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  1. Monica

    new girl from Brazil

    Thanks! Yeah! I've noticed. Everyone is really kind and knows so much about sumo! I just started and already having a lot of fun ^^
  2. Monica

    New Fan, Aspiring Amateur

    Welcome Adam ! Hope you enjoy the forum :-D
  3. Monica

    new girl from Brazil

    Obrigada! :-D
  4. Monica

    new girl from Brazil

    yeah! that's why I'm here! Thanks... you guys are really nice ^^ :-D
  5. Monica

    new girl from Brazil

    that is helpful... I'll look ^^ thanks
  6. Monica

    new girl from Brazil

    I'm glad, thank you... really ^.^)/
  7. Monica

    new girl from Brazil

    Welcome! You can watch sumo live in NHK channel 241 from Net (R$9,90 per month). In the package Net HD Max (and above - starting with R$169,90) NHK is included Oh, yes yes... I have Net one time but (long story) I had to change my cable tv for other one. but thanks ^^
  8. Hello, people!! My name is Monica and I from Rio ^^ Early last year I've become a sumo fan through from my sensei of japanese language. She is a japanese with 74 years old and really hope for a victory of a Japanese in the Yokozuna run since a long time. She is really intense about this and her's passion makes me search about it. But, in Brazil we don't have an sport channel showing honbasho or anything else related with sumo (from what I know). So, I started watching the tournaments on an youtube channel named "Jason's All-Sumo channel" and I got very excited when I saw some of the matches! Specially some of the Kakuryu.. his sumo seems so clean and beautiful (in my simple point of view) So far I don't know much about sumo, but I'm studying.. and really enjoying. And in my seek for more information after the Hatsu Basho the internet brought me here! I hope to learn more and more about sumo here, because I'm already impressed with how much you guys know about this stuff... (Bow...) Ps: truly sorry for my english.
  9. Osunaarashi is like a rockstar! (>.<)/

  10. The Blue Hearts "TRAIN-TRAIN" is freaking awesome

  11. Monica

    Terunofuji to undergo surgery

    I will hope that the Haru basho he comes to full strength! He's a great Rikishi and deserves good times at the dohyo ... :-)