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  1. tenshioka

    Basho attendance

    There is something that scares me about future of sumo. I think isn't a sport for young people. Seem the new generations are really interesting in football or rugby (baseball). I know a lot of japanese young people in the city where i'm living and the majority aren't interesting in sumo. I love this sport and i'm really worried about that. I think sumo needs urgently a good japanese rikishi to engage again the young fans.
  2. tenshioka

    Basho Talk - Hatsu Basho 2016 +++ Spoiler Alert! +++

    I think my knowledge about sumo is lower than the most of you but i want to say my opinion. I want to see a born-japanese rikishi like yokozuna but they have to do it calmly. I think nobody is sure about the real performance of Kotoshogiku. 4 months ago he was fighting to keep his ozeki rank, now has really yokozuna level. Really i like him, he seems a big teddy allways smiling but he has much to prove. I think he needs at least 2 more basho with a good performance. Seem if he wins next basho he will be promoted and i think it will be a hasty decision. This was one of the poores basho for Hakuho that i could remember. Harumafuji wasn't strong enough like last basho. There are several conditions that make me doubt. I would like to make a question (is probably you have talked about this a lot of times...), what do you think about younger japanese born rikishi? Is there a japanese rikishi with enough potencial to fight agains mongolian rikishi? Excuse me for my english.
  3. tenshioka

    Sumo anime and manga

    I saw Abarenbo in spanish subs and i think was really amazing. The fight are so exaggerated but the live of Matsutaro in the heya was really funny. If you search an anime with realism, probably isn't the perfect anime. But is better this anime that nothing i thing. Is very amazing for me.
  4. tenshioka

    An spanish sumo supporter.

    Thanks. Now i'm living in Spain yet, but i'm going to live in Japan since next month. I was two times in Japan previously (only Osaka) in 2011 and 2012 summer (only like turist). I hadn't the chance to attend a basho but probably i will have a chance this year. I'm not sure but i will try to see in direct. I saw that epic Harumafuji-Hakuho in tv. I saw it in my friend's house. Was only in tv but we was 6 people sawing that. Was amazing too. Thanks a lot for your words. I was only in Osaka (and Kyoto, Nara etc...) during 6 months and i love Osaka. The people in Osaka are really warm, like you said. The worst was the 'Osaka ben'. I went to Japan speaking japanese like absolute beginner. Osaka isn't the best city to learn japanese (at first really i couldn't understand nothing) but is a very confortable city for foreigners. Muchas gracias. ¿Eres hispanohablante nativo o eres japonés? Gracias por tu ayuda ;) Gran parte de mi afición a este deporte te la debo a tí, aunque no lo sepas. Cuando empecé a interesarme por la cultura tradicional me topé con tu web, le di una oportunidad al sumo (gracias a tu web, a los vídeos de kintamayama y a los vídeos de otro chico que le banearon la cuenta de youtube) y quedé prendado de este maravilloso deporte. Consulto tu web casi semanalmente en busca de nuevas noticias. Arigato Leonishiki sensei. Machas gracias. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. If i have a big mistake in my english text, please tell me. The best way to learn a language is learn about mistakes.
  5. Hello. I'm a sumo supporter since 5 or 6 years ago. I don't remember exactly when was the first tournament i saw but probably was in 2010. I remember saw Kaio fighting and beating the record of fights, probably i started to follow sumo in the final of 2010. I started to follow sumo because i liked japanese culture and i thought sumo was the most typical sport in Japan. Then i discovered the most popular sport is baseball but sumo is the traditional sport in Japan. I known there was a english sumo forum but until now my english level was really wrong (i'm spanish). I have the chance to work in Japan since march (Osaka). Therefore i was trying to improve my english and japanese level last year. Probably my english level isn't good enough but i think you can understand me. If you can understand me there isn't problem i think, although i use a bad english. I'm Harumafuji supporter since the begin i follow sumo. I don't know why but i follow him. When i started to follow him he was ozeki and only could win 1 tournament. I could see him winning another 6 tournaments. The most special was a tournament in the summer of 2012. I was in Japan and was the final day against Hakuho. Both could win the tournament and was a long battle, more than a minute. Finally Harumafuji won. I hope i could be here a lot of time. I'm happy to practice my english here. Thanks a lot.