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  1. Comments Just like the Battle of Winterfell gave us an unexpected conclusion, this year's college sumo has started with some surprising results. Few would have expected the Uwajima Tournament to be won by Chuo's Tanaka Daisuke, and even fewer would have predicted his opponent in the final would be Takushoku's Suguro Ruki. For Toyo fourth year and 2-time amateur banzuke topper Shiroyama Seira, this was his best ever result in the Uwajima Tournament, but even he couldn't do anything against that spectacular move which Suguro pulled off in their semi-final bout. The team final is a rematch of last year's Uwajima final, and this time, Chuo were able to come out on top. At the moment it's looking like Chuo and Toyo are the strongest college teams this year, but it's still very early days. Next up, the Usa Tournament.
  2. Individual Competition Winner - Tanaka Daisuke (田中 大介), Chuo University, Tokyo Runner-Up - Suguro Ruki (勝呂 隆稀), Takushoku University, Tokyo Semi-Finals - Nishikawa Toki (西川 登輝), Chuo University, Tokyo Semi-Finals - Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅), Toyo University, Tokyo Quarter-Finals - Fukai Takuto (深井 拓斗), Toyo University, Tokyo Quarter-Finals - Nakamura Taiki (中村 泰輝), Nippon Sport Science University, Tokyo Quarter-Finals - Tanioka Koshiro (谷岡 倖志郎), Kindai University, Osaka Quarter-Finals - Yamaichi Daigo (山市 大悟), Takushoku University, Tokyo Team Competition Winner - Chuo University Nishikawa Toki (西川 登輝) ・ Sumigi Genta (住木 厳太) ・ Kanno Yota (菅野 陽太) ・ Tanaka Daisuke (田中 大介) ・ Nakamura Yusei (中村 悠星) Runner-Up - Toyo University Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅) ・ Hoshiba Shinsuke (干場 伸介) ・ Asano Ryo (浅野 凌) ・ Fukai Takuto (深井 拓斗) ・ Shigematsu Tatsuhiro (重松 龍大) Semi-Finals - Nippon Sport Science University Semi-Finals - Kindai University
  3. Now that Reiwa has arrived, it's time to try out a spoiler-free version of these amateur sumo tournament reports. Please let me know whether you prefer this layout. Videos Individual Quarter-Final #1 - Tanaka Daisuke (田中 大介), Chuo University vs Fukai Takuto (深井 拓斗), Toyo University Individual Quarter-Final #2 - Nishikawa Toki (西川 登輝), Chuo University vs Nakamura Taiki (中村 泰輝), Nippon Sport Science University Individual Quarter-Final #3 - Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅), Toyo University vs Tanioka Koshiro (谷岡 倖志郎), Kindai University Individual Quarter-Final #4 - Yamaichi Daigo (山市 大悟), Takushoku University vs Suguro Ruki (勝呂 隆稀), Takushoku University Individual Semi-Final #1 - Tanaka Daisuke (田中 大介), Chuo University vs Nishikawa Toki (西川 登輝), Chuo University Individual Semi-Final #2 - Shiroyama Seira (城山 聖羅), Toyo University vs Suguro Ruki (勝呂 隆稀), Takushoku University Individual Final - Tanaka Daisuke (田中 大介), Chuo University vs Suguro Ruki (勝呂 隆稀), Takushoku University Team Semi-Final #1 - Chuo University vs Nippon Sport Science University Team Semi-Final #2 - Kindai University vs Toyo University Team Final - Chuo University vs Toyo University
  4. Although strictly speaking this documentary isn't focused around a sumo wrestler, however, it does tell the story of how Takakeisho got into sumo, and by extension how a future Middle School Yokozuna and Ozeki was born. When Takakeisho was growing up, the K-1 martial arts tournaments were wildly popular in Japan, and like many many kids at that time, Takakeisho wanted to be a K-1 kickboxer when he grew up. This is how he got into Kyokushin Karate, and people soon discovered that he was really good at it. So talented in fact that Takakeisho was already good enough to reach a national final in Grade 3, where he faced a karate phenom called Ishino Shobu (石野 涉生). They both chose an entrance music for that match. For Ishino, it was "We Will Rock You" by Queen, and for Takakeisho, it was the theme from Godzilla. Takakeisho would go on to lose that match, something which even now, 14 years on, he still cannot forget. It was because of this painful loss that a young Takakeisho decided that he wanted to learn sumo to get stronger, a sport which he has since fell in love with. Ishino Shobu would go on to win more than 70 tournaments at various levels, including 2 national championships and 2 world championships. However, when Shobu was in Grade 6, he wanted more and more to participate in a sport where he could enjoy with his friends, and work as a team. This strong desire, couple with the fact that he could no longer stand the huge amounts of pressure and expectation that his dad put on him, that Shobu decided to quit karate altogether. 14 years later, Shobu is now a professional basketball player (from this month onwards), and is aiming to represent Japan in the 3-on-3 basketball competition at Tokyo 2020.
  5. Many A Sumo Great Location - 2-chōme-29-3 Kisabe (私部2丁目29-3), Katano, Osaka Keiko - Unknown Situated just to the south-east of Katano Station, Furuichi Dojo are famous for their tough and rigorous training regime. Most sumo clubs and dojos hold training sessions twice a week, some would train three times a week. But Furuichi? They train SIX times every week! Over the years, Furuichi Dojo have produced many successful wrestlers, including former Amateur and High School Yokozuna Asahimaru, who is one of only a handful of wrestlers to have won the Wanpaku Tournament 3 years in a row. Also hailing from Furuichi Dojo are long time friends and rivals Goeido and Ikioi. In fact, it is because of Goeido's father's suggestion that a young Ikioi first starting learning sumo. Having such a strong training partner has undoubtedly helped both of them greatly over the years, constantly pushing each other to be their best. During recent years, Furuichi Dojo's ace member has been someone called Tasaki Masami, who became Wanpaku Yokozuna when he was in Grade 6. Since joining middle school, Masami has already won the Osaka middle school tournament (as a first-year), beating everyone in his path, even those who are two years older than him. Masami has also done well in the Kansai tournament, getting all the way to the quarter-finals. A reporter from Eo Hikari TV had a chance to experience Furuichi Dojo's training regime for himself, the toughest of any sumo club / dojo in Japan, and to see where Tasaki Masami got his incredible strength from. After all, Masami is the strongest wrestler in his year group in the entire country.
  6. mikawa

