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  1. genghis

    Day 4: Hakuko Progress

    Hmm, standards of mongolian sumo... I think Asa and other mongolian rikishi appreciate true sumo more then mongolian equivalent, are not they? IMO mongolian wrestling gives no advantage over Japanese or European rikishi. Asa is where he is because of his talent and sumo workout under eyes of Japanese oyakata. Well, there is an unlimited space (actually an open grassland like a golf court), and no time limit in Monoglian sumo. That is why you have to win by only technique and stamina. No luck, or trick at tawara or giujo decision helps. You have to win in a decisive way. PS: Hakuho, Asashoryu, Ama, Tokitenku, Asasekiryu are all from well known wrestlers' family and they had years of training before they come to Japan. Kyokushuzan was a junior champion before he came to Japan. Heard, that Mokonami and Ryoyu also are from wrestlers' family.
  2. genghis

    Day 4: Hakuko Progress

    On Hakuho: We already know what future Hakuho holds. But I never liked his style before: backpedalling, hitting, punching, etc.and etc. The bout against Mickey last basho looked quite like a street fight. But this basho, he seems to show a manly competition, at last. So, he is barely getting where he should be, but the follow up remains to be seen. Physically he is already a monster. But he should continue this manly sumo for his dignity. On Asashoryu: I have no word but phenomenal. I think, he brougth the sumo to the equal footing as the other high profile professional sports in terms of athlethism. He even loses with grace, figthing, showing great athletism. His performance is quite remarkable even by the standards of mongolian sumo. I think, his most amazing performances are still to be seen in the coming years, against ever increasing competition. On Tochiazuma: I think our Ozekis remain as ozeki for a reason. What can you say if the council decides them not fit for Yokozuna? The council is doing their job. No current ozeki has shown a Yokozuna authority so far. And I don't see them changing in the coming months. On Kotooshu: Imagine Kotooshu adding just 5 millimeters in his major muscles. There you have a king kong. Barring injuries, he could be a major obstacle in Hakuho's way. However, he has to learn from the fact that he was not even close to the yokozuna with one arm. On the basho: Hakuho's mental strength is still to be seen. He will probably lose one or so to maegeshira rikishi. Asashoryu will still teach the young Mongolian some lesson this time. So, in the end, we are looking at Asashoryu again, only leaner and meaner. (Laughing...)
  3. genghis


    Goodness, you're paranoid. Strawman argument. I already said you can disagree with and even insult me, so I'm hardly abrogating your right to think and say about me whatever your conspirazoid little heart desires. Tough luck though for you, neither am I self-abrogating my right to say what I think about you. Which is that you're a troll. A fairly boring and predictable one, at that. You sure do make it sound good, I'll give you credit for that. I'm sure you would. Let's add a victim complex to your other questionable character traits. In other words, the only way for me to demonstrate my self-esteem is to curl up and roll over when somebody accuses me of criminal activity. You really are a piece of work, genghis. And there's that attitude of smug superiority again. Congrats for writing three paragraphs that proved every single one of my points about you.Since this is obviously going to go downhill from here, consider this my last response to you. I'll leave it to the discretion of the moderators what they want to do about your incendiary comment that started this latest mess. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Back from a camping trip, and there is so much news around. Asashoryu has been lost again and the proud little yokozuna of this forum is keeping himself busy with labeling people this and that. Go ahead and do what you enjoy the most. I am starting to like your little imaginations and would like to see how far you can go. Looks somewhat useful in improving my english.
  4. genghis

    Featured rikishi - Miyabiyama

    It's yorikiri, and it's not 60%. Far from it. Still, it's the most frequent kimarite, yes. Far more important is the second sentence here. Interestingly the frequence of yorikiri RISES when you rise the ranks, from Makushita to Makuuchi. Some great Yokozuna like Kitanoumi and Takanohana perfected that so much, that they won really often with yorikiri. I thus think a higher frequency of yorikiri might be indicative of a good wrestler. While I might easily be wrong, I at least gave some examples. Where are your examples? It is easy to put up hypotheses, even bold ones, with great conviction. Those who make the boldest statements, often don't bother to come up with some evidence. I fear you are no different here. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I agree with that higher ranking wrestlers use yurikiri more often. I agree that yukiri itself is a trip that every rikishi must master. More yurikiri at higher rank might mean that high ranking wrestlers are usually the ones superior in strength and technique, so they are not always in need to resort to highly acrobatic trips at first place. It doesn't mean they forgot the other trips, lost their skills or shape to perform them, is it?
  5. genghis

