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  1. Update: November 2020 Makuuchi: Juryo: Makushita: Sandanme: Sd27e - Kume Kiyoshi (粂 貞), Kotokume, Sadogatake (#23) (5-2) Sd56e - Ito Hikari (伊藤 暉), Kotoito, Sadogatake (#7) (3-4) Sd75w - Honda Rikiya (本多 力也), Kochikara, Tagonoura (#31) (3-4) Jonidan: Jonokuchi: Comments Though all three wrestlers are now in Sandanme, Kotokume was the only one in this group to have posted a winning score in November. Makushita is beckoning. #18 Takei Sakutaro is one of the new recruits this past basho, so we'll be seeing him on this list next year.
  2. Update: November 2020 Makuuchi: Juryo: Makushita: Ms33w - Yoshii Ko (吉井 虹), Yoshii, Nakagawa (#3) (4-3) Sandanme: Ms48w - Otsuji Riki (大辻 理紀), Otsuji, Takadagawa (#6) (3-4) Jonidan: Jonokuchi: Comments Yoshii continued his slow but steady rise up the ranks with a third consecutive 4-3, he's yet to post a makekoshi since joining Ozumo. Otsuji however stuttered on his Makushita debut.
  3. mikawa

    Ex maegashira 5 Amuru interview

    This is Amuru's channel on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtEC83dVAS9bDBGbVJyKL-g
  4. 1 - Narita Rikido (成田 力道), Aomori Type of Wrestler Pusher thruster, large body Major Achievements Primary School Championships runner-up (Grade 3) Wanpaku Yokozuna (Grade 4) Primary School Championships runner-up (Grade 4) Wanpaku Yokozuna (Grade 5) Primary School Championships runner-up (Grade 5) Hakuho Cup runner-up (Grade 5) Wanpaku runner-up (Grade 6) Primary School Yokozuna (Grade 6) Hakuho Cup winner (Grade 6) Middle School Student Championships semi-finals (third year middle school) Personal Stories November 2020 was the basho when ex-Ozeki Kotoshogiku announced his retirement from Ozumo, nearly five years after he won that famous Yusho. It was his success at the Hatsu 2016 Basho that prompted a Japanese TV show called Guru Nai to recruit some talented youngsters in Aomori Prefecture to join what they called "Kinboshi Sumo Club". The first thing they did in the show was to visit and interview Aomori's defending Wanpaku national champion - Narita Rikido. Starting off his sumo journey with Nakadomari Dojo (Takarafuji and Onosho's sumo club), Rikido quickly made himself known to the amateur sumo community by nearly winning the Primary School Championships as a third grader (against mostly fourth graders). He followed that up by winning no less than four national titles over the next few years, as opponent after opponent struggled to deal with his powerful pushes. Heck, he might even have done a Toma Tsuguto and won every tournament in his sight if it wasn't for that long-standing rival of his from Shizuoka (we'll get to him later). Below are his semi-final and final bouts from the 2016 Primary School Championships. Not only does Rikido have a very effective oshi-attack, his relative lack of height (and hence lower centre of gravity) also gives him an advantage in a belt battle. Narita Rikido has also been instrumental in helping Nakadomari Dojo win their first ever National Club Championships back in 2016. In an incredibly crucial match in the semi-finals, and against his arch-nemesis, Rikido (on the right) calmed his nerves and thrusted with everything he had. On this occasion, his rival didn't have an answer. Rikido has since moved down south and joined the powerhouse sumo club that is Tottori Johoku High School. My hope is that under the tutelage of Ishiura's father, Rikido can improve on the technical side of his sumo, now that raw power is much less effective.
  5. mikawa

    Kotoshogiku retires

    A chrysanthemum retired last year, a chrysanthemum retires this year. Otsukare-sama deshita, Kotoshogiku!
  6. mikawa

    Middle school yokozuna 2020

    Tachikawa eh? Sure brings back memories!
  7. One of Our Own November 2005. 8 year old Kamatani Masakatsu (鎌谷 将且) travels to Fukuoka to celebrate his birthday with his father Kotonowaka and his grandfather Kotozakura, as well as to witness his father's final basho. Already at 144cm and 60kg, Masakatsu claims that he wants to become as strong as his father and get to Yokozuna one day. Exactly 15 years on, Kotonowaka Junior is now back in Makuuchi after an injury, and will be hoping to continue his journey up the rankings chart.
  8. mikawa

