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  1. That was Asashoryu-level reserval, incredibly quick thinking, and to pull it off like that?
  2. Makushita looks like it's going to be between Onosho and Oyanagi this time, but will Daiki get the kachikoshi though? Meanwhile, it's smooth sailing for Ikegawa down in Jonokuchi
  3. Might be closer to Mainoumi, depending on how he does in Makuuchi
  4. mikawa

    Nishikido situation; split from kyujo thread

    If that's true, then it's sad to hear that this kind of thing is still happening in sumo, especially after what happened to Takashi Saito
  5. Might happen, he certainly has the skills and tactical awareness to do it
  6. Does anyone know what's the longest streak where all Y/O (at least 1 in each) remain unbeaten at the start of a basho?
  7. Daiki vs Oyanagi should be VERY interesting this basho (if it happens), likely to be the Yusho decider
  8. mikawa

    New recruits for Natsu 2016

    Tokuda Ryutaro is certainly the strongest of the 12 new recruits, but Sugano Keisuke deserves a mention also (and perhaps keeping an eye out for). Once upon a time A few years ago in Tokyo, there were 3 young rikishi from the same year who were so good that they stood head and shoulders (literally) above the competition. Not only were they great rivals of each other, but also very good friends as well, and all 3 had strong showings in national level tournaments. Their names were Sugano Keisuke (菅野 圭祐), Arai Yuri (新井 宥里), and Nihon-yanagi Wataru (二本柳 亘), as pictured below (from left to right). The other 2 currently attend Saitama Sakae High School, and may choose to join Ozumo at a later date.
  9. Okay, I'll try some other sites then. Yahoo blogs don't seem to be compatible with the forum.
  10. The National Chinju-no-mori Kids Sumo Tournament (全国鎮守の森こども相撲大会) is a biennial sumo tournament for elementary school kids, organised by the various shrines around Japan. It is held at the Yasukuni Shrine, though apart from this, not much information is available on this tournament. The 9th edition of this tournament was staged last weekend, and the few results that are known are as follows: Grade 2 Winner: Kodama Hayato (児玉 颯飛) We could be seeing a star of the future being born with this kid. Originally from Aomori (more specifically, the place where Onosho, Shinpo Kyoya and Narita Rikido grew up), he started learning sumo at the Mitaka Sumo Club in Tokyo about 2 years ago. Kodama Hayato has since then won a number of different tournaments, including the Grade 2 competition at this year's Hakuho Cup. Perhaps even more impressively, last year he qualified for the finals of the Grade 4 or lower competition at the National Primary School Championships, whilst in Grade 2! That's only happened twice before, ever. He will be aiming to qualify for (and perhaps win) the Wanpaku Tournament next year. Grade 3 Winner: Hirano Shurato (平野 修良斗) A member of the Tachikawa Renseikan Sumo Club in Tokyo (the one filmed in the documentary Chikara: A Sumo Wrestler's Son). His win was a bit of a surprise, as his year group tends to be dominated by 2 other kids, Nishijima Yura (西島 悠来) and Nakanishi Kaishin (中西 海心). Grade 4 Winner: Tasaki Masami (田崎 正美) A member of the Furuichi Sumo Dojo from Osaka, Tasaki Masami reached the semi-finals of the Grade 4 competition at last year's Wanpaku Tournament, where he lost to Sakamoto Shoma (坂本 正真), Tokitsukaze-oyakata's younger son. Right in picture: Grade 5 Winner: Narita Rikido (成田 力道) Though unconfirmed, his name doesn't come as a surprise. His year group is a straight shoot-out between Narita Rikido from Aomori, and Uchida Kyota (内田 京汰) from Shizuoka. Here's the reason why: Grade 3 National Primary School Championships: Narita (runner-up, in the Grade 4 or lower competition) Hakuho Cup: Uchida (winner) Grade 4 Wanpaku Tournament: Narita (winner), Uchida (semi-finals) National Primary School Championships: Uchida (winner), Narita (runner-up) Hakuho Cup: Uchida (winner), Narita (semi-finals) Grade 5 Wanpaku Tournament: Narita (winner), Uchida (semi-finals) National Primary School Championships: Uchida (winner), Narita (runner-up) Hakuho Cup: Narita (runner-up) Grade 6 Winner: Hanafusa Kai (花房 海) As Kodama Hayato's senpai at Mitaka Sumo Club in Tokyo, Hanafusa Kai is the first ever rikishi in his club's young history to have had success at the national level. In Grade 3, he won the Hakuho Cup. In Grade 4, he reached the semi-finals of the National Primary School Championships. In Grade 5, he reached the semi-finals of the Wanpaku Tournament. Along with his kohai Kodama Hayato, the 2 of them helped Mitaka Sumo Club to win the Shinkyu Jiken Tournament 2 years ago (the one featured in Begin Japanology), their club's first ever team triumph. Last year, in a huge shock, they combined again to achieve 2nd place at the National Youth Sumo Tournament (a 5-boy team competition). In their final match, their club narrowly lost 3-2 (you may be able to guess where the 2 came from :-) ). A golden generation indeed. Here's a photo of the grade 3 winner Hirano Shurato receiving his certificate. To his right is Narita Rikido, and behind him stands Tasaki Masami: And here's a group photo of Mitaka Sumo Club from Tokyo. The 2 kids holding up their trophies are Hanafusa Kai (left) and Kodama Hayato (right):
  11. Guess that didn't work then. I've been struggling to get photos included in the post. Do you have any suggestions?
  12. mikawa

