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  1. Such an exciting bout today between Sato and Ura. I've kept an eye on Sato ever since his famous semi-final victory at the 23rd wanpaku tournament, he showed loads of skill and tons of ring awareness in that bout. Those qualities helped him today against Ura. Certainly looking forward to both of them joining Juryo (or even Makuuchi) soon! For those who haven't seen that semi-final bout, I've included a video below, it's well worth a watch (a strategic masterclass from Sato): (from 7:47)
  2. Looks like the Jonidan Yusho this time around will be a straight shootout between Kotokamatani and Masunoyama, both have moved onto 4-0
  3. Sokokurai is not a chinese. He is a Mongolian. Inner Mongolia, which is part of China, so yeah, first time a Chinese rikishi ever faced a Yokozuna
  4. Don't be so sure :) But seriously though, even though I've always liked Goeido as a Sekiwake, him as an Ozeki has just been more than disappointing (hopefully he can get a good score this time around). A bit like his namesake Honda Gotaro, who has also been disappointing given his talents.
  5. Nice to see Sato's found his form again, improving to 4-0 today. Could we see a straight shootout in Jonidan between young Kotokamatami and Masunoyama? Onosho is now at 2-5, will he get demoted? Won't he?
  6. Sure looking forward to seeing more and more of Ura's bouts, so unpredictable (or predictable in some ways?) It's almost like having Mainoumi again.
  7. Kyokutaisei at 0-5 now. It'll be a miracle if he doesn't get demoted from here. Kagayaki being 3-2 suggests that he's got his confidence back now, probably still not ready for Makuuchi yet. Endo 3-2, recovered a bit, wonder how his injury is at the moment?
  8. If you're talking about that 3-0 rikishi near the top of Makushita, then I'm also very happy that he's so so near Juryo now :)
  9. Osunaarashi is looking good in Juryo, probably odds on to get the Yusho, but Endo? Ura and Sato both looking good, should get promoted soon enough.
  10. Can't understand why he would do that. Does Hakuho have a grudge against Okinoumi or something? It's not like this is going to do him any good.
  11. It surprises me how well Akiseyama seems to be doing, especially with his physique. It's great to have Satoyama back in Makuuchi, wouldn't it be interesting to see a bout between him and Ura? (after him comes up that is) Wonder how long Sato's going to take to reach sekitori? He's not done that well recently. And Kagayaki's back to winning ways again down in Juryo.
  12. mikawa

    Sumo for kids

    As Asashosakari mentioned, Nagao Yuki is Tochiseiryu, currently hovering between Makushita and Sandanme. The kid who defeated Yuki in the documentary (Furukawa Haruki) is about to enter university. Kurihashi Ryu (aka 'Nice Guy Ryu') hasn't done anything of note since then (his record in wanpaku is qualified twice, losing in his first bout both times). Shinpo Kyoya has decided to enter Koyo University, starting this year. Iwamoto Ryuta (aka the slapper) may or may not have continued to do sumo since entering middle school, there's very little information about him nowadays. The kid who won in that famous wanpaku bout during the ending credits is none other than Sato, who is the one that's most likely to replace Onosho as the youngest sekitori.