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  1. Kaiomitsuki

    Time to say goodbye

    Hello everybody.... Bonjour à tous ;) Because I know that after the Basho nobody will be reading the Sumo Games topics, I think It's the good time to open this topic. This Kyushu Basho will be my last Basho in the Sumo games. I will only play the pre-bashos games for this november basho. I do not have the same passion for Sumo games since a few months. Maybe I will come back. It will be a new challenge...with a new shikona ;) So I will declare my Intai the 25th of november ;) It was nice to play Sumo games for more than 10 years. It was very nice to have to face you every two months since all this time. Many Yushos in many games... a Green Mawashi some years ago Thank you everybody.... Merci à tous ;) Good bye... A bientôt... Sayonara Alexandre aka Kaiomitsuki PS : I will continue to play GTB My SumoChannel is still available.... Some updates since one week ;) SumoParis YouTube
  2. Kaiomitsuki

    Games Bugs

    It's not online because they (the Banzuke makers) don't know if an Ozeki 1E who won the last Yusho (with a 14-1 record but after a Mk) should be the first ISP Yokozuna (If I'm not wrong... It seems that nobody was Yokozuna in this game in the past !) for the Nagoya Banzuke
  3. Kaiomitsuki

    Games Bugs

    For TTT Shohozan should be 7-7.... and I think that we can't choose him for day 15 (and Daieisho is 4-9-1.... His record should be 4-10... but we can choose him for the day 15 )
  4. Kaiomitsuki

    Sumo Wrestlers Featured in Movies

    Sadanoyama... with Taiho (Taiho didn't want to talk in the movie. He just made a cameo) And the fight ;)
  5. Kaiomitsuki

    Sumo Wrestlers Featured in Movies

    Sadanoyama... and Taiho (two Yokozuna !) ... and a fight between Kotozakura (who was a Sanyaku and will be Yokozuna in 1973) against Fujinishiki (Komusubi in 1960 and Maegashira in 1966)
  6. Kaiomitsuki

    Turn The Tide - Banzuke Natsu 2018

    From France.... But I don't know who he/she is ? Can you help us ?
  7. Kaiomitsuki

    Games Talk Haru 2018

    "Sumo Games are a hobby. More than two hundred players from all around the world try to score points for 15 days and at the end, the Panda always win" (Gary Lineker)
  8. Kaiomitsuki

    Hatsu 2018 Masters Results

    Third place... Wonderful Happy to read that I have the full trophy cabinet with my first Gino-sho Bravo à Terarno À force de tourner autour, tu remportes enfin le Green Mawashi Félicitations au Pruneau
  9. Kaiomitsuki

    Turn The Tide - Banzuke Haru 2018

    Thank you for the Ozeki promotion
  10. Kaiomitsuki

    Metasumo 2018

    1-5 Susanoo 6-10 Konosato 11-20 Flohru 21-40 Kaiomitsuki 41-80 Achiyama 81-120 Profomisakari 121-200 Kintamayama 201-no points McBugger
  11. Kaiomitsuki

    ISP and CG

    Thank you Ganzohnesushi
  12. Kaiomitsuki

    ISP and CG

    Hello everybody What are the rules for an Ozeki promotion for the ISP ? With my 12-3 as the top player in the Banzuke last november, I believe It was good enough for an Ozeki promotion. But I'm still S1e for the Hatsu 2018 Banzuke In the past, I find that : - Jakusotsu was promote with 30 wins in the last 3 Bashos (Aki 2007 Jakusotsu K2W 11-4 - Kyushu 2007 Jakusotsu S1W 10-5 - Hatsu 2008 Jakusotsu S1E 9-6) and - Gusoyama was promote with 30 wins in the last 3 bashos too (Haru 2008 Gusoyama K2E 9-6 - Natsu 2008 Gusoyama K1E 10-5 - Nagoya 2008 Gusoyama S2W 11-4) and with 41 wins in the last 4 Bashos (Hatsu 2008 Gusoyama M1E 11-4) But it was 10 years ago My last 3 records : Nagoya 2017 Kaiomitsuki K4W 10-5 Aki 2017 Kaiomitsuki S2E 9-6 Kyushu 2017 Kaiomitsuki S1E 12-3 31 wins in the last 3 Bashos as a Komusubi or Sekiwake. Is it not good enough in 2017/2018 ? Thanks... Alex aka Kaiomitsuki
  13. Kaiomitsuki

    Chaingang Kyushu 2017

    Third Yusho for Terarno in 2017 in the Chain Gang! Congratulations.... Bien joué (How many players wins three times a Yusho in one game in a calendar Year ?) I ask the Tate-Gyoji a doping-test ... Terarno' prunes* are suspect (*I mean the fruit... from Agen of course... not what you think !!!!!)
  14. Kaiomitsuki

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Hello Doitsuyama (Alexander) This link (Find a Rikishi) http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx When you choose "Intai in ?" You have two "2009 Haru" choice.... One at the good place, the other at the bottom of the list ;)
  15. I think It's Yoshibayama