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  1. Kasugaran

    Pics of Day 12

    I love the salt throwing pic too. It's wonderful!
  2. Kasugaran

    How did your adoptee do?

    Yamada 山田 야마다 Jd53W 4-3. Go Yamada! 山田頑張れ!야마다 화이팅!
  3. Kasugaran

    I am back

    Γιεα σου!
  4. Kasugaran

    The wrestlers from Tonga....

    Most young Tongans speak English. Older Tongans have more trouble. I reckon our sumo boys would be fine in English. I do business with Tonga and we never have any problems.
  5. Kasugaran

    Leaderboard Day 12 Hatsu 2006

    You are all obviously forgetting Kasugaoo. He is still in it and is the dark horse! 가스가오 화이팅! 春日王頑張れ! (Dohyo-iri...) If not Kasugaoo, then Asashooryuu still has it to lose. (Although I think Kasugaoo is more likely)
  6. Kasugaran

    World's Greatest Athlete 2005

    The greatest athlete of 2005 was Benji Marshall of the Wests Tigers. Without him they would not have won the NRL Premiership. PS, Tennis rocks!
  7. Kasugaran

    Merry Christmas

    Any excuse to get more presents I say!
  8. Kasugaran

    Day 2 pics Hatsu 2006

    This is how you skate on the dohyo Asa!
  9. Kasugaran

    No More English Sumo on NHK

    Oh! I hate NHK, it is soooo boring. What's with the alarmist "Don't Go to This Country This Week" show? However, I do love the English commentary. The Japanese commentary suffers from the same thing that many news and sports shows do all over East Asia; just too damn serious...
  10. Well, I still think it's a mortal sin.... Right up there with theft and murder, but not anything like gluttony... mmmmmm gluttony!
  11. Kasugaran

    George Best

    I was sure he had died years ago.... :-P Anyway, I guess you reap what you sew and he has probably been lucky to get this far. We will always have the film of him at his best, sorry for the pun, he was a great footballer. It's sad that he got the liver transplant though, it could have gone to someone more worthy who wasn't going to destroy it...
  12. Kasugaran

    thoughts on the year

    Yeah, Asa is going to break the record, that's cool! I am also praying that Koto no Waka gets a KK, I am going to miss him. Kasugaoo has still to get KK as well, so it has still got my interest. Not to mention Kotooshuu going for Ozeki, that's cool aint it? :-P
  13. Kasugaran

    No More English Sumo on NHK

    I have noticed that with this tournament they have cut the days with two commentators. They are generally making do with one now.... Cost cutting?
  14. Kasugaran

    thoughts on the year

    Asa does what he has to do. It has been a difficult year for Sumo, and for me as my first year of live tournaments... It started with promise when Kaio was aiming to be the next Yokozuna, but injury put paid to that. Then Hakuho was going to be the next big thing, but again injury has sorted him out. I am not so gloomy about Kotooshuu, I think he will make Ozeki and if he remains free from injury, then I expect big things from him. This of course will not help Sumo in Japan as they need a Japanese hero. Maybe Kisenosato, maybe even Kotoshoogiku, who knows? It is always exciting to watch the next tournament to find out.... I enjoyed the Autumn basho, for what it's worth. Asa actually looked beatable. I still hold out hope for Kasugaoo to fight through his injury and make Ozeki by November next year!!! B-)
  15. Kasugaran

    Geishas at the basho

    It's a sad day when crowd watching is more interesting than the Sumo... I have been wondering about the Geisha too...