    Featured rikishi - Miyabiyama

    Sain bna uu BuBa, I was delighted to be greated by a fellow mongolian. 1. I never said yurikiri is a bad trip (read the ongoing conversation fully). In fact 60 % of all winning techniques is yurikiri. I said, someone with only yurikiri in his disposal isn't a good wrestler. 2. I think boh and sumo have more in common than a difference. Nevertheless, your philosophical reflection on the difference of boh and sumo is agreed by many, including me. However, I should say that I just don't remember when I actually compared buh with the sumo. You might be confusing my say about mongolian amateur sumo wrestlers (who, you know, were quite successful during early 90s and paved the way for professionals). As a fellow mongolian, I understand as much as you that boh cannot be compared with the sumo. 3. As of Asashoryu, his name is already far often mentioned in all sumo related topic (just google with "sumo", and do some arithmetics), so I just don't understand why I cannot refer to him as much as others do? Nevertheless, you might want to read my posts fully to find out that there are, indeed, mentioned far many different rikishi, and they are just treated as equal, regardless of their nativity. Your post was, however, indicative that you care about mongolians while being critical about their repuatation, which is a very good thing. BTW,
  6. genghis


    Huh? I guess you're referring to this one: Where's the blackmail? Where's the threat referring to personal information? I said I'm seeing a behavioural pattern forming. To be less diplomatic, I think you are a garden variety troll, one of the "oh, I'm so intellectually superior, I can dish it out, but I can't take the heat myself" kind. Nothing more, nothing less. Unless you're able to come up with something that actually supports your assertion that I blackmail and threaten people, I personally think you just earned yourself a ban. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just look at the beginning of your post. You started with my name, if you want me to make you remember. The real pattern is forming here. I never ever posted anything about the forum members to begin. I only posted my own opinion on rikishi or sumo. It is You, Dear Yokozuna, who picks up and judges. For example: "I think you are a garden variety troll, one of the "oh, I'm so intellectually superior, I can dish it out, but I can't take the heat myself" kind. Nothing more, nothing less." If you think you have a right to classify people like this and that, why others have no such right? I would be quite delighted to see if you lobby and ban me from this forum, which will be the ultimate proof that you are the one who can't really look at his own face on a mirror. For me, I enjoyed this forum, though it was just nothing more than a coffee supplement.
  7. genghis

    Takanohana's interview

    Found this interview from a mongolian paper "Zuunii Medee", which claims got this from Yomiuri. Q: Nagoya basho is getting very interesting, Who, do you think, will get the yusho? T: The basho is not over yet, but Asashoryu is the favourite. Q: Is there anyone who can stop him? T: Hakuho, Roho and Kotooshu are potential upsetters if they try really hard. They, I think, will put a reasonable pressure on Asashoryu. Q: What makes Asashoryu so special? T: Naturally given talent, speed and strenght. Such a good wrestler is a rarity. Q: What are the potentials of ozeki Kaio and Tochiazuma? T: I know how strong is Kaio. To be honest, I don't think Kaio will win a yousho and become Yokozuna. However strong is a wrestler, it is pretty clear that there will be no big achievements after their 30s. But it is quite an achievement that of one of the wrestlers from my generation is still competing equally with youngsters. It is important for him to retire without a serious injury. Q: Why? T: I retired due to a serious injury. Injury was a real problem when I stopped wrestling. The pain is stronger after the training is stopped. I suffered a lot because of this. Q: Who will success Asashoryu's throne? T: There is a potential in Hakuho, Roho and Kotooshu. Q: You favour Kisenosato? T: He is a good wrestler. He clearly lacks an experience. If coached well, he will certainly achieve a lot. Q: Who, from your beya, will achieve Juryo first? T: I recruited quite a few youngsters in my beya and I tried my best in choosing them. I have no doubt that an outstanding wrestlers will rise from among them. But we need at least two years. Q: Will you recruit from abroad T: I thought about it when I become an Oykata and decided to recruit from Latin America. But my father has strongly dissaproved this idea and reminded me that I took over a famious beya, so I should revive this beya only with Japanese wrestlers. So, now I don't need to recruit from abroad and my goal is to groom my beya wrestlers. Q: Your late father's contribution to sumo was great. He closely watched over a unity among wrestlers. But there is a critisism going around that he wasn't able to educate his children. Your say? T: My late father fully committed himself to sumo Q: What is the underlying reason behind the friction with your brother? Last year your father told in an interview that he is to blame for this rift? T: My father has nothing to do with this. We are to blame. My brother is very stubborn and his attitude changed when he become ozeki. He didn't like his younger brother acheiving more than this. I ignored everything at the begining and even let him win in one yousho bout. But I should say that he didn't understand all these. I tried my best but didn't succeed. Our relationship has worsened after my father passed away. Q: Is your brother still playing American Football? T: No, he is looking after his business in Tokyo. Q: Is it true that you are about to hire ex-Ozeki Musoyama as assistant coach? T: I proposed him this position, it is up to him now.
  8. genghis


