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  1. Was too slow to get a photo of Takayasu when he exited the Kokugikan, but got this instead:
  2. mikawa

    New recruits Natsu 2022

    All of the shindeshi who went up onto the dohyo today:
  3. They have a lottery draw after the bouts, today’s was done by ex-Kotoyuki
  4. Some kids were shouting “Abi, ganbare!” over and over and over again (despite rules forbidding any shouting). Abi went on to get pushed out quickly……
  5. Huge gasps when Terutsuyoshi grabbed a huge handful of salt and loud claps when he threw them into the ring (and even louder claps when he won)
  6. They bring in much larger cushions for the Makuuchi wrestlers to sit on, never noticed that before
  7. The crowd here in the Kokugikan clapped loudly when Wakatakamoto came on, but were disappointed when he got clapped (excuse the pun)
  8. mikawa

    2022 Collegiate Sumo

    Apparently he really is injured
  9. mikawa

    2022 Collegiate Sumo

    With his younger brother Ryoma coming in, it's almost like Takuma never left......
  10. mikawa

    Amazumo program videos

    Instead of Raizo "Asashoryu Impersonator" Taniyama, I think I might call him Raizo "the Demon" Taniyama from now on, seeing that he's comparing himself to Hattori Hanzo......
  11. mikawa

    University Banzuke 2019

    I can't find any information regarding why he quit the Toyo University sumo club. It might be that something happened, but he didn't want to make anything public? We may never know......
  12. Some bonus images of the Kokugikan Stadium at sunset and of various things inside Ryogoku Station:
  13. Thanks to Coach Hirano, I went to the Taito Riverside Sports Center in Tokyo earlier today to watch a training session at Komatsuryu Dojo (John Gunning's club), the recently crowned Hakuho Cup team champions. Their keiko on Saturdays starts at 1:30pm. Because it was their first training session of the new school year, once they are all warmed up, Ryudai "Strategic Genius" Yoshioka was introduced as Komatsuryu Dojo's team captain for the upcoming year. Everyone gathered around him, and they bowed in all directions. As Komatsuryu Dojo is situated up the river from the Kokugikan, they get visits from Ozumo wrestlers from time to time. In fact, most of their coaches are actually retired rikishi / oyakata. Ten points if you can recognize which former Makuuchi wrestler was there today? Unlike many other clubs, where they save butsukari-geiko (pushing practise) until last, Komatsuryu actually started off their training with this part. That took us to about 2:30pm, when practise bouts started. These are done in a winner-stays-on format, but instead of the winner choosing their next opponent, Komatsuryu actually have a queueing system to determine who's next up. Half an hour for the youngest wrestlers in the club, one entire hour for the older elementary school wrestlers (Grades 4-6), and then half an hour for the middle schoolers. Because Komatsuryu only have one dohyo, the wrestlers would do various muscle training around the room when it's not their turn. There are all sorts of equipment around the room to help them do this. There's a water bag, a couple of tires, some dumbbells, and even a couple of Mjölnir (everyone there is worthy lol). This is the third club where I've watched keiko, and I have to say, the training bouts at Komatsuryu are so much more intense. I mean, there were multiple instances today where blood was drawn. Their wrestlers also displayed a wider skillset, with all sorts of moves being attempted and executed. Look who's here? If it isn't "Japan's 10-year-old sumo champion" (according to Reuters' video), and recent Hakuho Cup winner, Kyuta Kumagai? However, I was much more impressed by the left-most boy, Ikko Taira. He is the son of Coach Taira (Komatsuryu's head coach), and is very good at lateral movement during his bouts. He uses this talent to set up all sorts of different techniques, such as throws and trips. Like father like son eh? (The one in the black mawashi is their new team captain, Ryudai Yoshioka) Many thanks to Coach Hirano and Coach Taira for allowing this visit!
  14. Chris Gould visited Kashiwa recently and made this quality documentary about the club. The man definitely has a way with words, be it English or Japanese:
  15. mikawa

    12th Hakuho Cup (2022)

    No many surprises this year to be honest, especially with prefectures like Kumamoto who didn't seem to have come to Tokyo. Grade 4 - The huge Yuya Okayama (this guy) continued on from his Primary School Championships success last year by winning the Hakuho Cup. He was the hot favourite coming into this event. What was a surprise however was Raizo "Asashoryu Impersonator" Taniyama coming in second. Raizo won the hitori-zumo (one-person sumo) competition (this video) back in 2020 when all tournaments were suspended. Grade 5 - Won by last year's Primary School Yokozuna, Komatsuryu Dojo's Kyuta Kumagai. You might remember him from when Reuters and other news agencies did a feature on him (like this one). Without Kumamoto, and hence Kyuta's biggest rival Sera Ote, there was only ever going to be one person who could have challenged him today, and that was last year's Primary School Yokozuna Hisatsugu Sasaki. Hisatsugu lost before he got to face Kyuta. Grade 6 - Kyosei Katagiri completes the triple crown of primary school sumo as he adds the Hakuho Cup to the Wanpaku Championships and Primary School Championships that he won last year. With the huge support and training he got from his new step-dad, he was just unbeatable for the past year. Middle School - Middle School Yokozuna Daiki Nishide beats former Wanpaku Yokozuna Hayato Kodama (a year lower) to win the Hakuho Cup. Not too many surprises there. Team - Won by the defending national club champions Komatsuryu Dojo (John Gunning's club), who beat Kashiwa Junior Sumo Club (Kotonowaka and Kotoshoho's club) in an exciting 3-2 match in the final. With the match at 2-2, Shurato Hirano of all people (his parents are friends of mine) stepped up and pushed his opponent out for the team victory. From couldn't find a single win at the Wanpaku to now being his team's ace and producing when it matters the most, Shurato has certainly come a long way.