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  1. Enho will probably end up injured, sure. Just like 99% of rikishi do. He is small, he does have to work harder to get the same result a bigger man would. All true. That's why people like him.
  2. I think he'll be ok. He can use his time down in juryo to regroup, and, ideally, come back reinvigorated.
  3. And that, as they say, is that. What a wild end. Takakeisho, in the first match, shoved Terunofuji so hard that the kaiju literally got some air! But even that wasn't enough, and we end up with I think the most vicious pancaking I can remember ever seeing. At that point I said, "Whoever wins this fought their ass off for it, and they deserve it." I had the feeling Takakeisho was done, but he kept his head and his heart and he came back from that crushing defeat. The guy has backbone, you've got to grant him that at least. It's been a fun ride, sumo peeps. We will see y'all in January. Peace and love.
  4. Ok, so everyone knows the deal: Terunofuji has to beat Takakeisho twice if he wants the cup. Well, he does want the cup, but can he do it? Yeah, he absolutely can. Terunofuji has better stamina than most guys his size. He has plenty of experience at sumo's apex and, as we all know, power to spare. I would still favor Takakeisho to win this, as he only needs to finish off Terunofuji the one time to seal it, so statistically speaking, the odds are pointing to him. BUT, I am not favoring him as heavily as I otherwise might. If this becomes an endurance thing, Terunofuji will take this yusho. Takakeisho's best bet is to get him out of there before that can happen.
  5. Dwale

    Ridiculous Predictions November 2020 basho

    Fans now believe m17 is equivalent rank to yokozuna, throw zabuton at Shimanoumi loss, simultaneously decapitating him and opponent.
  6. Takarafuji lost, which is a bit of a bummer, but I noticed in the stream that folks are really gaining some appreciation for his sumo this basho, and that's a good thing. He may put up mediocre numbers, but by God he puts them up consistently. Dude's a total workhorse. Respect. And his battle with Hokutofuji today was pretty good! I expected Tobizaru to flit about the ring like a moth at a streetlight and he probably should have done just that. I understand why he went for the morozashi, but uh...backfired just a wee bit. Takakeisho getting it done. Myogiryu held his own, tried to use the ring, but this was never likely to be his win. His best days are behind him, but he can still put up a fight at least.
  7. What a day of sumo! Wow, there was way more going on than I have time to really get into, but we had epic bouts, wild bouts, silly bouts...just a buffet of entertaining stuff. I didn't want Takakeisho to lose, buuuuut now he has, hey, at least it makes the race more interesting. Anything can happen in sumo!
  8. I'm always hesitant to make calls like that. Either way, you're right, he has bulk to gain and skills to refine. I will say at this point that I'm expecting a bright future for him, wherever it ends up leading.
  9. Absolutely. I've been really pleased with him and look forward to seeing the rest of his career.
  10. Think Ura was dealing with some nerves this basho; hopefully he's settled down now. Daieisho played it smart against the kaiju, kept him from getting a hold and waited for his chance. Was cheering Terunofuji, but credit where it's due. Takakeisho enjoying another easy day at the office. Love the little dumpling man. Ichinojo showed some pretty good defense considering the position he was in, but Hoshoryu made sure he couldn't turn the tables. The kid is good.
  11. That was good sumo from Mitakeumi today. It's nice to see him rounding out his game. He really is so talented, but...well, Mitakeumi's gonna Mitakeumi. Terunofuji is just such a monster. Wow. I mean, he looks like an ozeki, for sure. But I don't think anything short of a miracle will let his knees hold together long enough to reclaim the rank. Even so, I'll be cheering for him to do it. What a triumphant story that would be. Chiyonokuni looking sharp, despite having so much tape on his shoulder that it's bullet-proof. He is back with a vengeance and I love it.
  12. That was classic Terunofuji, I love it. This ought to be a good basho.
  13. Dwale

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Would have preferred playoffs (wouldn't we all have?), but no question Shodai deserved to take the cup this time around. Congratulations to him. Congratulations to Tobizaru, too, a guy who looks like he might just have a bright future.
  14. Dwale

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Well now. I'll be purchasing coffee tomorrow because there is no way in Hell I'm gonna let myself fall asleep before the end!
  15. Dwale

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Not an Onosho fan, but that was bad ass!