    Class of 2003

    10 - Kanzaki Oki (神崎 大貴), Hyogo Type of Wrestler Short, strong, tricky to deal with Major Achievements Wanpaku quarter-final (Grade 4) Wanpaku runner-up (Grade 6) Personal Stories Kanzaki Oki is the younger brother of Kanzaki Taiga, who is now a second year student at Kindai University in 2019. Unlike his brother, Oki is a short wrestler, but he does pack a lot of strength, and has a very good ring sense. His short stature coupled with his varied style of sumo makes Oki a very tricky opponent to face. In fact, even the likes of Kawazoe Fuma and Ochiai Tetsuya have had trouble against him, considering that Oki knocked them out of the Wanpaku Tournament in separate years. If you are able to watch the following video, you can jump to 9:04:32 to see Kanzaki Oki in action, and how his quick thinking brought him a huge win: https://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv228206460 However, if you are unable to watch that video, this next one also shows what kind of a wrestler Kanzaki Oki is:
  7. mikawa

    Class of 2003

    8 - Sakae Ryusei (栄 龍征), Kagoshima Type of Wrestler Big, strong, very tall Major Achievements Wanpaku semi-final (Grade 4) Primary School Championships semi-final (Grade 4) Wanpaku Yokozuna (Grade 5) Primary School Championships quarter-final (Grade 5) Personal Stories As someone who shares a name with the best and most famous high school sumo club in Japan, Sakae Ryusei was pretty much always going to be a sumo wrestler, and quite a successful one at that. Ryusei grew up in Amami Oshima, which is a place where sumo has always been, and still is, incredibly popular. He has also been very lucky that he's had some very good training partners at Sumiyo Sumo Club, who have undoubtedly pushed him to be his best. Here is a rare video of Ryusei during training, when he went up against the spirited Nishika Haruto in 3 consecutive bouts: Ryusei, who is easily the tallest wrestler in his entire year group, went into his first Wanpaku Tournament with big hopes of coming away with the title, but it didn't quite happen that way. Standing in his way, in the semi-finals, was someone who was to be the bane of his sumo life - Kawazoe Fuma. However, Ryusei came back to the Kokugikan Stadium the following year to fulfill his dreams and become national champion. Even the great Ochiai Tetsuya couldn't stop him this time: Since then however, Ryusei has been eclipsed by his Sumiyo team-mates Nishika Haruto and Hamaguchi Hayato, and has not achieved anything of note in major tournaments, though he did help Team Kagoshima to a second place finish at last year's Middle School Championships. Tears flowed when he couldn't help his team win that match. The desire to win is still there, but unfortunately, the skill set isn't.
  8. The sumo club at Nippon Sport Science University hold a nice event every year for the 4th-years who are about to graduate. The 4th-years form a team and take on, in turn, the 1st-years, 2nd-years and 3rd-years. This year, each match is a best-of-9, with the 4th-years team consisting of Fujimoto, Hayata, Miyakami, Tatsuta, Tsuda, Kanai, Sakurai, Nishi and Hashimoto. Only one person in this team actually made it onto the University Banzuke 2019 (Nishi Taisei at M1e), so overall it's not actually that strong of a year group. Will they be able to defend their honour as senpai? Team 1st-Year vs Team 4th-Year Team 2nd-Year vs Team 4th-Year Team 3rd-Year vs Team 4th-Year
