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    Do you know this Kaio ?

    On Hakke Yoi (http://hakkeyoi.net) i find a rikishi in the 80s... and his name was Kaio Of course it's not the Ozeki that we all know this rikishi was in the Juryo division in 1982, 1984 and 1985 http://hakkeyoi.net/rikishi.html?rid=134&compact=0 Who was this Kaio ? Heya ? Photos ? Thank you !
  2. Kaiomitsuki

    Day 1 kyujo

  3. Kaiomitsuki

    Day 1 kyujo

    So Hayateumi was really present today on the Dohyo !? What was his result today ? Win ... Loss .... Thanks
  4. Kaiomitsuki

    Tochinonada ?

    Hello ! Any news about Tochinonada ? What about his injury... Thank you (Lifting weights...)
  5. Kaiomitsuki

    KaioU injured

    Thank you Madorosumaru for this News We'll just have to wait .... Kaiou will decide himself if he thinks he can fight for the Aki I hope he could (Hugging...)
  6. Kaiomitsuki

    KaioU injured

    What's up doc ? Any news about Kaiou please ??? just need to know how bad is his injury ? (A sekitori...) :-(
  7. Can someone help me to find a picture or more of Mitsuko Nishiwaki when she was an active wrestler in Japan ? Mitsuko Nishiwaki is Kaio's wife Thank you
  8. A link where you can pictures of Fujishima (ex Ozeki Musoayama) who was present this saturday at Lausanne (switzerland) at the CIO for a special Sumo week end http://www.rojelo.com/gallery-24117181.htm Minemura (Jonidan) was also present and fight against one Saint-Louis Ram football player (Feeling guilty...) (one fight was win by the local ram-rikishi by Nage !!) More in Le Monde Du Sumo in October !
  9. Kaiomitsuki

    Mitsuko Nishiwaki (Kaio's wife)

    Thank you ;-)
  10. Kaiomitsuki


    Thank you ;-)
  11. Kaiomitsuki


    Is it possible to have the number of Kimarite for Hayateumi in his career ?
  12. Kaiomitsuki


    for Kaio it's 30 (+1* ) different Kimarite (*fusen) in his career (Juryo + Makuuchi) And 1 Ipponzeoi (You are going off-topic...) here you can find the complete Kimarite Statistics for the Ozeki Kaio http://membres.lycos.fr/kaiou/Kimarite.htm Total (total in Juryo and Makuuchi) kimarite Ann
  13. Kaiomitsuki

    Papa Kai

    I remember find pictures of Kotonowaka with his children But never Kaio ! I know that he married Mitsuko Nishiwaki in june 1999 Do you know if he is now a father ? Can you imagine the son of Kai
  14. Kaiomitsuki

    Shoryu's Lost

    Thank You (Applauding...) If you want that the backgtround don't move try this (to write just after <Head>) <STYLE> <!-- BODY { background-attachment: fixed; background-position: 0 0; background-repeat: repeat } --> </STYLE>
  15. Kaiomitsuki

    Shoryu's Lost

    The link for this fight seems dead on Sumomovies.com so you can watch this fight here : http://membres.lycos.fr/kaiou/asashor_kaio...2003_14ejour.rm It's my personal site about Kaio ! http://membres.lycos.fr/kaiou (Applauding...)
  16. Kaiomitsuki

    Kesho-Mawashi pictures

    I'm looking for officials pictures of rikishis of the 90s with the Kesho-Mawashi (they are all from the Juryo division): Taishin Tochitenko Kumao Yoshinobori Hoshiandesu Daigaku Yutakafuji Thank you ! PS : contact me if you want to send me by email
  17. Kaiomitsuki

    Day 5 pics Haru 2005

    Can you tell me more about this story ? The Bears (Chicago Bears ?)
  18. Kaiomitsuki

    KaioU Kimarite Stats

    KaioU Kimarite Stats : between day 11 Kyushu 2004 and today : 12 wins 12 different Kimarite Hatakikomi Okuritaoshi Uwatedashinage Yorikiri Sukuinage Oshidashi Okuridashi Kainahineri Kotenage Shitatedashinage Oshitaoshi Today : Uwatenage ;-) against Kyokutenho (600th wins for Kaiou in Makuuchi division)
  19. Kaiomitsuki

    Asashouryuu winning kimarite trivia

    11 in a row with a Oshitaoshi today B-)
  20. Kaiomitsuki

    Asashouryuu winning kimarite trivia

    As a KaioU fan i just watch his own statitic For his last 10 wins he had 10 different Kimarite (of course it's not 10 wins in a row) between day 11 Kyushu (Hatakikomi against Roho) and yesterday (Shitatedashinage against Iwakiyama) Hatakikomi Okuritaoshi Uwatedashinage Yorikiri Sukuinage Oshidashi Okuridashi Kainahineri Kotenage Shitatedashinage It's certainly not a record... but i just want to write it (Sad goodbyes...)
  21. Kaiomitsuki

    Featured rikishi - KaioU

    Hello everybody (Bonjour tout le monde) Everywhere in the world we can find Kaiou fans.... i'm from France and i have a personal web site about my favorite rikishi KAIOU French web site It's a french language web site (but with an english menu too) Please enjoy (Licking lips...) Alex