gakuin High School Semi-Finals - Sosorkhuu, Tottori Johoku High School Semi-Finals - Fujita Kazuto (藤田 一翔), Sanbongi Agriculture High School Quarter-Finals - Tamura Riku (田村 吏玖), Minoshima High School Quarter-Finals - Kawazoe Fuma (川副 楓馬), Buntoku High School Quarter-Finals - Takahashi Toma (高橋 透真), Kiso Seiho High School Quarter-Finals - Shino Yuma (篠 侑磨), Kanazawa Gakuin High School Team Competition Winner - Tottori Johoku High School, Ehime Runner-Up - Kanazawa Gakuin High School, Ishikawa Semi-Finals - Minoshima High School, Wakayama Semi-Finals - Hiryu High School, Shizuoka Quarter-Finals - Buntoku High School, Kumamoto Quarter-Finals - Kagoshima Commercial High School, Kagoshima Quarter-Finals - Saitama Sakae High School, Saitama Quarter-Finals - Takaoka Koryo High School, Toyama
  9. mikawa

    Interhigh 2021

    And here's a video showing the team final between Kanazawa Gakuin High School and Tottori Johoku High School. Interesting that Tottori chose to field their best wrestler Ochiai in the third position. It's like they're saying: if we go 2-0 up, he can get us across the line; if we're at 1-1, he can put us into a winning position; if we are 2-0 down, he can start off our comeback. In any case, their strategy worked, as Tottori won their first Inter-High team competition in five years, and their fourth overall. Since the graduation of their national champions Kusano Naoya and Hanaoka Masaki, Kumamoto Buntoku are no longer as strong a contender as they used to be in recent years, and had a Top 8 finish in this tournament. On the other hand, it will take traditional powerhouse Saitama Sakae about 3 more years to return to the top, once they enlist the likes of Kodama Hayato and Toyoda Rinnosuke.
  10. mikawa

    Interhigh 2021

    Below is a video showing the semi-final bouts of Sosorkhuu vs Omori and of Fujita vs Ochiai, followed by the final between Omori and Ochiai. "Unstoppable" is definitely the right word to describe Ochiai. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that he is one of the strongest High School sumo wrestlers of all time. If Hokuseiho's 21-0 start to his Ozumo career made everyone excited about future talents, just think what Ochiai might accomplish if he decides to turn pro. After all, Ochiai, who is a Tottori kohai of Hokuseiho, is much stronger and far more talented.
  11. Due to the Kokugikan Stadium currently being occupied by Olympic Boxing, this tournament took place today in Sakai City in Osaka. Ohama Park Sumo Arena in Sakai City is basically the Kokugikan of Kansai, at least for amasumo tournaments. Although the Middle School Yokozuna title is NOT up for grabs in this tournament, it does give a good indication of what might happen in a month's time, when the wrestlers will be going for Yokozuna. Here's the full video of the event today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTMHybWSqqw
  12. Comments Congratulations to Shino Soma from Ishikawa for taking the championship. His strategy of staying low and pushing off-belt worked like a treat, and when that didn't seem like such a good idea, like in the semi-final against the much taller Samejima "the Shark" Hikaru from Saitama, he just went inside and pulled off a throw. All in all, a good day's work from him. Speaking of, Samejima Hikaru was part of the Iruma Junior Sumo Club team who won back-to-back national club championships a few years ago. His senpai Kamiyama Ryuichi (Tochikamiyama), a former Middle School Yokozuna, is currently battling in upper Makushita. Nice to see that the big names from Wanpaku, such as Nishide Daiki, Yamamoto Juzo and Fukuhara Joichiro are still in contention three years on. Juzo looks even slimmer than he used to be. Over in the team competition, Team Wakayama (who are basically Team Wakayama Junior Sumo Club) came out on top in the final against Team Tokyo (who are basically Team Komatsuryu Dojo). The two club rivals in the photo above, Nakanishi Kaishin and Nishide Daiki, already made a formidable team. With another big name in Usuda Tetsuro as well, they will be a very difficult team to beat. Team Tokyo certainly had a good shot at them, but Saito Chugo and Suekawa Atsuki, former club-mates at Komatsuryu Dojo, couldn't quite get the job done in the final. Wonder if Saito Chugo, who is the son of Kabutoyama-oyakata, will join Ozumo sometime in the future?
  13. Individual Competition Winner - Shino Soma (篠 宗磨), Ishikawa Runner-Up - Fujimura Takasaburo (藤村 隆三郎), Fukuoka Semi-Finals - Nishide Daiki (西出 大毅), Wakayama Semi-Finals - Samejima Hikaru (鮫島 輝), Saitama Quarter-Finals - Nishimura Kazuma (西村 和真), Tottori Quarter-Finals - Yamamoto Juzo (山本 十蔵), Mie Quarter-Finals - Saito Chugo (齋藤 忠剛), Tokyo Quarter-Finals - Fukuhara Joichiro (福原 丈一朗), Ehime Team Competition Winner - Team Wakayama Runner-Up - Team Tokyo Semi-Finals - Team Tottori Semi-Finals - Team Ishikawa Quarter-Finals - Team Kagoshima Quarter-Finals - Team Osaka Quarter-Finals - Team Niigata Quarter-Finals - Team Gifu
  14. mikawa