  9. Hamasaka Middle School is located in Shin-Onsen Town in north Hyogo Prefecture. This is a TV program from 2012 introducing their sumo club, which had 3 members at that time. The club have just won the Hyogo middle school sumo tournament, but all 3 members are about to graduate, with each of them choosing a different path to follow. Club captain Katamura Eisho (片村 永尚) has been accepted into Saitama Sakae High School, where he will get a chance to train with some of the best high school wrestlers in Japan. Nishimura Takuto (西村 拓人) will be attending a high school in Wakayama Prefecture. Shimogama Ibuki (下釜 歩樹) will be joining Oitekaze-beya, his shikona is Daishoki. But no matter where they go, they will forever remember their coach's words - "Effort will not betray you. Be considerate towards others. If you can do this, then you will become strong."
  10. mikawa

    Haru jungyo 2019

    Two members from Mitaka Sumo Club, Yuto and Koshin, were at the Kawasaki Jungyo today. Although they didn't get a chance to face any of the pros in the ring, they did receive some tips from Kotoshogiku and Toyonoshima. Yuto's dad is one of the coaches at their club.
  11. Fukui TV recently did a program on Fukui Norin High School Sumo Club, a club that was founded all the way back in 1953 (that's a year after Tachikawa Renseikan was set up). One of their former members, Maikeru, has joined Futagoyama-beya, and is currently at upper Sandanme. The host also put on a mawashi and participated in their training session. His verdict? "It looks easy enough, but it's actually really really hard."
  12. mikawa

    Class of 2003

    7 - Shinoda Hiroyuki (篠田 裕之), Ishikawa Type of Wrestler Big, strong Major Achievements Wanpaku Yokozuna (Grade 4) Primary School Championships quarter-final (Grade 4) Primary School Yokozuna (Grade 5) Wanpaku quarter-final (Grade 6) Personal Stories Shinoda Hiroyuki is the youngest child in a sibling of three, and has two older brothers. His father is a coach at Hakui Sumo Club in Kanazawa Prefecture, and is also involved with the sumo club at Kanazawa Gakuin High School. Hiroyuki's first national tournament was a straightforward affair, as he powered his way through the competition to become Wanpaku Yokozuna. His final against Kawazoe Fuma shows how strong his sumo was back then: Prior to the Wanpaku Tournament the following year, Shinoda Hiroyuki and his father were both interviewed by someone from Kintsuba (a Japanese style sweet) as part of their 80th anniversary celebrations: In the video, Hiroyuki's father gave him a box of Kintsuba sweets as a present, and said to him "eat these Kintsuba sweets, and aim for the championship!" I've always found this scene incredibly ironic, because this is what happened at the Wanpaku Tournament that year: Yep, the defending champion was knocked out in his first bout. There have been occasions when a Wanpaku Yokozuna failed to qualify for next year's tournament (for example this guy), but to successfully qualify only to have this happen? That's just unlucky. If that wasn't hard enough, Hiroyuki then had to wipe away his tears and tidy up his emotions because he needed to perform the customary Yokozuna Dohyo-iri. Hiroyuki did however get a chance for revenge a few months later, as he faced Fujita Kazuto again in the final of that year's Primary School Championships. This is what happened: Hiroyuki was able to redeem himself in his final Wanpaku Tournament in Grade 6, as he managed to get all the way to the quarter-finals, where he lost to, you guessed it, Fujita Kazuto. Those two really had it in for each other. Shinoda Hiroyuki's style of sumo is mainly pushing-thrusting, with the occasional throwing technique splashed in. This used to be very effective when he was younger, but as everyone else's strength improved, there simply wasn't enough variety / awareness in Hiroyuki's sumo for him to keep up, which is a trend you see in so many Wanpaku Yokozunas. Hiroyuki has not achieved anything of note since he graduated from primary school.
  13. mikawa

