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  1. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    The Yutakayama v. Mitakeumi bout was intense! Wow, what a wild basho this was. It's going to be a long, long wait 'til Aki...
  2. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    He's been hurt, so he hasn't been able to train as hard as usual. He probably did trade some muscle for some fat.
  3. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Wild to think Mitakeumi is only twenty-five. Really hoping he can stay healthy. I expect we'll hear whispers about the Y word if he does, before long.
  4. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    ALL the congratulations to MItakeumi for his first (of hopefully many) yusho! As for Ichinojo, well...I think there's a great sekitori in there somewhere, but he has issues that hold him back from realizing his full potential. I have to wonder if he ever will.
  5. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I agree. As much as I like him, we need further proof that he can perform ozeki sumo on the regular. I think he definitely will achieve that, but even I am not convinced he's ready yet. (But I am hopeful!)
  6. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I've been afraid to say anything about Mitakeumi because I don't want to jinx him. But GO MITAKEUMI!
  7. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I don't even want to venture a guess at this point. This basho is completely nuts.
  8. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Just read that Tochinoshin's knee is troubling him and that he may go kyujo. What a strange basho this has turned out to be...
  9. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Now that Kakuryu is out, I don't see anyone stopping Tochinoshin (barring injury, which at this point would be tragic).
  10. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Now tentatively hopeful for Mitakeumi starting a successful ozeki campaign. Of course, a lot of sumo has to happen before that can be achieved, but it's something I've long thought we would see. He will continue to throw himself at the barriers until he either accomplishes his aim or breaks his body to pieces. Tochinoshin looking good. With Kakuryu giving up another loss, I would consider Tochinoshin the yusho favorite at this time. Of course, anything can happen in sumo... I feel bad for Arawashi.
  11. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Oh, Hakuho is out? Guess it's Kakuryu's to lose, then. Kakuryu: *immediately loses* Huh... Would love to see Mitakeumi stay in contention, but I don't think he has the focus just yet. Of course, he is most welcome to prove me wrong if he can.
  12. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Well, I hope that loss will light a fire under Takayasu's butt. Highly entertaining match, though. Chiyonokuni has tenacity and fighting spirit in spades. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for him. Just as an aside, Ishiura needs to be in that mode more often.
  13. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Alright, alright, picture is starting to come into focus now... I don't want to get too hyped on Mitakeumi yet, but I certainly hope he's gotten over the hump on whatever his issues have been of late. I do agree that Kotoshogiku is having something of a resurgence, which makes me happy for his fans. Takayasu needs to pull it together. I like him a lot, but he is not at his best. Hakuho looks like he might be back to his old self, which is bad news for his opponents if so.
  14. Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Hmm, some surprises today, but it's only day one. Usually takes a few days for folks to settle into their sumo, so I'm not going to start making calls just yet. I was very much surprised Chiyonokuni managed to blow Ichinojo out of the ring like he was a featherweight, though. I was like, "Wait, what?" If that wasn't a fluke then the big guy is in trouble.
  15. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Starting to think Kakuryu's back has healed up more completely than I thought... Well, it's been a heck of a ride. Lots of guys who started off looking terrible ended up pulling it together and going KK, which I'm glad to see. Congratulations to the special prize winners. And of course, congratulations to Tochinoshin, whose performance was outstanding, yusho or no. I'm sure he'll make a fine ozeki. 'til next time.