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    Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    It is a giant macaron!! Part of the France-Japan friendship prize I believe, guessing it's a styrofoam replica representing a certain amount of regular macarons (made by Pierre Hermé)... But Orion or John might know more about it!?? And just because it's a great thread I'll link it here again, explanation on the various prizes presented (from a few years back...)
  2. This little gem of a thread from way back is a fantastic source of information on the trophies and prizes, obviously a few of them have changed over time, but the informations and stories are priceless. (Thanks a lot to those who contributed back then, Orion and Fay notably)
  3. Jojo

    Hatsu 2017 - Promo and Days 1-15

    Thanks a lot for all the work!! Truly appreciated and very grateful!! All the best in your new home!
  4. Here you go.... Ooops the link in the thread is dead (should've known not to trust Kintamayama :-D), here is a working one....
  5. I'm guessing you're saying that because you watched yesterday and heard John riveting insight and sharp wit??!! nudge, nudge, wink, wink
  6. These numbers only tell part of the story in my opinion. Harumafuji gets, at least on paper (Terunofuji, Takarafuji, Aminishiki...), an easier schedule, if you check these completed bashos (so 10 for Harumafuji and 9 for Kakuryu) Harumafuji fought 71 Maegashira and gave away 14 kinboshi Kakuryu fought 51 Maegashira and gave away 3 (He even managed a 9-6 without giving away one) Obviously there are some explanations for these... For sure the YDC is not just one voice, but I think there are some reasons for concern over Harumafuji's performances, more than over Kakuryu at this stage...
  7. Thank you, I gathered your sarcasm, obvious as it was, I simply disagree with your assessment that the number is meaningless. It matters financially, it matters to the reputation and status of Yokozuna...
  8. No ranking per se but he gives away a kinboshi per 5 bouts (counting only maegashira opposition), and around 1 in 10 altogether. Bold claim ryafuji, considering Kitanoumi, as a Yokozuna, competed in well over twice as many bashos as Harumafuji has so far... Moreover, and maybe to the point of YDC Chairman Moriya, he gave plenty away by extending his career maybe just a bit too long. Case in point, his only fought 10 bouts total in his 3 last basho, giving away 4 kinboshi out of 5 possible.
  9. Mostly agree with everything said, I believe his tachiai should be more forward and a bit less upward, because when he is stood up, he's fairly helpless... Clearly injuries have hampered him, but I recall a YT video, I believe the first one of him ever uploaded (at least under his shikona), where is is given a serious work session by ex-Tokitenku who seems to insist heavily on him going lower and staying lower, including making him crouch-walk as low as possible around the dohyo (also include Harumafuji slapping his ass with a broomstick, as a very special bonus), so it might be an issue rooted in his morphology too. Either way, it's a bit sad to see him struggle like that, his emergence made those bashos very exciting!! Let's hope he finds his groove soon!
  10. He, Terunofuji, needs to sort out his ta tachiai, he clearly made the adjustment to stay lower today, which is a good idea, but got caught the other way... At least, I believe, he's going in the right direction; better that than seeing him powerlessly try to swing-dangle opponent out with that double arm lock he has to do when he's too upright...
  11. That is quite, quite nice! Well done Kirinofuji...
  12. Let's hope he make a full and speedy recovery!
  13. Jojo

    Map of all Sumobeya

    Fantastic, thanks a lot!!
  14. Jojo

    New kesho mawashi

    Here is a link to the thread on this board, with some pictures , including the visit to the Prime Minister...
  15. Jojo

    Kyushu 2016 - Videos- Days 1-15

    I'd trust you over many (if not all) to deliver quality and can't wait for it, genuinely... I was tickled by the launch (waaahhheeeee) part and the switch from I to we... Alone?? Please!! Am sure your dog helps, maybe just for the kimarite, (it's more than that I believe), but I trust he knows that was a utchari from Hakuho on Asa in 06!! He told me!
  16. Jojo

    Kyushu 2016 - Videos- Days 1-15

    We've launched? Sounds like it's going out of this world!!! Can't wait! Many thanks to your team!
  17. Doubt that quite a bit! Harumafuji has peaks of top performances but other than that he's quite poor as a Yokozuna, at that rank he completed 21 bashos, 14 (ie 2/3!!) of which with a record of 9, 10 or 11 wins. He loses 1 in 5 bouts vs Maegashira opposition. No doubt he would have a few more Yusho and maybe considered a strong Yokozuna, but not more than that in my opinion, can't be dominant such poor numbers against lower ranked opposition. Moreover his record against Hakuho isn't dreadful, he's 8-12 since becoming a Yokozuna.
  18. Pretty sure he means Taiho there... No? 1961...
  19. Yep, mostly (if not totally) agree with this... The kyujo basho give a somewhat "false" representation, if only because the rules have changed... Something I also check is the percentage of fights (and win ratio) against maegashira wrestlers because it gives an idea of the "dominance factor" and and also an indication (sometimes quite flawed admittedly) of the strength of the field, in absolute or relative terms (meaning a single Yokozuna with a couple of Ozeki will face a lot more Maegashira; and in relative terms the Akebono vs Taka/Waka). On thing I noticed is that since Harumafuji became a Yokozuna his record vs Kisenosato is very even, in face to face matches and in terms of basho finishes (how many times each have a better record than the other, or even..) and I think Kisenosato actually has a better record against maegashira than Harumafuji (think 1.3 losses per basho on average with Harumafuji at 1.4)... Needless to say Kisenosato is missing the spikes that would have given him a Yusho or more!
  20. Oh man that's nerdy! I love it!
  21. Yeah not surprised at all, largely skewed in the last 30 basho (5 years) where only 27% of the basho where won with 13 wins or less.. I'm guessing if you remove those 5 years you get 50/50 between the 13 and less and the 14 and more for the previous 130...
  22. Not sure I can agree with that, first there are now 3 Yokozuna, so 3 losses to attribute amongst them no matter what (if they're present obviously; a 4th Yokozuna would make that 6, lowering the average % of wins) and second as Yokozuna neither of them really hit 14 and 15 once in a while... Harumafuji had a purple patch with his tsuna run then another 15-0 a couple basho after promotion, his last basho (and only as a Yokozuna) with 14-1 was 3 years ago... As for Kakuryu he has 3 records of 14-1, the couple that made him a Yokozuna and this one... Or to put it another way, Hakuho is skewing the perception, I believe. As for Kisenosato I agree he hasn't really shown the consistency, and clearly the ability to win a tournament, to be considered... But a Tsuna run is only 2 basho, look at Kakuryu he never shown much as an Ozeki and then...
  23. Excellent! Thanks a lot. I believe Ikioi won today because he didn't commit too much at the tachiai, he didn't play into Ishiura's hands... aka if you're 1.94 and 170 kg, don't move too much, make the 1.75, 115kg guy move you, see how it goes!!
  24. Well that is a debate (use/usefulness of height), it just seemed strange to me, because big is probably the first word that comes to mind when someone mentions Ikioi. As for the weight, I believe he is quite a bit over 150kg (do we have any recent stat?) which is fine I think... @Mihasan Seems high to me, do we have a source?
  25. He's 1.94m, that's taller than Hakuho, Terunofuji, Okinoumi, Aoiyama, Tochinoshin, Kagayaki, Ichinojo... I think only Kaisei is taller than him, in Makuuchi... He's big!! Not the heaviest but big for sure!