    Yokozuna grandsons

    Naya is currently a key member of Saitama Sakae High School's sumo team. He recently came second in a High School tournament in Kochi (his team won the event for a record 8th time)
  13. mikawa

    Wanpaku sumo national tournament

    Thanks for the info regarding his dad's name, I've not been able to find that anywhere. Sasaki Chikara is a good young rikishi, who is about the same level as Tanaka Toranosuke from Japanology's sumo episode. His 4th grade loss in his first bout (second round at the wanpaku) was against a very skilful opponent in Nukui Tetsugu (温井哲弘), whose best result at wanpaku is also last 16. Chikara's loss in Grade 5 was to the eventual winner that year, Shinobashi Hayato (下橋颯斗), so fair play to him. Incidentally, his opponent in the first bout shown in the video (fourth round, or last 32, in the tournament) is called Kiyomiya Itto. His name may not mean much, but I'm sure his sumo club will be familiar to quite a few members in the forum - Komatsuryu Dojo in Tokyo. He unfortunately didn't quality in Grade 6, though it is not known who he lost to during the Zama qualifiers. p.s. Here's a link to an extract from the documentary on Chikara: http://www.dazeddigital.com/artsandculture/article/19726/1/the-struggle-of-the-sumo-wrestlers-son
  14. mikawa

    Wanpaku sumo national tournament

    The 全国少年相撲選手権大会 is an annual tournament for the various sumo clubs / dojos around the country. It is a solely team competition, and has no individual competitions, and determines the best club / dojo in Japan. Each team is made up of a Grade 3 (elementary school, or lower), Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, and a Junior High School student. The winning clubs / dojos from 2012 onwards are as follows: 2012 (9th): Katsushika Shiratori Sumo Club (Tokyo) (defeated Tsugaru in final) 2013 (10th): Tsugaru Sumo Club (Aomori) (defeated Udo Junior Sumo Club from Kumamoto in final) 2014 (11th): Iruma Shonen Sumo Club (Saitama) (defeated Fuji Wanpaku Sumo Club from Shizuoka in final) 2015 (12th): Iruma Shonen Sumo Club (Saitama) (defeated Mitaka Sumo Club from Tokyo in final)
  15. So, Onosho's 8 basho reign as the youngest sekitori comes to an end. Chances are, Sato's going to surpass his record
  16. Congrats to Sato and Osunaarashi!
  17. Hakuho's in the zone at the moment, and has looked unbeatable in the past few days. Looks like Yusho #36 is coming up!
  18. Will Onosho and/or Kyokutaisei retain their ranks? That remains to be seen. Meanwhile down in Sandanme and Jonidan, the yusho's very likely to be going to Oyanagi and Masunoyama
  19. That's likely to be the case. It's even more strict at wanpaku level, when all 4 fists have to be behind the white lines (they can't be touching)
  20. Sato's so close now, 6-0 at his rank, and with the only other 6-0 Makushita rikishi being Oiwato......
  21. Uncharted territory for Goeido (as an Ozeki). But the real test is coming up, on day 11
  22. Could it really happen, after all these years of nearlies? Surely not? But then again, he is 10-0 at the moment......
  23. It's probably still a bit early, but I'm inclined to say that Kotokamatani is about the same level as Meisei