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  1. mikawa

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    Back to four Ozekis next basho?
  2. mikawa

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    That kinboshi sure meant a whole lot to Tomokaze, Yoshikaze must be so proud right now
  3. mikawa

    Class of 2018

    1 - Hanaoka Masaki (花岡 真生), Kumamoto 2 - Mukainakano Shingo (向中野 真豪), Mie 3 - Narumi Shoma (鳴海 匠馬), Aomori 4 - Yamamoto Takeru (山本 剛瑠), Kyoto 5 - Murayama Go (村山 豪), Chiba 6 - Ezure Haruki (江連 春樹), Ibaraki 7 - Ito Hikari (伊藤 暉), Akita 8 - Shirakami Reiji (白神 嶺治), Hokkaido 9 - Urayama Shusei (浦山 秀誠), Toyama 10 - Kubo Kaishi (久保 海心), Ehime 11 - Kojima Shu (小嶋 秀), Tottori 12 - Sakamoto Hirokazu (坂本 博一), Tokyo 13 - Ikeda Ryo (池田 亮), Ishikawa 14 - Ochiai Shun (落合 駿), Mie 15 - Goshima Masaharu (五島 雅治), Aichi 16 - Kitano Soma (北野 颯馬), Tochigi 17 - Sakurai Yuki (櫻井 雄基), Ibaraki 18 - Takei Sakutaro (武井 朔太郎), Shizuoka 19 - Nakazato Tomotaka (仲里 智隆), Okinawa 20 - Ito Yasuki (伊藤 寧), Saitama 21 - Nobehara Toma (延原 闘真), Osaka 22 - Yada Shota (矢田 翔大), Oita 23 - Kume Kiyoshi (粂 貞), Yamagata 24 - Sato Kaito (里 海斗), Kagoshima 25 - Kotera Kazuma (小寺 寿馬), Osaka 26 - Nagata Ryoma (永田 涼真), Shizuoka 27 - Sakaigawa Keisuke (境川 圭佑), Aichi 28 - Amemiya Daichi (雨宮 大地), Yamanashi 29 - Sato Soya (佐藤 綜哉), Miyagi 30 - Kitano Kenta (北野 堅太), Ishikawa 31 - Honda Rikiya (本多 力也), Tochigi 32 - Yanagisawa Tsubasa (柳澤 翼), Tokyo
  4. mikawa

    Class of 2018

    Earlier this year, a post was started here in the Amasumo section titled "Class of 2019". The post focused on the year group who were born in 2003, and graduated from Middle School earlier this year. In other words, 2019 is when they are first eligible to enter Ozumo and become a pro. Now that that post has been completed, let's do a retrospective post on the Class of 2018. Some of them joined Ozumo in 2018, some in 2019, while others have chosen to go onto High School, gradually playing a more and more important role on their respective teams. This post will however end on a sad note. As before, we'll list the Top 32 rikishi in this year group, ranked by their results in every national level tournament prior to graduating middle school. We will also be focussing on some of them, talking about what kind of wrestler they are, what notable results they've achieved, and more importantly, what their story is. Hopefully when they start appearing in Makuuchi in years to come, you could look back to the Amasumo section and see where they came from, and what they've been through. Oh, and could the colour red (ff0000) be moved to the main palette please?
  5. mikawa

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    If Man City and VAR don't go together, then neither do Tochinoshin and mono-ii it seems......
  6. This is not at a heya, but if your sumo curious friend wishes to get a more personal experience of sumo whilst in Tokyo, they could always give this a try: https://raien.co. The sessions take place in a local sumo club in Mitaka City, and are tourist-friendly.
  7. mikawa

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    Kotoyuki's strategy today was on point, he just wasn't quick enough to follow through with it. But man is Enho going places
  8. mikawa

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    That was a superb move from Enho, expertly executed
  9. mikawa

    Class of 2019

    Should I write a retrospective one for the class of 2018?
  10. A video showing Tasaki Masami's progress through the tournament. He's definitely a pusher thruster.
  11. They have made a follow-up program, showing Tasaki Masami's progress through this year's Middle School Championships, where he overcame many opponents who were a year older than him to finish third:
  12. Here's Sugawara Haruka participating in an English Speech Contest earlier this week. He talks extensively about his experiences with sumo.
  13. mikawa

