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  1. Erkhembulgan

    Asashoryu INTAI - Feb 4 2010

    Good bye Asashoryu, Welcome back, Dagvadorj!
  2. Erkhembulgan

    Sumo - buttock slapping

    "M. gluteus maximus" slapping in Mongolian wrestling: Look at 00:47 and 3:10
  3. Erkhembulgan

    Most intelligent looking sekitori

    Roho and Takamisakari look very intelligent (Shaking head...) . Also Hakurozan's hair is kind of smart...
  4. Erkhembulgan

    National Anthems Talk

    WTF! Almost all foreign-born yokozunas did it in order to show their respect to the country which gave them a lot. It's stupid to think that Asashoryu or Kotooshu are not patriots because they sing Japanese anthem.
  5. Erkhembulgan

    Asa and Hakuho

    I bet Dorjoo will kick Davaa's ass if they fight in the street. (Applauding...) Anyway Asashoryu and Hakuho will not hear any good comments on YDC meeting
  6. Erkhembulgan


    Thank you for the photos and report! On the last photo you captured my friend...(Laughing...)
  7. Erkhembulgan

    Hanover this week?

    Yes, I will be there on 24th. (Laughing...)
  8. Erkhembulgan


    Another sumo tournament will take place in Hannover at the end of April. Probably the same guys will show up there (?).
  9. Erkhembulgan

    Makushita YUSHO for Daiyubu !

    Legendary champion Tuvdendorj, a grandfather of Undrakh (Daiyubu)
  10. Erkhembulgan


    Thank you for the response. My main question is do you have any idea as to the average number of push ups are done? This has my interest. Thanks again. I have seen one former makushita rikishi doing 3 x 50 pushups with 2 min interval. My record at that time was 73 in a row.(Laughing...)
  11. Erkhembulgan

    Mongolian sumo

    There is no "sumo" in Mongolia. It's called mongol b
  12. Erkhembulgan

    Ama gets honored, Asa at home

    Honored Ama with mAma(?) :-)
  13. Erkhembulgan

    Asashouryuu injured-keiko news

    Asashoryu played even as a captain of the basketball team. Fortunately, no jungo was scheduled at that date...
  14. Erkhembulgan

    Soken- January 8th

    +1, She has personal, vindictive mission on Asa quite long time. Ignoring one of Yokozuna is not for Sumo as she claims to be, but for her own personal issue. I am wondering what is the issue between her and Asa An issue?....Asa ignored her flirting a while ago. (In a state of confusion...)
  15. Erkhembulgan

    Ossetian fighter

    ...and Ama knocks out Fedor on the third minute of first round. Shocked Fedor decides to retire...