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Congrats to Terunofuji for making it to Yokozuna, and for Hakuho, at least one Yusho in 16 CONSECUTIVE years? That's simply remarkable
  15. mikawa

    New recruits for 2021 Nagoya

    Class of 2018: 23 - Ito Yasuki (伊藤 寧), Saitama He's always been bulky, and did get a victory over Hanaoka Masaki (the best in their year group) in a Hakuho Cup once via yorikiri, but not much else to say about him.
  16. mikawa

    Natsu basho 2021

    https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202105230001508.html?mode=all According to this article, Terunofuji's comeback can be partly attributed to the story of Yoshiki Fuse, whose sumo achievements in spite of his disability helped give Terunofuji the courage to overcome his injuries and battle his way back to Makuuchi. Here's a video that Akinomaki shared in the Amasumo section that tells the story of Yoshiki Fuse:
  17. Thanks for sharing the video. It seems that not only have Kashiwa recruited Kodama, but also his long-time rival Mashiko Takuya as well. And now with the addition of Toyoda Rinnosuke, their middle school cohort for the next couple of years is looking very strong, certainly strong enough to win some national titles.
  18. mikawa

    Natsu basho 2021

    After that hairpull and that loss against Endo, it would have been mentally difficult for Terunofuji to get over this basho if he didn't get the Yusho, so I'm glad that he won the play-off today.
  19. mikawa

    Natsu basho 2021

    A double inside grip against Terunofuji is just asking for a loss by kimedashi
  20. mikawa

    New recruits Natsu 2021

    There's a lot of promise with this roster, looking forward to see how they do in the future
  21. mikawa

    Sumo in Thailand

    This video should answer your question:
  22. mikawa


    Shocked to hear of his passing, rest in peace Hibikiryu.
  23. mikawa

    Inside Japan’s Sumo World

    Yamashita Shosuke may or may not be academically able, but that's what sumo is there for right? To provide an alternative path to high school and university. Besides, you don't have to look far to find examples of sumo wrestlers who have very good grades. Take Kawazoe Fuma for instance, who has the same physique as Shosuke and is also from Kumamoto. He's fourth in his entire year. Time to write the next post in the "Featured Club / Dojo" series (JKA Treasure Club), which Shosuke (and his brother) are part of. And Andy from Tachiai, if you ever see this, Shosuke's 15 by the way.
  24. mikawa

    New recruits Natsu 2021

    正真 Shoma
  25. mikawa

    Kakuryu to Retire

    Otsukare-sama deshita!