    Class of 2019

    15 - Kakuda Toraki (角田 虎紀), Mie Type of Wrestler Short, strong Major Achievements Primary School Yokozuna (Grade 4) Primary School Championships semi-final (Grade 5) Personal Stories If someone shines at the Primary School Championships in December, they have usually been somewhat successful at the Wanpaku Tournament in early August (not necessarily in the same year). However, there are two Wanpaku Yokozuna who have NEVER appeared at the Wanpaku Tournament. It's not that they didn't qualify though, as they most certainly would have breezed through the qualifiers. They just never participated, and I've never been able to find out why. The older one is called Mukainakano Shingo, who should have been Middle School Yokozuna in 2018 and is now an important member of Tottori Johoku High School, The younger one is called Kakuda Toraki. He is somewhat like Nishika Haruto, but with more power and less variation. Here's Toraki (on the left) competing at this year's Hakuho Cup:
  14. mikawa

    Class of 2019

    14 - Nishika Haruto (西加 陽斗), Kagoshima Type of Wrestler Short, determined, good timing Major Achievements Primary School Championships semi-final (Grade 4) Middle School Student Championships winner (third year middle school) Personal Stories Ever since he was little, Nishika Haruto has lived in the shadows of his larger club-mates, Sakae Ryusei and Hamaguchi Hayato. It's not that he's not any good, on the contrary, Haruto is very good, but Ryusei and Hayato are, at least back then, just better (they're both national champions). However, this isn't to say that Haruto didn't have his moment in the spotlight (he was a national semi-finalist back in Grade 4), but most of the time his experience with sumo went a bit like this: Having national champions as training partners isn't just an obstacle, it's also a form of motivation. Haruto knows that if he can match, or even surpass Ryusei and Hayato, then he can go head-to-head against anyone in the country. And so, fast forward to the summer of 2018, when Haruto went all the way to the final of the Middle School Student Championships inside the Kokugikan Stadium. With over a thousand people watching in the stands, and with Kawazoe Fuma, the best in his year group, standing opposite him on the dohyo, Haruto needed everything he's learnt from sparring with Ryusei and Hayato to stand a chance. Welcome, to a moment in amateur sumo.
  15. mikawa

    Class of 2019

    13 - Hanafusa Kai (花房 海), Tokyo Type of Wrestler Very good ring sense, good instincts Major Achievements Hakuho Cup winner (Grade 3) Primary School Championships semi-final (Grade 4) Wanpaku semi-final (Grade 5) Hakuho Cup quarter-final (third year middle school) Personal Stories Since they were founded in 2008, Mitaka Sumo Club struggled to get notable results. Their first showing in a national tournament (the Asashoryu Cup) ended with a 0-5 and then a 1-4 (in the losers' bracket). However, everything changed when Hanafusa Kai joined the club. Kai's talent brought the club trophy after trophy as he won most regional tournaments during that time. In fact, the only person who could beat him was Chris Gould's favourite sumo kid, Tebakari Taiki, something which Kai himself acknowledged in a radio interview. Grade 3 would bring Kai his biggest achievement to date - winning the Hakuho Cup. With no one in Tokyo even coming close to Kai's level (Taiki is from Chiba), it seemed a sure thing that Hanafusa Kai would impress at the Wanpaku Tournament in Grade 4. Even Kai himself thought so, as he started practising the Yokozuna Dohyo-iri during training. However, fate had other ideas, as Kai couldn't even win the Chofu city qualifiers that year, never mind the Tokyo prefectural qualifiers. This setback left a lasting effect on the young Kai, as he trained even harder, and was rewarded with two semi-final finishes over the following year. Even now, Hanafusa Kai is one of the names to watch out for, but he isn't as big, or as strong, as some of his biggest foes. Kai's arrival changed the fortunes of his sumo club, and I certainly hope that he is able to play his part in the high school sumo club over the next couple of years.