    Amazumo program videos

    The Godfather of Thailand Sumo - Kurasawa Sumio This short documentary tells the story of Shizuoka-born Kurasawa Sumio (倉沢 澄夫), about how he went from a bank worker in Japan to the founding father of the Thailand Sumo Federation. Kurasawa has certainly experienced his fair share of highs and lows, but whenever there seemed to be no future, Yokozuna Taiho's words would ring in his ears - "So stubborn, this one is", and he would gain the strength to fight on. A truly inspirational story.
  9. 27th September 2020, the day when Uto Junior Sumo Club's very own Shodai won Kumamoto's first ever Makuuchi Yusho. A huge moment for Shodai and for his childhood sumo club, Hanaoka, Kawazoe and co. have even more to live up to now!
  10. Update: September 2020 Makuuchi: Juryo: Makushita: Ms44w - Yoshii Ko (吉井 虹), Yoshii, Nakagawa (#3) (4-3) Sandanme: Sd30w - Otsuji Riki (大辻 理紀), Otsuji, Takadagawa (#6) (6-1) Jonidan: Jonokuchi: Comments Middle School Yokozuna Yoshii Ko is continuing his rise up the rankings with an 8th consecutive kachikoshi, he's not posted a losing score yet. Chris Gould mentions this kid in his YouTube videos a few times each basho. Meanwhile, since recovering from his injury, Otsuji has posted five successive winning scores, three of which are 6-1. Onwards and upwards.
  11. Update: September 2020 Makuuchi: Juryo: Makushita: Sandanme: Sd43w - Ito Hikari (伊藤 暉), Kotoito, Sadogatake (#7) (4-3) Sd75e - Kume Kiyoshi (粂 貞), Kotokume, Sadogatake (#23) (4-3) Jonidan: Jd12e - Honda Rikiya (本多 力也), Kochikara, Tagonoura (#31) (5-2) Jonokuchi: Comments A good basho for this year group as all three of them achieve a winning score, albeit only just. Still waiting for the big-hitters of this year group to turn pro.
  12. There will be updates each basho on which of the Top 32 are in Ozumo, what their shikona is, which heya they belong to, and where on the banzuke they are currently at. Those who are not included in the updates have gone onto high school and university.
  13. 1 - Narita Rikido (成田 力道), Aomori 2 - Uchida Kyota (内田 京汰), Shizuoka 3 - Honda Kotaro (本田 豪太郎), Kumamoto 4 - Altangerel Sosorkhuu (アルタンゲレル ソソルフー), Mongolia 5 - Niijima Ibuki (新島 伊武起), Kagoshima 6 - Miura Tomokazu (三浦 智一), Aomori 7 - Takko Asahi (田子 麻聖), Akita 8 - Shinozaki Sota (篠崎 颯太), Ibaraki 9 - Sugahara Haruka (菅原 悠翔), Shizuoka 10 - Seki Masashige (関 真成), Niigata 11 - Kitamura Yuta (北村 優太), Nagano 12 - Shinto Akira (神藤 輝), Osaka 13 - Mochizuki Masaya (望月 大矢), Shizuoka 14 - Tateno Ryu (舘野 隆), Fukushima 15 - Komiyama Toa (小宮山 翔海), Tokyo 16 - Takeuchi Fumu (武内 楓夢), Fukui 17 - Kobayashi Arashi (小林 嵐), Saitama 18 - Yoda Shigeki (依田 蒼基), Kanagawa 19 - Shoda Haruto (正田 悠倫), Hokkaido 20 - Takayama Shunsuke (高山 瞬佑), Shiga 21 - Morita Akihito (森田 陽彦), Ishikawa 22 - Ikoma Tomoyuki (生駒 智之), Gifu 23 - Soma Shinya (相馬 伸哉), Tochigi 24 - Fukuda Shintaro (福田 真大朗), Tochigi 25 - Nishikawa Mirai (西川 宙生), Tokyo 26 - Sakai Yuma (坂井 勇麻), Hiroshima 27 - Oura Hirofumi (大浦 宏文), Nagasaki 28 - Kohara Sota (小原 颯太), Kanagawa 29 - Inagaki Akira (稲垣 明良), Mie 30 - Suzuki Yamato (鈴木 大和), Miyagi 31 - Sekiguchi Takeru (関口 健), Gunma 32 - Shimomura Yamato (下村 耶真人), Yamaguchi
  14. With the Class of 2018 and Class of 2019 posts having been completed now, let's move onto the Class of 2020, the year group who are first eligible for Ozumo from 2020. For a bit of context, one of my reasons for going to Japan for the first time back in 2016 was to see a showdown between Rikido and Kyota, the title rikishi of this post. They certainly didn't disappoint. As before, we'll list the Top 32 rikishi in this year group, ranked by their results in every national level tournament prior to graduating middle school. We will also be focussing on some of them, talking about what kind of wrestler they are, what notable results they've achieved, and more importantly, what their story is. Hopefully when they start appearing in Makuuchi in years to come, you could look back to the Amasumo section and see where they came from, and what they've been through.
  15. Update: July 2020 Makuuchi: Juryo: Makushita: Sandanme: Sd63e - Kume Kiyoshi (粂 貞), Kotokume, Sadogatake (#23) Sd70e - Ito Hikari (伊藤 暉), Kotoito, Sadogatake (#7) Jonidan: Jd52e - Honda Rikiya (本多 力也), Kochikara, Tagonoura (#31) Jonokuchi: Comments Both Middle School semi-finalist Kume Kiyoshi and former Hakuho Cup winner Ito Hikari are currently having a bit of trouble getting through Sandanme. It's been a year since they debuted in that division, but neither have yet come close to challenging for a Makushita spot. Not many of the top names in this year group have joined Ozumo thus far, looking forward to see how they would do once they do turn pro.