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  1. to become a yokozuna you need a little luck and you have to won when it mattered the most kakuryu did it and kaio did not and kisenosato failed many times and he finally won when it mattered the most
  2. dont put terunofuji on the same category with shodai and mitakeumi terunofuji was a clear dai yokozuna material before the injury without hakuho harumafuji kisenosato kakuryu they all could have been 10+ yusho its not they are that bad its just hakuho is on another level
  3. kamizake

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    why he retires it is obvious he has some gas left in the tank he has a chance for 50 yusho isnt it cool if wee see the yusho number 50
  4. kamizake

    Hakuho won 13 yusho winners

    ok that was my bad i thougth he won early in his career but that was dejima
  5. I dont know if this ever happened before but at 2009 haru tournament hakuho had zensho yusho and 13 of the opponents were yusho winners at some point and 2 of them had yusho play off does this kind of thing ever happened before? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFBHqfF9q8I day 1 - goedo yusho winner day 2 - hokutoriku play off day 3 - kakuryu yusho winner day 4 - kotoshogiku yusho winner day 5 - tochiozan play off day 6 - kyokutenho yusho winner day 7 - miyabiama yusho winner day 8 - baruto yusho winner day 9 - kotomitsuki yusho winner day 10 - chiyotaikai yusho winner day 11 - kisenosato yusho winner day 12 - harumafuji yusho winner day 13 - kotooshu yusho winner day 14 - kaio yusho winner day 15 - asashoryu yusho winner
  6. kamizake

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    i think its hard to imagine mita as a yokozuna from my angle oshi guys cant be a yokozuna you should have to be very good on the belt and you have to be good enough without belt if you want to be a yokozuna asashoryu hakuho harumafuji kakuryu they are all good on the belt and all good with oshi attacks only kisenosato is not good without mawashi
  7. if 2 of them is in their prime and do a yotsu battle who will win what do you think i think baruto will win
  8. kamizake

    Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    yes he is arguably the goat but his belt sumo was no where near at his peak for last 4 or 5 years around 2010 if he gets the belt then the opponets were almost done no matter how big small or who they were baruto kaiyo kotooshuu even asashoryu back then he was much more powerful and always goes for the belt but now he rarely go for the belt because he knows he is not that good anymore on the belt just look at the match against ikioi he cant push ikioi out of the ring that easy even if his strength is not that good he is better than the other rikishis overall
  9. kamizake

    Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    its not about only tochinoshin hakuho is at his worst last few years hakuhos strength was not that good but at his peak his strength was incredeble he won baruto kotooshu a lot of times on the belt and iam sure baruto was more powerful than todays tochinoshin
  10. kamizake

    Predictions from 2005

    just read this prediction from 2005 from topic who is next yokozuna nobody thought that hakuho was going to be goat back then
  11. kamizake

    Predictions from 2005

    I agree with most of you. Just to make this discussion of a more fun, let me play with traditional mongolian wrestler's watch. (I learnt it from our elders) A wrestler is truly great when following 4 characteristics are all met in an outstanding manner: 1. Body build 2. Talent 3. Will 4. Intelligence There can be some ups and downs on these, and even surprises. Then: As everybody can tell, Asa has an outstanding athletism, profound will to rule, and amazing ability to calculate his bouts with deadly accuracy. In short, he is naturally talented to be a terminator. Kaio has a frame which can be compared with only that of alpha male gorilla. However, we all know, what he lacks. (no hope) Tochiazuma has utter will to win and succeed most of the time. But he doesn't know how to surprise his opponents, basically coming with the same weapon everytime. No talent. Everybody knows about his injury plagued body. (no hope) Chiyotaikai has lesser body strenght then the fellow ozekis. Again, he has only one song in his disposal. No talent (no hope). Hakuho's body build needs no attention. His will seems to be lagging behind his achievements, but will not take very long for him to figure out who he is. He is the only rikishi at present, besides Asashoryu, who can really learn from his mistakes and act differently each time around. Naturally talented. Considering his age, he is the only hope. Kotomitsuki might have some will and talent, though it is not very evident. However quick rise of youngsters like Hakuho and Oshu may provoke him enough. His ability to control bouts intelligently isn't that good. Even with the will and brain, his body build is just not enough for ozeki. (no hope) Kotooshu's body build doesn't need attention. He also showed very strong will to be the top gun. He is very gifted wrestler. It is just a matter of time that he learns all sumo tactics. He has a shot for Yokozuna in coming years, if Asa and Hakuho will allow it to happen. Miyabiama. Body is hopeless, no talent, no intelligence, no will, so no hope. Wakanasato's build is impressive except his buttock muscles. If you look at wrestlers at ozeki and above, their buttock muscles are very pronounced. That means Wakanasato has just not enough thrust. The biggest thing he lacks is will. So, no hope. Roho has a build, talent and will. But it seems that his brain power isn't just enough. He reacts too slowly. A long career in Sanyaku is waiting for him. No ozeki. Kokkai's weight has already crossed the treshold where he will no longer be able to move his body efficiently. More on that, he is not showing any sign that he is learning a thing. No talent and no hope. Kisenosato has a real talent and intelligence. His thurst for fame will come just on time. The only worrying thing about him is that his weight might increase faster than his career, eventually making him just another Iwakiyama. Ozeki post is waiting for him, if he can keep his weight in control. Ama has everything but body build. But it is just for now. His father, one of the famious Sekiwake in Mongolian sumo, has recently told reporters that Ama's body is developing exactly on schedule. Ama might be the biggest surprise rikishi, he might have a shot at ozekihood. Asasekiyu will take where Miyabyama left. Kyokushuzan has everything but will. He doesn't want to win a yousho. I mean it literally. Kakizoe would be ozeki if we can magically increase his size by just 10%. He is an excellent wrestler. I think I better stop here since there are no more hot rikishi around for the time being.
  12. kamizake

    Next Yokozuna

    most of your predictions were right its really funny how things turned out
  13. kamizake

    Asashoryu's Future Potential

    its ver y interesting to read about this after all these years jesinofuji was right
  14. congrats for the fake yusho :-D
  15. i agree with you that hakuho is not dominant as he was but come on do you really believe that giku beats 3 yok on the exact 10th year anneversary :)) they could have henkad giku very easily but they decided to go straigth to him and giku bumpety bumped out them and that technique almost never worked on hakuho Giku had a historic loosing head to head record(46-4) against hakuho but he managed to win the GOAT Hakuho on the most important moment Hakuho is usually angry about the rikishi who won him or who destroyed his chance to get yusho and he punished them rigth after next tournament slapped ichinojo throw out yoshikaze henkad tochiozan but in this tournament he was not even angry at giku he made a funny face after harumafuji and giku match and he said giku's sumo was bearly perfect sumo what an act better than dicaprio :)) toyonoshima defeated giku and created a big chance for hakuho but he choke on kise and look at that match are you really buying that (Laughing...) also look at that haruma vs kakuryu match that looks like they are securing giku's or toyonoshima's yusho i did not said it is all impossible iam just saying its too suspicious and too hard to believe that it is coincidence sorry about my bad english