    Wow, talk about something coming out of left field...what on earth can you possibly be referring to here? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You should remember your very observant post on the topic about Miyabiyama.
  9. genghis


    your entitled to as much of a view and oppinion as a memeber as you gave me calling me a "typical guijin", which is by the way a racist statement. you should be granted the same tollerence you have been giving, which isnt much....all i did was was voice MY oppinion and ask a few question, and all you did was piss all over it, now your saying why cant you have your oppinion. ironic to say the least. sounds like you are the one with a "holier then thou" attitude to people who dont share your specific view on everything. or even when we have a question about something. you are granted as much tollerence as you are showing. dont expect any if you arent giving any. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> BTW, I am getting quite used to Mr/Mss Kintamayama's reputation of policing people's opinion. Apparently, he has no concept that different people can and should have different opinions. Beware, there is even bigger brother, Asashosakari, who might soon be threatening you by posting your real identity (which, i think against the rule of this forum and against any civilized rule), just because you had an opinion of your own.
  10. genghis


    It seems that when a man or woman rises above others, they acquire certain dignity. Sumo is no different. Bowing to his opponent after the fight, no matter who won is a clearest sign of selfrespect and dignity. We see almost everyday that all athletes from around the world do it, though in different ways. Iron Mike made a statement after his last fight "I was beaten fairly and squarely". Joining sumo in their 20s is no excuse because they came from wrestling background, and they know it very well.
  11. genghis

    Can Hakuho upset Asashoryu in Nagoya?

    I didn't think that closure of this poll would be so sudden. I am pretty upset by Hakuho's injury. Lets hope that he will recover in September. Thank you all for participating in this poll.
  12. genghis

    Can Hakuho upset Asashoryu in Nagoya?

    I sure hope it is not a career-threatening injury. It would be overly pessimistic to think that. If it's a smaller injury and he goes kyujo now but can fight in Aki basho, he should be back to sekiwake in no time, i.e. in Kyushu. I hope that makes you feel better. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I hope too. Considering Asashoryu's age and his condition, it is hard to think someone with an injury competing with him on a regular basis. He is pushing the limit to the edge, leaving very little room for any shortcomings for his opponents. If Hakuho hurt his ancle today, it will get hurt tomorrow again. That is a bit disturbing news to me.
  13. genghis

    Can Hakuho upset Asashoryu in Nagoya?

    Quite a new developments have occured. Asashoryu's upset defeat to Kotooshu was a welcome news, indicating that he is a human after all. However, Hakuho seemed to have injured his ancle, ver worrisome news regarding his entire career. Asashoryu never been injured like this. So, anyone who wants to compete with him should be free from injuries as much as Asa do. I think, Hakuho's chance of going KK is in doubt now. I can't help myself but feel so upset. (Laughing...)
  14. genghis


    True. Most of the Mongolians joined Ozumo at younger ages though, and then there's the closer cultural proximity. On the other hand, Roho joined at 22, Kokkai and Hakurozan at 20, and Osh shortly before his 20th birthday. And the college rikishi are generally at least 22 when they join, of course. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just to be accurate, Mongols and Japanese are culturally not quite close. Although Roho and Osh joined sumo in their 20s, they started wrestling much younger. In any sport, wrestling or boxing, respect for opponent is a norm. Sumo is no different. Even Mike Tyson acknowledges his defeat fairly and squarely. Roho knows it and does it knowingly. He has no dignity. He would be bowing endlessly to superior wrestlers like Karelin, if he were back in Russia.
  15. genghis

    What is the difference?

    And depending on the strength of a heya, this can make a huge difference. Case in point is Akebono. He used to have to face everyone, but Taka wouldn't have to face Waka, Takanonami, Akinoshima (off the top of my head) or any of the Futagoyama boys. This meant that he would often fight lower (and thus weaker) maegashira than Akebono would have to. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Or musashigawa-beya who had 3 ozeki (musoyama, dejima, and miyabiyama) as well as Yokozuna Musashimaru at one time, these 4 would never have to face each other unless it was a tiebreaker for the yusho, talk about teamwork! As a side note an Ozeki may not be required to face all of his fellow Ozeki during a basho or the Yokozuna. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That is interesting. Thanks for the fact. So, Ozeki does not necessarily face all highest ranking wrestlers, while Yokozuna MUST face all of them, except from the same beya.