    Class of 2003

    5 - Fujita Kazuto (藤田 一翔), Kanagawa Type of Wrestler Tall, skillful, very strong Major Achievements Wanpaku quarter-final (Grade 5) Primary School Championship runner-up (Grade 5) Wanpaku semi-final (Grade 6) Hakuho Cup quarter-final (third year middle school) Personal Stories Fujita Kazuto is a similar wrestler to Tebakari Taiki in so many ways - tall, strong, quick, highly skilled, though He's not quite been as eye-catching compared to Taiki. However, Kazuto's first ever bout in a national tournament was enough to immediately make people take note of him. That's because he knocked out the defending Wanpaku Yokozuna, in the first round! Talk about starting with a bang...... Kazuto' is one of the strongest wrestlers in his year group, and because of this, his strength has given so many opponents so much trouble over the years, even for the likes of Kawazoe Fuma and Yoshii Ko:
  14. mikawa

    Grand national.......

    To be fair though, it was with only one fence remaining that Tiger Roll finally got to the front, it looked for so long that Magic of Light would take it.
  15. mikawa

    Class of 2003

    4 - Tebakari Taiki (手計 太希), Chiba Type of Wrestler Tall, strong, very skillful Major Achievements Wanpaku quarter-final (Grade 6) Middle School Student Championships semi-final (third year middle school) Middle School Championships quarter-final (third year middle school) Hakuho Cup final (third year middle school) Personal Stories Tebakari Taiki is the middle child of three siblings. He is younger brother to Kototebakari, who is currently steadily making his way up Makushita. It's very rare to see someone so "thin" be so strong, but that's exactly the kind of wrestler Taiki is. Even from a very young age, Taiki has won his fair share of regional tournaments, so much so that Hanafusa Kai, who was near unstoppable at that time, revealed in a radio interview that he saw Taiki as his rival. Back in those days, Taiki liked to do Kotoshogiku's "Koto-Power" backstretch before his bouts, presumably to lessen the pressure and loosen up his body. Below is a very hard-to-find screenshot of Taiki's own version of "Koto-Power": What truly sets Taiki apart from everyone else is how very skillful his sumo is. I'd even go as far as to say that Taiki is the MOST skillful wrestler in this entire year group, and that makes him a very difficult opponent to face. You can see this in the way he ingeniously took down the Middle School Yokozuna Yoshii Ko in the following bout. That twisting backward knee trip (kirikaeshi) was incredibly well executed: Taiki lit up every single tournament he participated in last year, and everyone in the audience were always very excited to see him step onto the dohyo, because you’ll almost always see something special. The Techniques Prize that he received at this year’s Hakuho Cup was certainly well deserved. Despite being from Chiba Prefecture and having always been a member of Kashiwa Junior Sumo Club, Taiki actually represented Team Saitama in last summer's Middle School Student Championships, which Hirano Shurato's mum was very surprised to find out about. That can surely only mean one thing - Taiki will be attending Saitama Sakae High School from this month on (like his older brother). Will he follow in his brother's footsteps and enter Ozumo after graduating from High School? Only time will tell.