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  1. taresu

    Ticket sales-May 2019

    Im going to japan in May and i was wondering if i could still get a ticket somehow. Do you guys have any tips? Or is totally impossible at this point so close to the event?
  2. taresu

    Basho Talk - Nagoya 2017 (SPOILERS)

    You know when they show hakuho training some newbies and throwing them off the dohyo? yeah, that was the last bout today.
  3. Call it hypocrisy, but being honest here, even understanding the use of Henka in Sumo, i only found it amusing when Aminishiki does it. The other rikishi don't wear it so well with so much willyness, haha. If is already sad watch Terunofuji Struggle and bring a double digit loss again, is much more sad watch him attempt a henka in the last day and fail.
  4. So Hakuho is now done with possessing Goeidou since his job is done, and he still won the zensho-yusho he is used to. hahahaha Jokes apart, Congratz Goeidou, not sure if the absence of Hakuho was a relevant factor in his innner pressure this basho, since he did even better than the last one, but is good to see that he can be that agressive and dominant as well.
  5. There were 50 viewers on sherming22 in mitakeumi-takarafuji , now in Goeidou we have 332 and growing. Fun to know how people are excited about this.
  6. At this point it just got sad watching Terunofuji.
  7. Well, congratz to Goeidou. Better Koto and Kise speed up their shit soon.
  8. im speachless. days like these reassure my love for sumo. Can't wait for Harumafuji x Goeidou bout tomorrow. If he loses things will be really exciting friday until monday!
  9. Guess Hakuho is in Goeidou's body because of course he wouldn't miss a chance to win yusho.
  10. Watching Hattori bout in the video reminded me of Kyokutaisei and how his father forced him to quit Judo to do sumo. Looking Hattori for a while and seemed to me he just not want to be there at all, with neck injuries or not, he just don't have the spirit to fight up there. Kyokutaisei turned around and kept going on sumo, doing fine so far. Hope time put sense in Hattori's mind or he just quit for something he really enjoys. It would be really sad to know that he actually loves the sport and wants to be there but just is so afraid to do something.
  11. I just LOVE to watch harumafuji fight. Just beautiful how he was able to turn Myougiryu. Hopefully (what a awful thing to say in this situation) Goeidou will lose his fire after his kachikoshi and eventually we will have Okinoumi and Harumafuji back on the run. Man second week will be really great!
  12. He lost his balance, when he got there the impulse was already throwing him out, he just stepped out because his body was already moving foward. If Amakaze had possessed him in thad moment he could have turned around, but in that split second he was just responding to the movement.
  13. I wanted to Okinoumi to had this one so badly but deep there i knew that Goeidou is really on fire and the pressure (as someone said before) was a huge factor for both of them but specially heavy on Okinoumi shoulders. When Okinoumi was able to run away from the border and get back to the middle of the dohyo my heart was in my mouth! damn this was exciting to see!!
  14. It must be so frustrating have the chance to turn things and just lose your balance. Can feel the anger from terunofuji from here.
  15. Just saw the bouts i miss early today because of the lagged and chopped streaming of vaughnlive. I never imagined myself saying this but : whoa Goeidou is really on fire! i commented in a similar topic a few bashos back about how i was intrigued by Goeidou and how he failed to impress me with his sumo. In the last basho he had some good bouts and slowly he started growing on me, i mean, nobody is a ozeki for being regular, and my ignorance about a lot of sumo history just add up to my mistakes and bad judgment in understanding a rikishi's sumo or time in career. This basho he keeps impressing me (okinoumi as well, even more) and i really was so excited watching his match today that i watched a few times, he seems so determined! Sad is the fact that the last four bouts i lost the opportunity to watch it live, and what keeps bugging me is that today we face such a great moment (goeidou x okinoumi) in sumo and maybe i have to deal with freeze frame bouts again.